Past Events
Thu May 315:30pCommunity:Chase the Ace
Wed May 307:00pCommunity:Bingo
Tue May 297:00pMusic:Jam Session
Thu May 245:30pCommunity:Chase the Ace
Wed May 237:00pCommunity:Bingo
Thu May 175:30pCommunity:Chase the Ace
Wed May 167:00pCommunity:Bingo
Tue May 157:00pMusic:Jam Session
Thu May 105:30pCommunity:Chase the Ace
Wed May 097:00pCommunity:Bingo
Thu May 035:30pCommunity:Chase the Ace
Wed May 027:00pCommunity:Bingo
Tue May 017:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat Apr 288:00aCulinary:Breakfast
Thu Apr 265:30pCommunity:Chase the Ace
Wed Apr 257:00pCommunity:Bingo
Thu Apr 195:30pCommunity:Chase the Ace
Wed Apr 187:00pCommunity:Bingo
Tue Apr 177:00pMusic:Jam Session
Mon Apr 167:30pMeeting:Digby Legion Branch Meeting
Thu Apr 125:30pCommunity:Chase the Ace
Wed Apr 117:00pCommunity:Bingo
Thu Apr 055:30pCommunity:Chase the Ace
Wed Apr 047:00pCommunity:Bingo
Tue Apr 037:00pMusic:Jam Session
Thu Mar 295:30pCommunity:Chase the Ace
Wed Mar 287:00pCommunity:Bingo
Thu Mar 225:30pCommunity:CANCELLED Chase the Ace
Wed Mar 217:00pCommunity:Bingo
Tue Mar 207:00pMusic:Jam Session
Thu Mar 155:30pCommunity:Chase The Ace
Wed Mar 147:00pCommunity:Bingo
Thu Mar 085:30pCommunity:Chase The Ace
Wed Mar 077:00pCommunity:Bingo
Tue Mar 067:00pMusic:Jam Session
Thu Mar 015:30pCommunity:Chase the Ace
Wed Feb 287:00pFundraiser:Bingo
Mon Feb 261:30pWorkshop:Line Dancing
Thu Feb 225:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed Feb 217:00pFundraiser:Bingo
Tue Feb 207:00pMusic:Jam Session
Mon Feb 191:30pWorkshop:Line Dancing
Thu Feb 155:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed Feb 147:00pFundraiser:Bingo
Mon Feb 121:30pWorkshop:Line Dancing
Sun Feb 1111:00aCommunity:Pool Tournament
Thu Feb 085:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed Feb 077:00pFundraiser:Bingo
Tue Feb 067:00pMusic:Jam Session
Mon Feb 051:30pWorkshop:Line Dancing
Thu Feb 015:30pOther:Chase the Ace
Wed Jan 316:00pFundraiser:Bingo
Mon Jan 291:30pWorkshop:Line Dancing
Thu Jan 255:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed Jan 247:00pFundraiser:Bingo
Tue Jan 236:00pMusic:Jam Session
Mon Jan 221:30pWorkshop:Line Dancing
Thu Jan 185:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed Jan 176:00pCommunity:Bingo
Mon Jan 151:30pWorkshop:Line Dancing
Thu Jan 117:45pCommunity:Chase the Ace
Wed Jan 107:00pCommunity:Bingo
Tue Jan 097:00pMusic:Jam Session
Mon Jan 081:30pWorkshop:Line Dancing
Thu Jan 047:45pFundraiser:Chase The Ace
Wed Jan 037:00pFundraiser:Bingo
Mon Jan 011:00pMusic:New Year's Levee
Sun Dec 318:00pMusic:New Year's Dance
Thu Dec 215:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed Dec 206:00pFundraiser:Bingo
Mon Dec 181:30pWorkshop:Line Dancing
Mon Dec 111:30pWorkshop:Line Dancing
Mon Dec 041:30pWorkshop:Line Dancing
Sat Nov 254:30pCulinary:Dinner Fundraiser
Sun Nov 1912:00pFundraiser:Benefit for Jackie Robinson
Sat Nov 1810:00aFundraiser:Craft Sale
Fri Nov 174:00pFundraiser:Craft Sale
Mon Nov 131:30pDance:Line Dancing
Sat Oct 078:00aCulinary:Pancake and Sausage Breakfast
Thu Jul 275:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed Jul 267:00pCommunity:Bingo Night
Tue Jul 257:00pMusic:Jam Session
Thu Jul 205:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed Jul 197:00pCommunity:Bingo Night
Thu Jul 135:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed Jul 127:00pCommunity:Bingo Night
Tue Jul 117:00pMusic:Jam Session
Thu Jul 065:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed Jul 057:00pCommunity:Bingo Night
Thu Jun 295:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed Jun 287:00pCommunity:Bingo Night
