Festival Theatre

504 Main Street
Wolfville, Nova Scotia

Past Events
Sat Mar 177:30pTheatre:Inside/Out
Sun Mar 113:00pMusic:In Memoriam David Maslanka
Sat Feb 107:30pMusic:Tom Regan Memorial Concert
Sat Feb 037:30pMusic:Acadia New Music Festival Ensembles
Sat Dec 167:00pTheatre:You Can't Catch Me! (The Cookie Caper)
Sat Dec 162:00pTheatre:You Can't Catch Me! (The Cookie Caper)
Fri Dec 157:00pTheatre:You Can't Catch Me! (The Cookie Caper)
Sun Dec 102:00pMusic:The Nutcracker
Sat Dec 097:00pTheatre:The Nutcracker
Wed Dec 067:30pMusic:New Horizons Band
Fri Dec 017:00pMusic:Acadia Percussion Ensemble
Sun Nov 263:00pMusic:Some Assembly Required
Sat Nov 257:30pMusic:Tafelmusik: The Circle of Creation
Sat Nov 117:30pMusic:Soldiers of Song
Sun Oct 293:00pMusic:Let's Dance
Sat Oct 287:30pMusic:O Celli
Sun Oct 153:00pMusic:Kind of Blue
Sat Sep 307:30pMusic:New Voice: Earthquakes and Islands
Sun Sep 2410:00aMusic:Deep Roots Festival Rise Up Singing
Sun Sep 241:00pMusic:Deep Roots Music Festival Finale
Sat Sep 231:00pMusic:Deep Roots Songwriters' Circle
Sat Sep 237:00pMusic:Deep Roots Mainstage
Fri Sep 227:00pMusic:Deep Roots Mainstage
Thu Sep 217:00pMusic:Searching for Abegweit: The Island Songs & Stories of Lennie Gallant
Sun Jun 112:00pMusic:Beauty and the Beast Musical
Sat Jun 102:00pTheatre:Beauty and the Beast Musical
Sat Jun 107:00pMusic:Beauty and the Beast Musical
Fri Jun 097:00pTheatre:Beauty and the Beast Musical
Sun May 211:30pTheatre:Anne & Gilbert
Sun May 217:00pTheatre:Anne & Gilbert
Sat May 201:30pTheatre:Anne & Gilbert
Sat May 207:00pTheatre:Anne & Gilbert
Fri May 197:00pTheatre:Anne & Gilbert
Thu May 187:00pFundraiser:Once Loved Jewelry Sale
Thu May 187:00pTheatre:Anne & Gilbert
Wed May 107:00pMusic:New Horizons and Kings Community Band
Thu May 047:00pLecture:Medical Assistance In Dying
Sun Apr 307:30pMusic:Corb Lund Celebrates Canada 150
Sat Apr 087:30pMusic:Chris Norman Ensemble
Fri Apr 077:30pMusic:Acadia Percussion Ensemble - APE
Sat Apr 017:30pTheatre:Acadia Dance Collection Showcase
Sun Mar 263:00pMusic:Arctic Fire
Sat Feb 117:30pMusic:Tom Regan Memorial Concert
Fri Feb 107:30pMusic:Acadia New Music Fest
Sat Dec 177:00pTheatre:Fezziwig's Robin Hood: The Forest Awakens
Sat Dec 172:00pTheatre:Fezziwig's Robin Hood: The Forest Awakens
Fri Dec 167:00pTheatre:Fezziwig's Robin Hood: The Forest Awakens
Sun Dec 112:00pMusic:The Nutcracker
Sat Dec 107:00pMusic:The Nutcracker
Sun Dec 045:00pMusic:Acadia Percussion Ensemble
Thu Dec 017:30pMusic:Acadia University Orchestra & Horton Youth Orchestra
Sun Nov 203:00pMusic:Chamber and Wind Ensemble
Sat Nov 197:30pMusic:Joe Trio
Wed Nov 096:00pMusic:SWIG
Sat Nov 057:30pMusic:Blue Engine String Quartet
Tue Nov 017:30pMusic:Sheltering Sky: Music for Winds
Fri Oct 217:00pLecture:H.T Reid Lecture Series: Ron Deibert "War in the World Brain"
Sat Oct 157:30pMusic:Cheng2Duo
Sun Sep 251:00pMusic:Deep Roots Festival Finale
Sun Sep 2510:00aMusic:Deep Roots Rise Up Singing
Sat Sep 241:00pMusic:Deep Roots Saturday Afternoon
Sat Sep 247:00pMusic:Deep Roots Saturday Night
Sat Sep 2410:00aMusic:Deep Roots Take Root!
