Past Events
Tue Jul 171:00pOther:xBox Gaming
Mon Jul 162:00pWorkshop:Tech Makers: Ozobots
Thu Jul 126:30pWorkshop:Ink & String: Art Workshop
Tue Jul 101:00pOther:xBox Gaming
Mon Jul 092:00pWorkshop:Kids Tech - Snap Circuits
Sat Jul 071:00pLiterary:Writers Group
Tue Jun 266:30pMeeting:Book Club
Tue Jun 126:30pLecture:Aphasia Mixer
Thu Jun 073:00pOther:Rock Garden
Thu Jun 076:00pOther:The Hangout
Sat Jun 021:00pLiterary:Writers Group
Thu May 313:30pMeeting:The Hangout
Wed May 3011:00aCommunity:Tiny Tales
Tue May 2912:00pMeeting:Network Knitting
Thu May 243:30pMeeting:The Hangout
Thu May 2412:00pWorkshop:Lunch and Learn: Running meetings and Planning realistic agendas and facilitating
Wed May 2311:00aCommunity:Tiny Tales
Tue May 2212:00pMeeting:Network Knitting
Tue May 222:00pWorkshop:Financial Security on the Internet
Thu May 173:30pMeeting:The Hangout
Thu May 1712:00pWorkshop:Lunch and Learn: How to Run an Efficient Meeting
Wed May 1611:00aCommunity:Tiny Tales
Tue May 1512:00pMeeting:Network Knitting
Tue May 152:00pWorkshop:Security While Using Social Media
Thu May 103:30pMeeting:The Hangout
Wed May 0911:00aCommunity:Tiny Tales
Tue May 0810:30aMeeting:Babies and Books
Tue May 0812:00pMeeting:Network Knitting
Sat May 0511:00aRecreation:Yoga for Youth
Sat May 051:00pLiterary:Writers Group
Thu May 033:30pMeeting:The Hangout
Wed May 0211:00aCommunity:Tiny Tales
Tue May 0110:30aMeeting:Babies and Books
Tue May 0112:00pMeeting:Network Knitting
Thu Apr 263:30pMeeting:The Hangout
Wed Apr 2511:00aCommunity:Tiny Tales
Tue Apr 2410:30aMeeting:Babies and Books
Tue Apr 2412:00pMeeting:Network Knitting
Tue Apr 246:30pMeeting:Book Club
Sun Apr 222:00pCulinary:Tea and Memories
Thu Apr 193:30pMeeting:The Hangout
Thu Apr 196:30pWorkshop:Paint Like Maud
Wed Apr 186:30pFilm:Movie Screening - "Maudie"
Wed Apr 1811:00aCommunity:Tiny Tales
Tue Apr 1710:30aMeeting:Babies and Books
Tue Apr 1712:00pMeeting:Network Knitting
Thu Apr 1212:00pMeeting:Lunch and Learn
Thu Apr 123:30pMeeting:The Hangout
Wed Apr 1111:00aCommunity:Tiny Tales
Tue Apr 1010:30aMeeting:Babies and Books
Tue Apr 1012:00pMeeting:Network Knitting
Sat Apr 071:00pLiterary:Writers Group
Thu Apr 053:30pMeeting:The Hangout
Thu Apr 052:30pLecture:Security While Using Social Media
Wed Apr 0411:00aCommunity:Super Tiny Tales
Tue Apr 0310:30aMeeting:Babies and Books
Tue Apr 0312:00pMeeting:Network Knitting
Thu Mar 293:30pMeeting:The Hangout
Wed Mar 2811:00aMeeting:Tiny Tales
Tue Mar 276:30pMeeting:Book Club
Thu Mar 223:30pMeeting:The Hangout
Wed Mar 2111:00aMeeting:Tiny Tales
Thu Mar 153:30pMeeting:The Hangout
Wed Mar 1411:00aMeeting:Tiny Tales
Thu Mar 083:30pMeeting:The Hangout
Wed Mar 0711:00aMeeting:Super Tiny Tales
Thu Mar 013:30pMeeting:The Hangout
Wed Feb 2811:00aMeeting:Tiny Tales
Tue Feb 276:30pMeeting:Book Club
Thu Feb 223:30pMeeting:The Hangout
Wed Feb 2111:00aMeeting:Tiny Tales
Thu Feb 153:30pMeeting:The Hangout
Wed Feb 1411:00aMeeting:Tiny Tales
Tue Feb 136:30pLecture:Learn to Better Understand Trauma
Wed Feb 0711:00aMeeting:Tiny Tales
Tue Feb 066:30pLecture:Understanding and Helping Children Cope with Anxiety
Thu Feb 016:00pWorkshop:Create with Alcohol Inks!
