Past Events
Sun Sep 167:30pCommunity:Bingo
Sat Sep 157:00aCulinary:Community Breakfast
Sat Sep 158:00pDance:Dance
Fri Sep 146:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Fri Sep 147:00pDance:Dance
Thu Sep 136:00pFundraiser:TV Bingo
Wed Sep 126:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Sun Sep 097:30pCommunity:Bingo
Fri Sep 076:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Fri Sep 077:00pDance:Dance
Thu Sep 066:00pFundraiser:TV Bingo
Wed Sep 056:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Sun Sep 027:30pCommunity:Bingo
Fri Aug 316:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed Aug 296:00pFundraiser:TV Bingo
Sun Aug 267:30pFundraiser:Bingo
Fri Aug 247:00pDance:Dance
Fri Aug 246:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed Aug 226:00pFundraiser:TV Bingo
Sun Aug 197:30pFundraiser:Bingo
Sat Aug 187:00aCulinary:Breakfast
Fri Aug 176:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed Aug 156:00pFundraiser:TV Bingo
Sun Aug 127:30pFundraiser:Bingo
Fri Aug 107:00pDance:Dance
Fri Aug 106:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed Aug 086:00pFundraiser:TV Bingo
Sun Aug 057:30pFundraiser:Bingo
Fri Aug 036:30pCommunity:Chase the Ace
Wed Aug 016:00pFundraiser:TV Bingo
Sun Jul 291:00pCommunity:Summer Bash Bingo Day
Fri Jul 276:30pCommunity:Chase the Ace
Fri Jul 277:00pMusic:Dance
Wed Jul 256:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Sun Jul 227:30pCommunity:Bingo
Sat Jul 217:00aCulinary:Breakfast
Fri Jul 206:30pCommunity:Chase the Ace
Wed Jul 186:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Sun Jul 157:30pCommunity:Bingo
Fri Jul 136:30pCommunity:Chase the Ace
Fri Jul 137:00pMusic:Dance
Wed Jul 116:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Sun Jul 087:30pCommunity:Bingo
Fri Jul 066:30pCulinary:Chase the Ace
Wed Jul 046:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Sun Jul 017:30pFundraiser:Bingo
Fri Jun 297:00pMusic:Legion Dance
Fri Jun 296:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Thu Jun 286:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Wed Jun 276:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Sun Jun 247:30pCommunity:Bingo
Fri Jun 227:00pMusic:Dance
Fri Jun 226:30pCommunity:Chase the Ace
Thu Jun 216:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Wed Jun 206:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Sun Jun 177:30pCommunity:Bingo
Sat Jun 167:00aCulinary:Community Breakfast
Fri Jun 157:00pMusic:Dance
Fri Jun 156:30pCommunity:Chase the Ace
Thu Jun 146:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Wed Jun 136:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Sun Jun 107:30pCommunity:Bingo
Fri Jun 087:00pMusic:Dance
Fri Jun 086:30pCommunity:Chase the Ace
Thu Jun 076:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Wed Jun 066:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Sun Jun 037:30pCommunity:Bingo
Sat Jun 024:00pDance:Pub Crawl
Fri Jun 017:00pDance:Dance
Fri Jun 016:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Thu May 316:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Wed May 306:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Sun May 277:30pFundraiser:Bingo
Fri May 257:00pMusic:The Island Boys
Fri May 256:30pCommunity:Chase the Ace
Thu May 2410:00aHealth:Seniors Health & Wellness Expo
Thu May 246:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Wed May 236:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Sun May 207:30pCommunity:Bingo
