Past Events
Mon Apr 237:00pCommunity:Darts
Sat Apr 212:00pMusic:Jam Session
Fri Apr 205:00pCulinary:Supper
Fri Apr 205:00pFundraiser:Chase The Ace
Wed Apr 187:00pCommunity:Pool
Tue Apr 177:00pCommunity:Cribbage
Mon Apr 167:00pCommunity:Darts
Sun Apr 152:00pMusic:An Afternoon of Music
Sat Apr 142:00pMusic:Jam Session
Fri Apr 135:00pCulinary:Supper
Fri Apr 135:00pFundraiser:Chase The Ace
Wed Apr 117:00pCommunity:Pool
Tue Apr 107:00pCommunity:Cribbage
Mon Apr 097:00pCommunity:Darts
Sat Apr 078:00pMusic:Dance
Sat Apr 073:00pMusic:Jam Session
Fri Apr 065:00pFundraiser:Chase The Ace
Fri Apr 065:00pCulinary:Supper
Thu Apr 057:00pMeeting:Meeting
Wed Apr 047:00pCommunity:Pool
Tue Apr 037:00pCommunity:Cribbage
Mon Apr 027:00pCommunity:Darts
Sat Mar 313:00pMusic:Jam Session
Thu Mar 297:00pCommunity:Quiz Night
Wed Mar 287:00pCommunity:Pool
Tue Mar 277:00pCommunity:Cribbage
Mon Mar 267:00pCommunity:Darts
Sat Mar 2412:30pCommunity:Ticket Auction
Fri Mar 235:00pFundraiser:Chase The Ace
Fri Mar 235:00pCulinary:Supper
Wed Mar 217:00pCommunity:Pool
Tue Mar 207:00pCommunity:Cribbage
Mon Mar 197:00pCommunity:Darts
Sat Mar 173:00pCommunity:St. Patrick's Day Party
Sat Mar 173:00pMusic:Jam Session
Fri Mar 165:00pFundraiser:Chase The Ace
Fri Mar 165:00pCulinary:Supper
Fri Mar 167:30pMusic:The Mark Clarke Trio
Wed Mar 147:00pCommunity:Pool
Tue Mar 137:00pCommunity:Cribbage
Mon Mar 127:00pCommunity:Darts
Sat Mar 103:00pMusic:Jam Session
Fri Mar 095:00pFundraiser:Chase The Ace
Fri Mar 095:00pCulinary:Supper
Wed Mar 077:00pCommunity:Pool
Tue Mar 067:00pCommunity:Cribbage
Mon Mar 057:00pCommunity:Darts
Sat Mar 033:00pMusic:Jam Session
Fri Mar 025:00pCulinary:Supper
Fri Mar 025:00pFundraiser:Chase The Ace
Fri Mar 027:30pMusic:The UpBeats
Thu Mar 017:00pMeeting:Berwick Legion Members
Wed Feb 287:00pCommunity:Pool
Tue Feb 277:00pCommunity:Cribbage
Mon Feb 267:00pCommunity:Darts
Sat Feb 243:00pMusic:Jam Session
Fri Feb 237:30pMusic:Just Bev & Son
Fri Feb 235:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Fri Feb 235:00pCulinary:Supper
Wed Feb 217:00pCommunity:Pool
Tue Feb 207:00pCommunity:Cribbage
Mon Feb 197:00pCommunity:Darts
Sat Feb 173:00pMusic:Jam Session
Fri Feb 167:30pMusic:The Mark Clarke Trio
Fri Feb 165:00pCulinary:Supper
Fri Feb 165:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed Feb 147:00pCommunity:Pool
Tue Feb 137:00pCommunity:Cribbage
Mon Feb 127:00pCommunity:Darts
Fri Feb 095:00pCulinary:Friday Supper
Fri Feb 095:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Fri Feb 097:30pMusic:Cameron Nickerson
Wed Feb 077:00pMeeting:Pool
Tue Feb 067:00pMeeting:Crib
Mon Feb 057:00pCommunity:Darts
Fri Feb 025:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Fri Feb 027:30pMusic:Just Bev & Son
Fri Feb 025:00pCulinary:Friday Supper
Wed Jan 317:00pMeeting:Pool
Tue Jan 307:00pMeeting:Crib
Mon Jan 297:00pCommunity:Darts
Sat Jan 273:00pMusic:Jam Session
Fri Jan 265:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Fri Jan 267:30pMusic:The UpBeats
Wed Jan 247:00pMeeting:Pool
Tue Jan 237:00pMeeting:Crib
Mon Jan 227:00pCommunity:Darts
Fri Jan 195:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Fri Jan 197:30pMusic:Just Bev
Wed Jan 177:00pMeeting:Pool
Tue Jan 167:00pMeeting:Crib
Mon Jan 157:00pCommunity:Darts
Fri Jan 125:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Fri Jan 127:30pMusic:The Mark Clarke Trio
Wed Jan 107:00pMeeting:Pool
Tue Jan 097:00pMeeting:Crib
Mon Jan 087:00pCommunity:Darts
