The Lorne Elliott Comedy Show
Al Whittle Theatre, Wolfville
Event Details
Name The Lorne Elliott Comedy Show link
DateSaturday August 25, 2012
Time8 pm - 9:30 pm
Duration1 Hour 30 Minutes
PresenterWolfville Historical Society
Description“My only criterion …… is that when an audience leaves, they're saying, "Well, THAT was worth it." “ -- Lorne Elliott

"There are excellent reasons why he deserves ranking with the top wags. He has scores of good jokes, an endearing way with stories, a sharp ear and nimble fingers for musical comedy, and enviable reflexes".
Randal McIlroy - Winnipeg Free Press

" Elliott's 90 minutes on stage was delightfully quirky and unrelentingly hilarious".
Steve Mazey - The Ottawa Citizen

Cost$25.00 mailto
Telephone542-9775 Telephone Number
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Al Whittle Theatre link mailto
Telephone(902) 542-3344 Telephone Number
Street450 Main Steet
CityWolfville, Nova Scoita
Al Whittle Theatre (902) 542-3344 450 Main Steet Wolfville, Nova Scoita B4P 1E2

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