Thursday June 21, 2018  7pm - 9pm (2 Hours )
Workshop / Class

(902) 472-2600

Event in Room: Makers Space

Do you hate waste? Hate throwing things out when you’re sure that something could be done with them? Looked at that tired lampshade and that beautiful silk scarf with the hole in it and thought there must be some way to make them both wonderful again? Well, Maggie Bell has an activity just for you.

Everyone will bring some things they think could be upcycled – an old piece of furniture (small footprint, please), a piece of clothing, a decorative item, an old umbrella stand, a set of worn out stacking trays …
Hipcycle suggests: “Just about anything: Wine bottles, cans, newspapers, milk cartons, tires, suitcases, jeans, you name it. If you no longer have a use for it, upcycle it!”
Then using your own item(s), or something someone else brought, along with whatever you can find around Makers, you will create something new and awesome from things that might have otherwise been considered junk. How cool are you?

You use items brought by the group and whatever you can find around Makers. Depending upon what you decide to make and what supplies you can forage from Makers, you may have to purchase some supplies separately to complete your project.

Free for members, day pass per person for non-members.

21 Gerrish Street
Windsor, Nova Scotia

(902) 472-2600

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Makers (902) 472-2600 21 Gerrish Street Windsor, Nova Scotia B0N 2T0