Fri Jan 057:30pMusic:Just Bev
Fri Jan 055:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed Jan 037:00pMeeting:Pool
Tue Jan 027:00pMeeting:Crib
Mon Jan 0111:00aOther:New Year's Levee
Sun Dec 318:00pMusic:New Year's Eve Party
Wed Dec 277:00pMeeting:Pool
Tue Dec 267:00pMeeting:Crib
Wed Dec 207:00pMeeting:Pool
Tue Dec 197:00pMeeting:Crib
Mon Dec 187:00pMeeting:Darts
Fri Dec 157:30pMusic:Friends
Fri Dec 155:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed Dec 137:00pMeeting:Pool
Tue Dec 127:00pMeeting:Crib
Mon Dec 117:00pMeeting:Darts
Fri Dec 085:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Fri Dec 087:30pMusic:The Mark Clarke Trio
Wed Dec 067:00pMeeting:Pool
Tue Dec 057:00pMeeting:Crib
Mon Dec 047:00pMeeting:Darts
Fri Dec 015:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed Nov 297:00pMeeting:Pool
Tue Nov 287:00pMeeting:Crib
Mon Nov 277:00pMeeting:Darts
Sat Nov 253:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat Nov 259:30aCulinary:Santa Claus Breakfast
Fri Nov 245:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Fri Nov 247:30pMusic:Just Bev
Wed Nov 227:00pMeeting:Pool
Tue Nov 217:00pMeeting:Crib
Mon Nov 207:00pMeeting:Darts
Sun Nov 1910:00aCommunity:Christmas Craft Fair
Sat Nov 1810:00aFundraiser:Christmas Craft Fair
Fri Nov 175:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed Nov 157:00pMeeting:Pool
Tue Nov 147:00pMeeting:Crib
Mon Nov 137:00pMeeting:Darts
Sun Nov 122:00pMusic:Country Music Show
Sat Nov 115:30pCulinary:Remembrance Day Banquet
Fri Nov 105:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Fri Nov 107:30pMusic:Northfield
Wed Nov 087:00pMeeting:Pool
Tue Nov 077:00pMeeting:Crib
Mon Nov 067:00pMeeting:Darts
Fri Nov 035:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Fri Nov 037:30pMusic:Mark Clarke Trio
Wed Nov 017:00pMeeting:Pool
Tue Oct 317:00pMeeting:Crib
Mon Oct 307:00pMeeting:Darts
Fri Oct 277:30pMusic:Halloween Party with For the Love of Pete
Fri Oct 275:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed Oct 257:00pMeeting:Pool
Tue Oct 247:00pMeeting:Crib
Mon Oct 237:00pMeeting:Darts
Sat Oct 2110:00aCommunity:Craft Show
Fri Oct 205:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed Oct 187:00pMeeting:Pool
Tue Oct 177:00pMeeting:Crib
Sat Oct 147:00pMeeting:Pool
Fri Oct 135:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed Oct 117:00pMeeting:Pool
Tue Oct 107:00pMeeting:Crib
Fri Oct 067:30pMusic:Cameron Nickerson
Fri Oct 065:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed Oct 047:00pMeeting:Pool
Tue Oct 037:00pMeeting:Crib
Sun Oct 012:00pMusic:Country Music Show
Fri Sep 297:30pMusic:The Mark Clarke Trio
Fri Sep 295:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed Sep 277:00pMeeting:Pool
Tue Sep 267:00pMeeting:Crib
Fri Sep 225:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed Sep 207:00pMeeting:Pool
Tue Sep 197:00pMeeting:Crib
Fri Sep 157:30pMusic:Tammy Adams
Fri Sep 155:00pCommunity:Chase the Ace
Wed Sep 137:00pMeeting:Pool
Tue Sep 127:00pMeeting:Crib
Sat Sep 099:00pMusic:Dance
Fri Sep 085:00pCommunity:Chase the Ace
Wed Sep 067:00pMeeting:Pool
Tue Sep 057:00pMeeting:Crib
Fri Sep 017:30pMusic:Just Bev
Fri Sep 015:00pCommunity:Chase the Ace
Wed Aug 307:00pMeeting:Pool
Tue Aug 297:00pMeeting:Crib
Fri Aug 255:00pCommunity:Chase the Ace
Fri Aug 257:30pMusic:Just Bev
Wed Aug 237:00pMeeting:Pool
Tue Aug 227:00pMeeting:Crib
Fri Aug 185:00pCommunity:Chase the Ace
Wed Aug 167:00pCommunity:Pool
