Past Events
Tue Jul 102:00pOther:Create a Terrarium
Thu Jul 052:00pOther:Tech Makers: LEGO Mindstorms Robotics
Thu Jun 283:30pOther:Tech Makers: LEGO Mindstorms Robotics
Tue Jun 266:30pOther:Summer Reading Club
Thu Jun 213:30pOther:Tech Makers: Little Bits
Thu Jun 143:30pOther:Tech Makers: Digital Art
Thu Jun 073:30pMeeting:LEGO
Tue Jun 053:30pWorkshop:Grow Your Own Beanstalk
Thu May 313:30pMeeting:LEGO
Tue May 296:30pWorkshop:Financial Planning: Estate Planning
Fri May 251:00pMeeting:Game Time
Fri May 253:30pRecreation:Teen Yoga
Thu May 2410:30aMeeting:Preschool Fun Class
Thu May 243:30pMeeting:LEGO
Tue May 226:30pWorkshop:Financial Planning: Tax Planning for Retirees and Seniors
Fri May 181:00pMeeting:Game Time
Fri May 183:30pRecreation:Teen Yoga
Thu May 1710:30aMeeting:Preschool Fun Class
Thu May 173:30pMeeting:LEGO
Tue May 156:30pWorkshop:Financial Planning: Retirement Planning
Fri May 111:00pMeeting:Game Time
Fri May 113:30pRecreation:Teen Yoga
Thu May 1010:30aMeeting:Preschool Fun Class
Thu May 103:15pMeeting:Crafting Club
Fri May 041:00pMeeting:Game Time
Fri May 043:30pRecreation:Teen Yoga
Thu May 033:15pWorkshop:Create with Alcohol Inks
Thu May 0310:30aMeeting:Preschool Fun Class
Fri Apr 271:00pMeeting:Game Time
Fri Apr 273:30pRecreation:Yoga for Youth
Thu Apr 2610:30aMeeting:Preschool Fun Class
Fri Apr 201:00pMeeting:Game Time
Fri Apr 203:30pRecreation:Yoga for Youth
Thu Apr 1910:30aMeeting:Preschool Fun Class
Fri Apr 131:00pMeeting:Game Time
Fri Apr 133:30pRecreation:Yoga for Youth
Thu Apr 123:15pMeeting:Crafting Club
Fri Apr 061:00pMeeting:Game Time
Fri Apr 063:30pRecreation:Yoga for Youth
Sat Mar 2410:00aCommunity:Income Tax Preparation
Fri Mar 233:30pRecreation:Yoga for Youth
Thu Mar 223:30pMeeting:Teen Book Club
Thu Mar 2210:00aWorkshop:Financial Security on the Internet
Fri Mar 161:00pMeeting:Game Time
Fri Mar 163:30pRecreation:Yoga for Youth Ages
Thu Mar 1510:30aWorkshop:Glorious Mud
Fri Mar 093:30pRecreation:Yoga for Youth Ages
Thu Mar 083:15pMeeting:Crafting Club
Fri Mar 021:00pMeeting:Game Time
Fri Mar 023:30pRecreation:Yoga for Youth
Fri Feb 233:30pWorkshop:African Folktales
Fri Feb 231:00pMeeting:Game Time
Thu Feb 223:30pMeeting:Teen Book Club
Fri Feb 093:30pMeeting:Make Light-up Valentine Cards
Fri Feb 091:00pMeeting:Game Time
Fri Feb 092:00pLecture:Travel to Greece with Bill
Thu Feb 083:15pMeeting:Crafting Club
Sat Jan 2711:00aLiterary:Big Ideas on Family Literacy Day
Thu Jan 253:30pMeeting:Book Talk for Teens
Fri Jan 122:00pLecture:Travel with Tony to Andalucia
Thu Jan 113:15pMeeting:Crafting Club
Sun Dec 3111:00aCommunity:Noon Year's Eve
Tue Dec 196:30pMeeting:Teen Games Night!
Fri Dec 153:30pWorkshop:Christmas Craft & Storytime
Thu Dec 141:00pWorkshop:Create with Alcohol Inks for Adults
Thu Dec 143:30pLiterary:Teen Book Club
Thu Dec 143:15pMeeting:Crafting Club
Tue Dec 126:30pMeeting:Teen Games Night!
Tue Dec 056:30pMeeting:Teen Games Night!
Fri Dec 016:30pMeeting:Moonlight Madness
Tue Nov 286:30pMeeting:Teen Game Night!
