Horton High School
Venue Details
Websitehorton.ednet.ns.ca link
Telephone(902) 542-6060 Telephone Number
Street75 Greenwich Road South
CityGreenwich, Nova Scotia
Postal CodeB4P 2R2

75 Greenwich Road South Greenwich, Nova Scotia B4P 2R2


Mon Dec 01, 20146:00pTheatre:Code Green - Species at Risk
Sun Nov 30, 20147:00pMeeting:AGM-Kentville Minor Baseball
Thu Nov 13, 20147:00pMusic:Horton High School's Concert
Mon Oct 27, 20147:00pMusic:Hantsport School Band Fundra...
Sun Oct 26, 20142:00pMusic:Spinney Brothers CD Release
Fri Oct 24, 20149:00aOther:Tools for Life Conference & ...
Sat Oct 18, 20149:00aOther:Harvest Craft Fair
Sun Jun 08, 20142:00pDance:The Golden Apple
Sat Jun 07, 20141:00pDance:The Golden Apple
Sat Jun 07, 20146:30pDance:The Golden Apple
Thu Jun 05, 20147:00pMusic:Final Concert
Fri May 23, 20147:00pMusic:O'Neal Blackman Benefit
Wed May 07, 20146:30pFilm:Girl Rising Art Auction & Fi...
Sun Apr 27, 20147:00pMusic:Matt Balsor & Friends
Fri Apr 25, 20145:00pCulinary:Chili Dinner
Thu Apr 17, 20147:00pMusic:Horton High School Concert
Sun Apr 06, 20147:00pTheatre:Legally Blonde The Musical
Sat Apr 05, 20147:00pTheatre:Legally Blonde The Musical
Fri Apr 04, 20147:00pTheatre:Legally Blonde The Musical
Sun Mar 30, 20147:00pTheatre:Legally Blonde The Musical
Fri Mar 28, 20147:00pTheatre:Legally Blonde The Musical
Thu Mar 27, 20147:00pTheatre:Legally Blonde The Musical
Wed Feb 26, 20146:30pMusic:African Youth Talent Show
Thu Jan 16, 20147:00pMusic:Music Concert
Thu Nov 14, 20137:00pMusic:Horton High School's Concert...
Mon Oct 28, 20136:30pLecture:Getting Started in the Arts
Fri Oct 25, 20139:00aLecture:Tools for Life Conference & ...
Sat Oct 19, 20139:00aOther:Harvest Craft Fair
Sun Jun 16, 20137:00pTheatre:Taking Steps to Goh!
Sun Jun 02, 20137:00pMusic:Spinney Brothers CD Release
Thu May 30, 20137:00pMusic:Music Concert
Sat May 11, 20137:00pTheatre:The Stories You Won't Hear
Fri May 10, 20137:00pTheatre:The Stories You Won't Hear
Thu May 09, 20137:00pTheatre:The Stories You Won't Hear
Sun Apr 21, 20137:00pMusic:Matt Balsor & Friends
Thu Apr 18, 20137:00pMusic:Spring Concert
Thu Apr 04, 20137:00pTheatre:Drama & Dance Show
Sun Mar 24, 20137:00pMusic:Matt Balsor CD Release
Wed Feb 27, 20136:30pMusic:African Youth Talent Show
Sun Feb 17, 20137:00pMusic:Matt Balsor Gospel CD Releas...
Thu Jan 10, 20135:00pCulinary:Chili Dinner Fundraiser
Thu Dec 13, 20127:00pMusic:Winter/Holiday Concert
Sun Dec 09, 20122:00pDance:Celebrate the Season
Thu Nov 01, 20127:00pMusic:Band and Choir Concert
Fri Oct 26, 20129:00aWorkshop:Tools for Life Conference
Sat Oct 13, 20129:00aOther:Harvest Craft Fair
