Grand-Pré National Historic Site

Grand-Pre Road
Grand Pre, Nova Scotia
B0P 1M0
(902) 542-3631

Past Events
Sat Sep 306:00pCulinary:Pink Rhayne in the Valley An Unusual Fundraising Affair
Tue Sep 053:00pTheatre:Reading of the Order of Deportation
Sat Aug 263:00pMusic:Historical Walk
Sat Aug 2612:00pMusic:Village
Sat Aug 262:00pMusic:Voyage
Fri Aug 253:00pMusic:Historical Walk
Fri Aug 2512:00pMusic:Village
Fri Aug 252:00pMusic:Voyage
Thu Aug 243:00pMusic:Historical Walk
Thu Aug 2412:00pMusic:Village
Thu Aug 242:00pMusic:Voyage
Wed Aug 231:00pMusic:Anne & Pierre
Wed Aug 234:00pMusic:Anne & Pierre
Wed Aug 232:00pMusic:Voyage
Tue Aug 221:00pMusic:Anne & Pierre
Tue Aug 224:00pMusic:Anne & Pierre
Tue Aug 222:00pMusic:Voyage
Mon Aug 213:00pMusic:Listen to My Story
Mon Aug 211:00pMusic:Listen to My Story
Sun Aug 203:00pMusic:Listen to My Story
Sun Aug 201:00pMusic:Listen to My Story
Sun Aug 2012:00pMusic:Village
Sun Aug 202:00pMusic:Village
Sat Aug 193:00pMusic:Historical Walk
Sat Aug 1912:00pMusic:Village
Sat Aug 192:00pMusic:Voyage
Fri Aug 183:00pMusic:Historical Walk
Fri Aug 1812:00pMusic:Village
Fri Aug 182:00pMusic:Voyage
Thu Aug 173:00pMusic:Historical Walk
Thu Aug 1712:00pMusic:Village
Thu Aug 172:00pMusic:Voyage
Wed Aug 161:00pMusic:Anne & Pierre
Wed Aug 164:00pMusic:Anne & Pierre
Wed Aug 162:00pMusic:Voyage
Tue Aug 151:00pMusic:Anne & Pierre
Tue Aug 154:00pMusic:Anne & Pierre
Tue Aug 152:00pMusic:Voyage
Tue Aug 1511:00aMusic:National Acadian Day
Mon Aug 143:00pMusic:Listen to My Story
Mon Aug 141:00pMusic:Listen to My Story
Sun Aug 1311:00aMusic:Village
Sun Aug 131:00pMusic:Voyage
Sat Aug 1211:00aMusic:Historical Walk
Sat Aug 121:00pMusic:Village
Sat Aug 123:00pMusic:Voyage
Fri Aug 1111:00aMusic:Historical Walk
Fri Aug 111:00pMusic:Village
Fri Aug 113:00pMusic:Voyage
Thu Aug 103:00pMusic:Historical Walk
Thu Aug 1012:00pMusic:Village
Thu Aug 102:00pMusic:Voyage
Wed Aug 091:00pMusic:Anne & Pierre
Wed Aug 094:00pMusic:Anne & Pierre
Wed Aug 092:00pMusic:Voyage
Tue Aug 081:00pMusic:Anne & Pierre
Tue Aug 084:00pMusic:Anne & Pierre
Tue Aug 082:00pMusic:Voyage
Mon Aug 073:00pMusic:Listen to My Story
Mon Aug 071:00pMusic:Listen to My Story
Sun Aug 063:00pMusic:Listen to My Story
Sun Aug 061:00pMusic:Listen to My Story
Sun Aug 0612:00pMusic:Village
Sun Aug 062:00pMusic:Village
Sat Aug 053:00pMusic:Historical Walk
Sat Aug 0512:00pMusic:Village
Sat Aug 052:00pMusic:Voyage
Fri Aug 043:00pMusic:Historical Walk
Fri Aug 0412:00pMusic:Village
Fri Aug 042:00pMusic:Voyage
Thu Aug 033:00pMusic:Historical Walk
Thu Aug 0312:00pMusic:Village
Thu Aug 032:00pMusic:Voyage
Thu Aug 0310:00aMeeting:Plein Air Grand Pré
Wed Aug 021:00pMusic:Anne & Pierre
Wed Aug 024:00pMusic:Anne & Pierre
Wed Aug 022:00pMusic:Voyage
Tue Aug 011:00pMusic:Anne & Pierre
Tue Aug 014:00pMusic:Anne & Pierre
Tue Aug 012:00pMusic:Voyage
Mon Jul 311:00pMusic:Listen to My Story
Mon Jul 313:00pMusic:Listen to My Story
Sun Jul 301:00pMusic:Listen to My Story
Sun Jul 303:00pMusic:Listen to My Story
Sun Jul 3012:00pMusic:Village
Sun Jul 302:00pMusic:Village
Sat Jul 293:00pMusic:Historical Walk
Sat Jul 2912:00pMusic:Village
Sat Jul 292:00pMusic:Voyage
Fri Jul 283:00pMusic:Historical Walk
Fri Jul 2812:00pMusic:Village
Fri Jul 282:00pMusic:Voyage
Thu Jul 273:00pMusic:Historical Walk
Thu Jul 2712:00pMusic:Village
Thu Jul 272:00pMusic:Voyage
Wed Jul 261:00pMusic:Anne & Pierre
Wed Jul 264:00pMusic:Anne & Pierre
Wed Jul 262:00pMusic:Voyage
Tue Jul 251:00pMusic:Anne & Pierre
Tue Jul 254:00pMusic:Anne & Pierre
Tue Jul 252:00pMusic:Voyage
