The Spitfire Arms Alehouse
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Telephone902-792-1460 Telephone Number
Street29 Water Street
CityWindsor, Nova Scotia
Postal CodeB0N 2T0

29 Water Street Windsor, Nova Scotia B0N 2T0


Sat Aug 02, 20147:00pMusic:Tracey Clements Band
Fri Aug 01, 20147:59pMusic:Margie Brown Duo
Sat Jun 14, 20147:00pMusic:The Mark Riley Project at th...
Fri Jun 13, 20148:00pMusic:Reboot
Fri May 09, 20148:00pDance:The Memphis Knights
Sat Apr 19, 20147:00pMusic:Margie Brown Duo
Sat Apr 05, 20147:00pMusic:Ron Edmunds Band
Sat Mar 22, 20147:00pMusic:The Mark Riley Project
Sat Mar 01, 20147:00pMusic:Margie Brown Duo
Fri Feb 14, 20148:00pMusic:George Carter Jr Trio with F...
Fri Jan 17, 20148:00pMusic:ReBoot
Sat Dec 21, 20137:00pMusic:Reboot
Sat Dec 14, 20137:00pMusic:Ron Edmunds Band
Fri Dec 13, 20137:00pMusic:SWIG
Fri Dec 06, 20138:00pMusic:Margie Brown Duo
Tue Nov 26, 20138:00pOther:Trivia Night
Sat Nov 16, 20137:00pMusic:Mark Riley Band
Tue Nov 05, 20138:00pOther:Trivia Night
Sat Nov 02, 20137:00pMusic:George Carter Jr. Trio of 4
Fri Oct 18, 20137:00pMusic:SWIG
Fri Oct 04, 20138:00pMusic:Margie Brown Duo
Tue Oct 01, 20138:00pOther:Trivia Night
Sat Sep 21, 20137:00pMusic:George Carter Jr. Trio
Thu Sep 05, 20137:00pMusic:Naming the Twins
Tue Aug 27, 20138:00pOther:Trivia Night
Tue Aug 20, 20138:00pOther:Trivia Night
Tue Aug 13, 20138:00pOther:Trivia Night
Sat Aug 10, 20137:00pMusic:George Carter Jr. Trio
Fri Aug 09, 20137:00pMusic:The Shoes
Tue Aug 06, 20138:00pOther:Trivia Night
Sat Aug 03, 20137:00pMusic:Reboot
Sat Jul 27, 20137:00pMusic:Mark Riley Band
Fri Jul 19, 20138:00pMusic:Kickin' Mule Blues band
Fri Jul 12, 20138:00pMusic:Margie Brown Duo
Sat Jun 29, 20137:00pMusic:Up Dog
Sat May 25, 20137:00pMusic:George Carter Jr. Trio
Sat May 18, 20137:00pMusic:ReBoot
Sat Apr 27, 20137:00pMusic:George Carter Jr. Trio
Fri Apr 12, 20138:00pMusic:Margie Brown Duo
Sat Apr 06, 20137:00pMusic:Mark Riley Band
Fri Mar 15, 20138:00pMusic:Kickin' Mule Blues Band
Sat Mar 02, 20138:00pMusic:Beer in the Headlights
Sat Jan 19, 20138:00pMusic:Mark Riley Band
Fri Jan 11, 20138:00pMusic:Margie Brown Duo
Sat Nov 24, 20128:00pMusic:Margie Brown Duo
Fri Nov 02, 20128:00pMusic:Mark Riley Band
Fri Sep 28, 20128:00pMusic:SWIG
Fri Aug 03, 20128:00pMusic:Beer In The Headlights
Sat Jul 28, 20128:00pMusic:Margie Brown Duo
Fri Jun 15, 20128:00pMusic:SWIG
Fri Jun 08, 20128:30pMusic:Mark Riley Band