Fri Sep 237:00pMusic:Deep Roots Friday Night
Sun Sep 187:30pMusic:Trio Canoë
Wed Sep 147:00pMusic:New Horizons Band
Sun May 221:30pMusic:Joseph & The Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat
Sun May 227:00pMusic:Joseph & The Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat
Sat May 211:30pMusic:Joseph & The Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat
Sat May 217:00pMusic:Joseph & The Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat
Fri May 207:00pMusic:Joseph & The Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat
Thu May 197:00pMusic:Joseph & The Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat
Sun May 012:00pMusic:Stars of the Festival Band Concert
Sat Apr 167:30pTheatre:It Takes a Village: Tales from the Mud, eh?
Sat Apr 162:00pTheatre:It Takes a Village: Tales from the Mud, eh?
Fri Apr 157:30pTheatre:It Takes a Village: Tales from the Mud, eh?
Thu Apr 147:30pTheatre:It Takes a Village: Tales from the Mud, eh?
Sun Apr 102:00pMusic:Bach and Vivaldi
Sat Apr 097:30pMusic:Quartetto Gelato
Fri Apr 087:30pMusic:Acadia Percussion Ensemble
Sun Apr 031:00pMusic:Graduation Recital
Sat Mar 197:30pMusic:Afiara String Quartet
Sun Mar 133:00pMusic:Acadia University Wind Ensemble
Wed Feb 107:00pLecture:Simpson Lectures
Tue Feb 097:00pLecture:Simpson Lectures
Mon Feb 087:00pLecture:Simpson Lectures
Sat Jan 237:30pMusic:Tom Regan Memorial Concert
Sun Dec 137:00pMusic:Frank Spinney & Friends Christmas Show
Sat Dec 122:00pTheatre:Sherlock Holmes and the 12 Days of Christmas
Sat Dec 127:00pTheatre:Sherlock Holmes and the 12 Days of Christmas
Fri Dec 117:00pTheatre:Sherlock Holmes and the 12 Days of Christmas
Sun Dec 062:00pDance:The Nutcracker
Sat Dec 057:00pDance:The Nutcracker
Mon Nov 308:00pMusic:Handel's Messiah
Sun Nov 298:00pMusic:Handel's Messiah
Sat Nov 282:00pMusic:Gounod's Roméo et Juliette
Sat Nov 147:30pMusic:The Judgment of Paris
Fri Nov 137:00pLecture:Bob Rae
Sun Nov 0812:00pMusic:Andre Laplante Master Class
Sat Nov 077:30pMusic:Andre Laplante Piano Concert
Wed Nov 048:00pFilm:Babette’s Feast
Fri Oct 308:00pMusic:Acadia University Wind Ensemble—Simulacrum
Sat Oct 247:00pMusic:Sonlight The Inspirational/Praise Experience
Sun Oct 182:00pMusic:Nova Scotia Youth Wind Ensemble
Thu Oct 087:30pMusic:Amadeus Guitar Duo
Sun Sep 2710:00aMusic:Deep Roots Rise Up Singing
Sun Sep 271:00pMusic:Deep Roots Closing Concert
Sat Sep 261:00pMusic:Deep Roots Main Stage
Sat Sep 267:00pMusic:Deep Roots Main Stage
Fri Sep 257:00pMusic:Deep Roots Main Stage
Sat Sep 197:30pMusic:Maritime Brass Quintet
Sun Jun 142:00pTheatre:The Wizard of Oz
Sat Jun 132:00pTheatre:The Wizard of Oz
Sat Jun 137:00pTheatre:The Wizard of Oz
Fri Jun 127:00pMusic:The Wizard of Oz
Sun May 177:00pTheatre:Mary Poppins