Sun Jun 0410:00aFundraiser:Brigadoon's Wine & Dash
Mon Sep 053:00pLecture:Reading of the Order of Deportation
Fri Aug 261:00pLecture:Women of Action
Mon Aug 1511:00aCommunity:National Acadian Day
Sun Jul 1710:45aCommunity:Acadian Days
Sat Jul 1610:00aCommunity:Acadian Days
Fri Jul 0111:00aCommunity:Canada Day with Parka
Sun Jun 1211:00aCulinary:Wine & Dash
Wed Sep 238:00pMusic:Deep Roots: Piaf at Grand-Pré
Sat Sep 052:00p:Reading of Order of Deportation
Sun Jul 1910:00aCommunity:Acadian Days
Sat Jul 1810:00aCommunity:Acadian Days
Wed Jul 0111:00aCommunity:Canada Day / Fête du Canada
Sun Oct 127:15pOther:Star Gazing Night
Fri Sep 053:00pOther:Reading of the Order of Deportation
Sat Jul 1910:00aLecture:Public Talks
Tue Jul 018:00pOther:Canada Day Celebrations
Mon May 192:00pLiterary:Book Presentation
Wed Aug 217:00pFilm:Movie Night - Planters and Colville
Sun Jul 2110:30aOther:Journées acadiennes / Acadian Days
Wed May 227:30pLecture:Wolfville Historical Society Talk
Sun Sep 169:00aOther:Quilt & Rug Hooking Show
Sun Jul 2210:45aOther:Acadian Days
Sat Jul 216:00pOther:Acadian Days
Sat Jul 2110:00aOther:Acadian Days Public Talks in French
Sun Apr 151:00pOther:World Heritage Community Celebration
Sun Jan 153:00pMusic:Celtic Airs
Mon Dec 196:30pMusic:Outdoor Carol Sing
Sun Jul 241:00pOther:Cajun Beat
Sun Jul 241:00pMusic:Balfa Toujours
Sat Jul 1610:00aOther:Parks Day
Thu Jul 079:00aOther:Archaeological Digs
Fri Mar 1810:00aMusic:Singer/Songwriter Camp
Thu Mar 1710:00aMusic:Singer/Songwriter Camp
Wed Mar 1610:00aMusic:Singer/Songwriter Camp
Sun Jan 163:00pMusic:Celtic Airs and Graces
Mon Dec 207:00pMusic:King's Cluster Carol-Sing
Sun Nov 072:00pMusic:Johanne McInnis
Sat Nov 068:00pMusic:Johanne McInnis
Sun Jul 259:00pVisual:Art Festival Paint Grand Pre
Sun Jul 259:00pVisual:Acadian Days
Sat Jul 249:00pVisual:Acadian Days
Sat Jul 249:00pVisual:Art Festival Paint Grand Pre
Sun Apr 1810:00aOther:World Heritage Day Celebration
Sat Feb 065:00pVisual:Art Workshop
Wed Jan 207:30pMusic:STS: New Music in New Places
Sun Jan 103:00pMusic:Celtic Airs Concert
Sun Nov 2210:00aVisual:Affordable Originals Art Show
Sat Nov 2110:00aVisual:Affordable Originals Art Show
Sun Nov 1510:00aVisual:Affordable Originals Art Show
Sat Nov 1410:00aVisual:Affordable Originals Art Show
Sat Jul 259:00aVisual:Art Festival- Paint Grand Pre
Sat Jun 069:30aVisual:Twila Robar-Decoste
Sat May 169:30aVisual:Ron Hazell "Painting Water in Watercolour"
Sun Apr 263:00pMusic:Celtic Spring Airs
Sat Apr 259:30aVisual:Wayne Boucher's Art Workshop
Sat Apr 119:30aVisual:Denise Comeau "Landscape in Watercolour"
Sat Mar 219:30aVisual:Wayne Boucher - Artist Workshop
Sun Dec 072:00pLiterary:The Magic Rug of Grand-Pre
Sun Dec 0711:00aVisual:Affordable Originals Art Show And Sale
Sat Dec 0611:00aOther:Art Show and Sale
Sun Nov 3011:00aVisual:Affordable Originals
Sat Nov 2911:00aVisual:Affordable Originals Art Show and Sale
Sun Nov 2311:00aOther:Affordable Originals Art Show And Sale
Sat Nov 2211:00aVisual:Affordable Originals
Fri Sep 053:00pOther:Commemoration of the Deportation
Fri Aug 1511:00aOther:Acadian National Day
Mon Jul 288:00pOther:Royal Proclamation Day
Sun Jul 2712:30pMusic:Grou Tyme Gumbo
Sun Jul 272:15pMusic:Angele Arsenault
Sat Jul 268:00pLecture:Grand-Pre Guest Lecturers
Thu Jul 035:00pLiterary:Lois Donovan book signing
Tue Jul 015:00pOther:Grand-Pre Canada Day
Sun Jun 295:00pSports:Jeux de l'Acadie
Sun Jun 295:00pMusic:Grand Derangement
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Grand-Pre Road Grand Pre, Nova Scotia B0P 1M0