Kings Theatre

209 St George Street
Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia
B0S 1A0

Past Events
Sun Oct 152:00pFilm:Spider-Man: Homecoming
Fri Oct 137:00pFilm:Spider-Man: Homecoming
Tue Oct 107:30pFilm:A Trip to Spain
Sat Oct 077:30pMusic:Sarah Hagen - Classical Piano
Tue Oct 037:00pFilm:Strange and Familiar Architecture on Fogo Island
Sat Sep 307:30pMusic:Sanctuary
Tue Sep 267:30pMusic:Alex Cuba
Sat Sep 237:30pMusic:David Gilmour: Live at Pompeii
Tue Sep 197:30pFilm:Frantz
Sun Sep 177:30pMusic:Hatfitz and Cara
Fri Sep 157:30pMusic:Kaha:wi Dance Theatre: Requickening
Tue Sep 127:30pFilm:RUMBLE: The Indians Who Rocked the World
Sun Sep 102:00pMusic:MYSTERIOUS BARRICADES: Recognizing World Suicide Prevention Day
Fri Sep 087:30pMusic:Joel and Bill Plaskett
Tue Sep 057:30pFilm:Tommy's Honour
Sat Sep 027:30pMusic:Sally Jackson and her Good Rockin' Daddies
Tue Aug 297:30pFilm:The Big Sick
Sun Aug 272:00pMusic:Bizet's The Pearl Fishers – Met Opera
Sat Aug 267:00pTheatre:Debra Savoy - Spiritual Medium
Fri Aug 257:30pMusic:Twin Kennedy
Sat Aug 198:00pDance:Festival of Dance
Fri Aug 188:00pDance:Festival of Dance
Thu Aug 178:00pDance:Festival of Dance
Wed Aug 162:00pDance:Festival of Dance
Tue Aug 158:00pDance:FODAR Dance on Film, MR. GAGA
Sun Aug 137:30pMusic:Lisa Brokop: Legendary Ladies of Country
Tue Aug 087:30pFilm:Paris Can Wait
Sun Jul 302:00pFilm:Despicable Me 3
Sat Jul 297:30pMusic:Susan Crowe & Friends
Fri Jul 287:00pFilm:Despicable Me 3
Tue Jul 257:30pFilm:The Sense of an Ending
Sat Jul 227:30pMusic:Jenn Grant - with Opening act Kim Harris
Thu Jul 207:30pMusic:Alan Fraser: Classical Piano ft. Audrey Dumont and Masha Fraser
Sun Jul 167:00pFilm:Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2
Sat Jul 157:00pFilm:Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2
Fri Jul 147:30pMusic:Reeny Smith
Tue Jul 117:30pFilm:Their Finest
Sun Jul 097:30pMusic:LOS PRIMOS – Hot Music from Havana
Sat Jul 087:00pFilm:Wonder Woman
Fri Jul 077:00pFilm:Wonder Woman
Sun Jul 022:00pFilm:A Dog's Purpose
Sat Jul 017:30pMusic:ASHK - World Music Band
Sun Jun 252:00pFilm:Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 - POSTPONED!!
Fri Jun 237:00pFilm:POSTPONED DUE TO TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES - Guardians of the Galaxy - Vol 2
Fri Jun 027:00pFilm:The Boss Baby
Sun May 282:00pFilm:Maudie
Sun May 287:00pFilm:Maudie
Sat May 277:00pFilm:Maudie
Fri May 267:00pFilm:Maudie
Tue May 237:30pFilm:The Red Turtle & Blind Vaysha
Sun May 217:30pTheatre:The West Woods
Fri May 197:00pFilm:The Lost City of Z
Sat May 137:30pTheatre:Mike MacDonald - Comedy
Fri May 127:00pFilm:A United Kingdom
Tue May 097:30pFilm:Weirdos
Sat May 067:30pMusic:Hillsburn
Tue May 027:30pMusic:Corb Lund
Sun Apr 302:00pFilm:Smurfs: The Lost Village
Fri Apr 288:00pTheatre:Rose Fortune Play - Broadcast Live
Tue Apr 257:30pFilm:Paterson
Sun Apr 232:00pFilm:The Founder
Fri Apr 217:00pFilm:Before I Fall
Sat Apr 153:00pFilm:Hop
Tue Apr 117:30pFilm:I, Daniel Blake
Sun Apr 092:00pTheatre:The Railway Children
Sat Apr 087:30pTheatre:The Railway Children
Fri Apr 077:30pTheatre:The Railway Children
Sun Apr 027:30pMusic:Emma Rush
Sat Apr 017:00pFilm:Hidden Figures
Fri Mar 317:00pFilm:Hidden Figures
Tue Mar 287:30pFilm:Lion
Sun Mar 262:00pFilm:Logan
Sat Mar 252:00pTheatre:Saint Joan - Nat Theatre Stage Play
Fri Mar 247:00pFilm:Logan
Tue Mar 217:30pFilm:Moonlight - RESCHEDULED
Sun Mar 192:00pFilm:Fences
Fri Mar 177:00pFilm:Fences
Sun Mar 122:00pFilm:The LEGO Batman Movie
Sat Mar 112:00pTheatre:Amadeus - Nat. Theatre Stage Play
Fri Mar 107:00pFilm:The LEGO Batman Movie
Sun Mar 052:00pFilm:La La Land
Fri Mar 037:00pFilm:La La Land
Tue Feb 287:30pFilm:Julieta
Sun Feb 262:00pFilm:Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
Sat Feb 252:00pTheatre:Romeo & Juliette - Metropolitan Opera
Fri Feb 247:00pFilm:Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
Tue Feb 217:30pFilm:A Man Called Ove
Sun Feb 192:00pFilm:Manchester by the Sea
Fri Feb 177:00pFilm:Manchester by the Sea
Sun Feb 122:00pFilm:Moana
Sat Feb 112:00pTheatre:Nabucco - Metropolitan Opera
Fri Feb 107:00pFilm:Moana
Mon Feb 067:30pFilm:Painted Land: In Search of the Group of Seven
Sun Feb 052:00pFilm:Arrival