Thu Sep 20, 20127:00pTheatre:Raven Stole the Sun
Thu Jun 21, 20126:00pWorkshop:Antipsychotics and N.S. Yout...
Thu Jun 14, 20127:00pMusic:MacDow Benefit Concert
Fri May 18, 20123:00pOther:Spring Fling Fundraiser
Fri May 11, 20127:00pMusic:Peter Davidson
Sun Apr 22, 20122:00pMusic:Spinney Brothers CD Release
Thu Apr 19, 20127:00pMusic:Festival Band Concert
Wed Apr 04, 20127:00pTheatre:The Wiz
Tue Apr 03, 20127:00pTheatre:The Wiz
Sat Mar 31, 20127:00pTheatre:The Wiz
Fri Mar 30, 20127:00pTheatre:The Wiz
Fri Feb 24, 20122:30pLecture:Dr Vandana Shiva
Wed Feb 22, 20126:00pVisual:Art Infusion Exhibit
Thu Dec 08, 20117:00pMusic:Holiday Concert
Mon Nov 21, 20117:30pMusic:Will Fisher Coastal Quartet
Thu Nov 03, 20117:00pMusic:Fall Music Concert
Fri Oct 28, 20119:00aOther:Tools for Life Conference & ...
Sat Oct 22, 20119:00aWorkshop:Camp A Cappella
Sat Oct 22, 20117:00pMusic:A Cappella Connections
Sat Oct 15, 20119:00aOther:16th Annual Craft & Food Fai...
Thu Jun 02, 20117:00pMusic:Spring Band Concert
Sun May 22, 20117:00pMusic:Bluegrass & The Blues
Wed May 11, 201110:00aOther:Senior Safety Skit'tles
Thu May 05, 20117:00pTheatre:Black Journey
Tue Apr 05, 20117:00pMusic:Evening Of Strings
Sat Feb 19, 20114:30pMusic:Chili Dinner Fundraiser
Sun Dec 05, 20107:00pMusic:Christmas Gospel Concert
Tue Oct 26, 201010:15aOther:Ishmael Beah Speaks
Sat Oct 16, 20109:30aOther:Craft and Food Fair
Sun Apr 25, 20103:00pMusic:Triumph of the Spirit
Fri Apr 09, 20107:30pMusic:Spinney Brothers CD Release
Sun Mar 28, 20103:00pMusic:Donna & Andy
Fri Mar 05, 20107:00pTheatre:42nd Street - The Musical
Thu Mar 04, 20107:00pTheatre:42nd Street - The Musical
Sun Feb 28, 20102:00pTheatre:42nd Street - The Musical
Sat Feb 27, 20107:00pTheatre:42nd Street - The Musical
Wed Jan 20, 201010:00pTheatre:Senior Safety Day
Sun Dec 20, 20093:00pMusic:Annapolis Valley Honour Choi...
Sun Dec 13, 20097:00pMusic:Rachel MacLean
Thu Nov 26, 20097:00pMusic:A Celebration Of Voices
Wed Jun 10, 20097:00pTheatre:The Intruder
Wed May 06, 20097:00pMusic:Lucas Porter
Sun Apr 26, 20097:00pMusic:Rhonda Vincent & The Rage
Sat Apr 04, 20097:00pMusic:Spinney Brothers CD Release
Sun Jan 25, 20092:00pMusic:Maritime Flavour Concert
Sat Dec 13, 20087:30pMusic:The MacLean Sisters
Sun Dec 07, 20081:00pDance:The Nutcracker
Sat Dec 06, 20082:30pDance:The Nutcracker
Sat Dec 06, 20087:30pDance:The Nutcracker
Sat Nov 22, 20087:00pMusic:Spinney Brothers
Mon Nov 03, 20087:00pMusic:The Homefront
Sun Jun 08, 20088:00pMusic:Horton Family Musical Showca...
Wed May 07, 20088:00pMusic:Safe Grad Fundraising Concer...

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