Wed Jan 3111:00aMeeting:Tiny Tales
Sat Jan 2710:30aMeeting:Family Storytime
Sat Jan 2711:30aMeeting:Family Storytime
Sat Jan 271:30pMeeting:Family Storytime
Wed Jan 2411:00aMeeting:Tiny Tales
Wed Jan 1711:00aMeeting:Tiny Tales
Wed Jan 101:00pWorkshop:Downloading eBooks and Audiobooks
Wed Jan 1011:00aMeeting:Tiny Tales
Wed Dec 1311:00aMeeting:Tiny Tales
Wed Dec 0611:00aMeeting:Tiny Tales
Tue Dec 054:00pWorkshop:Replicating Small Historic Items
Wed Nov 2911:00aMeeting:Tiny Tales
Tue Nov 286:30pMeeting:Kentville Book Club
Wed Nov 2211:00aMeeting:Tiny Tales
Wed Nov 1511:00aMeeting:Tiny Tales
Wed Nov 0811:00aMeeting:Tiny Tales
Wed Nov 0111:00aMeeting:Tiny Tales
Wed Oct 2511:00aMeeting:Tiny Tales
Wed Oct 1811:00aMeeting:Tiny Tales
Wed Oct 1111:00aMeeting:Tiny Tales
Wed Oct 0411:00aMeeting:Tiny Tales
Wed Sep 2711:00aMeeting:Tiny Tales
Tue Sep 2612:00pMeeting:Network Knitting
Thu Sep 213:30pMeeting:Make a Fairy Garden!
Wed Sep 2011:00aMeeting:Tiny Tales
Wed Sep 1311:00aMeeting:Tiny Tales
Wed Sep 0611:00aMeeting:Tiny Tales
Thu Aug 102:30pMeeting:Make a LED Card
Wed Aug 0211:30aMeeting:Picnic
Thu Jul 202:30pMeeting:Kids Tech - Ozobots
Wed Jul 1211:30aMeeting:Picnic
Sat May 272:00pMeeting:Crafty Kids
Sat May 202:00pMeeting:Crafty Kids
Sat May 132:00pMeeting:Crafty Kids
Wed Mar 2911:00aMusic:Storytime
Sat Mar 252:00pMeeting:Crafty Kids
Wed Mar 2211:00aMusic:Storytime
Sat Mar 182:00pMeeting:Crafty Kids
Fri Mar 172:00pLiterary:Art March
Thu Mar 161:00pMeeting:Get Your Game On!