Tue Aug 157:00pMeeting:Crib
Fri Aug 115:00pCommunity:Chase the Ace
Wed Aug 097:00pMeeting:Pool
Tue Aug 087:00pMeeting:Crib
Fri Aug 045:00pCulinary:Chase the Ace
Fri Aug 047:30pMusic:Paul Marshall & Bo Travis
Wed Aug 027:00pMeeting:Pool
Tue Aug 017:00pMeeting:Crib
Fri Jul 285:00pCulinary:Chase the Ace
Wed Jul 267:00pMeeting:Pool
Tue Jul 257:00pMeeting:Crib
Fri Jul 215:00pCulinary:Chase the Ace
Wed Jul 197:00pMeeting:Pool
Tue Jul 187:00pMeeting:Crib
Fri Jul 075:00pCommunity:Chase the Ace
Fri Jul 077:00pOther:Open mic
Wed Jul 057:00pCommunity:Pool
Tue Jul 047:00pMeeting:Crib
Fri Jun 305:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed Jun 287:00pMeeting:Pool
Tue Jun 277:00pMeeting:Crib
Sat Jun 249:00pMusic:Dance
Fri Jun 235:00pCommunity:Chase the Ace
Fri Jun 237:30pMusic:For The Love Of Pete
Wed Jun 217:00pMeeting:Pool
Tue Jun 207:00pMeeting:Crib
Fri Jun 165:00pCulinary:Chase the Ace & Supper
Fri Jun 166:30pMusic:Youth Dance
Wed Jun 147:00pMeeting:Play Pool
Tue Jun 137:00pMeeting:Play Crib
Fri Jun 097:30pMusic:OxBow Mountain Boys
Fri Jun 095:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed Jun 077:00pMeeting:Pool
Tue Jun 067:00pMeeting:Crib
Fri Jun 027:30pMusic:The Mark Clarke Trio
Fri Jun 025:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed May 317:00pMeeting:Play Pool
Tue May 307:00pMeeting:Play Crib
Mon May 297:00pMeeting:Darts
Fri May 267:30pMusic:Northfield
Fri May 267:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed May 247:00pMeeting:Pool
Tue May 237:00pMeeting:Crib
Mon May 227:00pMeeting:Darts
Fri May 195:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed May 177:00pMeeting:Pool
Tue May 167:00pMeeting:Crib
Mon May 157:00pMeeting:Darts
Sat May 1312:00pMeeting:Pool Tournament
Fri May 125:00pCulinary:Chase the Ace and Supper
Wed May 107:00pMeeting:Play Pool
Tue May 097:00pMeeting:Crib
Mon May 087:00pMeeting:Darts
Fri May 057:30pMusic:For The Love Of Pete
Fri May 057:00pOther:Music
Fri May 055:00pCulinary:Chase the Ace
Wed May 037:00pMeeting:Pool
Tue May 027:00pMeeting:Crib
Mon May 017:00pCommunity:Darts
Fri Apr 285:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Fri Apr 287:00pMusic:Open Mic
Wed Apr 267:00pMeeting:Pool
Tue Apr 257:00pMeeting:Crib
Mon Apr 247:00pMeeting:Darts
Sun Apr 232:00pMusic:Country Music Show
Fri Apr 215:00pMeeting:Chase the Ace
Fri Apr 217:00pMusic:Entertainment
Wed Apr 197:00pMeeting:Pool
Tue Apr 187:00pMeeting:Play Crib
Mon Apr 177:00pMeeting:Mixed Double Darts
Fri Apr 145:00pCulinary:Chase the Ace & Supper
Fri Apr 147:00pMusic:Open mic
Wed Apr 127:00pMeeting:Play Pool
Tue Apr 117:00pMeeting:Play Crib
Mon Apr 107:00pCommunity:Mixed Double Darts
Sat Apr 0810:00aFestival:Swing Into Spring Craft Show
Sat Apr 0812:00pMeeting:Pool Tournament
Fri Apr 075:00pCulinary:Chase the Ace & Supper
Fri Apr 077:30pMusic:Open Mic Hosted By Caleb Miles
Wed Apr 057:00pMeeting:Pool
Tue Apr 047:00pMeeting:Crib
Mon Apr 037:00pMeeting:Darts
Sat Apr 012:00pTheatre:Jake's Gift
Fri Mar 317:30pMusic:Open Mic Hosted By Bob Deveau
Fri Mar 315:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Fri Mar 247:30pMusic:Music by North Field
Tue Mar 217:00pCommunity:Play Crib
Sat Mar 189:00pMusic:Dance
Fri Mar 177:30pMusic:Open Mic
Fri Mar 175:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed Mar 157:00pCommunity:Pool
Tue Mar 147:00pMeeting:Crib
Mon Mar 137:00pCommunity:Mixed Double Darts
Sat Mar 1111:30aCommunity:Pool Tournament
Fri Mar 107:30pMusic:Open Mic Hosted By 2nd Chance
