Sat Oct 223:15pMusic:Four Seasons Orchestra
Sat Oct 227:00pTheatre:The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Sat Oct 2210:00pTheatre:The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Tue Oct 257:00pLecture:Ami McKay, "The Witches of New York"
Thu Oct 277:30pMusic:Coco Love Alcorn Album Release
Fri Oct 287:30pMusic:Rockin' For Air w/ Speedy Recovery
Wed Nov 0210:00aFilm:Bugs on the Menu
Thu Nov 0310:00aFilm:SEED The Untold Story
Thu Nov 033:00pFilm:Angry Inuk
Thu Nov 035:00pFilm:Theatre of Life
Thu Nov 038:00pFilm:The Islands and the Whales
Fri Nov 0410:00aFilm:Wi’kupaltimk: Feast of Forgiveness
Fri Nov 0412:30pFilm:First Growth
Fri Nov 043:00pFilm:The Chocolate Case
Fri Nov 045:00pFilm:Sour Grapes
Fri Nov 048:00pFilm:Bugs
Sat Nov 0510:00aFilm:Blue Fin
Sat Nov 0512:30pFilm:Shorts Program: Look Who’s Coming to Dinner
Sat Nov 055:00pFilm:Chicken People
Sat Nov 058:00pFilm:A Year in Port
Sun Nov 061:00pFilm:Cafe Nagler
Sun Nov 063:00pFilm:Shorts Program: It's A Chef's Life
Sun Nov 065:00pFilm:Noma: My Perfect Storm
Sat Nov 127:00pTheatre:Miss Saigon
Thu Nov 177:30pTheatre:Creely Mountain Law
Fri Nov 187:30pTheatre:Creely Mountain Law
Sat Nov 197:30pTheatre:Creely Mountain Law
Wed Nov 237:30pOther:A Brand New Year
Thu Nov 247:30pOther:A Brand New Year
Fri Nov 257:30pOther:A Brand New Year
Sat Nov 262:00pOther:A Brand New Year
Sat Nov 267:30pOther:A Brand New Year
Fri Dec 097:00pFilm:The Merchant of Venice
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