Sat May 26, 20128:00pOther:Product Party Fundraiser
Sat May 19, 20127:00pMusic:Margie Brown Duo
Fri Mar 23, 20128:00pMusic:SWIG
Sat Mar 17, 20123:00pMusic:SWIGgin at the Spitfire Arms
Fri Mar 02, 20128:30pMusic:Mark Riley Band
Fri Dec 02, 20118:00pMusic:SWIG
Fri Nov 18, 20118:00pMusic:SWIG
Fri Nov 11, 20118:00pMusic:Beer In The Headlights
Thu Oct 27, 20117:30pMusic:Naming the Twins
Fri Oct 14, 20118:00pMusic:Mark Riley Band
Sat Jul 23, 20117:00pMusic:SWIG
Fri May 06, 20117:30pMusic:SWIG
Fri Apr 22, 20117:00pMusic:Anniversary with Hal Bruce
Fri Apr 15, 20117:00pOther:Green Party Fundraiser
Thu Mar 31, 20115:00pMusic:JAM Session
Sat Mar 26, 20114:00pOther:Fundraiser for Chet Kirkby
Fri Mar 25, 20117:30pMusic:Rob Brown & 10 to Midnite
Thu Mar 24, 20117:30pMusic:Jam Session
Fri Mar 18, 20118:00pMusic:Tom Bedell & The Accused
Thu Mar 17, 201111:00aMusic:St. Patrick's
Fri Mar 11, 20117:00pMusic:Paul Marshall Band
Thu Mar 10, 20117:30pMusic:Open JAM Session
Fri Mar 04, 20117:30pMusic:Lazy James Blues Band
Fri Feb 25, 20118:00pMusic:SWIG
Thu Nov 25, 20107:00pMusic:Jam Session
Thu Nov 18, 20107:00pMusic:Jam Session
Fri Nov 12, 20108:00pMusic:Hal Bruce
Thu Nov 11, 20107:00pMusic:Jam Session
Thu Sep 30, 20107:00pMusic:Tony Wood
Sat Sep 25, 20107:00pMusic:Jim Cochrane
Fri Sep 24, 20108:00pMusic:Hal Bruce
Thu Sep 23, 20107:00pMusic:Darren Arsenault
Sat Sep 18, 20106:00pMusic:Moonshine Ramblers
Fri Sep 17, 201011:00aMusic:Half Way to St. Patrick's Da...
Thu Sep 16, 20107:00pMusic:Marshall Lake
Sat Sep 11, 20107:00pMusic:Denoon Blues
Fri Sep 10, 20108:00pMusic:Rip Tide
Thu Sep 09, 20107:00pMusic:Mike Aube
Sat Sep 04, 20107:00pMusic:SWIG
Fri Sep 03, 20108:00pMusic:The Studebakers
Thu Sep 02, 20107:00pMusic:Dave Guptil
Sat Aug 28, 20107:00pMusic:Lazy James Blues Band
Fri Aug 27, 20108:00pMusic:Knee Deep
Thu Aug 26, 20107:00pMusic:Ryan Cook
Sat Aug 21, 20107:00pMusic:Tony Wood Trio
Fri Aug 20, 20108:00pMusic:Joe Murphy & Water St. Blues...
Thu Aug 19, 20107:00pMusic:Darren Arsenault
Sat Aug 14, 20107:00pMusic:Hard Days Knights
Fri Aug 13, 20108:00pMusic:Staggers and Jaggs
Thu Aug 12, 20107:00pMusic:Mike Aube
Sat Jun 05, 20107:00pMusic:SWIG
Fri Jun 04, 20108:00pMusic:The Semivinyls
Fri Apr 30, 20108:00pMusic:Hard Days Knights
Thu Apr 29, 20107:00pMusic:Heather Kelday
Sat Apr 24, 20107:00pMusic:Jim Cochrane
Fri Apr 23, 20108:00pMusic:Witchitaw
Thu Apr 22, 20107:00pMusic:Joe McDonald
Sat Apr 17, 20108:00pMusic:7th Anniversary with Hal Bru...