Fri Mar 105:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed Mar 087:00pCommunity:Pool
Tue Mar 077:00pCommunity:Cribbage
Mon Mar 067:00pCommunity:Darts
Sun Mar 055:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Fri Mar 035:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Fri Mar 037:00pMusic:Open Mic.
Wed Mar 017:00pCommunity:Pool
Tue Feb 287:00pCommunity:Crib
Mon Feb 277:00pCommunity:Darts
Sun Feb 261:30pMusic:Dave Arenburg & Friends
Fri Feb 245:00pCommunity:Chase the Ace
Fri Feb 247:30pMusic:Open Mic Hosted By Mike Milne
Wed Feb 227:00pCommunity:Pool
Tue Feb 217:00pCommunity:Cribbage
Mon Feb 207:00pCommunity:Darts
Fri Feb 175:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed Feb 157:00pCommunity:Pool
Tue Feb 147:00pCommunity:Cribbage
Mon Feb 137:00pCommunity:Darts
Fri Feb 107:30pMusic:Valentine's Open Mic
Fri Feb 105:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed Feb 087:00pOther:Pool
Tue Feb 077:00pOther:Cribbage
Mon Feb 067:00pOther:Darts
Fri Feb 035:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed Feb 017:00pCommunity:Pool
Tue Jan 317:00pCommunity:Cribbage
Mon Jan 307:00pCommunity:Darts
Fri Jan 275:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed Jan 257:00pCommunity:Pool
Tue Jan 247:00pCommunity:Cribbage
Fri Jan 205:00pFundraiser:Chase The Ace
Wed Jan 187:00pRecreation:Pool
Sat Dec 318:00pMusic:Ruth Manning and The Prospectors
Fri Dec 165:00pFundraiser:Chase The Ace
Fri Dec 095:00pFundraiser:Chase The Ace
Fri Dec 097:30pMusic:Oxbow Mountain Boys
Sat Dec 036:00pCulinary:Eight Course French Dinner
Fri Dec 025:00pFundraiser:Chase The Ace
Fri Dec 027:30pMusic:Open Mic by Ryan Cook
Fri Nov 255:00pFundraiser:Chase The Ace
Fri Nov 185:00pFundraiser:Chase The Ace
Fri Nov 187:30pMusic:Bill Wilson & Friends
Fri Nov 116:00pCulinary:Remembrance Day Dinner
Fri Nov 045:00pFundraiser:Chase The Ace
Fri Nov 047:30pMusic:Open Mic hosted by Melinda Lowe Morrison
Fri Oct 287:00pMusic:SWIG
Fri Oct 285:00pFundraiser:Chase The Ace
Fri Oct 285:00pMusic:Halloween Party
Fri Oct 215:00pFundraiser:Chase The Ace
Fri Oct 145:00pFundraiser:Chase The Ace
Fri Oct 077:30pMusic:Open Mic Hosted By 2nd Chance
Fri Oct 075:00pFundraiser:Chase The Ace
Wed Oct 057:00pOther:Coloring Party For Adults
Fri Sep 305:00pFundraiser:Chase The Ace
Fri Sep 307:30pMusic:Open Mic Hosted By Bob Deveau
Wed Sep 287:00pOther:Pool Night
Tue Sep 277:00pOther:Crib Night
Fri Sep 235:00pFundraiser:Chase The Ace
Fri Sep 237:30pMusic:Open Mic Hosted By Mark Clarke
Wed Sep 217:00pOther:Pool Night
Tue Sep 207:00pOther:Crib night
Fri Sep 165:00pFundraiser:Chase The Ace
Wed Sep 147:00pOther:Pool Night
Tue Sep 137:00pOther:Crib Night
Fri Sep 095:00pFundraiser:Chase The Ace
Fri Sep 025:00pFundraiser:Chase The Ace
Fri Aug 195:00pFundraiser:Chase The Ace
Fri Aug 125:00pFundraiser:Chase The Ace
Fri Aug 127:30pMusic:Music By Bill Wilson And Friends
Fri Aug 055:00pFundraiser:Chase The Ace
Sat Jul 306:30pMusic:Harry Potter Night
Fri Jul 295:00pOther:Chase The Ace
Fri Jul 155:00pFundraiser:Chase The Ace
Fri Jul 085:00pFundraiser:Chase The Ace
Fri Jun 247:30pMusic:Open Mic Hosted By Melinda Lowe Morrison
Fri Jun 245:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Fri Jun 175:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Fri Jun 177:30pMusic:Open Mic Hosted By Derek Fraser
Fri Jun 107:30pMusic:Music By Bill Wilson & Friend
