Past Events
Sat Jul 147:00pMusic:Adam Cameron
Thu Jul 127:00pCommunity:Trivia Night
Sat Jul 077:00pMusic:SWIG
Thu Jul 057:00pCommunity:Trivia Night
Sun Jul 015:00pMusic:Canada Day Party with Jon Duggan
Thu Jun 287:00pCommunity:Trivia Night
Wed Jun 278:00pCommunity:Karaoke
Sat Jun 237:00pMusic:Idle Threats
Thu Jun 217:00pCommunity:Trivia Night
Sat Jun 167:00pMusic:Broke with Money
Thu Jun 147:00pCommunity:Trivia Night
Wed Jun 138:00pCommunity:Karaoke
Sat Jun 097:00pMusic:Lost Vegas
Thu Jun 077:00pCommunity:Trivia Night
Sat Jun 027:00pMusic:John Duggin
Thu May 317:00pCommunity:Trivia Night
Sat May 267:00pMusic:Adam Cameron
Thu May 247:00pCommunity:Trivia Night
Sat May 197:00pMusic:Broke with Money
Thu May 177:00pCommunity:Trivia Night
Sat May 127:00pMusic:SWIG
Fri May 119:00pCommunity:Yuk Yuks Comedy Night!
Thu May 107:00pCommunity:Trivia Night
Thu May 037:00pCommunity:Trivia Night
Sat Apr 287:00pMusic:Electric Vegas
Thu Apr 267:00pCommunity:Trivia Night
Sat Apr 217:00pMusic:Broke with Money
Thu Apr 197:00pCommunity:Trivia Night
Wed Apr 188:00pMusic:Karaoke Night
Sat Feb 247:00pMusic:SWIG
Sat Jan 137:00pMusic:SWIG
Mon Jan 0111:00aMusic:Levee Day Music All day
Sun Dec 316:00pMusic:NYE
Sat Dec 167:00pMusic:SWIG
Sat Dec 097:00pMusic:Adam Cameron
Thu Nov 307:00pCommunity:Trivia Night
Sat Nov 257:00pMusic:Jon Duggan
Thu Nov 237:00pCommunity:Trivia Night
Sat Nov 187:00pMusic:Broke with Money
Fri Nov 1710:00pMusic:Video Dance Music
Thu Nov 167:00pCommunity:Trivia Night
Sat Nov 116:00pMusic:Jokers Right
Thu Nov 097:00pCommunity:Trivia Night
Sat Nov 047:00pMusic:SWIG
Thu Nov 027:00pCommunity:Trivia Night
Tue Oct 317:00pMusic:Open Mic
Sat Oct 287:00pOther:Live music Saturdays
Sat Oct 287:00pMusic:Adam Cameron
Fri Oct 2710:00pOther:DJ night Costume Party
Thu Oct 267:00pCommunity:Trivia Night
Tue Oct 247:00pMusic:Open Mic
Sat Oct 217:00pMusic:Broke with Money
Thu Oct 197:00pCommunity:Trivia Night
Tue Oct 177:00pMusic:Open Mic
Sat Oct 147:00pMusic:Rudy Pace
Thu Oct 127:00pCommunity:Trivia Night
Tue Oct 107:00pMusic:Open Mic
Sun Sep 1711:00aCommunity:Brunch with the Riptide Rollers
Sat Jun 037:00pMusic:SWIG
Tue May 307:00pMusic:Open Mic
Tue May 237:00pMusic:Open Mic
Sat May 207:00pMusic:Broke with Money
Tue May 167:00pMusic:Open Mic
Sat May 137:00pMusic:Lost Vegas
Tue May 097:00pMusic:Open Mic
Tue May 027:00pMusic:Open Mic
Sat Apr 297:00pMusic:Jeff Brown
Tue Apr 257:00pMusic:Open Mic
Sat Apr 227:00pMusic:Kings of Delusion
Tue Apr 187:00pMusic:Open Mic
Sat Apr 157:00pMusic:Broke with Money
Tue Apr 117:00pMusic:Open Mic
Tue Apr 047:00pMusic:Open Mic
Sat Apr 017:00pMusic:Having a Time!
Tue Mar 287:00pMusic:Open Mic
Sat Mar 257:00pMusic:SWIG
Tue Mar 217:00pMusic:Open Mic
Sat Mar 187:00pMusic:Broke with Money
Fri Mar 175:00pMusic:Get Yer Irish On with Kings of Delusion!