Sun May 171:30pTheatre:Mary Poppins
Sat May 161:30pTheatre:Mary Poppins
Sat May 167:00pTheatre:Mary Poppins
Fri May 157:00pTheatre:Mary Poppins
Thu May 147:00pTheatre:Mary Poppins
Sun May 032:00pMusic:Stars of the Festival Bands
Sat Apr 182:00pTheatre:Detours
Sat Apr 187:30pTheatre:Detours
Fri Apr 177:30pTheatre:Detours
Sun Apr 127:30pDance:Ballet Jorgen Canada: Formation
Wed Apr 087:00pMusic:Band Concert
Sun Mar 298:00pMusic:Thoughts From Places, Adam V Clarke
Tue Mar 247:00pMusic:Acadia Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble & Youth Band
Sat Mar 217:30pMusic:Christine Tassan et les Imposteures
Wed Mar 187:00pMusic:Acadia University Wind Ensemble
Sun Mar 153:00pMusic:POSTPONED: Acadia University Wind Ensemble
Mon Feb 097:00pWorkshop:Simpson Lectures - Church Renewal
Sun Feb 087:30pMusic:STS Four Sections
Thu Feb 057:00pMusic:STS Home Grown
Wed Feb 047:00pMusic:STS Blue Engine String Quartet
Mon Feb 027:00pMusic:STS Four Sections
Sat Jan 247:30pMusic:Tom Regan Memorial Concert
Sat Dec 132:00pTheatre:Scrooge - Back to the Future
Sat Dec 137:00pTheatre:Scrooge - Back to the Future
Fri Dec 127:00pTheatre:Scrooge - Back to the Future
Thu Dec 117:00pTheatre:Scrooge - Back to the Future
Sun Dec 072:00pTheatre:The Nutcracker
Sat Dec 067:00pTheatre:The Nutcracker
Wed Dec 038:00pMusic:Acadia Percussion Ensemble
Sat Nov 297:30pMusic:Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra
Sun Nov 232:00pDance:Dance Acadia Showcase
Sun Nov 163:00pMusic:Music Concert
Fri Nov 147:30pTheatre:Park Bench Players
Sat Nov 087:30pMusic:Elmer Iseler Singers
Thu Oct 237:00pMusic:Acadia University Wind Ensemble
Thu Oct 167:30pMusic:Zodiac Trio
Sun Sep 2810:00aMusic:Rise Up Singing – Tribute to Pete Seeger
Sun Sep 281:00pVisual:Kids Activities at Closing Concert
Sun Sep 281:00pMusic:Deep Roots Closing Concert
Sat Sep 2710:00aWorkshop:Puppetry with Wee Giant Theatre
Sat Sep 277:00pMusic:Deep Roots Main Stage
Sat Sep 271:00pMusic:Deep Roots Main Stage
Fri Sep 267:00pMusic:Deep Roots Main Stage
Tue Sep 231:30pOther:Women in Leadership. Past, Present, and Future
Sat Sep 207:30pMusic:Duo Turgeon
Fri Aug 017:30pMusic:Coxhead Memorial Fundraiser
Sun Jul 202:00pTheatre:The Pity of War
Sat Jul 197:30pTheatre:The Pity of War
Sat Jun 142:00pTheatre:Unbuttoned and Out of the Closet
Sat Jun 147:30pTheatre:Unbuttoned and Out of the Closet
Fri Jun 137:30pTheatre:Unbuttoned and Out of the Closet
Sun May 187:00pTheatre:Les Mis
Sat May 171:30pTheatre:Les Mis
Sat May 177:00pTheatre:Les Mis
Fri May 167:00pTheatre:Les Mis
Thu May 157:00pTheatre:Les Mis
Thu May 086:30pTheatre:Famous People Players
Sun May 042:00pMusic:Stars of the Festival
Tue Apr 229:00aMusic:Annapolis Valley Music Festival
Wed Apr 027:00pMusic:Acadia Percussion Ensemble
Sun Mar 167:30pMusic:Atlantic Sinfonia Atlantique