Fri Apr 16, 20108:00pMusic:Gordon Tucker
Thu Apr 15, 20107:00pMusic:Marshall Lake
Sat Apr 10, 20107:00pMusic:Rob Brown
Fri Apr 09, 20108:00pMusic:Joe Murphy & The Water Stree...
Thu Apr 08, 20107:00pMusic:Mike Aube
Mon Apr 05, 20106:00pMusic:Ted Christopher
Sat Apr 03, 20107:00pMusic:Tails of a Dime
Fri Apr 02, 20108:00pMusic:Darren Arsenault
Thu Apr 01, 20107:00pMusic:Tony & Blair
Sat Mar 27, 20107:00pMusic:ETC
Fri Mar 26, 20108:00pMusic:The Studebakers
Thu Mar 25, 20107:00pMusic:Quick Brew Trio
Sat Mar 20, 20107:00pMusic:The Humpan Brothers
Fri Mar 19, 20108:00pMusic:The SemiVinyls
Thu Mar 18, 20107:00pMusic:Big Dave Guptil
Wed Mar 17, 20108:00pMusic:St. Paddy's with Rip Tide
Sat Mar 13, 20107:00pMusic:SWIG
Fri Mar 12, 20108:00pMusic:Rip Tide
Thu Mar 11, 20107:00pMusic:Mike Aube
Sat Mar 06, 20107:00pMusic:Jim Cochrane
Fri Mar 05, 20108:00pMusic:10-2 Midnite
Thu Mar 04, 20107:00pMusic:Glen Campbell
Sat Feb 27, 20107:00pMusic:Denoon Blues
Fri Feb 26, 20108:00pMusic:Gordon Tucker
Thu Feb 25, 20107:00pMusic:The Moonshine Ramblers
Sat Feb 20, 20107:00pMusic:Heather Kelday
Fri Feb 19, 20108:00pMusic:The Studebakers
Thu Feb 18, 20107:00pMusic:Big Dave Guptil
Sat Feb 13, 20107:00pMusic:Jim Cochrane
Fri Feb 12, 20108:00pMusic:Knee Deep
Thu Feb 11, 20107:00pMusic:Mike Aube
Sat Feb 06, 20107:00pMusic:The Dungaree Brothers
Fri Feb 05, 20108:00pMusic:Staggers & Jags
Thu Feb 04, 20107:00pMusic:Reg Ivany & Blain MacCall
Sat Dec 19, 20097:00pMusic:SWIG
Fri Dec 04, 20098:00pMusic:Hal Bruce
Sat Nov 07, 20097:00pMusic:Dungaree Brothers
Sat Oct 24, 20097:00pMusic:SWIG
Sat Oct 03, 20097:00pMusic:Witchitaw
Fri Sep 25, 20098:00pMusic:Big Dave McLean and Doc MacL...
Thu Sep 24, 20097:00pMusic:Jam Session with Carl
Sat Sep 19, 20097:00pMusic:LODI
Fri Sep 18, 20098:00pMusic:The Studebakers
Thu Sep 17, 20097:00pMusic:Steve Mayo
Sat Sep 12, 20097:00pMusic:Denoon Blues
Fri Sep 11, 20098:00pMusic:Jim Cochrane and Company
Thu Sep 10, 20097:00pMusic:Jam Session with Don
Sat Sep 05, 20097:00pMusic:Dungaree Brothers
Fri Sep 04, 20098:00pMusic:Gin and Sonic
Thu Sep 03, 20097:00pMusic:Jam Session with Reg
Sat Aug 29, 20097:00pMusic:Dave and Penny
Fri Aug 28, 20098:00pMusic:Joe Murphy and Water Street ...
