Theatre: Here on the Flight Path
CentreStage Theatre, Kentville
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Name Here on the Flight Path link
DateSunday June 28, 2009
Time2 pm
DescriptionHave you ever lived in an apartment? Have you ever had interesting neighbours? If so, CentreStage’s production of Here on the Flight Path by Norm Foster is for you. Here on the Flight Path is a peek at the life of John Cummings, a relatively light hearted, divorced writer in a Toronto apartment building. More specifically the show is about the relationships he develops with the three women that are his neighbours over about a four-year period. We meet Fay, the sex worker; Angel, the would-be singer-actress; and Gwen, the driving instructor who has just separated from her husband.

Here on the Flight Path is a clever comedy with witty lines, touching moments and real-life situations. The show is not action based, so the more subtle comedy may get lost on young children, but teens and older should get quite a good laugh. The show does have some strong language and adult situations it would not be suitable for young children.

Here on the Flight Path is directed by Candy O’Brien and stars Mindy Vinqvist-Tymchuk, David and Branaghlee Lane, and Lauren Berlemont. Cherie Zinck is the stage manager and Ernest Zinck is on lights with Carolyn Thomas as an assistant.
Cost$5 children
$10 students and seniors
$12 adults
Telephone678-8040 Telephone Number
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Street61 River Street
CityKentville, Nova Scotia
CentreStage Theatre (902) 678-8040 61 River Street Kentville, Nova Scotia B4N 3X9
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