Thu Nov 233:30pMeeting:Teen Book Club
Tue Nov 216:30pMeeting:Teen Game Night!
Tue Nov 146:30pMeeting:Teen Game Night!
Thu Nov 0910:00aMeeting:Happy Kids Play Class
Thu Nov 093:15pMeeting:Crafting Club
Tue Nov 073:30pWorkshop:Kindness Rocks
Tue Nov 076:30pMeeting:Teen Game Night!
Thu Nov 0210:00aMeeting:Happy Kids Play Class
Tue Oct 316:30pMeeting:Teen Game Night!
Fri Oct 276:30pMeeting:Spooky Family Fort Night
Fri Oct 272:00pMeeting:Skip-Bo
Thu Oct 263:30pMeeting:Teen Book Club
Thu Oct 2610:00aMeeting:Happy Kids Play Class
Tue Oct 243:30pLecture:Celebrate Mi'kmaq History Month
Fri Oct 202:00pMeeting:Skip-Bo
Thu Oct 1910:00aMeeting:Happy Kids Play Class
Tue Oct 177:00pLiterary:Book Launch - God's Will by Judi Cahorn
Fri Oct 132:00pMeeting:Skip-Bo
Thu Oct 1210:00aMeeting:Happy Kids Play Class
Thu Oct 123:15pMeeting:Crafting Club
Fri Oct 062:00pMeeting:Skip-Bo
Thu Oct 0510:00aMeeting:Rug Hooking
Thu Oct 0510:00aMeeting:Happy Kids Play Class
Wed Oct 046:30pMeeting:Harry Potter Game Night
Fri Sep 292:00pMeeting:Skip-Bo
Thu Sep 283:30pMeeting:Teen Book Club
Fri Sep 222:00pMeeting:Skip-Bo
Fri Sep 152:00pMeeting:Skip-Bo
Thu Sep 143:15pMeeting:Crafting Club
Tue Sep 122:00pWorkshop:Writing Group: workshop with Stephanie Domet
Sat Sep 0910:00aFundraiser:Silent Auction and Yard Sale
Fri Sep 084:00pFleamarket:Silent Auction and Yard Sale
Thu Aug 242:00pWorkshop:Make a LED Card
Thu Aug 172:00pMeeting:Kids Tech
Tue Aug 152:00pMeeting:Terrific Tuesday
Fri Aug 1110:00aCommunity:Book Give Away Day
Thu Aug 102:00pMeeting:Kids Tech
Thu Aug 032:00pMeeting:Introduction to Coding
Tue Aug 012:00pMeeting:Terrific Tuesday
Fri Jul 2812:00pCulinary:Books & Bites
Thu Jul 272:00pMeeting:Kids Tech
Tue Jul 252:00pMeeting:Terrific Tuesday
Thu Jul 202:00pMeeting:Kids Tech
Fri Jul 1412:00pCommunity: B.A.S.H. Queen Street Bazaar
Thu Jul 132:00pMeeting:Kids Tech
Tue Jul 042:00pMeeting:Terrific Tuesday
Tue Jun 276:30pLiterary:Summer Reading Club Launch
Tue Jun 206:30pMeeting:Hearthstone!
Tue Jun 136:30pMeeting:Hearthstone!
Tue Jun 066:30pMeeting:Hearthstone!
Tue May 306:30pMeeting:Dungeons and Dragons
Sat May 2711:00aCommunity:Seedling Swap
Tue May 236:30pMeeting:Dungeons and Dragons
Fri May 192:00pMeeting:Skip-Bo
Tue May 166:30pMeeting:Dungeons and Dragons
Fri May 122:00pMeeting:Skip-Bo
Tue May 096:30pMeeting:Dungeons And Dragons
Sat May 0611:00aLiterary:Book Launch - He Delights In Me
Fri May 052:00pMeeting:Skip-Bo
Tue May 026:30pMeeting:Dungeons And Dragons
Fri Apr 282:00pMeeting:Skip-Bo
Thu Apr 279:30aMusic:Preschool Fun Class
Tue Apr 256:30pMeeting:Dungeons And Dragons
Fri Apr 212:00pLiterary:Skip-Bo
Thu Apr 209:30aMusic:Preschool Fun Class
Tue Apr 186:30pLiterary:Dungeons And Dragons
Thu Apr 139:30aMusic:Preschool Fun Class
Tue Apr 116:30pLiterary:Dungeons And Dragons
Fri Apr 072:00pMeeting:Skip-Bo
Thu Apr 069:30aMusic:Preschool Fun Class
Fri Mar 312:00pMeeting:Skip-Bo
Thu Mar 309:30aMusic:Preschool Fun Class
Fri Mar 242:00pMeeting:Skip-Bo
Thu Mar 239:30pMusic:Preschool Fun Class
Fri Mar 172:00pMeeting:Skip-Bo
Thu Mar 1610:00aLecture:Dementia Support
Thu Mar 162:30pWorkshop:Bento Boxes! Healthy Snacks for Kids
Tue Mar 1410:00aMusic:Drumming With Kadijah
Fri Mar 102:00pMeeting:Skip-Bo
Fri Mar 032:00pMeeting:Skip-Bo
Thu Feb 2310:00aLecture:Dementia Support
Tue Feb 146:30pMusic:Tuesday Hangout!
