Evelyn Strange
Saturday July 14, 2012  8pm - 10pm (2 Hours )


CentreStage Presents: Evelyn Strange
In essence, Evelyn Strange is film noir brought to the stage. Opening in a luxury opera box where Nina Ferrer and Perry Spangler are settling down for the show. In wanders Evelyn Strange—or, at least, she thinks she’s Evelyn Strange. Possessing only a case of amnesia and a mysterious notebook, it’s up to Strange and Spangler to find out just who she is and how she ended up watching the opera in the first place. Naturally, of course, there’s a secret that needs revealing. What that secret is, though, is anyone’s guess.

Set in 1950s New York , Evelyn Strange, written by Edmonton playwright Stewart Lemoine, is a dark and mysterious comedy, full of romance, tragedy, and hope with a healthy dose of humour and razor sharp dialogue thrown in. It is most appropriate for audience members who are at least in their late teens.

Evelyn Strange is directed by Tracy Churchill and stars Candy O’Brien, Mike Butler, Mike Holland and Hannah Gerrits.

Evelyn Strange opens on Friday, June 8 and continues playing on Friday and Saturday nights at 8pm until July 14. There will be a Sunday, 2pm matinee on June 17 and July 8. There is no show on Friday, June 23. For reservations phone 678-8040. For more information visit www.centrestagetheatre.ca.

$10 Seniors and Students
$12 Adult

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