Wed Mar 1511:00aMusic:Storytime
Mon Mar 131:30pRecreation:Yoga for Youth
Sat Mar 112:00pMeeting:Crafty Kids
Wed Mar 0811:00aMusic:Storytime
Sat Mar 042:00pMeeting:Crafty Kids
Wed Mar 0111:00aMusic:Storytime
Sat Feb 252:00pMeeting:Crafty Kids
Wed Feb 2211:00aMusic:Storytime
Tue Feb 216:30pWorkshop:Understanding and Helping Children Cope with Anxiety
Sat Feb 182:00pMeeting:Crafty Kids
Wed Feb 1511:00aMusic:Storytime
Sat Feb 112:00pMeeting:Crafty Kids
Wed Feb 0811:00aMusic:Storytime
Sat Feb 042:00pMeeting:Crafty Kids
Wed Feb 0111:00aMusic:Storytime
Tue Jan 316:30pLiterary:Library Book Club
Wed Dec 2811:00aMusic:Storytime
Wed Dec 2111:00aMusic:Storytime
Wed Dec 1411:00aMusic:Storytime
Wed Dec 0711:00aMusic:Storytime
Wed Nov 3011:00aMusic:Storytime
Tue Nov 2912:00pMeeting:Network Knitting
Tue Nov 296:30pMeeting:Book Club
Sat Nov 262:00pMeeting:Crafty Kids
Wed Nov 2311:00aMusic:Storytime
Tue Nov 226:30pLiterary:Teen Buddies
Thu Nov 171:30pLiterary:Positive Approaches for Dementia
Wed Nov 1611:00aMusic:Storytime
Sat Nov 122:00pMeeting:Crafty Kids
Wed Nov 0911:00aMusic:Storytime
Tue Nov 086:30pLiterary:Teen Buddies
Sat Nov 0510:00aOther:Bake Sale and Book Reading at Kentville Library
Wed Nov 0211:00aMusic:Storytime
Sat Oct 292:00pMeeting:Crafty Kids
Wed Oct 2611:00aMusic:Storytime
Tue Oct 2512:00pMeeting:Network Knitting
Wed Oct 1911:00aMusic:Storytime
Tue Oct 186:30pLiterary:Teen Buddies
Sat Oct 152:00pMeeting:Crafty Kids
Wed Oct 1211:00aMusic:Storytime
Wed Oct 0511:00aMusic:Storytime
Tue Oct 046:30pLiterary:Teen Buddies
Wed Sep 2811:00aMusic:Storytime
Wed Sep 287:00pLiterary:Book Club
Tue Sep 2712:00pMeeting:Network Knitting
Mon Sep 266:00pLiterary:Show us the Awesome
Wed Sep 2111:00aMusic:Storytime
Tue Aug 306:30pMeeting:Teen Buddies
Tue Aug 166:30pLiterary:Teen Buddies
Fri Jul 2911:00aLiterary:Storytime with a Farmer
Wed Jul 277:00pMusic:Camp Overdue - For Teens!
Tue Jul 196:30pLiterary:Teen Buddies
Tue Jul 1910:30aLiterary:Anne Glover - Storyteller
Tue Jul 1210:30aMusic:PreSchool Disco
Thu Jul 0710:00aLiterary:Book Give-Away Day
Tue Jul 056:30pLiterary:Teen Buddies
Tue Jun 216:30pLiterary:Teen Buddies
Tue Jun 076:30pLiterary:Teen Buddies
Tue May 3112:00pWorkshop:Network Knitting
Tue May 316:30pLiterary:Teen Buddies
Wed May 2511:00aMusic:Storytime
Wed May 257:00pLiterary:Book Club
Wed May 1811:00aMusic:Storytime
Tue May 176:30pLiterary:Teen Buddies
Wed May 1111:00aMusic:Storytime
Wed May 0411:00aMusic:Storytime
Tue May 036:30pLiterary:Teen Buddies
Wed Apr 277:00pMeeting:Library Bookclub
Wed Apr 2711:00aMusic:Storytime
Tue Apr 2612:00pWorkshop:Network Knitting
Sun Apr 242:00pMeeting:Would you like to be our Friends?
Wed Apr 2011:00aMusic:Storytime
Tue Apr 1910:30aMusic:Seniors Celebrate Spring!
