Saturday August 26, 2017  2pm - 2:20pm (20 Minutes)
Music Theatre Wheelchair Accessible Family Friendly Outdoor

A bilingual puppet experience. It's the story of Rita the muskrat and Charles the seagull, a couple married for many moons. They crossed the ocean and adapted to new territories. The tide that rises will change their lives, but the future remains resilient. Charles sees life from the sky, while Rita sees it from the ground. Both will follow a different path, but will stay connected by the land that greeted them. The sea is the memory of their love.

The stories that this land, the Grand Pré National Historic Site, which is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, can tell us are endless. We create genuine bilingual and family experiences in order to better learn and transmit our stories to future generations. Through narrative, theatrical productions, puppetry and singing, we gather in a context of human exchanges, all in order to better meet each other. The spirit of this sacred place illuminates our collective spirit in the present moment.


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