Fri Feb 037:00pFilm:Arrival
Sun Jan 292:00pFilm:Sing
Fri Jan 277:00pFilm:Sing
Mon Jan 237:30pFilm:Reel Art Series
Sun Jan 222:00pFilm:Hacksaw Ridge
Fri Jan 207:00pFilm:Hacksaw Ridge
Sun Jan 152:00pFilm:Trolls
Fri Jan 137:00pFilm:Trolls
Mon Jan 097:30pFilm:Reel Art Series: Inuit Artists
Sun Jan 082:00pFilm:ARRIVAL ...Postponed
Fri Jan 067:00pFilm:ARRIVAL ..Postponed until Friday 3rd & Sun 5th February
Fri Dec 307:00pFilm:Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Thu Dec 297:00pFilm:Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Sun Dec 182:00pFilm:The Nutcracker Ballet
Sat Dec 177:30pMusic:Coig, A Cape Breton Cèilidh Christmas
Sat Dec 101:00pTheatre:The Entertainer Stage to Screen
Sat Dec 0310:30aFilm:The Polar Express
Sun Nov 277:30pMusic:George Canyon
Sat Nov 261:00pMusic:Don Giovanni Stage to Screen
Sun Nov 202:00pTheatre:Peter Pan - A Pantomime
Sat Nov 197:30pTheatre:Peter Pan - A Pantomime
Fri Nov 187:30pTheatre:Peter Pan - A Pantomime
Sat Nov 121:00pTheatre:Deep Blue Sea, Stage to Screen
Sat Nov 057:30pTheatre:The Belle Of Amherst
Thu Nov 037:30pMusic:MonkeyJunk
Sun Oct 302:00pFilm:Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
Fri Oct 287:00pFilm:Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
Sun Oct 232:00pFilm:The Magnificent 7
Sat Oct 227:30pMusic:We Are Searson
Fri Oct 217:00pFilm:The Magnificent 7
Tue Oct 187:30pFilm:Closet Monster
Sun Oct 162:00pFilm:Storks
Sat Oct 157:30pMusic:Zogma Urban Dance
Fri Oct 147:00pFilm:Storks
Tue Oct 117:30pFilm:The Daughter
Sun Oct 022:00pFilm:Sully
Sat Oct 017:00pMusic:Lynnea Rose Album Release Show
Fri Sep 307:00pFilm:Sully
Thu Sep 297:30pMusic:Everything Fitz Family
Sat Sep 247:30pMusic:Marty Haggard, Songs of My Dad
Sat Sep 177:30pTheatre:Slowly I Turn
Tue Sep 137:30pFilm:Sunset Song
Fri Sep 097:30pMusic:J.P. Cormier The Tournament of King’s
Tue Aug 307:30pFilm:Love & Friendship
Mon Aug 297:30pMusic:Alan Fraser An Evening with Brahms
Sun Aug 282:00pDance:Festival of Dance Annapolis Royal
Sat Aug 278:00pDance:Festival of Dance Annapolis Royal
Fri Aug 268:00pDance:Festival of Dance Annapolis Royal
Thu Aug 258:00pDance:Festival of Dance Annapolis Royal
Sat Aug 207:30pMusic:Siobhan Miller Scottish Songbird
Sun Aug 142:00pFilm:Ice Age Collision Course
Fri Aug 127:00pFilm:Ice Age Collision Course
Sun Aug 077:30pMusic:Tom Allen's Bohemians In Brooklyn
Tue Jul 267:30pTheatre:Dark Horse
Sun Jul 242:00pFilm:The Secret Life of Pets
Fri Jul 227:00pFilm:The Secret Life of Pets
Sat Jul 167:30pMusic:Morgan Davis
Sat Jul 097:30pMusic:Skipper's Alley
Thu Jun 307:30pMusic:Samantha Martin and Delta Sugar
Sun Jun 267:30pMusic:April Verch
Sat Jun 257:30pMusic:Amina Holloway
Thu Jun 237:30pMusic:The Mikado Maritime Concert Opera
Sun Jun 192:00pTheatre:King's Shorts Festival of 10 Minute Plays
Sat Jun 187:30pTheatre:King's Shorts Festival of 10 Minute Plays
Fri Jun 177:30pTheatre:King's Shorts Festival of 10 Minute Plays
Sun Jun 122:00pMusic:Amazing Grace of Spring Concert
Sat Jun 117:30pMusic:The House of Bernarda Alba
Tue Jun 077:30pFilm:Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict
Sun Jun 052:00pFilm:Jungle Book
Fri Jun 037:00pFilm:Jungle Book
Sat May 287:30pMusic:The Aeolian Singers
Tue May 247:30pFilm:Coming Home
Wed May 187:30pTheatre:Les Liaisons Dangereuses
Tue May 107:30pFilm:45 Years
Tue Apr 267:30pFilm:Room
Sun Apr 242:00pTheatre:The Hollow
Sat Apr 237:30pTheatre:The Hollow
Fri Apr 227:30pTheatre:The Hollow
Sun Apr 172:00pFilm:Zootopia
Fri Apr 157:00pFilm:Zootopia
Tue Apr 127:30pFilm:Mustang
Tue Apr 057:30pFilm:Jafar Panahi's Taxi
Sun Apr 032:00pFilm:Eddie the Eagle
Fri Apr 017:00pFilm:Eddie the Eagle
Sat Mar 263:00pFilm:The Dog Who Saved Easter
Tue Mar 227:30pFilm:Trumbo
Sun Mar 202:00pFilm:The Finest Hours
Fri Mar 187:00pFilm:The Finest Hours
Sun Mar 132:00pFilm:Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Fri Mar 117:00pFilm:Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Tue Mar 087:30pFilm:The Second Mother
Mon Mar 077:30pFilm:Matisse
Sat Mar 057:00pFilm:Carol
Wed Mar 027:30pTheatre:Jane Eyre (Stage to Screen)
Sun Feb 282:00pFilm:Kung Fu Panda 3
Sat Feb 277:00pFilm:Spotlight
Fri Feb 267:00pFilm:Kung Fu Panda 3
Tue Feb 237:30pFilm:Mavis!
