Troy Turkish & Mediterranean Restaurant

12 Elm Avenue
Wolfville, Nova Scotia
B4P 1Z9


Past Events
Thu Jun 146:30pMusic:Ron Edmunds Duo
Thu Apr 266:30pMusic:Ron Edmunds Duo
Thu Mar 086:30pMusic:Ron Edmunds Duo
Thu Mar 016:30pMusic:Ron Edmunds Duo
Thu Jan 256:30pMusic:Ron Edmunds Duo
Thu Jan 046:30pMusic:Ron Edmunds Duo
Thu Nov 166:30pMusic:Ron Edmunds Duo
Thu Nov 026:30pMusic:Ron Edmunds Duo
Sat Oct 2811:00aCulinary:Culinary Workshop w/Chef Emma Cardarelli
Sat Oct 282:00pCulinary:Culinary Workshop w/Chef Mark Greenaway
Sat Oct 284:00pCulinary:From Old to New Scotland
Fri Oct 2712:30pCulinary:Culinary Workshop w/Chef Paul Rogalski
Thu Oct 2612:30pCulinary:Lobster 101 Culinary Workshop w/Chef Alain Bossé
Thu Oct 261:30pCulinary:Savour Spain Workshop
Thu Oct 266:30pMusic:Ron Edmunds Duo
Thu Oct 196:30pMusic:Ron Edmunds Duo
Thu Oct 126:30pMusic:Ron Edmunds Duo
Thu Oct 056:30pMusic:Steve Lee Duo
Thu Sep 286:30pMusic:Ron Edmunds Duo
Thu Sep 216:30pMusic:Ron Edmunds Duo
Thu Sep 146:30pMusic:Ron Edmunds Duo
Thu Sep 076:30pMusic:Ron Edmunds Duo
Thu Jun 296:30pMusic:Ron Edmunds Duo
Thu Jun 156:30pMusic:Ron Edmunds Duo
Thu May 256:30pMusic:Ron Edmunds Duo
Thu May 186:30pMusic:Ron Edmunds Duo
Thu May 116:30pMusic:Ron Edmunds Duo
Thu May 046:30pMusic:Ron Edmunds Duo
Thu Apr 276:30pMusic:Ron Edmunds Duo
Thu Apr 206:30pMusic:Ron Edmunds Duo
Thu Apr 136:30pMusic:Ron Edmunds Duo
Thu Mar 096:00pMusic:Ron Edmunds Duo
Thu Mar 026:00pMusic:Ron Edmunds Duo
Thu Feb 096:00pMusic:Ron Edmunds Duo
Thu Jan 196:00pMusic:Ron Edmunds Duo
Thu Jan 056:00pMusic:Ron Edmunds Duo
Thu Dec 016:00pMusic:Ron Edmunds Duo
Thu Nov 176:00pMusic:Ron Edmunds Duo
Sat Nov 0511:00aCulinary:Culinary Workshop with Chef John Higgins
Sat Nov 0512:30pCulinary:Culinary Workshop & Lunch with Chef Clayton Carnes
Sat Nov 052:00pCulinary:Culinary Workshop with Chef Stephen Wall
Sat Nov 054:00pCulinary:Port Tasting Workshop with Bishop’s Cellar
Fri Nov 0411:00aCulinary:Innovation in Culinary Tourism Summit
Fri Nov 0412:30pCulinary:Culinary Workshop & Lunch with Chef Mary Sue Milliken & Chef Bob Blumer
Fri Nov 041:00pCulinary:Makin’ It on the Food Network Panel
Thu Nov 0311:00aCulinary:Food Photography & Storytelling with Nik Sharma – A Brown Table
Thu Nov 032:00pCulinary:Culinary Workshop with Chef Christine Flynn
Thu Nov 034:00pCulinary:Which Craft Beer with your Cheese?