Sat May 197:00aCulinary:Community Breakfast
Fri May 187:00pDance:Ruth Manning & The Prospector's
Fri May 186:30pCommunity:Chase the Ace
Thu May 176:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Thu May 177:30pMeeting:Meeting
Wed May 166:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Sun May 137:30pFundraiser:Bingo
Sat May 128:00pMusic:Lady Rogue
Fri May 117:00pMusic:Meredith
Fri May 116:30pCommunity:Chase the Ace
Thu May 106:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Wed May 096:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Sun May 067:30pCommunity:Bingo
Fri May 047:00pMusic:Boothill
Fri May 046:30pCommunity:Chase the Ace
Thu May 036:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Wed May 026:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Sun Apr 297:30pCommunity:Bingo
Fri Apr 277:00pMusic:Dance
Fri Apr 276:30pCommunity:Chase the Ace
Thu Apr 266:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Wed Apr 256:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Sun Apr 227:30pCommunity:Bingo
Sat Apr 217:00aCulinary:Community Breakfast
Fri Apr 207:00pMusic:Dance
Fri Apr 206:30pCommunity:Chase the Ace
Thu Apr 196:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Thu Apr 197:30pMeeting:Meeting
Wed Apr 181:00pCommunity:Blood Donor Clinic
Wed Apr 186:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Sun Apr 157:30pCommunity:Bingo
Sat Apr 148:00pMusic:Dance
Fri Apr 137:00pMusic:Dance
Fri Apr 136:30pCommunity:Chase the Ace
Thu Apr 126:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Wed Apr 116:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Sun Apr 087:30pCommunity:Bingo
Fri Apr 067:00pDance:Dance
Fri Apr 066:30pCommunity:Chase the Ace
Thu Apr 056:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Wed Apr 046:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Sat Mar 316:00pFundraiser:Ticket Auction
Thu Mar 299:00pMusic:Dance
Thu Mar 296:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Wed Mar 286:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Sun Mar 257:30pCommunity:Bingo
Fri Mar 237:00pMusic:Dance
Fri Mar 236:30pCommunity:Chase the Ace
Thu Mar 226:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Wed Mar 216:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Sun Mar 187:30pCommunity:Bingo
Sat Mar 177:00aCulinary:Community Breakfast
Sat Mar 173:00pMusic:Dance
Fri Mar 167:00pMusic:Dance
Thu Mar 157:30pMeeting:Meeting
Thu Mar 156:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Wed Mar 146:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Sun Mar 117:30pCommunity:Bingo
Sat Mar 108:00pMusic:Dance
Fri Mar 097:00pMusic:Dance
Fri Mar 096:30pCommunity:Chase the Ace
Thu Mar 086:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Wed Mar 076:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Sun Mar 047:30pFundraiser:Bingo
Fri Mar 027:00pMusic:Dance
Wed Feb 286:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Sun Feb 257:30pFundraiser:Bingo
Fri Feb 236:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Fri Feb 237:00pMusic:Dance
Thu Feb 226:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Wed Feb 216:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Sun Feb 187:30pFundraiser:Bingo
Sat Feb 177:30aCulinary:Community Breakfast
Sat Feb 178:00pMusic:Dance
Fri Feb 166:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Fri Feb 167:00pMusic:Dance
Thu Feb 156:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Thu Feb 157:30pMeeting:Meeting
