Sunrise Guided Meditation & Harp (transitions)
Wednesday July 18, 2018  9:30am - 10:45am (1 Hour 15 Minutes)
Music Workshop / Class Festival / Fair Health / Wellness Community

As part of the Harp & Yoga festival, Johanne will offer 4 mornings of guided meditation inspired by the sounds one of the oldest instrument in the world: The Harp.

Sunrise Guided Meditation called "Finding the hidden gifts behind life's transitions: divorce, separation & children leaving the nest".
Enjoy listening the the soothing harp sounds while being immersed into a new shift in your thoughts.
Discover 5 keys to enable you to live beyond emotional pain and to take traction with your life's new purpose.
Designed for individuals going through various life's transitions, the harpist will guide us into a state of well being and you will leave refresh with a renewed mind.

Early Bird reservation $20.
Reservation the day of the event: $25.

Kingsport Beach
10820 Pier Road
Canning, Nova Scotia

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Kingsport Beach 10820 Pier Road Canning, Nova Scotia B0P 1H0