Sun Feb 212:00pFilm:The Lady in the Van
Fri Feb 197:00pFilm:The Lady in the Van
Sun Feb 142:00pFilm:The Revenant
Sat Feb 137:00pFilm:Valentine's Special Event
Fri Feb 127:00pFilm:The Revenant
Mon Feb 087:30pFilm:The Impressionists And The Man Who Made Them
Sun Feb 072:00pFilm:The Big Short
Fri Feb 057:00pFilm:The Big Short
Sat Jan 307:30pTheatre:A Winter's Tale
Sun Jan 242:00pFilm:In the Heart of the Sea
Fri Jan 227:00pFilm:In the Heart of the Sea
Sun Jan 172:00pFilm:Alvin & The Chipmunks - The Road Chip
Fri Jan 157:00pFilm:Alvin & The Chipmunks - The Road Chip
Mon Jan 117:30pFilm:Van Gogh - A New Way of Seeing
Sat Dec 197:00pFilm:Spectre
Fri Dec 187:00pFilm:Spectre
Sun Dec 132:00pFilm:The Peanuts Movie
Fri Dec 117:00pFilm:The Peanuts Movie
Tue Dec 087:30pFilm:The Wrecking Crew
Sun Dec 067:30pMusic:An Irish Christmas Lunasa & Karan Casey
Sat Dec 0510:30aFilm:Arthur Christmas
Sun Nov 297:30pTheatre:Hamlet
Thu Nov 267:00pTheatre: Alice In Wonderland Dance Theatre
Tue Nov 247:30pFilm:99 Homes
Sat Nov 217:00pFilm:The Martian
Fri Nov 207:00pFilm:The Martian
Sun Nov 152:00pFilm:Goosebumps
Sat Nov 147:00pFilm:Goosebumps
Fri Nov 137:30pTheatre:The Judgment of Paris
Tue Nov 107:30pFilm:Timbuktu
Sun Nov 082:00pTheatre:Skin Flick
Sat Nov 077:30pTheatre:Skin Flick
Fri Nov 067:30pTheatre:Skin Flick
Fri Oct 307:30pMusic: Vishtèn & Gordie MacKeeman and His Rhythm Boys
Tue Oct 277:30pFilm:Jimmy's Hall
Sun Oct 252:00pMusic:Beaux' Stratagem - A Stage to Screen Presentation
Sat Oct 247:00pFilm:A Walk in the Woods
Fri Oct 237:00pFilm:A Walk in the Woods
Sun Oct 187:00pFilm:Hotel Transylvania 2
Fri Oct 167:00pFilm:Hotel Transylvania 2
Thu Oct 157:30pMusic:Leisa Way - A Patsy Cline Tribute
Tue Oct 137:30pFilm:The Best of Enemies
Wed Oct 077:30pMusic:Amadeus Guitar Duo
Fri Oct 027:30pMusic:Fred Eaglesmith
Tue Sep 297:30pFilm:Salt of the Earth
Sat Sep 267:30pMusic:Christina Martin
Sun Sep 202:00pMusic:Treasure Island - A Stage to Screen Presentation
Sat Sep 197:30pMusic:Shannon Quinn
Tue Sep 157:30pFilm:A Brilliant Young Mind
Fri Sep 117:30pMusic:Lennie Gallant
Tue Sep 087:30pFilm:What We Did On Our Holiday
Tue Sep 017:30pFilm:Love & Mercy
Sun Aug 302:00pFilm:Minions
Sat Aug 297:30pMusic:Clarinet Quintet
Fri Aug 287:00pFilm:Minions
Wed Aug 267:30pMusic:Alan Fraser
Sun Aug 232:00pDance:Festival of Dance
Sat Aug 228:00pDance:Festival of Dance
Fri Aug 218:00pDance:Festival of Dance
Thu Aug 208:00pDance:Festival of Dance
Sat Aug 157:30pMusic:COIG
Sun Aug 092:00pMusic:The Barber Of Seville - A Stage to Screen Presentation
Sat Aug 087:30pMusic:Melanie Morgan
Thu Jul 307:00pMusic:Walking on Wayne (Feat. Bob Snider)
Sun Jul 262:00pFilm:Inside Out
Sat Jul 257:30pMusic:Baril, Lapierre, Walt Trio
Fri Jul 247:00pFilm:Inside Out
Sun Jul 192:00pFilm:Jurassic World
Sat Jul 187:30pMusic:Lalun
Fri Jul 177:00pFilm:Jurassic World
Sun Jul 122:00pMusic:Carmen - A Stage to Screen Presentation