Tue Feb 076:30pMusic:Tuesday Hangout!
Tue Jan 316:30pMusic:Tuesday Hangout!
Tue Jan 246:30pMusic:Tuesday Hangout!
Thu Jan 1910:00aMeeting:Dementia Support Workshop
Tue Jan 176:30pMusic:Tuesday Hangout!
Tue Jan 106:30pMusic:Tuesday Hangout!
Wed Dec 217:00pMeeting:Breakout: Save The World From Zombies
Tue Dec 203:30pMusic:Holiday Storytime
Sat Dec 1012:00pLiterary:The Hippies Who Meant It - Author Reading
Fri Dec 026:30pCommunity:Moonlight Madness
Tue Nov 293:30pLiterary:Picture Book Party
Tue Nov 222:00pWorkshop:Positive Approaches for Dementia
Fri Nov 182:00pFilm:Suicide Prevention Video
Fri Nov 042:00pFilm:Suicide Prevention Video
Fri Oct 212:00pFilm:Suicide Prevention Video
Fri Oct 072:00pFilm:Suicide Prevention Video
Thu Oct 062:00pWorkshop:Card-Making Workshop
Thu Oct 0610:30aWorkshop:Rug Hooking
Tue Oct 042:00pLiterary:Positive Approaches for Dementia
Fri Sep 232:00pFilm:Suicide Prevention Video
Thu Sep 227:00pMeeting:Death Cafe
Tue Sep 207:00pLiterary:Book Launch - The Dances of Life by Alnoor Rajan
Tue Aug 306:30pMeeting:Mental Health Caregiver Support
Thu Aug 253:00pWorkshop:WeDo Lego Robotics
Fri Aug 192:00pRecreation:Pokémon GO Adventure
Thu Aug 182:00pMusic:Musical Zoo
Thu Aug 183:00pWorkshop:Ozobots
Tue Aug 166:30pMeeting:Mental Health Caregiver Support
Thu Aug 113:00pWorkshop:3Doodlers
Thu Aug 043:00pWorkshop:Little Bits
Wed Aug 036:30pLiterary:Family Fort Night
Tue Aug 026:30pMeeting:Mental Health Caregiver Support
Thu Jul 283:00pWorkshop:Lego Stop Motion Flick
Thu Jul 217:00pMusic:Camp Overdue - for Adults!
Thu Jul 213:00pWorkshop:Musical Tablets
Tue Jul 196:30pMeeting:Mental Health Caregiver Support
Fri Jul 1512:30pCommunity:Little Ray's Reptiles
Thu Jul 142:00pMusic:PreSchool Disco
Thu Jul 143:00pWorkshop:Snap Circuits
Thu Jul 073:00pWorkshop:Be a Photographer
Tue Jul 056:30pMeeting:Mental Health Caregiver Support
Thu Jun 301:00pLiterary:Storytime with a Farmer
Tue Jun 282:00pLiterary:Book Give-Away Day
Tue Jun 287:00pLiterary:Summer Reading Club Launch Party!
Tue Jun 216:30pMeeting:Mental Health Caregiver Support
Thu Jun 167:00pMeeting:Death Cafe
Tue Jun 143:00pLiterary:Storytime
Tue Jun 073:00pLiterary:Storytime
Tue May 313:00pLiterary:Storytime
Tue May 313:30pLiterary:LEGO Club
Tue May 247:00pLecture:The Postal History of Antarctica
Tue May 243:00pLiterary:Storytime
Tue May 243:30pMeeting:LEGO Club
Tue May 173:00pLiterary:Storytime
Tue May 173:30pMeeting:LEGO Club
Tue May 107:00pLecture:The Impact of Digital Media
Tue May 103:00pLiterary:Storytime
Tue May 103:30pMeeting:LEGO Club
Tue May 033:00pLiterary:Storytime
Tue May 031:00pLiterary:Thinking about Retirement?
