Theatre: See How They Run
CentreStage Theatre, Kentville
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Name See How They Run link
DateFriday March 6, 2009
Time8 pm
DescriptionSo swift is the action, so involved the situations, so rib tickling the plot that at its finish audiences are left as exhausted from laughter as though they had run a foot race. Galloping in and out of the four doors of an English vicarage are an Canadian actor and actress (he is now stationed with the air force in England), a cockney maid who has seen too many American movies, an old maid who touches alcohol for the first time in her life, four men in clergyman suits presenting the problem of which is which, for disguised as one is an escaped prisoner, and a sedate Bishop aghast at all these goings on and the trumped up stories they tell him.

The farce, See How They Run by Philip King, is CentreStage Theatre’s next production. Anyone who wants to be entertained in a totally “environmentally friendly” manner should see this play. In other words, the play does not damage any ethnic nor religious group – it is just plain fun! This is a play that would amuse teenagers, although younger folk will have their attention riveted by the constant scurrying, hiding, and 'seeing how they run' in and out of doors, windows and closets.

See How They Run stars Sharon Churchill, Kelvin Ogilvie, Liz Stern, Emily Oickle, Ryan Lindh, Evan MacEacheran, Doug Pemberton, Rick Mehta and Zach Rigby, and is directed by Roger Prentice.

For reservations, please phone 678-8040.
Cost$5 for children
$10 for students and seniors
$12 for adults.
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Street61 River Street
CityKentville, Nova Scotia
CentreStage Theatre (902) 678-8040 61 River Street Kentville, Nova Scotia B4N 3X9
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