Sat Jul 117:30pMusic:Ryan Cook and The Valley Singers
Sat Jul 047:30pMusic:Ariana Nasr Performs Édith Piaf
Sun Jun 282:00pMusic:Moulin Rouge - A Stage to Screen Presentation
Thu Jun 257:30pTheatre:Pagliacci - Maritime Concert Opera
Sat Jun 207:30pMusic:Evans and Doherty
Tue Jun 167:30pMusic:Larry Christopher's, Neil Young Tribute
Sun Jun 142:00pTheatre:King's Shorts Festival of 10 Minute Plays
Sat Jun 137:30pTheatre:King's Shorts Festival of 10 Minute Plays
Fri Jun 127:30pTheatre:King's Shorts Festival of 10 Minute Plays
Tue Jun 027:30pFilm:Red Army
Sat May 307:30pMusic:Back Home Again - Songs of John Denver
Sat May 237:30pFilm:Teen Film Gala
Fri May 227:30pMusic:Claire Lynch Band
Tue May 197:30pFilm:Phoenix
Sun May 102:00pFilm:Home
Fri May 087:30pFilm:Home
Tue May 057:30pFilm:Wild Tales
Sun May 032:00pFilm:Cinderella
Fri May 017:00pFilm:Cinderella
Wed Apr 297:30pFilm:Félix and Meira
Sun Apr 263:00pMusic:A Royal Consort presents As Time Goes By
Sat Apr 257:00pFilm:Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
Fri Apr 247:00pFilm:Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
Tue Apr 217:30pFilm:Leviathan
Sun Apr 192:00pTheatre:Bless Me Father
Sat Apr 187:30pTheatre:Bless Me Father
Fri Apr 177:30pTheatre:Bless Me Father
Sun Apr 126:45pMusic:Cindy Church & Susan Crowe
Tue Apr 077:30pFilm:Two Days, One Night
Tue Mar 247:30pFilm:Trick or Treaty
Sun Mar 222:00pFilm:Kingsman the Secret Service
Fri Mar 207:00pFilm:Kingsman the Secret Service
Sun Mar 152:00pFilm:American Sniper
Fri Mar 137:00pFilm:American Sniper
Tue Mar 107:30pFilm:Force Majeure
Sun Mar 082:00pFilm:Sponge Out if Water
Fri Mar 067:00pFilm:Sponge Out if Water
Tue Mar 037:30pFilm:Birdman
Sun Mar 012:00pFilm:Wild
Fri Feb 277:00pFilm:Wild
Tue Feb 247:30pFilm:Mr. Turner
Sun Feb 222:00pFilm:Selma
Fri Feb 207:00pFilm:Selma
Wed Feb 187:30pFilm:The Theory of Everything
Sun Feb 152:00pFilm:Into the Woods
Fri Feb 137:00pFilm:Into the Woods
Tue Feb 107:30pFilm:Citizenfour
Sun Feb 082:00pFilm:The Imitation Game
Fri Feb 067:00pFilm:The Imitation Game
Sun Feb 012:00pFilm:Paddington
Fri Jan 307:00pFilm:Paddington
Tue Jan 137:30pFilm:Fed Up
Sun Dec 211:55pDance:The Nutcracker the Bolshoi Ballet
Fri Dec 127:30pMusic:Measha Brueggergosman
Tue Dec 097:30pFilm:Land Ho!
Sat Nov 297:30pFilm:A Hard Day's Night 50th Anniversary Celebration
Sat Nov 157:00pFilm:God's Not Dead Movie
Fri Nov 147:00pFilm:The Fury
Tue Nov 117:30pFilm:Love Is Strange
Sun Nov 097:30pTheatre:Miss Caledonia
Tue Oct 287:30pFilm:Ida
Sun Oct 262:00pTheatre:The Importance of Being Ernest
Sat Oct 257:30pTheatre:The Importance of Being Ernest
Thu Oct 237:30pTheatre:The Importance of Being Ernest
Wed Oct 157:00pTheatre:Margaret Trudeau
Tue Oct 147:30pFilm:Life Itself
Sat Oct 117:30pDance:Nova Bhattacharya Date With Dance
Sat Oct 047:30pMusic:Ray Bonneville
Tue Sep 307:30pFilm:We Are The Best!
