New Hermitage w. Northern Apparatus
Wednesday May 23, 2018  7:30pm - 9pm (1 Hour 30 Minutes)

New Hermitage imagines a future in which pollution has caused the population of the Earth to plummet and dangerously high levels of toxicity have rendered the cities of the world uninhabitable, causing the surviving humans to live in the sparse wilderness that remains. However, a few people have returned to the cities. These new hermits, armed with patience and tenderness, work with nature to restore our planet.

A collection of compositions, improvisations, and recorded sound, New Hermitage aims to connect with the beauty of the environmental timbres that surround us in every moment. Their performances and recorded works achieve this connection through the deliberate and patient development of material. It is an expression of tenderness, joy, sorrow, and mindfulness, a plea to slow down and gather awareness of space and time. New Hermitage is Andrew MacKelvie, woodwinds; India Gailey, cello; Ellen Gibling, harp; and Ross Burns, guitar.


Manning Memorial Chapel
Acadia University
45 Horton Avenue
Wolfville, Nova Scotia

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