Sat Mar 017:30pMusic:Lucas Porter, piano
Sun Feb 167:30pMusic:Diomira
Sat Feb 157:00pMusic:Lift Every Voice African Heritage Celebration
Mon Feb 107:30pLecture:Simpson Lectures
Sat Feb 087:00pMusic:African Heritage Celebration with Shoulder to Shoulder
Fri Feb 077:30pMusic:Shattering the Silence
Sat Feb 017:00pMusic:Shattering the Silence
Sat Jan 187:30pMusic:Tom Regan Memorial Concert
Sun Dec 157:30pMusic:The Barra MacNeils Christmas
Sat Dec 142:00pTheatre:Alice in Pantoland
Sat Dec 147:00pTheatre:Alice in Pantoland
Fri Dec 137:00pTheatre:Alice in Pantoland
Thu Dec 127:00pTheatre:Alice in Pantoland
Sun Dec 082:00pDance:The Nutcracker
Sat Dec 077:00pDance:The Nutcracker
Sun Dec 017:30pMusic:Christmas with Frank Spinney
Fri Nov 298:00pMusic:Acadia Percussion Ensemble
Wed Nov 277:30pMusic:Puccini's La Bohème
Sat Nov 097:30pMusic:Amstel Saxophone Quartet
Sun Oct 272:00pMusic:Pictures at an Exhibition
Sat Oct 263:00pMusic:Sharon Katz
Sat Oct 127:30pMusic:Elvis on Tour
Thu Oct 107:00pLiterary:Thomas King Reading
Thu Oct 103:00pVisual:Art & Literature Mawio'mi
Sun Sep 291:00pMusic:Deep Roots Festival Finale
Sun Sep 2910:00aMusic:Deep Roots Rise Up Singing
Sat Sep 287:00pMusic:Deep Roots Main Stage
Sat Sep 2810:00aVisual:Deep Roots Fresh Beats Rhythm Parade
Fri Sep 277:00pMusic:Deep Roots Main Stage
Sat Sep 147:30pMusic:Michael Kaeshammer
Sat Jul 207:30pMusic:TorQ Percussion Seminar
Fri Jul 197:30pMusic:Steve Reich's Drumming
Wed Jul 177:30pMusic:TorQ Percussion Quartet
Sun Jul 074:00pLiterary:Author Reading: Alistair Macleod
Fri May 248:15aLecture:Bullies Their Making and Unmaking
Fri May 247:00pLecture:How to Keep Children Safe in a Wounding World
Sun May 191:30pTheatre:Peter Pan
Sun May 197:00pTheatre:Peter Pan
Sat May 181:30pTheatre:Peter Pan
Sat May 187:00pTheatre:Peter Pan
Fri May 177:00pTheatre:Peter Pan
Thu May 167:00pTheatre:Peter Pan
Tue May 0711:00aOther:Community Celebration
Tue Apr 167:30pDance:Swan Lake by Ballet Jörgen
Sun Apr 073:00pMusic:A Choral Fantasy
Sat Mar 167:30pMusic:Tokai String Quartet
Sat Feb 232:00pTheatre:WolfVegas The WOW Factor
Sat Feb 237:30pTheatre:WolfVegas The WOW Factor
Fri Feb 227:30pTheatre:WolfVegas The WOW Factor
Thu Feb 217:30pTheatre:WolfVegas The WOW Factor
Sat Feb 027:30pMusic:STS Gala Wind Music Spectacular
Fri Feb 017:30pMusic:STS Quasar Saxophone Quartet
Thu Jan 317:30pMusic:STS Young Composers & Performers
Sat Jan 197:30pMusic:Tom Regan Memorial Concert
Mon Dec 107:00pTheatre:Amish Family Christmas Show
Sat Dec 082:00pTheatre:Fezziwig's Get Hooked
Sat Dec 087:00pTheatre:Fezziwig's Get Hooked
Fri Dec 077:00pTheatre:Fezziwig's Get Hooked
Thu Dec 067:00pTheatre:Fezziwig's Get Hooked
Sun Dec 022:00pDance:The Nutcracker
Sat Dec 017:00pDance:The Nutcracker