Sun Sep 217:30pMusic:Shanneyganock
Tue Sep 167:30pFilm:Tim's Vermeer
Fri Sep 127:30pMusic:David Myles
Sun Aug 242:00pDance:Festival of Dance
Sat Aug 237:30pDance:Festival of Dance
Fri Aug 227:30pDance:Festival of Dance
Thu Aug 217:30pDance:Festival of Dance
Sun Aug 107:30pMusic:Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem
Wed Aug 067:30pMusic:Janice Jackson and Sylvie Proulx
Fri Aug 0110:00aFilm:ARTs Unleashed! Video 3.5 Youth FilmFest
Thu Jul 318:00pMusic:Jeff Hennessy
Fri Jul 257:30pMusic:Laura Courtese and the Dance Cards
Tue Jul 223:00pDance:Festival of Dance
Fri Jul 117:30pMusic:The Paul McKenna Band
Sat Jul 057:30pMusic:Alex Zayas
Sat Jun 287:30pMusic:Xara Choral Theatre/Youth Ensemble
Sat Jun 217:30pMusic:The Outside Track
Thu Jun 197:30pMusic:Die Fledermaus by Strauss
Sun Jun 152:00pTheatre:King's Shorts Festival of 10 Minute Plays
Sat Jun 147:30pTheatre:King's Shorts Festival of 10 Minute Plays
Fri Jun 137:30pTheatre:King's Shorts Festival of 10 Minute Plays
Sun Jun 082:00pFilm:The Grand Budapest Hotel
Fri Jun 067:00pFilm:The Grand Budapest Hotel
Thu Jun 057:00pFilm:Puccini's La Bohème
Tue Jun 037:30pFilm:The Lunch Box
Sun Jun 017:30pTheatre:Community Band Spring Concert
Sun May 259:00aOther:Defeat Depression Fundraiser
Sat May 247:00pTheatre:Vinyl Cafe with Stuart McLean
Fri May 237:00pTheatre:Vinyl Cafe with Stuart McLean
Wed May 217:00pMusic:Kelli Trottier - House Concert
Tue May 207:30pFilm:Nebraska
Sun May 117:30pMusic:JW - Jones
Tue May 067:30pFilm:The Great Beauty
Sun May 043:00pTheatre:A Royal Consort: 1914 In Song & Verse
Sat May 037:30pMusic:Treasa Levasseur
Sun Apr 272:00pTheatre:Drinking Alone - A Norm Foster Play
Sat Apr 262:00pFilm:The Sleeping Beauty - Royal Ballet
Sat Apr 267:30pTheatre:Drinking Alone - A Norm Foster Play
Fri Apr 257:30pTheatre:Drinking Alone - A Norm Foster Play
Tue Apr 227:30pFilm:Gloria
Sat Apr 124:00pFilm:Get Hitched Film Festival
Sat Apr 127:00pFilm:Get Hitched Film Festival
Fri Apr 117:30pFilm:Get Hitched Film Festival
Tue Apr 087:30pFilm:Finding Vivian Maier
Sun Apr 062:00pFilm:Mr. Peabody & Sherman
Fri Apr 047:00pFilm:Mr. Peabody & Sherman
Tue Mar 257:30pFilm:A People Uncounted
Sun Mar 232:00pFilm:War Horse - National Theatre Live
Sat Mar 227:00pFilm:War Horse - National Theatre Live
Sun Mar 162:00pFilm:The Monuments Men
Fri Mar 147:00pFilm:The Monuments Men
Wed Mar 127:30pDance:Bboyizm - Music Creates Opportunity
Tue Mar 1110:00aWorkshop:Bboyizm Dance Workshop
Tue Mar 117:30pFilm:Inside Llewyn Davis
Sun Mar 092:00pFilm:The Lego Movie
Fri Mar 077:00pFilm:The Lego Movie
Tue Mar 047:30pFilm:Twelve Years A Slave
Sun Mar 022:00pFilm:August: Osage County
Fri Feb 287:00pFilm:August: Osage County
Tue Feb 257:30pFilm:Wadjda
Sun Feb 232:00pFilm:American Hustle
Sat Feb 222:00pTheatre:Coriolanus - National Theatre
Fri Feb 217:00pFilm:American Hustle
Sun Feb 162:00pFilm:The Nut Job
Fri Feb 147:00pFilm:The Nut Job
Sun Feb 092:00pFilm:Saving Mr. Banks
Fri Feb 077:00pFilm:Saving Mr. Banks
Sun Feb 022:00pFilm:The Wolf of Wall Street
Fri Jan 317:00pFilm:The Wolf of Wall Street
Sun Jan 262:00pFilm:Walking with Dinosaurs
Sat Jan 257:00pFilm:Mamma Mia - A Special Sing-A-Long Screening
Fri Jan 247:00pFilm:Walking with Dinosaurs
Sun Jan 192:00pFilm:The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
Sat Jan 182:00pTheatre:Puccini's TOSCA - A Metropolitan Opera
Fri Jan 177:00pFilm:The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
Sun Jan 122:00pFilm:Captain Philips
Fri Jan 107:00pFilm:Captain Philips
Thu Jan 097:30pMusic:Baby It's Still Cold Outside, A Post Holiday Concert
Tue Jan 077:00pFilm:Philomena
Sat Dec 147:00pTheatre:Jeremy Webb in A Christmas Carol
Tue Dec 108:00pFilm:Muscle Shoals
Sat Dec 078:00pFilm:Childrens Movie
Tue Dec 038:00pFilm:Fruitvale Station