Fri Jun 105:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Fri Jun 035:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Fri Jun 037:30pMusic: Bluegrass Jam Session
Fri May 275:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Fri May 135:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Fri May 065:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Fri May 067:30pMusic:Bluegrass Jam Session
Fri Apr 227:30pMusic:Open Mic Hosted By Bob Deveau
Fri Apr 225:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Fri Apr 085:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Fri Apr 015:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Fri Apr 017:30pMusic:Bluegrass Jam Sessions
Fri Mar 185:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Fri Mar 187:30pMusic:Open Mic By Mike Milne
Fri Mar 115:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Fri Mar 117:00pOther:Do You Like To Make People Laugh?
Fri Mar 044:00pOther:Chase the Ace & supper
Fri Feb 265:00pOther:Chase The Ace & Supper
Fri Feb 267:00pMusic:Open Mic Hosted By Caleb Miles
Fri Feb 125:00pOther:Chase the Ace & Chicken Supper
Fri Jan 225:00pCulinary:Chase the Ace & Supper
Fri Jan 227:00pMusic:Open Mic Hosted By Mark Clarke
Fri Jan 155:00pCulinary:Chase The Ace & Supper
Fri Jan 087:00pMusic:Open Mic Hosted By Bob Deveau
Fri Dec 187:00pMusic:Open Mic Hosted By Ryan Cook
Thu Dec 177:00pMeeting:Special Meeting for all Legion Members
Fri Dec 117:00pMusic:Open Mic Hosted By Hughie McDonell
Fri Dec 044:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Fri Nov 277:00pMusic:Open Mic with Mike Milne
Fri Nov 204:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Fri Nov 134:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Fri Nov 064:00pCommunity:Chase the Ace
Fri Oct 304:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Fri Oct 237:30pMusic:Open Mic with Paul Marshall
Fri Oct 164:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Fri Oct 094:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Sun Oct 0411:00aFundraiser:Ticket Auction
Fri Sep 257:00pMusic:Caleb Miles Hosting Open Mic
Sat May 309:00pMusic:Dance to Split Decision
Sun May 0311:00aFundraiser:Ticket Auction
Fri Feb 277:30pMusic:Open Mic with Hughie McDonell
Fri Jan 305:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Fri Jan 235:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Fri Jan 165:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Fri Dec 195:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Fri Dec 125:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Fri Dec 055:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Sat Nov 2910:00aCulinary:Breakfast with Santa
Fri Nov 285:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Sat Nov 2211:00aOther:Ticket Auction and Bake Sale
Fri Nov 215:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Fri Nov 145:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Tue Nov 1110:30aOther:Remembrance Service and Banquet
Fri Nov 075:00pCulinary:Chase the Ace