Tue May 033:30pLiterary:LEGO Club
Fri Apr 291:00pMusic:Kitchen Party for 55+
Tue Apr 263:00pLiterary:Storytime
Tue Apr 263:30pMeeting:LEGO Club
Tue Apr 193:00pLiterary:Storytime
Tue Apr 123:00pLiterary:Storytime
Sat Apr 091:00pLiterary:Sensitive Family Time at the Library
Tue Apr 053:00pLiterary:Storytime
Tue Mar 293:00pLiterary:Storytime
Tue Mar 223:00pLiterary:Storytime
Thu Mar 1711:00aMusic:Kindermusik
Tue Mar 153:00pLiterary:Storytime
Tue Mar 152:30pLiterary:Kids Knit
Sat Mar 121:00pLiterary:Makery Can't-Wait-for-Spring Fling!
Tue Mar 083:00pLiterary:Storytime
Tue Mar 013:00pLiterary:Storytime
Tue Feb 233:00pLiterary:Storytime
Tue Feb 163:00pLiterary:Storytime
Tue Feb 093:00pLiterary:Storytime
Tue Feb 023:00pLiterary:Storytime
Tue Jan 263:00pLiterary:Storytime
Tue Jan 197:00pLiterary:Book Launch: The Adventures of Goldie Maxine
Tue Jan 122:00pMeeting:Library Writing Group
Thu Dec 103:30pWorkshop:MakerLab
Thu Dec 033:30pMeeting:LEGO Stop Motion Flick
Thu Nov 263:30pMeeting:WeDO LEGO Robotics
Thu Nov 261:00pLecture:3D Printing Demo
Thu Nov 193:30pMeeting:MakerLab
Thu Nov 123:30pMeeting:LEGO Mindstorm Robotics
Tue Nov 032:00pWorkshop:Catalogue and eBook Q & A
Tue Oct 273:00pLiterary:Spiderfest
Sat Oct 241:00pCommunity:Recipe Swap
Thu Oct 222:00pCommunity:Seniors Travel Presentation
Sun Oct 186:30pWorkshop:End-of-Life Discussion with Dr. John Ross
Fri Oct 0210:00aCommunity:Coffee, Games, and Conversation
Fri Aug 281:00pMeeting:Musical Tablets
Fri Aug 211:00pMeeting:LEGO Mindstorm Robotics
Tue Aug 1812:30pMeeting:Little Ray's Reptile Zoo
Sat Aug 153:00pMeeting:MakerLab
Fri Aug 141:00pMeeting:LEGO Mindstorm Robotics
Sat Aug 083:00pMeeting:MakerLab
Fri Aug 0712:30pMeeting:Mad Science Slime Time
Thu Aug 062:30pMusic:Musical Zoo
Sat Jul 183:00pMeeting:Ozobots
Fri Jul 171:00pMeeting:Musical Tablets
Tue Jul 142:00pCommunity:3D Printer Demonstration
Fri Jul 103:00pMeeting:Lego Stop Motion Flick
Fri Jul 031:00pMeeting:WeDo Lego Robotics
Tue Jun 301:30pWorkshop:One on One Tech Help
Fri Jun 261:00pMeeting:WeDo Lego Robotics
Sat Apr 119:00aWorkshop:Red Cross Babysitters Course
Thu Mar 191:30pWorkshop:March Break Celebration
Tue Mar 176:30pMusic:Drumming with Kadijah
Fri Dec 193:30pMeeting:Lego Mindstorms Robotics
Tue Dec 163:00pMeeting:Holiday Fun!
Fri Dec 123:30pMeeting:Lego Mindstorms Robotics
Fri Dec 053:30pMeeting:Lego Mindstorms Robotics
Thu Dec 046:30pMeeting:GirlPower!
Fri Oct 3111:00aLiterary:Halloween Storytime
Tue Aug 2611:00aOther:Storytime Lab
Sun Aug 241:30pMeeting:GirlPower2 ART
Thu Aug 073:30pOther:Mad Science: Spin, Pop, Boom!
