Discovering Your Voice
Thursday January 3, 2008  2pm - 5pm (3 Hours )
Lecture / Seminar
(902) 847-3821

A Vocal Techniques Workshop taught by Amelia McMahon

Amelia McMahon

Holding a Bachelor of Music from McGill University, Amelia teaches and performs in Montreal. Her workshop is formatted after her classes for McGill's Conservatory where she teaches group and private lessons. In three hours, she will begin to answer your questions about some of the basics:

Your vocal physiology – How does the voice work and what does it look like? How can we use imagery to get results from this knowledge?

Vocal Health - What are some simple exercises to warm up the voice? What should I do when I lose my voice or have a sore throat? Are there foods I should avoid before singing?

Performance – Bring a song in and get some individual feedback (optional)!

$35 ($30 student price)

Community Hall
106 Greenwich Road
Greenwich, Nova Scotia

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