NSCC Kingstec Campus
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Telephone(902) 678-7341 Telephone Number
Street236 Belcher Street
CityKentville, Nova Scotia
Postal CodeB4N 0A6

236 Belcher Street Kentville, Nova Scotia B4N 0A6

Mon Jan 127:30pMeeting:Valley Gardeners Club
Sat Apr 2510:00aOther:Valley Homeschool Expo

Fri Nov 21, 20146:00pOther:Mashup Weekend
Thu Nov 20, 20147:00pLecture:Information Session
Wed Oct 22, 20146:30pOther:Jack-O-Lantern Walk
Wed Oct 08, 20146:30pMeeting:Arthritis Society Public For...
Mon Oct 06, 201412:30pLiterary:National Novel Writing Month...
Mon Oct 06, 20146:30pLiterary:National Novel Writing Month...
Wed Oct 01, 20147:00pMeeting:Kings County Photography Clu...
Sun Sep 28, 20149:00aRecreation:Adrian Campbell Valley Class...
Sat Sep 27, 20145:30pCulinary:Adrian Campbell Scholarship ...
Mon Sep 22, 20147:00pOther:One Book NS Author Reading
Mon Sep 08, 20147:30pMeeting:Valley Gardeners Club
Wed Sep 03, 20147:00pMeeting:Kings County Photography Clu...
Sat Aug 09, 20141:00pOther: Flower & Vegetable Show
Mon Jun 09, 20147:30pMeeting:Valley Gardeners Club
Tue Jun 03, 201410:00aMeeting:Crowdfunding Public Informat...
Mon May 12, 20147:30pMeeting:Valley Gardeners Club
Mon Apr 14, 20147:30pMeeting:Valley Gardeners Club
Tue Apr 08, 20146:00pWorkshop:Your Way to Wellness
Thu Apr 03, 20147:00pCulinary:Taste of the Garden
Mon Mar 10, 20147:30pMeeting:Valley Gardeners Club
Mon Feb 10, 20147:30pMeeting:Valley Gardeners Club
Mon Jan 13, 20147:30pMeeting:Valley Gardeners Club
Mon Dec 09, 20137:30pMeeting:Valley Gardeners Club
Wed Dec 04, 20137:00pVisual:Photo Club
Tue Nov 12, 20136:30pMeeting:Virtual Meetings: It's a Sma...
Wed Nov 06, 20137:00pVisual:Photo Club
Fri Nov 01, 20136:00pCulinary:Gala 4 Course Dinner
Thu Oct 24, 20139:00aOther:Kings 2050 Energy Forum
Tue Oct 15, 20131:00pOther:Blood Donor Clinic
Mon Oct 14, 20131:00pOther:Blood Donor Clinic
Wed Oct 09, 20136:30pMeeting:Valley Women Business Networ...
Mon Oct 07, 20134:30pOther:10th Anniversary Celebration
Mon Oct 07, 20136:30pMeeting:Social Media-The Brave New W...
Wed Oct 02, 20137:00pVisual:Photo Club
Wed Oct 02, 20138:00pOther:Climate Reality Check In
Sun Sep 29, 20135:30pCulinary:Scholarship Fund Dinner & Au...
Sun Sep 29, 20138:00aRecreation:Adrian Campbell Valley Class...
Mon Sep 09, 20137:30pMeeting:Valley Gardeners Club
Wed Sep 04, 20137:00pVisual:Photo Club
Wed Sep 04, 20137:00pWorkshop:Ethical Dilemmas in Syntheti...
Sat Aug 10, 20131:00pOther:Flower and Vegetable Show
Mon Jun 10, 20137:30pMeeting:Valley Gardeners Club
Mon Jun 10, 20137:00pMeeting:Volunteer Orientation Evenin...
Wed Jun 05, 20137:00pVisual:Photo Club
Mon May 13, 20137:30pMeeting:Valley Gardeners Club
Wed May 01, 20137:00pVisual:Photo Club
Mon Apr 08, 20137:30pMeeting:Valley Gardeners Club
Wed Apr 03, 20137:00pVisual:Photo Club
Mon Mar 11, 20137:30pMeeting:Valley Gardeners Club
Wed Mar 06, 20137:00pVisual:Photo Club
Mon Feb 11, 20137:30pMeeting:Valley Gardeners Club
Thu Feb 07, 20137:00pOther:Fire & Ice Gala
Wed Feb 06, 20137:00pVisual:Photo Club
Wed Feb 06, 20136:30pMeeting:Cultural Map Launch & AGM
Mon Jan 14, 20137:30pMeeting:Valley Gardeners Club
Wed Jan 02, 20137:00pVisual:Kings County Photo Club
Mon Dec 10, 20127:30pOther:Valley Gardeners Club
Thu Dec 06, 201210:00aOther:Holiday Market
Mon Nov 26, 20122:30pMeeting:Pre-Budget Consultation
Sat Oct 20, 201211:00aWorkshop:Basic Camera Course