Wed Feb 146:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Sun Feb 117:30pFundraiser:Bingo
Fri Feb 096:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Fri Feb 097:00pMusic:Dance
Thu Feb 086:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Wed Feb 076:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Sun Feb 047:30pFundraiser:Bingo
Fri Feb 026:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Fri Feb 027:00pMusic:Dance
Thu Feb 016:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Wed Jan 316:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Sun Jan 287:30pCommunity:Bingo
Fri Jan 267:00pMusic:Dance
Fri Jan 266:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Thu Jan 256:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Sun Jan 217:30pCommunity:Bingo
Sat Jan 207:30aCulinary:Community Breakfast
Fri Jan 197:00pMusic:Dance
Fri Jan 196:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed Jan 176:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Sun Jan 147:30pCommunity:Bingo
Fri Jan 127:00pMusic:Dance
Fri Jan 126:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed Jan 106:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Sun Jan 077:30pFundraiser:Bingo
Fri Jan 057:00pDance:Dance
Fri Jan 056:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed Jan 036:00pFundraiser:TV Bingo
Sun Dec 317:30pDance:Dance
Fri Dec 296:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Fri Dec 297:00pDance:Dance
Wed Dec 276:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Fri Dec 226:45pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Fri Dec 227:00pDance:Dance
Thu Dec 217:30pMeeting:General Meeting
Thu Dec 216:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Sun Dec 177:30pCommunity:Bingo
Sat Dec 167:30aCulinary:Community Breakfast
Fri Dec 156:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Fri Dec 157:00pMusic:Dance
Wed Dec 136:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Sun Dec 107:30pCommunity:Bingo
Sat Dec 099:00aFleamarket:Holiday Craft and Vendor Fair
Fri Dec 086:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Fri Dec 087:00pDance:Dance
Wed Dec 066:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Sun Dec 037:30pFundraiser:Bingo
Sat Dec 0210:00aCommunity:Wrap it Up Christmas Event
Fri Dec 017:00pDance:Dance
Fri Dec 016:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed Nov 2910:00aLecture:Mobility Workshop
Wed Nov 296:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Sun Nov 267:30pCommunity:Bingo
Fri Nov 246:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Fri Nov 247:00pDance:Dance
Wed Nov 226:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Sun Nov 197:30pCommunity:Bingo
Sat Nov 187:30aCulinary:Community Breakfast
Fri Nov 177:00pDance:Dance
Fri Nov 176:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Thu Nov 167:30pMeeting:General Meeting
Wed Nov 156:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Sun Nov 127:30pCommunity:Bingo
Fri Nov 107:00pMusic:Dance
Wed Nov 086:00pFundraiser:TV Bingo
Sun Nov 057:30pCommunity:Bingo
Fri Nov 037:00pMusic:Dance
Fri Nov 036:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Sun Oct 297:30pFundraiser:Bingo
Fri Oct 277:00pDance:Dance
Fri Oct 276:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed Oct 256:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Sun Oct 227:30pFundraiser:Bingo
Sat Oct 217:30aCulinary:Community Breakfast
Sat Oct 218:00pDance:Dance