Fri Oct 315:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Fri Oct 245:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Fri Oct 175:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Fri Oct 105:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Fri Oct 035:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Fri Sep 265:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Fri Sep 195:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Fri Sep 125:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Fri Sep 055:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Fri Aug 294:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Fri Aug 224:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Fri Aug 154:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Fri Aug 084:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Fri Aug 014:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Fri Jul 255:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Fri Jul 185:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Fri Jul 115:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Fri Jun 275:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Sun Jun 2212:30pVisual:Take A Peek Art Exhibit & Sale
Sat Jun 219:00aVisual:Take A Peek Art Exhibit & Sale
Fri Jun 205:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Fri Jun 138:30pMusic:Kitchen Party, Hupman Brothers, Caleb Miles
Fri Jun 135:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Fri Jun 065:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Fri May 305:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Sat May 247:00pDance:Furball Dance & Silent Auction
Fri May 238:30pMusic:Coco Love with Caleb Miles
Fri May 235:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Fri May 165:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Fri May 095:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Fri May 025:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Fri Apr 255:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Fri Apr 185:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Sat Apr 1210:00aOther:Crafters Vendors Event
Fri Apr 115:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Fri Apr 045:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Fri Apr 048:30pDance:Date Night Dance
Sat Mar 2912:00pOther:Pool Tournament
Fri Mar 285:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Fri Mar 215:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Fri Mar 145:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Fri Mar 075:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Sun Mar 022:00pMusic:Playing for Paws
Fri Feb 285:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Fri Feb 215:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Fri Feb 145:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Fri Feb 075:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Fri Jan 315:00pOther:Chase the Ace
Sun Dec 082:00pMusic:Musical Gift
Sat Dec 0712:30pOther:Doubles Pool Tournament
Fri Nov 299:00aDance:Dance
Fri Nov 224:00pOther:Chase The Ace
Fri Nov 084:00pOther:Chase The Ace
Sun Oct 202:00pMusic:Country Music Show with Matt Lunn
Fri Aug 024:30pCulinary:BBQ
Sat Jun 299:00pDance:Dance
Sat Mar 239:00pDance:Route 12
Mon Dec 319:00pMusic:New Years Dance
Sun Dec 092:00pMusic:Musical Gift
Sun Dec 0212:00pOther:Tea & Ticket Sale
Sat Oct 139:00pDance:Split Decision
Sat Aug 0410:00aOther:Benefit Ticket Auction
Fri Jul 274:30pMusic:BBQ
Fri Jul 134:30pMusic:BBQ
Sun Jul 082:00pMusic:Variety Music Show
Fri Jul 064:30pMusic:BBQ
Fri Jun 294:30pMusic:BBQ
Sun Jun 245:00pCulinary:Fundraiser
Fri Jun 224:30pMusic:BBQ
Sat Jun 1610:00aOther:Ticket Auction
Fri Jun 154:30pMusic:BBQ
Fri Jun 084:30pMusic:BBQ
Sat Jun 021:00pOther:Cribbage Tournament
Fri Jun 014:30pMusic:BBQ
Sat May 269:00pDance:Keeping It Country
Fri May 254:30pMusic:BBQ
Sat May 191:00pOther:Cribbage Tournament
Fri May 184:30pMusic:BBQ
Sat Apr 0710:00aOther:Washertoss Tournament
