Munay Ki Rites Workshop
Saturday September 16, 2017  9am - 5pm (8 Hours )
Workshop / Class Health / Wellness

EVENT DATES: Sept. 16 & 17 / Sept. 30 & Oct. 1 ~ 4 days in total to receive the nine transmissions. The Munay Ki are the nine rites of initiation, common among shamanic traditions but expressed in different forms and styles across cultures and continents. These Rites are part of the lineage of the Q'Ero Indians of the Andes. They bring a new level of emotional and spiritual intelligence to the practice of energy healing and the medicine of shamanism.
They derive from the early history of shamanic practice in the Himalayas and Mongolia and were brought to the Americas by the first medicine people. The Rites of the Munay Ki are energetic transmissions that download new information into the luminous energy field and upgrade the information of our personal energetic blueprint. We are re-informed, enabling us to regenerate a body that ages, heals and dies differently.
The Munay transmissions heal the wounds of the past, as well as the karmic and genetic agreements, the programs and belief systems that are inherited within our lineage or culture and those within which we have gone into agreement. We will receive the following nine rites: The Healer’s Rites, The Bands of Power, The Harmony Rites, The Seer’s Rites, The Daykeeper’s Rites, The Wisdomkeeper’s Rites, The Earthkeeper’s Rites, The Starkeeper’s rites, and the Creator Rites. (A description of each Rite is available at the website link provided at the end ).
As we work with and become open to the percolation and germination of these rites; as we receive deep healing, energetic protection and guidance; as we open sacred space; as we learn to 'gift' the rites to all our relations, we will be touched by ancestors and blessed by angels. As we experience the Munay-Ki, we will feel the presence of the luminous ones who dwell in sacred time, and in infinity. The Munay Ki will clear our luminous energy field of the psychic sludge left by traumas. The ancient wisdom of the Earth Keepers will be transferred to us during the Munay Ki Rites. We will learn the teachings around the Rites, receive the Rites, learn how to gift them, and how to use them in our lives. In learning to 'gift' the Rites, we will also be trained to facilitate the delivery and transmission of the Rites to others.
This workshop is facilitated by Heidi McBratney, Masters in Counseling Psychology, Board Certified expert in Traumatic Stress and Graduate of the Four Winds Society. Read more about Heidi at the website link provided below.
This training is hosted by the Solas Integrated Health Centre of Digby. Contact Solas for information and registration: 902.245.6227 or

Location:The Villages of Mountain Gap in Smith's Cove
Accommodation: at the Villages 902.245.5841
Dates for 2017: Sept. 16 & 17 and Sept. 30 and Oct.1 - a total of 4 days delivered over two weekends .
(Please note that both weekends must be attended to complete the transmission)
To learn more about the Rites, to see a description of each of the Rites, to read Heidi McBratney's biography and background, visit this link to our website:

$750 (accommodation and lunches are not included in workshop fee)

The Villages of Mountain Gap Resort 902-245-5841 217 Highway 1 Smiths Cove, Nova Scotia B0S 1S0