Fri Oct 207:00pMusic:Dance
Fri Oct 206:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Thu Oct 197:30pMeeting:General Meeting
Wed Oct 186:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Sun Oct 157:30pCommunity:Bingo
Fri Oct 137:00pDance:Dance
Fri Oct 136:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed Oct 116:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Sun Oct 087:30pCommunity:Bingo
Fri Oct 067:00pDance:Dance
Fri Oct 066:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed Oct 046:00pMeeting:TV Bingo
Sun Oct 017:30pFundraiser:Bingo
Fri Sep 297:00pDance:Dance
Fri Sep 296:45pCommunity:Chase the Ace
Fri Sep 227:00pDance:Dance
Fri Sep 226:45pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Sat Sep 167:30aCulinary:Community Breakfast
Fri Sep 157:00pDance:Dance
Fri Sep 158:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Fri Sep 087:00pDance:Dance
Fri Sep 088:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Sun Sep 036:45pFundraiser:Bingo
Fri Sep 017:00pDance:Dance
Fri Sep 018:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed Aug 306:00pCommunity:TV Bingo
Sun Aug 277:30pOther:Bingo
Fri Aug 258:30pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Fri Aug 257:00pMusic:Dance
Wed Aug 236:00pFundraiser:TV Bingo
Sat Aug 197:30aCulinary:Community Breakfast
Fri Aug 188:30pOther:Chase the Ace
Fri Aug 187:00pMusic:Dance
Fri Aug 117:00pMusic:Dance
Fri Aug 047:00pDance:Dance
Sun Jul 307:30pCommunity:Summer Bingo Bash
Fri Jul 287:00pMusic:Dance
Fri Jul 288:30pCommunity:Chase the Ace
Wed Jul 266:00pMeeting:TV Bingo
Fri Jul 217:00pMusic:Dance
Sat Jul 157:30aCulinary:Community Breakfast
Fri Jul 147:00pMusic:Dance
Fri Jul 077:00pMusic:Dance
Fri Jun 307:00pMusic:Dance
Fri Jun 237:00pMusic:Dance
Sat Jun 177:30aCulinary:Community Breakfast
Sat Jun 178:00pMusic:Dance
Fri Jun 167:00pMusic:Dance
Thu Jun 157:30pMeeting:General Meeting
Sat Jun 102:00pFundraiser:Merchandise Bingo Fundraiser
Fri Jun 097:00pMusic:Dance
Fri Jun 027:00pMusic:Dance
Thu Jun 012:30pLecture:Open House for Highway Twinning Project
Fri May 267:00pMusic:Dance
Fri May 197:00pMusic:Dance
Thu May 187:30pMeeting:General Meeting
Sat May 137:30aCulinary:Community Breakfast
Fri May 127:00pMusic:Dance
Wed May 1010:00aCommunity:Seniors Health and Wellness Expo
Sat May 069:30aMeeting:Garden Clubs
Fri May 057:00pMusic:Dance
Fri Apr 287:00pMusic:Dance
Fri Apr 217:00pMusic:DJ Party
Thu Apr 207:30pMeeting:General Meeting
Sat Apr 157:30aCulinary:Community Breakfast
Sat Apr 158:00pMusic:Dance
Thu Apr 137:00pMusic:Dance
Fri Apr 077:00pDance:Legion Dance
Fri Mar 317:00pDance:Dance
Fri Mar 247:00pDance:Dance
Sat Mar 187:30aCulinary:Community Breakfast
Fri Mar 177:00pDance:Legion Dance
Thu Mar 167:30pMeeting:General Meeting
Fri Mar 107:00pDance:Dance
Sat Mar 047:00pOther:Monte Gras
Fri Mar 037:00pDance:Dance
Fri Feb 247:00pDance:Dance
Wed Feb 227:30pMeeting:General Meeting
Sat Feb 187:30aCulinary:Community Breakfast
Fri Feb 177:00pMusic:Dance
Fri Feb 107:00pDance:Dance
Fri Feb 037:00pDance:DJ Party
Fri Jan 278:00pDance:Dance
Sat Jan 214:00pMusic:Air Cadet Supper & Concert Fundraiser
Sat Jan 217:30aCommunity:Community Breakfast
Fri Jan 208:00pMusic:Dance
Thu Jan 197:30pMeeting:General Meeting
Fri Jan 138:00pDance:Dance
Fri Jan 068:00pDance:DJ Party
Sat Dec 317:30pDance:Buffet and Dance
Sat Dec 177:30aCulinary:Community Breakfast
Fri Dec 168:00pDance:Dance
Thu Dec 157:30pMeeting:General Meeting
Fri Dec 098:00pDance:Dance