Tue Oct 16, 20121:00pOther:Blood Donor Clinic
Mon Oct 15, 20121:00pOther:Blood Donor Clinic
Mon Oct 15, 20127:30pMeeting:Valley Gardeners Club
Wed Oct 10, 20126:30pMeeting:VWBN Annual Fundraiser
Wed Oct 03, 20126:30pVisual:Photo Course on Composition
Mon Sep 10, 20127:30pMeeting:Valley Gardeners Club
Sat Aug 11, 20121:00pOther:Valley Gardeners Flower Show
Mon Jun 11, 20127:30pMeeting:Valley Gardeners Club
Wed Jun 06, 20127:00pWorkshop:Portrait 101 - Children
Mon May 14, 20127:30pMeeting:Valley Gardeners Club meetin...
Mon Apr 16, 20127:30pMeeting:Valley Gardeners Club meetin...
Sat Apr 14, 201212:00pOther:Reduce my Footprint
Sat Apr 07, 201212:00pVisual:Basic Camera Course
Sat Mar 31, 20128:00aOther:Day Care Flea Market
Sat Mar 24, 201210:00aOther:Small Business Expo
Mon Mar 12, 20127:30pMeeting:Valley Gardeners Club
Wed Mar 07, 20127:00pWorkshop:Henry's Travel Photography 1...
Mon Feb 13, 20127:30pMeeting:Valley Gardeners Club
Thu Feb 02, 20127:00pCulinary:Fire & Ice Gala
Thu Feb 02, 20129:00aVisual:Freedom of Expression in Bro...
Wed Feb 01, 20127:00pWorkshop:Trap Photography & Digital E...
Tue Jan 31, 20127:00pWorkshop:Basic Camera Course
Mon Jan 30, 20127:00pLecture:Intermediate Photography
Mon Jan 09, 20127:30pMeeting:Valley Gardeners Club
Sat Jan 07, 20121:00pWorkshop:Grow With Art
Mon Dec 12, 20117:30pMeeting:Valley Gardeners Club
Sat Nov 05, 20118:00aOther:Flea Market
Tue Oct 25, 20117:00pMeeting:Kings County Cultural Mappin...
Tue Oct 25, 20117:00pMeeting:Cultural Map of Kings County...
Mon Oct 17, 20117:30pMeeting:Valley Gardeners Club
Wed Oct 12, 20116:30pOther:Pete Luckett -VWBN's Fundrai...
Tue Sep 13, 20116:30pMeeting:IAAP - Effective Google Sear...
Mon Sep 12, 20117:30pMeeting:Valley Gardeners Club
Sat Sep 10, 201112:50pWorkshop:Grow with Art
Sat Aug 13, 20111:00pOther:Valley Gardeners Flower Show
Mon Jun 13, 20117:30pMeeting:Valley Gardeners Club
Wed Jun 08, 20117:00pMeeting:Valley Hospice Foundation AG...
Mon May 09, 20117:30pOther:Valley Gardeners Club
Mon Apr 11, 20117:30pMeeting:Valley Gardeners Club
Sat Apr 02, 20118:00aOther:Day Care Flea Market
Mon Mar 14, 20117:30pMeeting:Valley Gardeners Club
Fri Mar 04, 20116:00pCulinary:Eat, Play, Fun!
Mon Feb 14, 20117:30pOther:Valley Gardeners Club Meetin...
Mon Jan 10, 20117:30pMeeting:Valley Gardeners Club
Mon Dec 13, 20107:30pOther:Valley Gardeners Club Meetin...
Tue Oct 26, 20102:00pOther:Kingstec Information Session
Mon Oct 18, 20107:30pMeeting:Valley Gardeners Club
Tue Sep 21, 20106:30pMeeting:Motivate Me!
Mon Sep 13, 20105:30pMeeting:Valley Gardeners Club
Sat Aug 14, 20101:00pOther:Flower and Vegetable Show
Tue Apr 13, 20105:00pOther:Kings Volunteer Expo
Sun Feb 28, 20102:00pOther:Prom Gala & Gown Sale
Sun Feb 07, 20102:00pOther:Wedding Showcase
Thu Feb 04, 20107:00pCulinary:Fire & Ice Gala Event
Sat Aug 15, 20091:00pOther:Flower & Vegetable Show
Thu Apr 02, 20097:00pOther:Le Grand Casino in Monte Car...
Thu Mar 26, 20096:30pOther:E-Biz Bootcamp
Mon Mar 23, 20096:30pOther:MS Excel 2007 Workshop
Thu Mar 19, 20096:30pOther:E-Biz Bootcamp
Mon Mar 16, 20096:30pOther:MS Excel 2007 Workshop
Thu Mar 12, 20096:30pOther:E-Biz Bootcamp
Mon Mar 09, 20096:30pOther:MS Excel 2007 Workshop
Thu Mar 05, 20096:30pOther:E-Biz Bootcamp
Thu Feb 19, 20097:00pOther:Fire & Ice Gala
Wed Feb 11, 20097:00pMeeting:Valley Women's Business Netw...
Mon Feb 09, 20097:30pLecture:A Gardener's Journey Away Fr...

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