Prescott House Museum

1633 Starr's Point Rd.
Port Williams, Nova Scotia
B0P 1T0

Past Events
Sun Sep 242:00pMeeting:The Design and Building of Acacia Grove
Mon Sep 041:30pMuseum:Peek, Peer and Peruse
Sun Sep 031:30pMuseum:Peek, Peer and Peruse
Sat Aug 1910:00aLiterary:Romancing the Writer
Wed Aug 1610:00aWorkshop:Art, Printmaking Fun!
Wed Aug 1610:00aMuseum:Mi’kmaq Cultural Teachings
Sat Aug 1210:00aWorkshop:Junk-de Verres Glass Making
Wed Aug 021:00pWorkshop:Busy Bugs Children's Workshop
Sat Jul 2911:00aMusic:Heritage and Cultures Family Day
Wed Jul 2610:00aWorkshop:Art, Printmaking Fun!
Wed Jul 1910:00aWorkshop:Children's Nature Workshop
Sun Jul 091:30pMusic:Strawberry Social
Sat Oct 0110:00aWorkshop:Public Archaeology Project
Sun Sep 252:00pLecture:Comfort me with Apples
Sun Sep 182:00pLecture:The Oriental Rugs in the Prescott Collection
Sun Sep 112:00pLecture:The History of the Apple Industry in the Annapolis Valley
Sun Sep 041:30pMuseum:Peek, Peer and Peruse
Sun Aug 282:00pLecture:The Design and Building of Acacia Grove
Wed Aug 1710:00aWorkshop:Art- Printmaking Fun!
Sat Aug 1310:00aLiterary:Romancing the Writer
Wed Aug 1010:00aWorkshop:Finding Hidden Treasures, Children’s Archaeology
Wed Aug 031:00pWorkshop:Busy Bugs
Wed Jul 2710:00aWorkshop:Art Printmaking Fun!
Sun Jul 242:00pLecture: A Brief History of Crazy Quilts and Other Embroidered Treasures
Wed Jul 2010:00aWorkshop:Be a Nature Detective
Sun Jul 171:30pMusic:Strawberry Social
Sat Aug 2210:00aLiterary:Romancing the Writer
Wed Aug 1910:00a:Prescott Nature Buddies
Sun Aug 162:00pMusic:Love in Bloom
Wed Aug 121:00p:Prescott Busy Bugs
Wed Aug 0510:00a:Prescott Picassos
Wed Jul 2910:00a:Prescott Picassos
Wed Jul 2210:00aWorkshop:A Day in the Life of the Prescott Children
Wed Jul 1510:00aWorkshop:Prescott Pirates
Sun Jul 122:00pCulinary:Strawberry Social
Sun Jun 212:00p:Open House
Sat Aug 2310:00aWorkshop:Romancing the Writer
Thu Aug 2110:00aWorkshop:Picassos Art
Tue Aug 1910:00aWorkshop:Pirates
Sun Aug 172:00pOther:Love In Bloom, A Garden Party
Thu Aug 1410:00aWorkshop:Picassos Art
Tue Aug 121:00pWorkshop:Busy Bugs
Sun Aug 1012:00pOther:Peek, Peer and Peruse
Thu Aug 0710:00aWorkshop:Picassos Art
Tue Aug 0510:00aWorkshop:Toyshop
Thu Jul 3110:00aWorkshop:Picassos Art
Tue Jul 2910:00aWorkshop:Knights and Ladies
Thu Jul 2410:00aWorkshop:Picassos Art
Tue Jul 2210:00aWorkshop:A Day in the Life of the Prescott Children
Thu Jul 1710:00aWorkshop:Picassos Art
Tue Jul 1510:00aOther:Nature Buddies
Sun Jul 132:00pCulinary:Strawberry Social
Sun Jul 0612:00pOther:Peer, Peer and Peruse
Fri Jun 132:00pCulinary:Strawberry Social
Sun Jun 0812:00pOther:Peek, Peer and Peruse
Sun Aug 259:00aWorkshop:Public Archaeology Dig
Sat Aug 249:00aWorkshop:Public Archaeology Dig
Fri Aug 239:00aWorkshop:Public Archaeology Dig
Thu Aug 2210:00aWorkshop:Prescott Picassos
Thu Aug 229:00aWorkshop:Public Archaeology Dig
Tue Aug 2010:00aWorkshop:Prescott Pirates
Sat Aug 1710:00aWorkshop:Writers Workshop
Thu Aug 1510:00aWorkshop:Prescott Picassos
Tue Aug 131:00pWorkshop:Prescott's Busy Bugs
Thu Aug 0810:00aWorkshop:Prescott Picassos
Tue Aug 0610:00aWorkshop:Let's Go Fly a Kite!