Wed Nov 287:30pMusic:Mozart's Cosi Fan Tutte
Thu Nov 227:30pMusic:Acadia Jazz Ensemble
Sun Nov 187:30pMusic:Acadia Percussion Ensemble
Sat Nov 0310:00aCulinary:Valley Tea Festival
Fri Nov 027:30pMusic:Rebecca Caine
Sun Oct 147:00pMusic:Camerata Xara: WAIL
Sun Sep 301:00pMusic:Deep Roots Closing Concert
Sun Sep 3010:00aMusic:Rise Up Singing/Food Bank Fundraiser
Sat Sep 291:00pMusic:Deep Roots Afternoon
Sun Sep 237:30pDance:Mocean Dance ~ Canvas 5 X 5
Tue Sep 112:30pLecture:Acadia Tidal Energy Institute
Sat Aug 117:00pCulinary:Taste of The Valley
Fri Jul 207:30pMusic:TorQ Percussion Seminar Finale
Tue Jul 177:30pMusic:TorQ Percussion Quartet
Sat Jul 072:00pOther:HeartLand Tour
Thu Jul 057:00pMusic:Yoon Choi & Acadia Jazz Faculty
Tue Jul 037:00pMusic:Acadia Jazz Faculty, Horns Feature
Mon Jul 027:00pMusic:Acadia Jazz Faculty, Rhythm Feature
Fri Jun 158:00pMusic:Rich Aucoin
Wed May 307:00pMusic:Collaboration Con Brio
Sun May 202:00pTheatre:Anne of Green Gables
Sat May 192:00pTheatre:Anne of Green Gables
Fri May 187:00pTheatre:Anne of Green Gables
Tue Apr 107:30pMusic:Acadia Percussion Ensemble
Sat Apr 072:00pDance:Ballet Jörgen's Anastasia
Thu Apr 058:00pMusic:Acadia Jazz Ensemble
Sun Apr 013:00pMusic:Acadia University Chorus
Wed Mar 217:00pMusic:New Horizons Band
Sun Mar 183:00pMusic:Acadia Symphonic Band
Wed Mar 077:30pMusic:Vancouver Chamber Choir
Sat Mar 037:30pTheatre:WOW - More Than Words
Sat Mar 032:00pTheatre:WOW - More Than Words
Fri Mar 027:30pTheatre:WOW - More Than Words
Thu Mar 017:30pTheatre:WOW - More Than Words
Sat Feb 117:30pMusic:Tom Regan Concert
Mon Feb 067:30pLecture:2012 Simpson Lectures
Fri Jan 277:00pMusic:Crescendo Gala with James Hill
Sun Jan 157:30pMusic:Marie-Josée Lord: Jambalaya!
Wed Dec 077:00pMusic:Community Voices
Mon Dec 057:30pMusic:Acadia Percussion Ensemble Concert
Sun Dec 043:00pDance:The Nutcracker
Sat Dec 032:00pDance:The Nutcracker
Sat Dec 037:30pDance:The Nutcracker
Tue Nov 297:30pMusic:Acadia Big Band Concert
Sat Nov 267:30pMusic:Gryphon Trio
Sat Nov 197:00pTheatre:Snow White & the Seven Dudes
Sat Nov 192:00pTheatre:Snow White & the Seven Dudes
Fri Nov 187:00pTheatre:Snow White & the Seven Dudes
Thu Nov 177:00pTheatre:Snow White & the Seven Dudes
Fri Nov 047:30pLecture:Judy Rebick - Transforming Power
Sun Sep 2510:00aMusic:Deep Roots Music Festival
Sat Sep 2410:00aMusic:Deep Roots Music Festival
Mon Sep 057:00pMeeting:Acadia Jazz Ensemble Info Meeting
Tue Aug 027:30pMusic:National Youth Orchestra
Sun Jul 179:00aOther:Sport Gear Swap
Sun Jul 1710:30aWorkshop:Nordic Walking Clinic
Sun Jul 1712:00pWorkshop:Childrens Bicycle Rodeo
Sun Jul 172:15pWorkshop:Community Yoga
Sun Jul 1710:00aOther:Valley Heartland Tour
Thu Jul 077:00pMusic:Mike Murley, Yoon Choi Jazz Workshop Concert
Sun Jun 267:00pLiterary:Younger Next Year