Thu Dec 088:30aCulinary:Seniors Christmas Breakfast
Sat Dec 039:00aCommunity:Holiday Craft and Vendor Fair
Fri Nov 258:00pDance:Dance
Sat Nov 197:30aCulinary:Community Breakfast
Thu Nov 177:30pMeeting:General Meeting
Sat Nov 128:00pDance:Dance
Thu Oct 207:30aMeeting:General Meeting
Sat Oct 157:30aCulinary:Community Breakfast
Sat Sep 177:30aCulinary:Community Breakfast
Thu Sep 157:30pMeeting:General Meeting
Sat Aug 207:30aCulinary:Community Breakfast
Sat Jul 309:00pMusic:Dance and BBQ
Sat Jul 167:30aCulinary:Community Breakfast
Wed Jun 227:30pMeeting:General Meeting
Sat Jun 187:30aCulinary:Community Breakfast
Sat Jun 116:00pMusic:Benefit for Andrew Legere
Wed May 259:30aCommunity:Seniors Health and Wellness EXPO
Sat May 217:30aCulinary:Community Breakfast
Fri May 138:00pMusic:Legion Dance
Sat May 079:00pMusic:Legion Dance
Sat May 0712:00pCommunity:Dime Auction
Fri May 068:00pMusic:Legion Dance
Thu Apr 217:30pMeeting:Windsor Legion Meeting
Sat Apr 167:30aCommunity:Community Breakfast
Fri Apr 158:00pMusic:Dance
Sat Mar 197:30aCulinary:Community Breakfast
Sat Mar 196:00pLecture:Unearthing History at Fort Edward
Thu Mar 177:30pMeeting:General Meeting
Mon Feb 298:30aWorkshop:First Aid Courses
Sat Feb 207:30aCommunity:Community Breakfast
Thu Feb 187:30pMeeting:General Meeting
Sat Feb 139:00pMusic:Valentine Dance
Fri Feb 128:00pDance:Dance
Sat Jan 167:30aCulinary:Community Breakfast
Thu Dec 317:30pDance:Dinner and Dance
Sat Dec 197:30aCulinary:Community Breakfast
Fri Dec 188:00pDance:Dance
Sat Dec 059:00pDance:Dance
Fri Dec 048:00pDance:Legion Dance
Sat Nov 217:30aCulinary:Community Breakfast
Fri Nov 208:00pDance:Dance
Fri Nov 138:00pDance:Dance
Sat Nov 079:00pDance:Dance
Fri Oct 238:00pDance:Dance
Sat Oct 177:30aCulinary:Community Breakfast
Sat Oct 178:00aFundraiser:Christmas Fair
Thu Oct 157:30pMeeting:General Meeting
Fri Oct 098:00pDance:Dance
Sat Sep 269:00pDance:Dance
Fri Sep 258:00pDance:Dance
Sat Sep 197:30aCulinary:Community Breakfast
Fri Sep 188:00pDance:Dance
Fri Sep 118:00pDance:Dance
Fri Aug 286:00pFundraiser:Benefit for Darlene Boone
Sat Aug 157:30aCulinary:Community Breakfast
Fri Aug 148:00pDance:Dance
Sat Jul 187:30aCulinary:Breakfast
Fri Jul 108:00pDance:Dance
Sun Jun 2812:00pOther:Super Bingo
Sat Jun 207:30aCulinary:Breakfast
Thu Jun 187:30pMeeting:General Meeting
Mon Jun 156:15pMeeting:Duplicate Bridge
Fri Jun 128:00pDance:Dance
Fri May 298:00pDance:Dance
Wed May 279:30aCommunity:Seniors Health and Wellness EXPO
Thu May 217:30pMeeting:General Meeting
Sat May 167:30aCulinary:Community Breakfast
Fri May 158:00pDance:Dance
Fri May 088:00pMusic:Open Mic
Fri May 018:00pDance:Dance
Wed Apr 292:00pCulinary:Seniors & Veterans Tea and Social
Fri Apr 248:00pMusic:Open Mic
Sat Apr 187:30aCulinary:Breakfast
Sat Apr 187:00aFundraiser:Hants SPCA Dime Auction
Fri Apr 178:00pDance:Dance
Thu Apr 167:30pMeeting:General Meeting
Fri Apr 108:00pDance:Dance
Thu Apr 028:00pDance:Dance
Sat Mar 289:00pDance:Dance
Sat Mar 217:30aCulinary:Breakfast
Fri Mar 208:00pDance:Dance
Fri Mar 138:00pDance:Dance
Sat Feb 286:00pLecture:Heritage Banquet
Fri Feb 278:00pMusic:Karaoke with Russell Huntley
Sat Feb 217:30aCulinary:Breakfast
Sat Feb 149:00pDance:Valentine's Dance
Fri Jan 098:00pDance:Meredith
Wed Dec 317:30pDance:New Years Eve Dance
Fri Dec 198:00pDance:Route 12
Fri Dec 128:00pDance:Meredith
Thu Dec 119:00aCulinary:Senior Safety Asso. Christmas Breakfast
Sat Dec 0611:00aMusic:Variety Show / Auction & Dance Fundraiser
Sat Nov 299:00aLecture:Healing and Miracles