Thu Aug 0110:00aWorkshop:Prescott Picassos
Tue Jul 3010:00aWorkshop:Prescott Toyshop
Thu Jul 2510:00aWorkshop:Prescott Picassos
Tue Jul 2310:00aWorkshop:A Day in the Life of Prescott Children
Thu Jul 1810:00aWorkshop:Prescott Picassos
Tue Jul 1610:00aWorkshop:Mi'kmaq Stories and Traditions
Sun Jul 142:00pCulinary:Strawberry Social
Thu Jul 1110:00aWorkshop:Prescott Picassos
Tue Jul 0910:00aWorkshop:Prescott Nature Buddies
Thu Jul 0410:00aWorkshop:Prescott Picassos
Tue Jul 0210:00aOther:Old Fashioned Games
Sat Jun 2910:00aOther:A Tour of Summer Gardens
Sat Sep 159:00aOther:Apple Exhibit
Sun Sep 092:00pMusic:Living Titanic
Sat Aug 2510:00aLiterary:Romancing the Writer
Sun Jul 152:00pMusic:Strawberry Social
Wed Jul 0410:00aWorkshop:Summer Children's Crafts
Sat Jun 163:00pOther:Tea at Three
Wed Oct 051:00pWorkshop:Introduction to Travel Writing
Sat Oct 0110:00aOther:Apple Exhibit
Sun Sep 251:00pOther:Apple Exhibit
Sat Sep 2410:00aOther:Apple Exhibit
Thu Sep 2210:00aOther:Apple Exhibit
Sat Sep 177:00pTheatre:Murder Mystery Evening
Sat Sep 038:00pOther:Tour
Tue Aug 3010:00aWorkshop:Children's Summer Workshops
Thu Aug 2510:00aWorkshop:Children's Summer Workshops
Tue Aug 2310:00aWorkshop:Children's Summer Workshops
Sat Aug 207:00pMusic:An Evening at Prescott House
Thu Aug 1810:00aWorkshop:Children's Summer Workshops
Tue Aug 1610:00aWorkshop:Children's Summer Workshops
Sat Aug 1310:00aLiterary:Finding Your Muse, writing workshop
Thu Aug 1110:00aWorkshop:Children's Summer Workshops
Tue Aug 0910:00aWorkshop:Children's Summer Workshops
Thu Aug 0410:00aWorkshop:Children's Summer Workshops
Tue Aug 0210:00aWorkshop:Children's Summer Workshops
Thu Jul 2810:00aWorkshop:Children's Summer Workshops
Tue Jul 2610:00aWorkshop:Children's Summer Workshops
Thu Jul 2110:00aWorkshop:Children's Summer Workshops
Tue Jul 1910:00aWorkshop:Children's Summer Workshops
Sun Jul 172:00pCulinary:Strawberry Social
Thu Jul 1410:00aWorkshop:Children's Summer Workshops
Tue Jul 1210:00aWorkshop:Children's Summer Workshops
Thu Jul 0710:00aWorkshop:Children's Summer Workshops
Tue Jul 0510:00aWorkshop:Children's Summer Workshops
Wed Jun 221:00pWorkshop:Memoir Writing
Sun Jun 122:00pWorkshop:Miniature Making Workshop
Sun Oct 102:00pMusic:Johanne Mcinnis
Wed Oct 061:00pLiterary:Travel Writing Workshop
Sun Sep 262:00pCulinary:Prescott Autumn Tea
Mon Sep 2012:00pOther:Quilt Show
Mon Sep 2012:00pOther:Apple Exhibit
Sun Jul 252:00pLiterary:Greg Brown Reading
Sun Jul 182:00pMeeting:Strawberry Social
Sun Jun 272:00pOther:Miniature Making Workshop
Sun Jun 272:00pOther:Gardens Tour
Sat Jun 262:00pOther:Every Apron Tells a Story
Sat Jun 0510:00aOther:Plant Exchange
Sun Sep 202:00pMusic:Music in the Garden
Sat Sep 197:00pTheatre:Murder and Mayhem in the Museum
Sun Sep 132:00pMusic:Music in the Garden
Sun Aug 3011:00aCulinary:Incredible Picnic (Cancelled)
Sun Aug 162:00pMusic:Music in the Garden
Sun Aug 022:00pMusic:Music in the Garden
Sun Jul 262:00pMusic:Music in the Garden
Sat Jul 252:00pMeeting:Planters Profiles Tea
Sun Jul 122:00pOther:Strawberry Social
Sun Jul 052:00pMusic:Music in the Garden
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1633 Starr's Point Rd. Port Williams, Nova Scotia B0P 1T0