Thu Oct 276:00pMusic:Ron Edmunds Duo
Thu Sep 156:00pMusic:Ron Edmunds Duo
Thu Sep 159:00pMusic:Phil Dwyer in Trio
Thu Sep 086:30pMusic:Ron Edmunds Duo
Thu Aug 256:30pMusic:Ron Edmunds Duo
Fri Jul 226:00pMusic:ORO! Orkestra
Fri Jul 2210:00pMusic:After Dark with Ken Shorley
Fri Jul 012:00pMusic:Ron Edmunds Duo
Fri Apr 2210:00pMusic:Dayliner
Thu Apr 216:00pMusic:Ron Edmunds Duo
Thu Feb 116:00pMusic:Ron Edmunds Duo
Fri Feb 0510:00pMusic:After Dark with Dayliner
Thu Jan 076:00pMusic:Ron Edmunds Duo
Thu Dec 036:00pMusic:Ron Edmunds Duo
Fri Nov 279:30pMusic:The Music of Charles Mingus
Thu Nov 266:00pMusic:Ron Edmunds Duo
Sat Nov 0711:00aCulinary:Chef Rob Gentile
Sat Nov 072:00pCulinary:Chef Tom Fleming
Sat Nov 074:00pCulinary:Sturgeon Nose-to-Tail & Technical Handbook Launch
Fri Nov 0612:00pCulinary:Northern Thai Cuisine Masterclass & Lunch
Fri Nov 0610:00pMusic:Steve Lee
Thu Nov 056:00pMusic:Ron Edmunds Duo
Thu Oct 226:00pMusic:Ron Edmunds Duo
Sun Oct 048:00pMusic:Steve Lee Trio CD Release
Sat Sep 263:00pMusic:Ron Edmunds Band
Sat Sep 051:00pMusic:Ron Edmunds Band
Wed Aug 056:00pMusic:Ian Brownstein & Friends
Sat Aug 018:00pMusic:Ron Edmunds Band
Wed Jul 016:30pMusic:Ian Brownstein & Friends
Wed Jul 0112:00pMusic:Tracey Clements Band
Sat May 303:00pMusic:Ron Edmunds special guest Tracey Clements
Thu Apr 026:00pMusic:Ian Brownstein & Friends
Thu Mar 196:00pMusic:Ian Brownstein & Friends
Thu Mar 126:00pMusic:Ian Brownstein & Friends
Thu Mar 056:00pMusic:Ian Brownstein & Ron Edmunds
Sat Feb 146:00pMusic:Tracey Clements Jazz Trio
Sat Sep 278:00pMusic:Tracey Clements Group
Sat Aug 238:00pMusic:Tracey Clements Group
Wed Aug 206:00pMusic:Ian Brownstein & Friends
Wed Aug 136:00pMusic:Ian Brownstein & Friends
Wed Jun 046:30pMusic:Ian Brownstein & Friends
Wed Apr 306:00pMusic:Ian Brownstein & Friends
Wed Apr 166:00pMusic:Ian Brownstein & Friends
Wed Mar 266:00pMusic:Ian Brownstein & Friends
Wed Mar 196:00pMusic:Ian Brownstein & Friends
Wed Mar 126:00pMusic:Ian Brownstein & Friends
Wed Mar 056:30pDance:Belly Dance by Angie Oriana Jenkins
Wed Mar 056:00pMusic:Ian Brownstein & Friends
Wed Feb 266:00pMusic:Ian Brownstein & Friends
Wed Feb 266:30pDance:Belly Dance Performance
Wed Feb 196:00pMusic:Ron Edmunds Band
Wed Feb 196:30pDance:Belly Dance Performance
Wed Feb 126:00pMusic:Ron Edmunds Band & Belly Dance
Wed Jan 296:00pVisual:Belly Dancing
Wed Jan 226:00pMusic:Ron Edmunds Band
Wed Jan 156:00pMusic:Ron Edmunds Band
Wed Jan 086:00pMusic:Jazz Mannequins
Fri Dec 276:00pMusic:Ian Brownstein & Friends
Fri Dec 206:00pMusic:Ian Brownstein & Friends
Wed Dec 186:00pMusic:Ian Brownstein & Friends
Wed Dec 116:00pMusic:Ian Brownstein & Friends
Wed Dec 045:30pMusic:Ian Brownstein & Friends
Wed Nov 275:30pMusic:Ian Brownstein & Friends
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12 Elm Avenue Wolfville, Nova Scotia B4P 1Z9