Fri Nov 288:00pDance:Fret Note
Fri Nov 289:00aLecture:Joan Hunter Miracle Healing Seminar
Fri Nov 218:00pDance:Route 12
Fri Nov 148:00pMusic:Band on the Run
Fri Nov 078:00pMusic:Meredith
Fri Oct 318:00pDance:D.J. G
Fri Oct 248:00pDance:Band on the Run
Sat Oct 188:00pDance:10-2-Midnite
Fri Oct 178:00pDance:Route 12
Fri Oct 108:00pDance:Meredith
Fri Oct 038:00pDance:ReBoot
Fri Sep 268:00pDance:Eclipse
Fri Sep 198:00pDance:Band on the Run
Fri Sep 128:00pDance:Meredith
Fri Sep 058:00pDance:Route 12
Fri Aug 298:00pDance:Big Deal
Fri Aug 228:00pDance:Band on the Run
Sat Aug 167:30aCulinary:Breakfast
Fri Aug 158:00pDance:Route 12
Fri Aug 088:00pDance:Meredith
Sat Aug 027:30aCulinary:Breakfast
Fri Jul 258:00pDance:Route 12
Sat Jul 197:30aCulinary:Breakfast
Fri Jul 188:00pDance:Meredith
Fri Jul 118:00pDance:Band on the Run
Sat Jun 217:30aCulinary:Community Breakfast
Fri May 308:00pDance:Rob Brown - Duo
Thu May 299:30aOther:Seniors Health & Wellness EXPO
Sat May 2410:00aOther:2 Cute 2 Toss Children's Clothing & Toy sale
Fri May 238:00pDance:Higher Limit
Sat May 177:30aCulinary:Breakfast
Fri May 168:00pDance:Route 12
Fri May 098:00pDance:Meredith
Sat May 036:30pOther:Auction and Benefit Dance
Fri May 029:00pDance:ReBoot
Sat Apr 268:00pMusic:Neil Diamond Tribute
Fri Apr 259:00pDance:ReBoot
Sat Apr 197:30aCulinary:Breakfast
Sat Apr 197:00pDance:Connor Johnson Benefit
Sat Apr 199:00aOther:Dime Auction & Vendor Market
Thu Apr 178:00pDance:Route 12
Fri Apr 119:00pDance:Meredith
Fri Apr 116:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Fri Apr 049:00pDance:Band on the Run
Fri Apr 046:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Thu Apr 032:00pOther:Senior's Tea & Social
Fri Mar 289:00pDance:Cracker Jack
Fri Mar 286:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Thu Mar 275:30pOther:Ticket Auction
Fri Mar 216:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Fri Mar 219:00pMusic:Route 12
Sat Mar 157:30aCulinary: Breakfast
Fri Mar 146:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Sat Mar 087:00pMusic:Spring Tune UP
Fri Feb 289:00pDance:Band on the Run
Wed Feb 2610:00aWorkshop:Seniors Safety Association
Sat Feb 226:30pTheatre:Nick's Place (Dinner Theatre)
Fri Feb 219:00pDance:Route 12
Fri Feb 149:00pDance:Meredith
Fri Feb 079:00pDance:ReBoot
Fri Jan 319:00pDance:Band on the Run
Wed Jan 2910:00aWorkshop:Seniors Information Session
Fri Jan 249:00pDance:Cracker Jack
Fri Jan 179:00pDance:Route 12
Fri Jan 109:00pDance:Meredith
Tue Dec 317:30pDance:New Year's Eve
Fri Dec 209:00pDance:Route 12
Fri Dec 139:00pDance:Meredith
Fri Nov 299:00pDance:Split Decision
Sat Nov 238:00pMusic:New Shade of Blue
Fri Nov 229:00pDance:10-2-Midnite
Fri Nov 159:00pDance:Route 12
Fri Nov 089:00pDance:Meredith
Sat Nov 029:00aOther:Dime Auction & Flea Market
Fri Nov 019:00pDance:Cracker Jack
Fri Oct 259:00pDance:10-2-Midnite
Sat Oct 196:00pOther:Realizing Dreams Fundraiser
Sat Oct 197:30aCulinary:Breakfast
Fri Oct 189:00pDance:Route 12
Fri Oct 119:00pDance:ReBoot
Fri Oct 049:00pDance:Meredith
Thu Oct 037:00pOther:Ticket Auction
Fri Sep 279:00pDance:Route 12
Sat Sep 217:30aCulinary:Breakfast
Fri Sep 209:00pDance:The Prophets
Fri Sep 139:00pDance:Meredith
Wed Sep 1110:00aWorkshop:Aging Well
Fri Sep 069:00pDance:Split Decision
Fri Aug 239:00pDance:Meredith
Sat Aug 177:30aCulinary:Breakfast
Fri Aug 099:00pDance:Meredith
Fri Jul 269:00pDance:Double Barrel
Fri Jul 199:00pDance:Route 12
Sat Jul 137:30aCulinary:Breakfast