Sat Nov 307:00pMusic:Nova Scotia Mass Choir
Tue Nov 198:00pFilm:Hannah Arendt
Sun Nov 178:00pTheatre:Cinderella (an English Pantomime)
Sat Nov 168:00pTheatre:Cinderella (an English Pantomime)
Fri Nov 158:00pTheatre:Cinderella (an English Pantomime)
Thu Nov 147:30pTheatre:Comedian Jimmy the Janitor
Fri Nov 088:00pTheatre:Jake's Gift
Tue Nov 058:00pFilm:Watermark
Sun Nov 032:00pFilm:Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2
Fri Nov 017:00pFilm:Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2
Sun Oct 278:00pMusic:Joel Plaskett
Tue Oct 228:00pFilm:Blue Jasmine
Sun Oct 202:00pFilm:Lee Daniels', The Butler
Fri Oct 187:00pFilm:Lee Daniels', The Butler
Tue Oct 088:00pFilm:Mud
Sat Oct 058:00pMusic:Amanda Martinez
Sat Sep 286:00pFilm:King's Film Society Gala
Thu Sep 268:00pMusic:Jesse Winchester
Tue Sep 248:00pFilm:Much Ado Nothing
Sun Sep 222:00pTheatre:The Audience
Sat Sep 217:00pTheatre:The Audience
Sun Sep 158:00pMusic:Michael Kaeshammer
Fri Sep 137:30pMusic:Denis Ryan and Friends
Sun Aug 252:00pDance:Dancing in the Third Act
Sat Aug 248:00pDance:Dancing in the Third Act
Fri Aug 238:00pDance:Dancing in the Third Act
Sat Aug 178:00pMusic:Hupman Brothers and Unisson
Fri Aug 168:00pMusic:The Blue Engine String Quartet
Sun Aug 118:00pMusic:Alan Fraser presents Rachmaninoff
Sat Aug 108:00pMusic:Jonathan Edwards
Thu Aug 088:00pMusic:Cheryl Wheeler
Sat Jul 277:00pTheatre:Pinot & Augustine
Fri Jul 262:00pWorkshop:Physical Comedy & Theatrical Clown
Fri Jul 198:00pMusic:Daimh Gaelic Supergroup
Sat Jul 138:00pTheatre:Comedian Lloyd Ravn
Fri Jul 058:00pMusic:Roberto Lopez & the Afro-Columbian Jazz Orchestra
Sun Jun 308:00pMusic:Alan Fraser presents Rachmaninoff
Sat Jun 298:00pMusic:The Fretless
Sun Jun 232:00pTheatre:Fifties on Parade
Fri Jun 218:00pTheatre:Fifties on Parade
Thu Jun 208:00pMusic:Donizetti's Opera The Elixir of Love
Sat May 251:00pFilm:One Day DocuFest
Tue Mar 128:00pFilm:Amour
Tue Feb 268:00pFilm:Searching for Sugar Man
Tue Dec 048:00pFilm:Moonrise Kingdom
Tue Nov 208:00pFilm:Take This Waltz
Tue Nov 068:00pFilm:Boy
Sat Oct 276:45pLiterary:Ghost Story Gala
Tue Oct 238:00pFilm:We Have A Pope
Tue Oct 098:00pFilm:Where Do We Go Now?
Tue Sep 258:00pFilm:Ai Wei Wei
Sat Sep 227:00pFilm:Farewell to Celluloid Celebration
Sat Jul 078:00pMusic:Swingology
Sat Jun 238:00pMusic:Celtic Umbrella
Thu Jun 217:30pMusic:Summer Solstice Concert
Sun Jun 172:00pTheatre:King's Shorts
Sat Jun 168:00pTheatre:King's Shorts
Fri Jun 158:00pTheatre:King's Shorts
Sun Jun 108:00pMusic:The Magic Flute
Sat Jun 098:00pMusic:Amelia Curran
Sun Mar 252:00pTheatre:And Then There Were None
Sat Mar 248:00pTheatre:And Then There Were None
Fri Mar 238:00pTheatre:And Then There Were None
Sat Dec 1710:00aOther:Children's Theatre Party
Fri Sep 308:00pMusic:Canadian Folk Legend VALDY
Sat Sep 247:00pFilm:100 Years of Film
Thu Jun 308:00pMusic:Ennis
Sat Jun 258:00pMusic:Ryan Cook
Sat May 218:00pMusic:The Cottars
Sun May 152:00pTheatre:GREASE
Sat May 077:00pMusic:Four Seasons Orchestra
Wed Dec 088:00pMusic:A Quartette Christmas
Sat Nov 278:00pTheatre:Side by Side Dessert Theatre
Sat Nov 067:30pMusic:Swingology CD Release
Sun Oct 318:00pMusic:The Good Lovelies
Fri Oct 297:00pTheatre:Robin Hood
Wed Oct 277:00pMusic:Rankin Church & Crowe
Tue Oct 268:00pMusic:Bruce Cockburn (Cancelled)
Sat Oct 238:00pMusic:Manoukian and Ruberg-Gordon
Sat Oct 098:00pMusic:Tabla Ecstasy
Fri Oct 018:00pMusic:The Pacific Curls
Sat Sep 257:30pMusic:An Evening with Blain Henshaw
Sat Sep 188:00pMusic:Maria Muldaur
Sun Sep 124:00pMusic:Wendy Neilsen and Robert Kortgaard
Sat Sep 117:00pMusic:Keith Ross and Friends
Sun Aug 292:00pDance:Despicable Me
Fri Aug 277:00pFilm:Despicable Me
Tue Aug 249:00aTheatre:Youth Summer Theatre Workshop
