Sat Aug 279:00pMusic:Music by Ron Edmunds Band
Sun Aug 288:00pMusic:Paddy's Session Band
Mon Aug 298:00pMusic:Open mic with The Hupman Brothers
Tue Aug 308:00pOther:Board Game Night
Thu Sep 019:00pOther:Trivia Night
Sat Sep 039:00pMusic:Music by Cabin Fever
Sun Sep 048:00pMusic:Paddy's Session Band
Mon Sep 058:00pMusic:Open mic with Dayliner
Tue Sep 068:00pOther:Board Game Night
Thu Sep 089:00pOther:Trivia Night
Sun Sep 118:00pMusic:Paddy's Session Band
Mon Sep 128:00pMusic:Open mic with Jamie Junger
Tue Sep 138:00pOther:Board Game Night
Thu Sep 159:00pOther:Trivia Night
Sat Sep 179:00pMusic:Music by Ron Edmunds Band
Sun Sep 188:00pMusic:Paddy's Session Band
Mon Sep 198:00pMusic:Open Mic with Hilites Group
Tue Sep 208:00pOther:Board Game Night
Thu Sep 229:00pOther:Trivia Night
Sun Sep 258:00pMusic:Paddy's Session Band
Mon Sep 268:00pMusic:Open mic with Cas McCrea
Tue Sep 278:00pOther:Board Game Night
Thu Sep 299:00pOther:Trivia Night
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