Tue Apr 196:30pLiterary:Teen Buddies
Wed Apr 1311:00aMusic:Storytime
Wed Apr 0611:00aMusic:Storytime
Tue Apr 056:30pLiterary:Teen Buddies
Wed Mar 3011:00aMusic:Storytime
Tue Mar 2912:00pWorkshop:Network Knitting
Wed Mar 2311:00aMusic:Storytime
Wed Mar 1611:00aMusic:Storytime
Mon Mar 142:00pCommunity:Art Cafe
Wed Mar 0211:00aLiterary:Storytime
Tue Mar 016:30pLiterary:Teen Buddies
Wed Feb 247:00pLiterary:Library Book Club
Tue Feb 2312:00pWorkshop:Network Knitting
Tue Feb 026:30pLiterary:Teen Buddies
Wed Jan 277:00pLiterary:Library Book Club
Tue Jan 2612:00pWorkshop:Network Knitting
Sun Dec 271:00pCommunity:Girl Power
Wed Dec 1611:00aLiterary:Storytime
Sun Dec 132:00pLiterary:Christmas Party
Wed Dec 0911:00aLiterary:Storytime
Wed Dec 0211:00aLiterary:Storytime
Tue Dec 016:30pCommunity:Teen Buddies
Sun Nov 291:00pCommunity:Girl Power
Sun Nov 293:00pMeeting:Teen Council
Wed Nov 257:00pLiterary:Library Book Club
Wed Nov 2511:00aLiterary:Storytime
Tue Nov 2412:00pCommunity:Network Knitting
Sat Nov 212:30pLiterary:Otherworlds Day
Wed Nov 1811:00aLiterary:Storytime
Sun Nov 153:00pCommunity:Teen Council
Wed Nov 1111:00aLiterary:Storytime
Sat Nov 0710:30aWorkshop:Kids and Money
Wed Nov 0411:00aLiterary:Storytime
Tue Nov 036:30pCommunity:Teen Buddies
Fri Oct 303:00pCommunity:The Great Puppet Experiment
Wed Oct 2811:00aLiterary:Storytime
Tue Oct 2712:00pCommunity:Network Knitting
Sun Oct 252:00pMeeting:Girl Power/Teen Council Halloween Party
Sat Oct 243:00pCommunity:Halloween MakerLab
Thu Oct 224:00pWorkshop:Drop-In iPad Workshop for Beginners
Wed Oct 2111:00aLiterary:Storytime
Wed Oct 217:00pCommunity:Miner's Marsh Through the Seasons
Tue Oct 201:00pCommunity:Adult Colouring, The New Craze!
Wed Oct 1411:00aLiterary:Storytime
Sun Oct 113:00pMeeting:Teen Council
Wed Oct 0711:00aLiterary:Storytime
Tue Oct 066:30pCommunity:Teen Buddies
Wed Sep 3011:00aLiterary:Storytime
Wed Sep 2311:00aLiterary:Storytime
Wed Aug 266:30pOther:CAP End of Summer Celebration
Tue Aug 1810:00aCommunity:Little Ray's Reptile Zoo
Tue Aug 0411:00aMusic:Musical Zoo in Kentville
Sat Jun 0610:30aLecture:Seminar
Sun Apr 261:00pMeeting:Miner's Marsh Spring Cleanup
Sat Jan 2411:00aCommunity:Words in Action
Wed Oct 297:00pLiterary:Book Club
Wed Oct 2911:00aLiterary:Special Storytime
Tue Oct 2812:00pMeeting:Network Knitting
Wed Oct 2211:00aLiterary:Storytime
Wed Oct 227:00pWorkshop:Saving for a Secure Future
Tue Oct 2111:00aLiterary:Author Reading Marilyn Jones
Wed Oct 1511:00aLiterary:Storytime
Wed Oct 0811:00aLiterary:Storytime
Wed Oct 087:00pWorkshop:Saving for Post Secondary Education
Sat Oct 0411:00aLiterary:StoryMob
Wed Oct 0111:00aLiterary:Storytime
Tue Sep 3012:00pMeeting:Network Knitting
Wed Sep 2411:00aLiterary:Special Storytime
Wed Sep 247:00pLiterary:Book Club
Wed Sep 1711:00aLiterary:Storytime
Wed Sep 1011:00aLiterary:Storytime
Tue Aug 2612:00pWorkshop:One on One Computer Tutorials
Mon Aug 251:30pWorkshop:One on One Computer Tutorials
Tue Aug 199:30aWorkshop:LEGO Stop Motion Flick
Tue Aug 191:00pWorkshop:One on One Computer Tutorials
Mon Aug 181:30pWorkshop:One on One Computer Tutorials
Tue Aug 122:00pOther:Test Drive a Tablet
Mon Aug 111:30pWorkshop:One on One Computer Tutorials
Tue Aug 059:30aWorkshop:Game Maker
Tue Aug 0512:30pWorkshop:One on One Computer Tutorials
