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Street236 Commercial Street
CityBerwick, Nova Scotia

236 Commercial Street Berwick, Nova Scotia

Sat Nov 0111:00aWorkshop:One On One Computer Tutorials
Sat Nov 0112:30pWorkshop:We Do LEGO Robotics
Mon Nov 033:30pWorkshop:One On One Computer Tutorial
Mon Nov 036:00pWorkshop:Game Maker
Sat Nov 0810:00aWorkshop:3D Printer Workshop
Mon Nov 103:30pWorkshop:One On One Computer Tutorial
Mon Nov 106:00pWorkshop:LEGO Mindstorm Robotics
Thu Nov 133:15pMeeting:FUNtastic Thursday
Thu Nov 273:15pRecreation:FUNtastic Thursday
Fri Nov 2810:00aMeeting:Coffee and Conversation

Fri Oct 24, 201410:00aOther:Coffee & Conversation
Sat Oct 18, 201410:30aLiterary:Book Reading
Thu Oct 09, 20146:30pLiterary:Picture Book Read-in
Sat Jul 12, 201411:00aWorkshop:Mad Science!
Tue Oct 29, 20136:30pRecreation:Carnival of Fun
Mon Jul 08, 20133:30pLecture:3D Printer Demonstration
Wed Jul 03,
Wed Jul 03, 20132:00pWorkshop:One on One Computer Tutorial...
Tue Mar 12, 20136:30pMusic:Learn to Drum with Kadijah!
Wed Mar 06, 20131:00pWorkshop:Afraid To Shop Online?
Tue Feb 12, 20139:00aWorkshop:Basic Computer Session
Tue Dec 18, 20126:30pWorkshop:GirlPower!
Fri Dec 07, 20126:00pFilm:Movie Night
Mon Oct 22, 20126:30pWorkshop:Downloadable eBook & Audiobo...
Thu Sep 20, 20122:00pFilm:Freedom for Birth
Thu Aug 30, 20126:00pWorkshop:Blogging for Business
Thu Aug 30, 201210:00aOther:Record Your Favorite Story
Thu Aug 16, 201210:00aOther:Storybird
Thu Aug 16, 20123:00pOther:Book Sale!
Thu Aug 16, 20123:00pOther:Summer Reading Wrap Up
Thu Aug 16, 20126:30pOther:PhotoStory 3 (for adults)
Wed Aug 15, 20129:45aOther:Tot's Story Time
Wed Aug 08, 20129:45aOther:Tot's Story Time
Thu Aug 02, 201210:00aOther:Record Your Favorite Story
Thu Aug 02, 20126:30pOther:Facebook for Business
Fri Jul 20, 201210:00aOther:Record Your Favorite Story
Thu Jul 19, 201210:00aOther:PhotoStory 3 for Kids
Thu Jul 19, 20126:30pOther:eBooks & Audiobooks Workshop
Wed Jul 18, 201210:00aOther:C@P Day
Sat Jul 14, 201210:00aRecreation:Fundama
Sat Jul 14, 201212:30pWorkshop:Teen Tee Party
Fri Jul 13, 201210:00aOther:Comic Strips for Kids
Thu Jul 12, 201210:00aOther:Storybird
Sat Mar 24, 20121:00pFilm:DOULA! The Ultimate Birth Co...
Fri Feb 10, 20126:30pOther:French Movie Night
Thu Oct 06, 20113:00pOther:Words On Fire
Sat Feb 05, 20112:30pLiterary:Cinderella-Ashenputel-Adelit...
Fri Jan 28, 20116:45pLiterary:Family Literacy Day
Fri Oct 22, 20102:00pOther:No School 'Bored' Game Day
Sat Oct 16, 20107:00pOther:Teen Lounge
Sat Aug 21, 20107:00pOther:End of Summer Teen Lounge
Sat Aug 07, 20107:00pOther:Summer Heat Teen Lounge
Sat Jul 17, 20107:00pOther:Guitar Hero World Tour Teen ...
Sat Jul 03, 20107:00pOther:School's Out Teen Louge
Sat Jun 19, 20107:00pOther:PJ Chill Zone Teen Lounge
Sat Jun 12, 20107:00pOther:Hawaiian Games Teen Lounge
Sat May 15, 20107:00pOther:Teen Lounge
Sat May 01, 20107:00pOther:Rockfest Teen Lounge
Thu Apr 08, 20107:00pLiterary:Soren Bondrup-Nielsen Readin...
Thu Jan 28, 20102:45pMusic:Karaoke for Literacy
Wed Nov 04, 200912:00pFilm:Brown Bag It and Movie
Fri Oct 30, 20097:00pOther:Teen Lounge
Thu Oct 29, 20093:00pLiterary:Afterschool Tech Craft Time
Fri Oct 23, 20097:00pOther:Teen Lounge
Thu Oct 22, 20093:00pLiterary:Afterschool Tech Craft Time
Fri Sep 18, 20097:00pOther:Teen Lounge
Fri Jul 17, 20097:00pMusic:Guitar Hero Rock-Out
Fri Apr 24, 20097:00pOther:Teen Lounge
Fri Mar 13, 20097:00pOther:Teen Lounge
Sat Feb 28, 20093:00pLiterary:Winter Nature: Public Talk a...
Wed Feb 18, 20099:45aOther:Tots Story Time
Fri Nov 28, 20087:30pLiterary:A Christmas Carol: Book Read...
Sat Nov 22, 20083:00pLiterary:Book Talk
Fri Oct 24, 20086:45pOther:Pumpkin Painting

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