Art of Hosting Valley Training
Friday May 26, 2017  6pm - 11pm (5 Hours )
Workshop / Class

Art of Hosting techniques are helpful in everyday meetings, in community gatherings of any size (up to a few hundred people), and in personal everyday life. Using Art of Hosting, I am constantly amazed by the amount of energy it brings to a group, and the capacity it can build in individuals and groups to self-organize and to take action for positive change.

Whether you are new to this, or have previous experience, we'd love you to join us to learn and share together.

Some of the questions that inspired us to organize this training are:
- How can we run more inclusive and effective meetings and engagements?
- How can we build collective ownership and shared responsibility in our organizations and work?
- How can we build capacity in the Valley for meaningful conversations across organizations and movements, to create action, to share learning and strengthen our community? ​

In this training, you will...
- Learn practical methods and tools for hosting conversations in your context (e.g. Open Space Technology, World Cafe)
- Develop an understanding of frameworks that support the design of effective and participatory conversations, meetings, events, and engagements
- Establish hosting skills as a core leadership practice
Connect with regional folks, build relationships, and strengthen your networks
- Invite others to join you in thinking strategically about a current idea or project you’re working on
- Leave with resources to support your hosting practice and participatory facilitation skills​

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Ticket prices are on a sliding scale to make this as accessible as possible.

Horton Community Centre
11794 Highway 1
Grand Pre, Nova Scotia

902 681-3150

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Horton Community Centre 902 681-3150 11794 Highway 1 Grand Pre, Nova Scotia B0P 1M0