Tue Jun 277:00pMusic:Jam Session
Mon Jun 261:30pMusic:Line Dancing
Fri Jun 237:30pOther:Dart Night
Thu Jun 225:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed Jun 217:00pCommunity:Bingo Night
Sun Jun 1811:00aCulinary:Father's Day Brunch
Fri Jun 167:30pOther:Dart Night
Wed Jun 147:00pCommunity:Bingo Night
Tue Jun 137:00pMusic:Jam Session
Fri Jun 097:30pOther:Dart Night
Wed Jun 077:00pCommunity:Bingo Night
Mon Jun 051:30pMusic:Line Dancing
Sat Jun 038:30aCulinary:Pancake & Sausage Breakfast
Fri Jun 027:30pOther:Dart Night
Thu Jun 015:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed May 317:00pCommunity:Bingo Night
Tue May 307:00pMusic:Jam Session
Mon May 291:30pWorkshop:Line Dancing
Sun May 281:00pHealth:Lions Walk for Guide Dogs
Fri May 267:30pOther:Dart Night
Thu May 255:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed May 247:00pCommunity:Bingo Night
Mon May 221:30pWorkshop:Line Dancing
Fri May 197:30pOther:Dart Night
Thu May 185:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed May 177:00pCommunity:Bingo Night
Tue May 167:00pMusic:Jam Session
Mon May 151:30pWorkshop:Line Dancing Classes
Sat May 1311:00aCulinary:Mother/Daughter Tea
Fri May 127:30pOther:Dart Night
Thu May 115:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed May 107:00pCommunity:Bingo Night
Mon May 081:30pMusic:Line Dancing
Fri May 057:30pMeeting:Dart Night
Thu May 045:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed May 037:00pCommunity:Bingo Night
Tue May 027:00pMusic:Jam Session
Tue May 021:30pMusic:Line Dance Classes
Fri Apr 287:30pOther:Dart Night
Thu Apr 275:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed Apr 267:00pCommunity:Bingo Night
Sun Apr 2311:00aCulinary:Brunch
Fri Apr 217:30pMeeting:Dart Night
Thu Apr 205:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed Apr 197:00pCommunity:Bingo Night
Tue Apr 187:00pMusic:Jam Session
Mon Apr 171:30pWorkshop:Line Dancing
Fri Apr 147:30pMeeting:Dart Night
Wed Apr 127:00pCommunity:Bingo Night
Mon Apr 101:30pMusic:Line Dance Lessons
Fri Apr 077:30pOther:Dart Night
Thu Apr 065:30pFundraiser:Chase The Ace
Wed Apr 057:00pCommunity:Bingo Night
Tue Apr 047:00pMusic:Jam Session
Mon Apr 031:30pWorkshop:Line Dance
Fri Mar 317:30pOther:Dart Night
Thu Mar 305:30pFundraiser:Chase The Ace
Thu Mar 3010:00aCommunity:Job Fair
Wed Mar 297:00pCommunity:Bingo Night
Sun Mar 2611:00aCulinary:Brunch
Fri Mar 247:30pOther:Dart Night
Thu Mar 235:30pFundraiser:Chase The Ace
Wed Mar 227:00pCommunity:Bingo Night
Tue Mar 217:00pMusic:Jam Session
Fri Mar 177:30pOther:Dart Night
Thu Mar 165:30pFundraiser:Chase The Ace
Wed Mar 157:00pCommunity:Bingo Night
Fri Mar 107:30pOther:Dart Night
Thu Mar 095:30pFundraiser:Chase The Ace
Wed Mar 087:00pCommunity:Bingo Night
Tue Mar 077:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat Mar 048:00pCommunity:Girls Night Out
Fri Mar 037:30pOther:Dart Night
Thu Mar 025:30pFundraiser:Chase The Ace
Wed Mar 017:00pCommunity:Bingo Night
Fri Feb 247:30pCommunity:Dart Night
Thu Feb 235:30pFundraiser:Chase The Ace
Wed Feb 227:00pCommunity:Bingo Night
Tue Feb 217:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sun Feb 1911:00aCulinary:Sunday Brunch
Fri Feb 177:30pCommunity:Dart Night
Thu Feb 165:30pFundraiser:Chase The Ace
Wed Feb 157:00pCommunity:Bingo Night
Fri Feb 037:30pCommunity:Dart Night
Wed Feb 017:00pCommunity:Bingo Night
Tue Jan 317:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat Jan 2810:00aCommunity:Mixed Doubles Dart Tournament
Fri Jan 277:30pCommunity:Dart Night
Thu Jan 265:30pFundraiser:Chase The Ace
Wed Jan 257:00pCommunity:Bingo Night
