Youth Summit
Sunday November 19, 2017  6pm - 9pm (3 Hours )
Music Meeting / Club Wheelchair Accessible Community

Event in Room: Multipurpose Room

Calling all High School and Middle School aged Youth! This is your chance to be part of something amazing!

The Valley Youth Summit brings together fantastic young people from Middleton to Windsor to experience awesome worship music; get to know each other through hilarious games; and share scrumptious food with one another!

The theme of this summit, our second, will be "MADE NEW" and the focus of the presentations and videos will focus on what Jesus does in our lives when we let Him clear away all our sins.

Come out to hear and understand why Catholics confess sins to a priest and how God's grace then helps resist future temptations to do wrong when we make use of this powerful Sacrament!


St. Joseph Catholic Church 902-678-3303 48 Belcher Street Kentville, Nova Scotia