Tue Mar 147:00pMusic:Open Mic
Sat Mar 117:00pMusic:Jon Duggan
Tue Mar 077:00pMusic:Open Mic
Sat Mar 047:00pMusic:Big Deal
Tue Feb 287:00pMusic:Open Mic
Sat Feb 257:00pMusic:Adam Cameron
Tue Feb 217:00pMusic:Open Mic
Sat Feb 047:00pMusic:Idle Threats
Sat Jan 287:00pMusic:Justin R. Wood
Sat Jan 217:00pMusic:Broke with Money
Wed Jan 187:00pOther:French Comic Night
Sat Jan 147:00pMusic:Jon Duggan
Sat Jan 077:00pMusic:Tim Vallillee
Sun Jan 0111:00aMusic:New Years Day LEVEE!
Sat Nov 197:00pMusic:Broke with Money
Sat Nov 057:00pMusic:Adam Cameron
Sun Oct 304:00pCommunity:Kids Spooky Dinner!
Sat Oct 227:00pMusic:Margie Brown Duo
Sat Oct 157:00pMusic:Vance Macleod
Sat Oct 087:00pMusic:Lost Vegas
Sat Oct 017:00pMusic:SWIG
Sat Sep 247:00pMusic:Having a Time!
Sat Sep 177:00pMusic:Broke with Money
Sat Jul 308:00pMusic:GuyPaul Thibault
Fri Jul 298:00pMusic:Kings of Delusion
Sat Jul 238:00pMusic:Millett & Hunt
Fri Jul 228:00pMusic:Travis Hatcher
Sat Jul 168:00pMusic:Broke with Money
Sat Jul 098:00pMusic:Groove Kings
Fri Jul 088:00pMusic:Spare Parts
Sat Jul 028:00pMusic:Athertons Child
Fri Jul 018:00pMusic:Canada Day With Athertons Child
Sat Jun 258:00pMusic:Misty Mountain
Fri Jun 248:00pMusic:Travis Hatcher
Sat Jun 188:00pMusic:Kevin Davison
Fri Jun 178:00pMusic:Broke with Money
Sat Jun 118:00pMusic:Groove Kings
Fri Jun 108:00pMusic:SWIG
Sat Jun 049:00pMusic:Country Night
Fri Jun 038:00pMusic:GuyPaul Thibault
Sat May 288:00pMusic:Adam Cameron
Fri May 278:00pMusic:Margie Brown Duo
Sat May 218:00pMusic:Millett & Hunt
Fri May 208:00pMusic:Broke with Money
Sat May 148:00pMusic:Groove Kings
Fri May 138:00pMusic:Ted Wallace
Sat May 079:00pMusic:Country Night
Fri May 068:00pMusic:Lost Vegas
Sat Apr 308:00pMusic:SWIG
Fri Apr 298:00pMusic:SWIG
Sat Apr 238:00pMusic:Travis Hatcher
Fri Apr 228:00pMusic:Margie Brown Duo
Sat Apr 168:00pMusic:Adam Cameron
Fri Apr 158:00pMusic:Broke with Money
Sat Apr 098:00pMusic:GuyPaul Thibault
Fri Apr 088:00pMusic:Groove Kings
Fri Apr 018:00pMusic:Left of Center
Sat Mar 268:00pMusic:Tim Vallillee
Fri Mar 258:00pMusic:Travis Hatcher
Fri Mar 188:00pMusic:Margie Brown Duo
Thu Mar 178:00pMusic:Margie Brown Duo
Sat Mar 128:00pMusic:Broke with Money
Fri Mar 118:00pMusic:Broke with Money
Sat Mar 058:00pMusic:SWIG
Fri Mar 048:00pMusic:GuyPaul Thibault
Thu Mar 037:00pCommunity:Trivia Night
Sat Feb 278:00pMusic:Misty Mountain
Fri Feb 268:00pMusic:Broke with Money
Thu Feb 257:00pCommunity:Trivia Night
Sat Feb 208:00pMusic:Millet & Hunt
Fri Feb 198:00pMusic:Groove Kings
Thu Feb 187:00pCommunity:Trivia Night
Sat Feb 138:00pMusic:Test of Time
Fri Feb 128:00pMusic:Nick & Tyra Unplugged
Thu Feb 117:00pCommunity:Trivia Night
Sat Feb 068:00pMusic:Hilites Trio
Fri Feb 058:00pMusic:Margie Brown Duo
Sat Jan 308:00pMusic:GuyPaul Thibault
Sat Jan 304:00pFundraiser:Riptide Rollers Dinner & Auction
Fri Jan 298:00pMusic:Tyra & Nick Unplugged
Thu Jan 287:00pOther:Trivia night at the barrel
Sat Jan 238:00pMusic:Broke with Money
Fri Jan 228:00pMusic:Left of Center
Sat Jan 168:00pMusic:Margie Brown Duo
Fri Jan 158:00pMusic:SWIG
Fri Jan 013:00pMusic:Spare Parts at The Oaken Barrel
Sat Dec 268:00pMusic:Margie Brown Duo