Sun Jan 011:00pMusic:New Year's Day Levee
Sat Dec 108:00pMusic:Las Vegas World Champ Roy LeBlanc
Sun Nov 2011:00aCulinary:Brunch
Wed Nov 097:00pFundraiser:Bingo
Thu Oct 275:30pCulinary:Chase The Ace & Dinner
Sun Oct 2311:00pCulinary:October Fest
Sun Oct 1611:00pCulinary:Brunch
Wed Oct 127:00pFundraiser:Bingo
Thu Oct 065:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Tue Oct 047:00pMusic:Jam Session
Thu Sep 295:30pFundraiser:Chase The Ace
Wed Sep 287:00pFundraiser:Bingo
Sat Jul 301:00pCommunity:Hospital for Sick Children Fundraiser
Fri Mar 047:00pDance:Pre Teen Dance
Sun Feb 211:00pMusic:Dessert Auction and Entertainment
Fri Feb 127:00pMusic:PreTeen Valentine's Dance
Fri Dec 187:00pMusic:Pre-Teen Christmas Dance
Fri Nov 134:00pOther:Craft Clause
Fri Oct 307:30pMusic:PreTeen Halloween Dance
Sat Aug 084:00pMusic:Outdoors Beer Bash
Sun Mar 2911:00aMusic:Benefit for Richard Amero
Thu Mar 2610:00a:Career and Options Fair
Sat Nov 159:00aOther:Crafty Claus Craft Show
Fri Nov 143:30pOther:Crafty Claus Craft Show
Sun Aug 3111:00aCulinary:Brunch
Sat Aug 309:00pDance:Dance
Fri Aug 229:00pDance:Dance
Sat Aug 098:00aCulinary:Scallop Day's Princess Breakfast
Sun Jul 2711:00aCulinary:Christmas In July Brunch
Sat Jul 199:00aOther:Multi-Family Indoor/Outdoor Yardsale
Sun Jun 2911:00aCulinary:Brunch
Sat Jun 289:00pDance:One Night Only
Sun Jun 1511:00aCulinary:Father's Day Brunch
Sun May 1111:00aCulinary:Mother's Day Brunch
Sat May 039:00aOther:Indoor Yard Sale
Sat Apr 0511:30aOther:Easter Egg Hunt
Thu Mar 2010:00aOther:Career & Options Fair
Tue Dec 319:00pDance:New Years Dance
Sat Nov 239:00aCulinary:Craft and Bake Sale
Sat Nov 169:30aOther:Crafty Claus Craft Show
Fri Nov 155:00pCulinary:Friday Night Social
Fri Nov 153:30pOther:Crafty Claus Craft Show
Sat Nov 028:00aCulinary:Breakfast
Fri Nov 015:00pCulinary:Supper & Social
Sat Oct 198:00pDance:Halloween Dance
Fri Oct 185:00pCulinary:Friday Night Social
Sat Oct 128:00aCulinary:Breakfast
Fri Sep 275:00pCulinary:Supper & Social
Fri Sep 135:00pCulinary:Friday Night Social
Sun Sep 018:00aCulinary:Breakfast
Sat Aug 318:00aCulinary:Breakfast
Fri Aug 308:00aCulinary:Breakfast
Fri Aug 305:00pCulinary:Seafood Chowder
Fri Aug 165:00pCulinary:Friday Night Social
Fri Aug 025:00pCulinary:Friday Night Social
Fri Jul 195:00pCulinary:Social Night
Fri Jul 055:00pCulinary:Social Night
Fri Jun 215:00pCulinary:Social Night
Sat Jun 019:00pDance:Record Hop
Fri May 247:00pOther:Games Night
Fri May 175:30pCulinary:TGIF
Sat May 049:00aOther:Indoor & Outdoor Yard Sale
Fri May 037:00pOther:Games Night
Fri Apr 194:00pOther:Games Night
Thu Apr 0410:00aMeeting:Career & Options Fair
Sat Mar 169:00pDance:Saint Patrick's Day Dance
Sat Feb 236:30pDance:African Heritage Gala Dinner & Dance
Sat Jan 195:30pCulinary:Fundraising Dinner & Auction
Sat Dec 089:00aOther:Craft & Bake Sale
Sat Nov 179:30aOther:Crafty Claus Craft Show
Fri Nov 163:30pOther:Crafty Claus Craft Show
Sun Nov 111:30pCulinary:Remembrance Day Dinner
Sat Sep 299:00aOther:Indoor Yard Sale
Sat Aug 113:30pCulinary:Scallop Days BBQ
Sat Aug 117:00aCulinary:Scallop Days Princess Breakfast
Sat Jul 077:00pDance:Legion 85th Anniversary
Fri May 255:30pCulinary:TGIF
Sat May 1211:00aOther:Scotch Doubles Pool
Sat Apr 289:00aOther:Spring Fling /Yard Sale
Fri Apr 275:30pCulinary:TGIF
Mon Jan 302:30pOther:Blood Donor Clinic
Sat Dec 109:00aOther:Craft and Bake Sale
Sat Oct 019:00aOther:Yard Sale
Sat Aug 063:00pOther:Open House
Sat Aug 067:30aCulinary:Breakfast
Sat Jun 119:00aOther:Yard Sale
Mon May 167:30pOther:Bingo
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