Thu Jul 311:00pOther:Little Ray's Reptile Zoo
Thu Jul 313:00pMeeting:Lego
Tue Jul 292:00pWorkshop:MakerLab
Tue Jul 2911:00aOther:Storytime Lab
Fri Jul 251:00pWorkshop:Scavenger Hunt
Thu Jul 246:30pMeeting:GirlPower
Thu Jul 243:00pMeeting:Lego
Tue Jul 221:00pVisual:Collage Art
Tue Jul 222:30pWorkshop:Take-Apart Tuesday
Thu Jul 173:00pOther:Lego
Thu Jul 103:00pOther:Lego
Wed Jun 186:30pMeeting:Chess Night
Wed Jun 116:30pMeeting:Chess Night
Sun Jun 081:30pVisual:GP2- Art
Wed Jun 046:30pMeeting:Chess Night
Wed May 286:30pRecreation:Chess Night
Tue May 2711:00aLiterary:Storytime Lab
Sun May 181:30pVisual:GP2- Art
Tue Apr 2911:00aMeeting:Storytime Lab
Thu Mar 276:30pRecreation:GirlPower!
Tue Mar 2511:00aLiterary:Storytime Lab
Thu Mar 1311:00aOther:Pipe Cleaner Art
Tue Mar 1110:00aWorkshop:Tablet Time
Tue Mar 1111:00aWorkshop:Tablet Time
Mon Mar 1010:00aWorkshop:Tablet Time
Mon Mar 1011:00aWorkshop:Tablet Time
Thu Feb 276:30pMeeting:GirlPower!
Fri Feb 073:00pLiterary:Tanzania
Fri Dec 133:30pOther:Holiday Fun for Kids
Thu Dec 123:30pOther:Lego
Tue Dec 1011:00aOther:Preschool Storytime
Sat Dec 071:00pVisual:Calendar Boxes
Thu Dec 053:30pOther:Lego
Tue Dec 0311:00aOther:Preschool Storytime
Fri Nov 292:00pLiterary:Bob Bent at Bridgetown Book Talk
Thu Oct 246:30pMeeting:Spooky GirlPower
Tue Jul 302:00pOther:Little Ray's Reptile Zoo
Mon Mar 112:00pMusic:Learn to Drum with Kadijah!
Thu Dec 203:30pVisual:Christmas Crafting
Tue Dec 183:30pVisual:Christmas Crafting
Thu Oct 187:00pFilm:Dark Shadows Movie Night
Fri Sep 212:00pWorkshop:Play Minecraft as a Group
Fri Sep 142:00pWorkshop:One on One Computer Help
Thu Aug 2311:30aWorkshop:Promote Your Own Business (for kids)
Tue Aug 2110:00aOther:Tweet With Twitter
Thu Aug 169:30aOther:Record Your Favorite Story
Tue Aug 1410:00aOther:Facebook
Tue Aug 146:30pOther:Blogging For Business
Thu Aug 099:30pOther:Storybird
Thu Aug 0911:30aOther:Shoot A Commercial (for Kids)
Tue Aug 0710:00pOther:Digital Photo Editing
Thu Aug 029:30aOther:Bitstrips Make Your Own Comic
Sat May 191:00pFilm:The Red Hen Film Screening Party
Sat Mar 1711:00aLiterary:Play-Writing Workshop
Fri Jan 2711:00aLiterary:Talk, Sing, Read, Play!
Fri Jan 2011:00aLiterary:Talk, Sing, Read, Play!
Tue Dec 137:00pWorkshop:Mini-gifts- DIY
Mon Dec 058:00pCulinary:12 Days of Cookies
Fri Dec 026:30pLiterary:Open House & Used Book Sale
Sat Nov 0510:30aLiterary:Youth Writing Group
Fri Oct 283:00pLiterary:Spooky Stories for Halloween
Thu Sep 292:00pLecture:Stuffing Bras
Fri Sep 166:30pLiterary:Pumpkin People
Fri Sep 167:30pOther:Ciderfest Teen Lounge
Wed Jul 137:00pFilm:Harry Potter Movie Night
Sat Jun 182:30pOther:Library Opening
Sat May 287:00pMusic:cof•fee•house
Tue Apr 197:00pLiterary:Letter Writing Club
Sat Apr 167:00pMusic:Coffeehouse
Tue Mar 227:00pLiterary:Letter Writing Club
Wed Jan 276:30pMusic:Family Literacy Day Pajama Time
Wed Sep 166:30pOther:Teen Lounge
Thu May 287:00pOther:Teen Lounge
Thu May 147:00pOther:Teen Lounge
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