Sun Apr 011:00pMusic:Benefit Show
Sat Mar 319:00pDance:Dance
Sat Mar 175:00pCulinary:Candlelight Dinner
Sat Feb 2510:00aOther: Washertoss Tournament
Sat Feb 259:00pDance:Keepin Country
Sun Feb 191:30pMusic:Benefit & Variety Show
Sat Jan 289:00pDance:Dance Hall Doctors
Sat Dec 317:00pMusic:New Year's Eve Dinner & Dance
Sun Nov 272:00pMusic:Country Music Show
Sat Nov 269:00pDance:Dance
Sun Nov 2012:00pOther:Chinese Auction & Christmas Tea
Sat Oct 2210:00aOther:Fall Classic Dart Shoot
Sat Oct 152:00pMusic:Eddie Coffee Group
Sat Oct 089:00pDance:Dance Hall Doctors
Sat Oct 019:00aOther:Washer Toss Tournament
Sun Sep 252:00pOther:Variety Show
Sat Sep 249:00pDance:Route 12
Sat Sep 109:00pDance:Straight Out
Tue Aug 307:00pOther:Cribbage Doubles
Fri Aug 264:00pCulinary:BBQ
Tue Aug 237:00pOther:Cribbage Doubles
Fri Aug 194:00pCulinary:BBQ
Tue Aug 167:00pOther:Cribbage Doubles
Fri Aug 124:00pCulinary:BBQ
Thu Aug 117:00pOther:Cribbage Doubles
Tue Aug 097:00pOther:Cribbage Doubles
Fri Aug 054:00pCulinary:BBQ
Tue Aug 027:00pOther:Cribbage Doubles
Fri Jul 294:00pCulinary:BBQ
Tue Jul 267:00pOther:Cribbage Doubles
Fri Jul 224:00pCulinary:BBQ
Tue Jul 197:00pOther:Cribbage Doubles
Fri Jul 154:00pCulinary:BBQ
Thu Jul 147:00pOther:Cribbage Doubles
Tue Jul 127:00pOther:Cribbage Doubles
Sat Jul 098:00aOther:Flea Market
Fri Jul 084:00pCulinary:BBQ
Tue Jul 057:00pOther:Cribbage Doubles
Sun Jun 265:30pCulinary:Testimonial Dinner
Sat Jun 259:00pDance:Straight Out
Fri Jun 244:00pCulinary:BBQ
Fri Jun 174:00pCulinary:BBQ
Fri Jun 104:00pCulinary:BBQ
Fri Jun 034:00pCulinary:BBQ
Sat May 289:00pMusic:Route 12
Fri May 274:00pCulinary:BBQ
Fri May 204:00pCulinary:BBQ
Fri May 207:00pMusic:Karaoke with Bev Sheffield
Sat May 149:00pDance:Straight Out
Fri May 134:00pCulinary:BBQ
Sat May 078:00pTheatre:Comedy Show
Fri May 067:00pMusic:Karaoke with Bev Sheffield
Sat Apr 309:00pMusic:Dance Featuring Triple Time
Sun Apr 102:00pMusic:Musical Variety Show
Sat Apr 099:00pMusic:Dance Hall Doctors
Sat Apr 099:00aOther:Washer Toss Tournament
Fri Apr 087:00pMusic:Karaoke with Bev Sheffield
Sat Mar 269:00pDance:Triple Time
Sat Mar 2610:00aOther:Ticket Auction
Fri Mar 257:00pMusic:Karaoke with Bev Sheffield
Sat Mar 129:00pDance:Dance Hall Doctors
Thu Mar 107:00pOther:Cribbage Challenge
Tue Mar 087:00pOther:Cribbage Night
Tue Mar 017:00pOther:Cribbage Night
Sun Feb 272:00pMusic:Country Music Show
Sat Feb 269:00pMusic:Straight Out
Fri Feb 257:00pMusic:Karaoke with Bev Shefield
Tue Feb 227:00pOther:Doubles Cribbage
Sun Feb 201:00pMusic:Musical Variety Show
Tue Feb 157:00pOther:Cribbage
Sat Feb 129:15aOther:Winter Carnival Dart Shoot
Sat Feb 127:00pMusic:Karaoke with Bev
Fri Feb 117:00pMusic:Karaoke with Bev Shefield
Sat Jul 319:00pDance:Stable Country
Sat Jul 109:00pDance:Straight Out
Sat Jun 269:00pDance:Straight Out
Sat May 299:00pDance:Triple Time
Fri Apr 237:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat Apr 1710:00aOther:Ticket Auction
Sat Apr 109:00pDance:Straight Out
Fri Apr 097:00pOther:Washer Toss
Sat Mar 279:00pDance:Stable Country
Sat Mar 139:00pDance:Triple Time
Fri Mar 057:00pMusic:Jam Session
Tue Feb 1612:00pOther:VON Lunch Bunch
Sat Feb 069:00pMusic:Spare Parts Early Valentines Dance
Sun Oct 0412:00pOther:The Law of Attraction Workshop
Wed Dec 318:00pMusic:Stable Country
Sun Dec 142:00pMusic:Musical Gift For The Berwick Food Bank
Sat Jun 149:00pDance:Stable Country Dance
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