Tue Jul 2912:00pWorkshop:Bring Books to Life
Sat Jan 183:00pWorkshop:Borrowing Books for Tablets
Tue Dec 101:00pWorkshop:Computer/Mobile Device tutorials
Tue Dec 031:00pWorkshop:Computer/Mobile Device tutorials
Tue Nov 261:00pWorkshop:Computer/Mobile Device tutorials
Tue Nov 191:00pWorkshop:Computer/Mobile Device tutorials
Tue Oct 2910:00aWorkshop: Financial Advice for Seniors
Mon Oct 286:30pOther: A Night in Paris
Tue Oct 2210:00aWorkshop:Arthritis Chronic Pain Management
Thu Oct 104:00pLiterary:How the Pea Came to Be
Wed Oct 027:00pLiterary:Author Reading with Alissa York
Tue Jul 3010:00aWorkshop:One on One Computer Tutorials
Mon Jul 299:30aWorkshop:One on One Computer Tutorials
Thu Jul 255:00pWorkshop:One on One Computer Tutorials
Tue Jul 239:00aWorkshop:One on One Computer Tutorials
Mon Jul 229:30aWorkshop:One on One Computer Tutorials
Tue Jul 1612:00pWorkshop:One on One Computer Tutorials
Tue Jul 163:30pWorkshop:3D Printer Demonstration
Mon Jul 159:30aWorkshop:One on One Computer Tutorials
Tue Jul 0910:00aWorkshop:One on One Computer Tutorials
Mon Jul 089:30aWorkshop:One on One Computer Tutorials
Mon Jun 033:30pLiterary:Dog Day Afternoon Story Time
Tue Apr 1610:00aWorkshop:Apps for (your) Kids
Mon Apr 086:30pWorkshop:Ebooks & Audiobooks
Sun Mar 104:30pCulinary:Dead Dinner Party
Fri Feb 019:00aWorkshop:Computer Tutorials
Tue Jan 299:00aWorkshop:Computer Tutorials
Fri Jan 259:00aWorkshop:One On One Computer Tutorials
Tue Jan 229:00aWorkshop:One On One Computer Tutorials
Fri Jan 189:00aWorkshop:One On One Computer Tutorials
Tue Jan 159:00aWorkshop:One On One Computer Tutorials
Wed Oct 176:30pCulinary:Dead Dinner
Mon Oct 156:30pWorkshop:Downloadable eBook & Audiobook
Sat Sep 2210:30aLiterary:Read to Me! Babies and Books
Wed Aug 086:00pWorkshop:Word Zone Writing
Wed Jul 116:30pRecreation:Xbox Launch
Wed Jul 0411:00aVisual:Wild Animal Puppet Show
Thu May 174:00pTheatre:Once Upon a Wolf
Tue Mar 1310:00aMusic:Guitar Workshop with Caleb Miles
Mon Nov 146:30pLecture:eBook Readers 101: getting started
Thu Nov 103:30pVisual:Snack, Craft, and Chat
Thu Oct 277:00pMeeting:Booker School Info Session
Mon Oct 176:00pVisual:Drawing Workshop
Fri Sep 304:00pLiterary:Robert Munsch Stories
Sat May 1410:30aOther:My Very Own Castle Party
Wed Feb 167:00pOther:Winter Wellness Workshop
Fri Oct 228:00pOther:Spooky Lock In
Thu Sep 303:30pTheatre:Princess and the Pea
Sat Sep 253:00pTheatre:Princess and the Pea
Sun Aug 157:00pOther:Gutair Hero Teen Lounge
Sun Jul 257:00pOther:Teen Lounge Movie Night
Sun Jul 117:00pOther:School’s Out Teen Lounge
Sun Jun 277:00pOther:Teen Lounge Movie Night
Fri Jun 117:00pOther:Hawaiian Games Teen Lounge
Fri Jun 117:00pOther:Teen Zone Hawaiian Games
Sun May 307:00pFilm:Teen Movie Night
Fri May 077:00pOther:Teen Lounge
Wed Mar 176:45pFilm:Teen Movie: Whip it
Mon Feb 087:00pFilm:Amelia
Mon Jan 253:30pMusic:Laura Roy & Matt French
Wed Nov 254:00pTheatre:Circus Arts Workshop
Fri Nov 207:00pOther:Fear Factor Library Lock-in
Sat Oct 036:00pOther:Teen Lounge: Juggling Workshop
Mon Jul 207:00pMusic:Guitar Hero Rock-Out
Wed Jun 037:00pLiterary:Jon Tattrie - Author
Fri May 229:00pOther:Teen Library Lock-In
Mon Apr 276:30pOther:Teen Lounge - Rock Band
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