Mon Aug 238:00pDance:The Toronto Consort
Sun Aug 222:00pFilm:Inception
Sat Aug 218:00pDance:Maria Osende Flamenco
Fri Aug 208:00pFilm:Inception
Sun Aug 152:00pFilm:Toy Story 3
Sat Aug 148:00pMusic:Rose Cousins
Fri Aug 137:00pFilm:Toy Story 3
Thu Aug 128:00pMusic:Vishten
Sun Aug 082:00pFilm:Twilight Eclipse
Fri Aug 068:00pFilm:Twilight Eclipse
Thu Jul 298:00pMusic:The Once
Sat Jul 248:00pMusic:Les Viox Baroques
Sun Jul 182:00pFilm:Robin Hood
Fri Jul 168:00pFilm:Robin Hood
Sun Jul 112:00pFilm:Shrek Forever After
Sat Jul 108:00pMusic:Alpha Yaya Diallo
Fri Jul 098:00pFilm:Shrek Forever After
Sat Jul 038:00pFilm:Sex and the City 2
Fri Jul 028:00pFilm:Sex and the City 2
Thu Jul 018:00pMusic:Cheryl Wheeler
Sun Jun 278:00pMusic:Mike Stevens & Raymond MacLain
Sun Jun 202:00pTheatre:King's Shorts
Sat Jun 198:00pTheatre:King's Shorts
Fri Jun 188:00pTheatre:King's Shorts
Sun Jun 138:00pTheatre:Don Giovanni
Sat Jun 128:00pMusic:Little Miss Higgins
Sun Jun 062:00pFilm:Iron Man 2
Sun Jun 067:00pMusic:Annapolis Basin Community Band
Fri Jun 048:00pFilm:Iron Man 2
Sun Mar 072:00pMusic:Fiset, Marsolais And McMahon
Sun Jan 242:00pFilm:The Princess And The Frog
Fri Jan 228:00pFilm:The Princess And The Frog
Sun Jan 172:00pFilm:The Blind Side
Fri Jan 158:00pFilm:The Blind Side
Sun Jan 102:00pFilm:2012
Fri Jan 088:00pFilm:2012
Sun Jan 032:00pFilm:The Twilight Saga: New Moon
Fri Jan 018:00pFilm:The Twilight Saga: New Moon
Sun Dec 202:00pFilm:A Christmas Carol
Fri Dec 188:00pFilm:A Christmas Carol
Wed Dec 168:00pMusic:The Barra MacNeils
Sat Dec 1210:30aFilm:How The Grinch Stole Christmas
Fri Dec 118:00pMusic:Annapolis Basin Community Band
Tue Dec 088:00pFilm:Goodbye Solo
Sat Nov 288:00pMusic:Sharon Wei and Angela Park
Tue Nov 248:00pFilm:Cairo Time
Sun Nov 158:00pMusic:The MacKenzie Project
Tue Nov 108:00pFilm:Amreeka
Thu Oct 298:00pMusic:Song Writers Circle
Tue Oct 278:00pFilm:Damned United
Sat Oct 248:00pOther:Frenchy's Fabulous Follies Fashion Show
Wed Oct 218:00pMusic:Murray McLauchlan
Sun Oct 188:00pMusic:Joe Trio
Tue Oct 138:00pFilm:Adoration
Sun Oct 112:00pFilm:Julie & Julia
Sat Oct 108:00pTheatre:Jake's Gift
Fri Oct 098:00pFilm:Julie & Julia
Wed Oct 078:00pMusic:Dr. Zoo
Fri Oct 028:00pOther:Catherine Kidd
Tue Sep 298:00pFilm:Every Little Step
Fri Sep 258:00pMusic:Avan Yu
Sat Sep 198:00pMusic:Susan Crowe and Cindy Church
Sun Sep 132:00pFilm:District 9
Sat Sep 128:00pMusic:Brian Vardigans
Fri Sep 118:00pFilm:District 9
Tue Sep 088:00pFilm:The Butterfly Effect
Sun Aug 302:00pFilm:G-Force
Fri Aug 287:00pFilm:G-Force
Sat Aug 228:00pMusic:Andrew White
Tue Aug 189:00aTheatre:Children's Summer Theatre Workshop
Sat Aug 158:00pDance:Gwen Noah Dance
Sun Aug 092:00pFilm:Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Fri Aug 078:00pFilm:Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Sun Aug 028:00pMusic:Pacific Curls
Sat Aug 018:00pMusic:Enter the Haggis
Sun Jul 262:00pFilm:Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Fri Jul 248:00pFilm:Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Thu Jul 237:00pMusic:Scott Woods - Old Tyme Fiddle
Sat Jul 188:00pMusic:Orchid Ensemble
Fri Jul 178:00pMusic:Africa to Appalachia - Jayme Stone & Mansa Sissoko
Tue Jul 148:00pTheatre:Swimming to Cambodia
Sat Jul 118:00pMusic:Phillip Addis and Emily Hamper
Thu Jul 098:00pMusic:Pork Belly Futures
Fri Jul 038:00pMusic:Po' Girl
Sat Jun 278:00pMusic:Lynn Miles
Sun Jun 212:00pFilm:Star Trek
Sat Jun 208:00pMusic:Fred Eaglesmith
Fri Jun 198:00pFilm:Star Trek
Sun Jun 148:00pTheatre:Tosca by Giacomo Puccini
Sun Jun 142:00pTheatre:King's Shorts
Sat Jun 138:00pTheatre:King's Shorts
Fri Jun 128:00pTheatre:King's Shorts
Wed Jun 037:00pMusic:Beckoning Summer
Sat May 307:00pTheatre:Gilbert and Sullivan - Cinderella
Thu May 288:00pMusic:Shanneyganock
