Wed Jul 046:30pMeeting:The Hangout
Sun Jul 0810:30aLecture:Edible/Medicinal Plant Walk
Tue Jul 103:00pOther:Escape Room: Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Wed Jul 116:30pMeeting:The Hangout
Thu Jul 121:30pOther:Kids Tech - MakerLab
Sat Jul 1410:00aOther:Book Give Away Day
Wed Jul 186:30pMeeting:The Hangout
Tue Jul 2410:00aMeeting:Shark Week Book in the Nook
Wed Jul 256:30pMeeting:The Hangout
Thu Jul 2611:00aWorkshop:Shark Week Pop-up Craft
Thu Jul 261:30pOther:Kids Tech - Snap Circuits
Tue Jul 3110:00aOther:3D Printer Demonstration
Wed Aug 016:30pRecreation:The Hangout
Thu Aug 021:30pWorkshop:Tech Makers: Ozobots
Tue Aug 072:30pWorkshop:The True Voyage of Discovery - a Drawing Workshop with Emma FitzGerald
Wed Aug 086:30pMeeting:The Hangout
Thu Aug 091:30pOther:Kids Tech - Cubelets and Hexbugs
Sun Aug 1210:30aLecture:Edible/Medicinal Plant Walk
Wed Aug 156:30pMeeting:The Hangout
Thu Aug 1610:30aOther:Tech Makers: Little Bits
Wed Aug 226:30pMeeting:The Hangout
Thu Aug 231:30pOther:Kids Tech - WeDo Robotics
Tue Aug 2810:00aOther:Camp Week Storytime
Wed Aug 296:30pMeeting:The Hangout
Thu Aug 3011:00aOther:Camp Week Pop-up Craft
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