Fri Jul 129:00pDance:Meredith
Fri Jul 059:00pDance:Meredith
Fri Jun 219:00pDance:Route 12
Fri Jun 149:00pDance:Meredith (Still Doin Time)
Sat Jun 087:00pMusic:New Shade of Blue
Fri Jun 079:00pDance:Avalon
Fri May 319:00pDance:Split Decision
Fri May 249:00pDance:ReBoot
Thu May 2310:00aOther:Seniors Safety Program
Fri May 179:00pDance:Route 12
Fri May 109:00pDance:ReBoot
Sat May 046:00pCulinary:Dinner & Auction
Fri May 039:00pDance:Meredith (Still Doin Time)
Sat Apr 275:00pDance:Fundraiser for Bill Chaisson
Fri Apr 269:00pDance:Joker's Right
Sat Apr 207:30aCulinary:Breakfast
Sat Apr 207:00pTheatre:An Evening at the Chicken Ranch
Fri Apr 199:00pMusic:Route 12
Wed Apr 172:00pMusic:Senior's Party
Fri Apr 129:00pMusic:Meredith (Still Doin Time)
Fri Apr 059:00pMusic:10 to Midnite
Thu Apr 047:00pOther:Ticket Auction
Thu Mar 289:00pMusic:Split Decision
Fri Mar 229:00pMusic:ReBoot
Sat Mar 169:00aOther:SPCA Yard Sale
Sat Mar 167:30aCulinary:Breakfast
Fri Mar 159:00pMusic:Route 12
Fri Mar 089:00pMusic:Meredith (Still Doin Time)
Sun Mar 032:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat Mar 027:00pMusic:Spring Tune-Up
Sat Mar 027:30aCulinary:Breakfast
Fri Mar 019:00pMusic:Big Deal
Fri Feb 229:00pMusic:10 to Midnight
Fri Feb 159:00pMusic:Route 12
Fri Feb 089:00pDance:Meredith (Still Doin Time)
Fri Feb 019:00pDance:Split Decision
Fri Jan 259:00pDance:Crackerjack
Sun Jan 203:00pDance:Meredith on Sunday's
Sat Jan 197:30aCulinary:Breakfast
Fri Jan 189:00pDance:Route 12
Fri Jan 119:00pDance:Meredith
Sun Jan 062:00pMusic:Jam Sessions
Fri Jan 049:00pDance:ReBoot
Tue Jan 011:00pMusic:New Years Day Levee
Mon Dec 319:00pDance:New Year's Eve Party
Mon Dec 317:30pDance:New Year's Eve Dance and Buffet
Fri Dec 219:00pDance:Route 12
Sat Dec 157:30aCulinary:Breakfast
Fri Dec 149:00pMusic:Meredith (Still Doin Time)
Tue Dec 118:00aCulinary:Seniors Breakfast & Flu Shot Clinic
Fri Dec 079:00pDance:Keepin' Country
Fri Nov 309:00pDance:10 to Midnight
Sun Nov 253:00pMusic:Meredith
Fri Nov 239:00pDance:Big Deal
Sat Nov 177:30pOther:Casino Night
Fri Nov 169:00pDance:Route 12
Fri Nov 099:00pDance:Meredith (Still Doin Time)
Fri Nov 029:00pDance:Reboot
Sun Oct 283:00pDance:Meredith
Sat Oct 279:00pDance:Halloween Dance
Fri Oct 269:00pDance:Keepin' Country
Sun Oct 211:00pOther:Ladies Day Out
Sat Oct 207:30aCulinary:Breakfast
Sat Oct 206:00pMusic:Realizing Dreams Fundraiser
Fri Oct 199:00pDance:Route 12
Sat Oct 136:00pOther:Pub Crawl
Fri Oct 129:00pDance:Meredith (Still Doin Time)
Fri Oct 058:00pDance:Country Cousins
Sun Sep 303:00pMusic:Meredith
Fri Sep 289:00pDance:Keepin' Country
Fri Sep 288:00pMusic:Johnny Cash - Back 2 Back
Thu Sep 271:00pOther:Blood Donor Clinic
Sat Sep 226:00pDance:Margie Brown Duo & Pig Roast
Fri Sep 219:00pDance:Route 12
Sat Sep 157:30aCulinary:Breakfast
Fri Sep 149:00pDance:Meredith (Still Doin Time)
Fri Sep 148:00pRecreation:Steak Darts
Sat Sep 084:00pDance:Hootenanny
Fri Sep 079:00pDance:Split Decision
Fri Aug 248:00pDance:Big Deal
Sat Aug 187:30aCulinary:Breakfast
Fri Aug 178:00pDance:Route 12
Sat Aug 1112:00pOther:Open House
Fri Aug 108:00pDance:Meredith (Still Doin Time)
Fri Aug 038:00pDance:Dance
Fri Jul 279:00pDance:Keepin' Country
Sat Jul 217:30aCulinary:Breakfast
Fri Jul 209:00pDance:Route 12
Fri Jul 139:00pDance:Meredith (Still Doin Time)
Fri Jul 069:00pDance:Appaloosa
Fri Jun 299:00pDance:ReBoot
Fri Jun 229:00pDance:Big Deal
Fri Jun 159:00pDance:Route 12
Tue Jun 1210:00aOther:Elder Abuse Awarness Day