Fri Jun 109:00aLecture:TEDx Nova Scotia
Sun May 227:00pTheatre:Oliver The Musical
Sat May 217:00pTheatre:Oliver The Musical
Sat May 212:00pTheatre:Oliver The Musical
Fri May 207:00pTheatre:Oliver The Musical
Thu May 197:00pTheatre:Oliver The Musical
Tue Apr 196:15pOther:Rally For Democracy
Fri Apr 088:00pMusic:Acadia Percussion Ensemble
Sat Apr 027:30pMusic:Nova Scotia Mass Choir
Thu Mar 318:00pMusic:Acadia Big Band Concert
Sun Mar 137:30pMusic:The Rhapsody Quintet
Wed Mar 097:00pMusic:Crescendo
Sat Feb 262:00pTheatre:Hope
Sat Feb 268:00pTheatre:Hope
Thu Feb 248:00pTheatre:Hope
Wed Feb 238:00pTheatre:Hope
Sat Feb 127:30pMusic:Tom Regan Concert
Sun Dec 051:00pDance:The Nutcracker
Sat Dec 042:00pDance:The Nutcracker
Sat Dec 047:00pDance:The Nutcracker
Mon Nov 297:30pMusic:Acadia Percussion Ensemble Concert
Sun Nov 283:00pMusic:Handel's Messiah
Sat Nov 277:30pMusic:Pentaèdre Wind Quintet
Sat Nov 202:00pTheatre:Fezziwig's Cinderella Matinee
Sat Nov 207:00pTheatre:Fezziwig's Cinderella
Fri Nov 197:00pTheatre:Fezziwig's Cinderella
Thu Nov 187:00pTheatre:Fezziwig's Cinderella
Fri Nov 057:30pMusic:TorQ Percussion
Wed Nov 031:00pLecture:Civility In The Workplace
Sat Oct 167:30pMusic:Symphony NS with Denise Djokic
Sun Sep 261:00pMusic:Deep Roots Closing Concert
Sat Sep 252:00pMusic:Deep Roots Afternoon Performances
Sat Sep 187:30pMusic:Jan Lisiecki
Thu Sep 097:00pMeeting:Acadia Big Band Information
Sat Jul 317:00pMusic:Emerging Artists: Unearthed
Sat Jun 1912:00pOther:Literacy Mile
Mon May 108:00pOther:Derek Edwards - It's a Blunderful Life
Sun May 092:00pTheatre:The Sound of Music
Sun May 097:00pTheatre:The Sound of Music
Sat May 082:00pTheatre:The Sound of Music
Sat May 087:00pTheatre:The Sound of Music
Fri May 077:00pTheatre:The Sound of Music
Thu May 067:00pTheatre:The Sound of Music
Thu Apr 295:00pCulinary:FEASTival Fundraiser
Sun Apr 112:00pDance:Ballet Jörgen: Cinderella
Sun Mar 147:30pMusic:Chirgilchin
Fri Mar 129:30aOther:Experience Acadia
Sat Mar 062:00pTheatre:Stirring the Pot: WOW dishes it out
Sat Mar 068:00pTheatre:Stirring the Pot: WOW dishes it out
Fri Mar 058:00pTheatre:Stirring the Pot: WOW dishes it out
Thu Mar 048:00pTheatre:Stirring the Pot: WOW dishes it out
Sat Feb 067:30pMusic:Symphony Nova Scotia
Sat Jan 307:30pMusic:Music for Haiti
Sat Jan 237:30pMusic:STS: Tom Regan Concert
Tue Jan 057:00pMeeting:Wolfville and Area Newcomers Club
Thu Dec 177:30pMusic:Seeds of the Future
Sun Dec 061:00pDance:The Nutcracker
Sat Dec 052:00pDance:The Nutcracker
Sat Dec 057:00pDance:The Nutcracker
Sun Nov 293:00pMusic:Bach's Christmas Oratorio
Sat Nov 212:00pTheatre:Fezziwig's Family Christmas Frolic
Sat Nov 217:00pTheatre:Fezziwig's Family Christmas Frolic
Fri Nov 207:00pTheatre:Fezziwig's Family Christmas Frolic
