Sat May 0910:00aMusic:Wide Open Spaces
Sat May 097:00pMusic:Valley Contra Dance
Sat May 168:30aCulinary:Outdoor Market Opens
Sat May 1610:00aMusic:Bob Deveau
Wed May 204:00pCulinary:First Wednesday Market
Wed May 205:00pMusic:Donna Holmes
Thu May 215:30pCulinary:Powered With Plant Protein
Sat May 2310:00aMusic:The Wilson Trio
Wed May 274:00pCulinary:Apple Blossom Market
Wed May 275:00pMusic:Angela Riley
Thu May 287:00pOther:Food Matters Mixer
Sat May 3010:00aMusic:George Symonds
Wed Jun 035:00pMusic:Sam Wilson
Sat Jun 068:30aCulinary:Tidal Bay Celebration
Sat Jun 0610:00aMusic:Belle Plaine
Wed Jun 104:00pCulinary:Summer Plans
Sat Jun 1310:00aMusic:Bill Mac
Sat Jun 205:00pMusic:Harvey Marcotte
Wed Jul 085:00pMusic:George Symonds
Sat Jul 1810:00aMusic:Andy and Ariana
Wed Jul 224:00pMusic:Pride at the Market
Sat Jul 258:30aCulinary:Tastes of the Valley
Sat Jul 258:30aOther:Art Festival Wolfville
Wed Jul 295:00pMusic:Sam Wilson
Wed Aug 054:00pCulinary:Word at the Market
Wed Aug 194:00pCulinary:Sustainability Fair
Wed Sep 024:00pCulinary:Fall Programs
Wed Sep 095:00pMusic:Sam Wilson
Sat Sep 128:30aCulinary:Valley Vineyards
Wed Sep 234:00pCulinary:Heritage Night at the Market
Sat Sep 268:30aCulinary:Deep Roots at the Market
Sat Oct 038:30aCulinary:Pumpkin Palooza
Wed Oct 144:00pCulinary:Alternative Health Fair
Wed Oct 284:00pCulinary:Acadia Night at the Market
Sat Oct 318:30aCulinary:Hallowe'en at the Market
Wed Nov 044:00pCulinary:Remembrance Day at the Market
Wed Nov 184:00pDance:Diwali at the Market
Sat Dec 058:30aCulinary:Get Un*Scrooged
Sat Dec 128:30aCulinary:Yule Market
Wed Dec 164:00pCulinary:Handmade for the Holidays
Sat Jan 028:30aCulinary:New Year Market
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24 Elm Street Wolfville, Nova Scotia B4P 2S3