Tue Oct 1310:00aLiterary:Book in the Nook
Tue Oct 136:30pMeeting:Girl Power
Wed Oct 1410:00aCommunity:Breastfeeding Support Group
Thu Oct 1510:00aLiterary:Babies and Books
Tue Oct 2010:00aLiterary:Book in the Nook
Wed Oct 2110:00aCommunity:Breastfeeding Support Group
Wed Oct 2110:00aCommunity:Library Catalogue and eBook Q & A
Thu Oct 2210:00aLiterary:Babies and Books
Tue Oct 2710:00aLiterary:Falltime Storytime
Tue Oct 2710:00aLiterary:Book in the Nook
Wed Oct 2810:00aCommunity:Breastfeeding Support Group
Thu Oct 2910:00aLiterary:Babies and Books
Thu Oct 297:00pLiterary:1BNS Author Reading: Darren Greer
Tue Nov 0310:00aLiterary:Book in the Nook
Thu Nov 0510:00aLiterary:Babies and Books
Tue Nov 1010:00aLiterary:Book in the Nook
Tue Nov 106:30pMeeting:Girl Power
Thu Nov 1210:00aLiterary:Babies and Books
Tue Nov 1710:00aLiterary:Book in the Nook
Thu Nov 1910:00aLiterary:Babies and Books
Tue Nov 2410:00aLiterary:Falltime Storytime
Tue Nov 2410:00aLiterary:Book in the Nook
Thu Nov 2610:00aLiterary:Babies and Books
Tue Dec 0110:00aLiterary:Book in the Nook
Tue Dec 0810:00aLiterary:Book in the Nook
Tue Dec 086:30pMeeting:Girl Power
Tue Dec 1510:00aLiterary:Book in the Nook
Tue Dec 2210:00aLiterary:Book in the Nook
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