Thu Aug 27, 20097:00pMusic:Jam Session with Carl
Sat Aug 22, 20097:00pMusic:SWIG
Fri Aug 21, 20098:00pMusic:Knee Deep
Thu Aug 20, 20097:00pMusic:Tarantula
Sat Aug 15, 20097:00pMusic:Jim Cochrane
Fri Aug 14, 20098:00pMusic:Staggers and Jags
Thu Aug 13, 20097:00pMusic:Josh Gabriel
Sat Aug 08, 20097:00pMusic:Vince Burke
Fri Aug 07, 20098:00pMusic:Hal Bruce
Fri Jul 31, 20098:00pMusic:Steve Mayo
Thu Jul 30, 20098:00pMusic:Jam Session with Carl
Sat Jul 25, 20097:00pMusic:Leather and Lace
Fri Jul 24, 20098:00pMusic:The Studebakers
Fri Jul 17, 20098:00pMusic:Jim Cochrane & Company
Thu Jul 16, 20098:00pMusic:Spitfire Idol Jam Session
Sat Jul 11, 20097:00pMusic:SWIG
Fri Jul 10, 20098:00pMusic:SemiVinyls
Thu Jul 09, 20098:00pMusic:Spitfire Idol Jam Session
Sat Jul 04, 20097:00pMusic:Dungaree Brothers
Fri Jul 03, 20098:00pMusic:JF Lovely
Thu Jul 02, 20098:00pMusic:Spitfire Idol Jam Session
Sat Jun 27, 20097:00pMusic:Steve Mayo
Fri Jun 26, 20098:00pMusic:Knee Deep
Thu Jun 25, 20097:00pMusic:Spitfire Idol Jam Session
Sat Jun 20, 20097:00pMusic:Jim Cochrane & Company
Fri Jun 19, 20098:00pMusic:Joe Murphy & The Water Stree...
Thu Jun 18, 20097:00pMusic:Spitfire Idol Jam Session
Sat Jun 13, 20097:00pMusic:Hupman Brothers
Fri Jun 12, 20098:00pMusic:Staggers & Jags
Thu Jun 11, 20097:00pMusic:Dustin Jones & The Wild Turk...
Sat Jun 06, 20098:00pMusic:Witchitaw
Fri Jun 05, 20098:00pMusic:Route 66
Thu Jun 04, 20097:00pMusic:Spitfire Idol Jam Session
Fri May 29, 20098:00pMusic:Jim Cochrane
Sat May 23, 20098:00pMusic:SemiVinyls
Fri May 22, 20098:00pMusic:The Studebakers
Sat May 16, 20098:00pMusic:SWIG
Fri May 15, 20098:00pMusic:Gordon Tucker
Sat May 09, 20097:00pMusic:SWIG
Fri May 08, 20098:00pMusic:JF Lovely
Sat May 02, 20097:00pMusic:Dungaree Brothers
Fri May 01, 20098:00pMusic:Gin and Sonic
Sat Apr 25, 20098:00pMusic:Leather and Lace
Fri Apr 24, 20098:00pMusic:Joe Murphy & The Water Stree...