Sat Sep 059:00pMusic:DJ yella of NWA
Sat May 0910:00pMusic:Margie Brown Duo
Sun Mar 152:00pMusic:St. Paddys Open Mic
Sat Jan 319:00pMusic:Midnight Genny
Thu Jan 0111:00aMusic:Margie Brown Duo
Sat Nov 088:00pMusic:Horns & Halos
Sat Oct 189:00pMusic:Crackerjack
Sat Oct 119:30pMusic:The Mark Riley Project
Sat Sep 138:00pMusic:The Margie Brown Duo
Sat Jul 059:00pMusic:Country Heat with Kevin Davison
Sat Jun 142:00pMusic:Fundraiser BBQ for Kenzie Markey
Sat Jun 079:30pMusic:Broken Circuit
Sat May 1010:00pMusic:High Tides
Sat Apr 199:00pMusic:Blues
Sat Apr 0510:00pMusic:Get KISS'ed With Dressed 2 Kill
Sat Mar 299:00pMusic:Into The Rain and Not Too Shabby
Sat Mar 019:00pMusic:Horns & Halos
Sat Nov 307:00pOther:A Night of Rock & Rollin'
Sat Sep 289:30pMusic:Mark Bezanson & The Idle Threats
Sat Jul 209:00pMusic:80's Rock Night
Wed May 0111:30aCulinary:Muscular Dystrophy Steak Fundraiser
Wed Apr 1710:00aCulinary:Muscular Dystrophy Fundraiser
Sat Apr 139:00pMusic:A Call For Submission
Sat Aug 188:00pMusic:Lucky Mud Band from Florida
Sat Feb 1810:00pMusic:Flash Back
Sat Feb 1110:00pDance:Spare Parts Valentines Dance
Sun Jan 012:00pMusic:Joker's Right Levee Show
Sat Oct 086:00pMusic:Puttin' on the Pink Again
Sat Sep 1810:00pMusic:Poison Cherry
Sat Sep 1110:00pMusic:A Call For Submission
Sat Sep 0410:00pMusic:Flash Back
Sat Aug 2110:00pMusic:Grooveback
Sat Aug 0710:00pMusic:Matt Dylan Band
Sat Jul 3110:00pMusic:High Tides
Sat Jul 249:00pMusic:West Kings High School Reunion
Sat Jul 1710:00pMusic:Blueprint
Sat Jul 1010:00pMusic:Eddy's Basement
Sat Jun 2610:00pMusic:Summer of Rock 1984
Sat Jun 1910:00pMusic:A Call For Submission
Sat Jun 1210:00pMusic:Joker's Right
Sat Jun 059:00pMusic:Revenge Of The Nerds
Sat May 2910:00pMusic:Not Too Shabby
Sat May 2210:00pMusic:High Tides
Sat May 1510:00pMusic:Eddy's Basement
Sat May 0810:00pMusic:Joker's Right
Sat Apr 2410:00pMusic:That 70's Bush
Sat Apr 1710:00pMusic:Beer In The Headlights
Sat Apr 1010:00pMusic:Blueprint
Sat Apr 0310:00pMusic:Vallie
Sat Mar 2710:00pMusic:Wicked Sticky
Sat Mar 2010:00pMusic:Not Too Shabby
Sat Mar 1310:00pMusic:Straight Out
Sat Mar 0610:00pMusic:High Tides
Sat Feb 2710:00pMusic:Remedy
Sat Feb 2010:00pMusic:A Call For Submission
Sat Feb 139:00pMusic:'Stupid for Cupid' Valentines Bash
Sat Feb 0610:00pMusic:Rock Bash with High Tides
Sat Jan 3010:00pMusic:The Fed Pennies
Sat Jan 2310:00pMusic:Brite-VU
Sat Jan 1610:00pMusic:Vallie
Sat Jan 0910:00pMusic:Eddy's Basement
Sat Jan 0210:00pMusic:High Tides
Sat Dec 2610:00pMusic:One Helluva Rockin' Boxing Day Bash
Sat Dec 199:00pMusic:Covered Up 2
Sat Dec 1210:00pMusic:A Call For Submission
Sat Dec 0510:00pMusic:Eddy's Basement
Sat Nov 2810:00pMusic:Joker's Right
Sat Nov 2110:00pMusic:Moonshine Emergency and Blueprint
Sat Nov 1410:00pMusic:The Stogies
Sat Oct 319:00pMusic:Halloween Bash with Not Too Shabby
Sat Oct 2410:00pMusic:Broken Ohms
Sat Oct 1710:00pMusic:Rob Brown and 10-2 Midnight
Sat Oct 1010:00pMusic:A Call For Submission
Sat Sep 1910:00pMusic:The Bandits
Sat Sep 1210:00pMusic:Remedy
Sat Sep 059:00pMusic:Adam Baxter
Sat May 169:00pMusic:The Hat Attack
Upcoming Events

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