Fri Jun 089:00pDance:Meredith (Still Doin Time)
Fri Jun 019:00pDance:Ross Croft
Fri May 259:00pDance:Keepin' Country
Thu May 2410:00aOther:Seniors Expo & Wellness Day
Sat May 197:30aCulinary:Breakfast
Fri May 189:00pDance:Route 12
Sat May 126:00pCulinary:Dinner and Auction
Fri May 119:00pDance:Meredith (Still Doin Time)
Fri May 049:00pDance:DJ Gerald (Gerald Theriault)
Fri Apr 279:00pDance:ReBoot
Thu Apr 266:30pOther:Ticket Auction
Fri Apr 209:00pDance:Route 12
Sat Apr 147:30aCulinary:Breakfast
Sat Apr 149:00pDance:Fling Into Spring Dance
Fri Apr 139:00pDance:Meredith (Still Doin Time)
Thu Apr 059:00pDance:10 to Midnight
Sat Mar 316:00pOther:Ticket Auction
Fri Mar 309:00pDance:DJ Gerald Theriault
Sat Mar 246:00pCulinary:Heritage Banquet
Fri Mar 239:00pDance:ReBoot
Sat Mar 177:30aCulinary:Breakfast
Sat Mar 179:00pDance:St Paddy's Day Dance
Fri Mar 169:00pDance:Route 12
Fri Mar 099:00pDance:Meredith (Still Doin Time)
Fri Mar 029:00pDance:10 2 Midnight
Thu Mar 011:00pOther:Blood Donor Clinic
Fri Feb 249:00pDance:Ross Croft
Fri Feb 179:00pDance:Route 12
Sat Feb 119:00pDance:Valentine's Dance
Fri Feb 109:00pDance:Meredith
Mon Feb 067:00pMeeting:Pregnancy Centre
Fri Feb 039:00pDance:10 to Midnight
Fri Jan 279:00pDance:Route 12
Fri Jan 209:00pDance:Keepin` Country
Fri Jan 139:00pDance:Meredith
Fri Jan 069:00pDance:DJ Gerald
Sun Jan 011:00pDance:New Year's Day Levee
Sat Dec 317:30pDance:New Year's Eve
Fri Dec 169:00pDance:Dance
Thu Dec 151:00pOther:Blood Donor Clinic
Fri Dec 099:00pDance:Dance
Thu Dec 088:00aCulinary:Seniors Annual Christmas Breakfast
Fri Dec 029:00pDance:Dance
Tue Nov 2910:00aWorkshop:Winter Driver Refresher Course
Fri Nov 259:00pDance:Good Feeling Band
Sat Nov 197:30pOther:Casino Night
Fri Nov 189:00pDance:Route 12
Fri Nov 1111:00aOther:Remembrance Day Service
Fri Nov 119:00pDance:Meredith
Fri Nov 049:00pDance:DJ Gerald Theriault
Sat Oct 299:00pDance:Halloween Dance
Sat Oct 291:00pOther:Christmas Bazzar
Fri Oct 289:00pDance:Straight Out
Tue Oct 2510:00aOther:Senior Safety Information Session
Sat Oct 221:00pOther:Christmas Bazaar
Fri Oct 219:00pDance:Defender
Fri Oct 149:00pDance:Meredith
Thu Oct 1310:30aOther:Senior Safety Program
Sat Oct 084:00pDance:Oktoberfest
Fri Oct 079:00pDance:Route 12
Fri Sep 309:00pDance:Straight Out
Thu Sep 291:00pOther:Blood Donor Clinic
Sat Sep 241:00pDance:Pig Roast & Western Night
Fri Sep 239:00pDance:Gerald Theriault
Sat Sep 108:00pDance:Hootenanny
Sat Jun 116:00pDance: Ian Mac
Fri Jun 039:00pDance:Herb & Sherry
Thu May 1910:00aOther:Seniors Expo and Wellness Day
Sat May 079:00pDance:Cancer Relay Dance & Silent Auction
Wed Apr 207:00pMeeting:No Place to Call Home
Sat Feb 059:00pDance:Winter Carnival Dance & Silent Auction
Wed Feb 027:00pOther:No Place to Call Home
Fri Dec 317:00pDance:New Year's Eve Dance
Sat Oct 238:00pOther:Hants SPCA Comedy Night (Cancelled)
Sat Oct 107:30pTheatre:Pied Piper - The Musical
Fri Oct 097:30pTheatre:Pied Piper - The Musical
Sat Oct 037:30pTheatre:Pied Piper - The Musical
Fri Oct 027:30pTheatre:Pied Piper - The Musical
Sat Sep 128:00pMusic:Darrell Meyers
Sat Oct 116:30pTheatre:You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown
Fri Oct 106:30pTheatre:You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown
Sat Oct 046:30pTheatre:You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown
Fri Oct 036:30pTheatre:You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown
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