Sun May 242:00pFilm:Monsters vs. Aliens
Fri May 228:00pFilm:Monsters vs. Aliens
Tue May 198:00pFilm:One Week
Sat May 098:00pTheatre:Backstage at the Orpheum
Fri May 088:00pTheatre:Backstage at the Orpheum
Thu May 078:00pTheatre:Backstage at the Orpheum
Tue May 058:00pFilm:The Class
Fri May 018:00pOther:Lorne Elliott
Sun Apr 262:00pFilm:Race to Witch Mountain
Fri Apr 248:00pFilm:Race to Witch Mountain
Tue Apr 218:00pFilm:Necessities of Life
Sun Apr 192:00pFilm:Knowing
Fri Apr 178:00pFilm:Knowing
Tue Apr 078:00pFilm:In Bruges
Sat Apr 048:00pDance:Carmina Burana
Sun Mar 292:00pFilm:Paul Blart - Mall Cop
Fri Mar 278:00pFilm:Paul Blart - Mall Cop
Thu Mar 268:00pOther:Jimmy the Janitor
Tue Mar 248:00pFilm:Outsourced
Sun Mar 222:00pFilm:The Wrestler
Fri Mar 208:00pFilm:The Wrestler
Sun Mar 158:00pMusic:Cantabile: The London Quartet
Tue Mar 108:00pFilm:Milk
Fri Mar 068:00pMusic:Marc Djokic and Julien Le Blanc
Sun Mar 012:00pFilm:Inkheart
Fri Feb 278:00pFilm:Inkheart
Sun Feb 222:00pFilm:Gran Torino
Fri Feb 208:00pFilm:Gran Torino
Sun Feb 152:00pFilm:Happy Go Lucky
Sat Feb 147:00pOther:Recycled Love
Sun Feb 082:00pFilm:The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Fri Feb 068:00pFilm:The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Sun Feb 012:00pFilm:Bolt
Fri Jan 307:00pFilm:Bolt
Sun Jan 252:00pFilm:Australia
Fri Jan 238:00pFilm:Australia
Sun Jan 182:00pFilm:Quantum of Solace
Fri Jan 168:00pFilm:Quantum of Solace
Sun Jan 112:00pFilm:Twilight
Fri Jan 098:00pFilm:Twilight
Sun Jan 042:00pFilm:Madagascar 2: Escape 2 Africa
Fri Jan 027:00pFilm:Madagascar 2: Escape 2 Africa
Sun Dec 212:00pFilm:High School Musical 3
Fri Dec 198:00pFilm:High School Musical 3
Wed Dec 178:00pOther:Bette MacDonald
Sat Dec 1310:30aFilm:Elf
Tue Dec 098:00pFilm:Kenny
Sun Dec 073:00pMusic:Sounds of Christmas
Sun Nov 302:00pTheatre:Three One-Act Plays
Sat Nov 298:00pTheatre:Three One-Act Plays
Fri Nov 288:00pTheatre:Three One-Act Plays
Tue Nov 258:00pFilm:The Year My Parents Went on Vacation
Sun Nov 238:00pMusic:Darrett Zusko
Sat Nov 158:00pMusic:Valdy
Tue Nov 118:00pFilm:Up the Yangtze
Sun Nov 098:00pTheatre:God's Middle Name
Tue Oct 288:00pFilm:My Brother Is an Only Child
Mon Oct 277:00pMusic:Njacko Backo African Drumming Workshop
Sun Oct 268:00pMusic:Njacko Backo
Sat Oct 258:00pFilm:Sex and the City
Tue Oct 148:00pFilm:The Stone Angel
Fri Oct 108:00pMusic:Bruce Guthro
Fri Oct 038:00pTheatre:Dufflebag Theatre
Tue Sep 309:00pFilm:King's Film Society- Young at Heart
Sun Sep 288:00pTheatre:Defending the Caveman
Sun Sep 218:00pMusic:Steve Marriner and Monkeyjunk
Sun Sep 142:00pFilm:Movietime: Mamma Mia!
Fri Sep 128:00pFilm:Movietime: Mamma Mia!
Sun Sep 072:00pFilm:Movietime: The Dark Knight
Sat Sep 068:00pDance:Maria Osende Flamenco Company
Fri Sep 058:00pFilm:Movietime: The Dark Knight
Sat Aug 308:00pMusic:Mary Jane Lamond
Fri Aug 228:00pMusic:Toronto Consort
Tue Aug 198:00pTheatre:Children's Theatre Workshop
Sat Aug 168:00pMusic:J.P. Cormier
Sat Aug 028:00pMusic:Andre Branch & Halfway Tree
Sat Jul 268:00pMusic:Cheryl Gaudet and Caleb Miles
Sat Jul 128:00pMusic:Stacey Earle & Mark Stuart
Fri Jul 118:00pMusic:Ensemble Caprice
Sat Jun 288:00pMusic:Les Girls
Wed Jun 258:00pMusic:A Royal Consort
Fri Jun 208:00pFilm:Film: The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
Sun Jun 158:00pMusic:Carmen
Fri Jun 138:00pTheatre:King's Shorts
Sat Jun 078:00pTheatre:Gilbert & Sullivan - Iolanthe
Thu Jun 058:00pMusic:Annapolis Basin Community Band
Wed May 288:00pTheatre:The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Fri May 098:00pMusic:Charlie A'Court
Tue Apr 228:00pFilm:Avenue Montaigne/Orchestra Seats
Thu Mar 068:00pMusic:Marc Djokic
Thu Mar 068:00pMusic:Marc Djokic
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