Sat Apr 18, 20098:00pMusic:Jim Cochrane
Fri Apr 17, 20098:00pMusic:Staggers and Jags
Sat Apr 11, 20098:00pMusic:Jimi Swinamer
Fri Apr 10, 20098:00pMusic:Knee Deep
Sat Apr 04, 20098:00pMusic:Vince Burke
Fri Apr 03, 20098:00pMusic:Emerald Tide
Sat Mar 28, 20098:00pMusic:Dave and Penny
Fri Mar 27, 20098:00pMusic:Gordon Tucker
Thu Mar 26, 20098:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat Mar 21, 20097:00pMusic:SWIG
Fri Mar 20, 20098:00pMusic:The Studebakers
Thu Mar 19, 20098:00pMusic:Jam Session
Tue Mar 17, 20098:00pMusic:Steve Mayo
Sat Mar 14, 20098:00pMusic:Emerald Tide
Fri Mar 13, 20098:00pMusic:Jim Cochrane
Thu Mar 12, 20098:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat Mar 07, 20097:00pMusic:Dungaree Brothers
Fri Mar 06, 20098:00pMusic:Route 66
Thu Mar 05, 20098:00pMusic:Jam Session
Fri Feb 27, 20098:00pMusic:Leather and Lace
Thu Feb 26, 20098:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat Feb 21, 20098:00pMusic:Jim Cochrane and Company
Fri Feb 20, 20098:00pMusic:JF Lovely
Thu Feb 19, 20098:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat Feb 14, 20098:00pMusic:Knee Deep
Sat Jan 31, 20098:00pMusic:Hupman Brothers
Sat Jan 24, 20097:00pMusic:SWIG
Fri Jan 23, 20098:00pMusic:The Studebakers
Sat Jan 17, 20098:00pMusic:Titanic Proportions
Fri Jan 16, 20098:00pMusic:Jim Cochrane and Company
Thu Jan 15, 20098:00pMusic:Jam Session
Fri Jan 09, 20098:00pMusic:Gin and Sonic
Thu Jan 08, 20098:00pMusic:Jam Session with Don Deveau
Sat Jan 03, 20097:00pMusic:Dungaree Brothers
Wed Dec 31, 20088:00pMusic:The Studebakers
Sat Dec 27, 20088:00pMusic:Darren Arsenault
Sat Dec 20, 20088:00pMusic:Lodi
Fri Dec 19, 20088:00pMusic:Bedrock Blues Band
Thu Dec 18, 20088:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat Dec 13, 20087:00pMusic:Jim Cochrane
Fri Dec 12, 20088:00pMusic:Joe Murphy and the Water Str...
Thu Dec 11, 20088:00pMusic:Jam Session with Don Deveau
Sat Dec 06, 20087:00pMusic:SWIG
Fri Dec 05, 20088:00pMusic:The Studebakers
Thu Dec 04, 20088:00pMusic:Jam Session
Fri Nov 28, 20088:00pMusic:Emerald Tide
Thu Nov 27, 20088:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat Nov 22, 20088:00pMusic:Darren Arsenault
Fri Nov 21, 20088:00pMusic:Semi-Vinyls
Fri Oct 31, 20088:00pMusic:The Studebakers
Thu Oct 30, 20088:00pMusic:Jam Session with Carl Boutil...
Sat Oct 25, 20087:00pMusic:Witchitaw
Fri Oct 24, 20088:00pMusic:Joe Murphy & The Water Stree...
Thu Oct 23, 20088:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat Oct 18, 20087:00pMusic:Lodi
Fri Oct 17, 20088:00pMusic:Bedrock Blues Band
Thu Oct 16, 20088:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat Oct 11, 20087:00pMusic:Darren Arsenault
Fri Oct 10, 20088:00pMusic:Knee Deep
Thu Oct 09, 20088:00pMusic:JAM Session with Dan Deveau
Sat Sep 27, 20087:00pMusic:Andrew Hunter & the Gatherer...
Fri Sep 26, 20088:00pMusic:Jon Matheson Band
Thu Sep 25, 20088:00pMusic:Jam Session with Carl Boutil...
Sat Sep 20, 20086:00pOther:Half Way to St. Paddy's Part...
Thu Sep 18, 20088:00pMusic:Jam Session with Jack MacDon...
Sat Sep 13, 20087:00pMusic:Gin & Sonic
Fri Sep 12, 20088:00pMusic:Emerald Tide
Thu Sep 11, 20088:00pMusic:Jam Session at The Spitfire ...
Thu Aug 21, 20088:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat Aug 16, 20087:00pMusic:Steve Mayo
Fri Aug 15, 20088:00pMusic:Nudie and the Turks
Thu Aug 14, 20088:00pMusic:Jam Session hosted by Reg

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