Thu Nov 197:00pTheatre:Fezziwig's Family Christmas Frolic
Fri Nov 137:30pMusic:St. Lawrence String Quartet
Tue Nov 108:00pOther:Ron James: Mental as Anything
Tue Nov 037:30pMeeting:Wolfville and Area Newcomers' Club
Fri Oct 237:00pMusic:NS Music Educators Showcase
Thu Oct 227:30pMusic:Beyond Borders
Tue Oct 207:30pMusic:Joe Trio
Sat Oct 038:00pMusic:Hawksley Workman with Jenn Grant
Fri Oct 027:30pLecture:Anna Maria Tremonti
Sun Sep 277:30pLecture:Anna Maria Tremonti
Sun Sep 271:00pMusic:Deep Roots Final Concert
Fri Sep 187:00pVisual:Guerrilla Girls: Talk and Performance
Sat Sep 127:30pMusic:Robert Kortgaard, Suzie LeBlanc and Mark Simons
Sat Aug 298:00pMusic:Thane Dunn and the Cadillac Kings
Thu Jul 307:00pMusic:We Love Lovis Benefit Concert
Wed May 277:00pMeeting:Tidal Power Public Forum
Fri May 228:00pMusic:Back Alley Big Band
Sun May 172:00pTheatre:Wizard of Oz
Sun May 177:00pTheatre:Wizard of Oz
Sat May 162:00pTheatre:Wizard of Oz
Sat May 167:00pTheatre:Wizard of Oz
Fri May 157:00pTheatre:Wizard of Oz
Sun May 107:00pMusic:Witchitaw
Fri Apr 246:30pLecture:An Evening with Margaret Trudeau
Sat Apr 048:00pMusic:Symphony Nova Scotia
Sun Mar 291:00pDance:Bring Your Dancin' Feet
Sat Mar 287:00pDance:Acadia Dance Collective
Thu Mar 198:00pMusic:Cantabile: The London Quartet
Tue Mar 037:30pMeeting:Wolfville and Area Newcomers Club
Sat Feb 288:00pTheatre:Women of the Night
Sat Feb 282:00pTheatre:Women of the Night
Fri Feb 278:00pTheatre:Women of the Night
Thu Feb 268:00pTheatre:Women of the Night
Tue Feb 178:00pOther:Mike MacDonald
Thu Feb 128:00pTheatre:Muse Of Fire
Wed Feb 117:30pLecture:Simpson Lectures 2009
Tue Feb 107:30pLecture:Simpson Lectures 2009
Mon Feb 097:30pLecture:Simpson Lectures 2009
Fri Feb 066:30pLecture:Everyone Wins - Adam VanKoeverden
Sat Jan 248:00pMusic:Montreal Guitar Trio
Tue Jan 067:30pLecture:Renewable Energy
Sun Nov 303:00pMusic:Acadia Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band
Sat Nov 298:00pMusic:Tom Regan Concert
Sat Nov 227:00pTheatre:Fezziwig Family Christmas Frolic
Sat Nov 222:00pTheatre:Fezziwig Family Christmas Frolic
Fri Nov 217:00pTheatre:Fezziwig Family Christmas Frolic
Thu Nov 207:00pTheatre:Fezziwig Family Christmas Frolic
Mon Nov 177:00pMusic:The Von Trapp Children
Sat Nov 158:00pTheatre:The Barber of Seville
Sun Nov 093:00pMusic:The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace
Fri Nov 078:00pMusic:Jill Barber with Royal Wood
Sun Sep 2810:00aMusic:Deep Roots Morning Sing Along
Sun Sep 281:00pMusic:Deep Roots Closing Concert
Sat Sep 271:15pMusic:Deep Roots Concert
Sat Sep 2710:30aMusic:Singing Workshop
Thu Sep 257:30pLiterary:Naomi Klein- The Shock Doctrine
Tue May 138:00pMusic:Rita MacNeil
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504 Main Street Wolfville, Nova Scotia