Wed Aug 054:00pCulinary:Book Arts at the Market
Wed Aug 055:00pMusic:Caleb Miles
Sat Aug 0810:00aMusic:Jack McDonald and Dennis Robinson
Wed Aug 125:00pMusic:Donna Holmes
Wed Aug 127:30pDance:Contra Dance
Sat Aug 1510:00aMusic:Andy and Ariana
Wed Aug 194:00pCulinary:Sustainability Fair
Wed Aug 194:30pCommunity:The Mingle
Wed Aug 195:00pMusic:Leah Morise
Wed Aug 264:00pCommunity:Vintage Bazaar
Wed Aug 265:00pMusic:Malia Rogers
Sat Aug 2910:00aMusic:Sahara Jane
Wed Sep 024:00pCulinary:Fall Programs
Wed Sep 025:00pMusic:Allison Brown & Uncle Dan Henshall
Wed Sep 095:00pMusic:Sam Wilson
Sat Sep 128:30aCulinary:Valley Vineyards
Sat Sep 1210:00aMusic:The Hupman Brothers
Wed Sep 164:30pCommunity:The Mingle
Wed Sep 234:00pCulinary:Heritage Night at the Market
Sat Sep 268:30aCulinary:Deep Roots at the Market
Sat Sep 2610:00aMusic:Deep Roots
Wed Sep 304:00pCommunity:Vintage Bazaar
Sat Oct 038:30aCulinary:Pumpkin Palooza
Wed Oct 144:00pCulinary:Alternative Health Fair
Wed Oct 214:30pCommunity:The Mingle
Wed Oct 284:00pCulinary:Acadia Night at the Market
Wed Oct 284:00pCommunity:Vintage Bazaar
Sat Oct 318:30aCulinary:Hallowe'en at the Market
Wed Nov 044:00pCulinary:Remembrance Day at the Market
Wed Nov 184:00pDance:Diwali at the Market
Wed Nov 184:30pCommunity:The Mingle
Wed Nov 254:00pCommunity:Vintage Bazaar
Sat Dec 058:30aCulinary:Get Un*Scrooged
Sat Dec 128:30aCulinary:Yule Market
Wed Dec 164:00pCulinary:Handmade for the Holidays
Sat Jan 028:30aCulinary:New Year Market
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