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Due to illness, this session has been cancelled.

Please join us for this free Lunchtime Learning session presented by Acadia Lifelong Learning.

This talk describes a study of food practices, and approaches to teaching and learning in a Newfoundland outport. The objective was to complement existing public school programs by unearthing historical food practices that are endangered, advancing awareness of when and how change occurred, and stimulating collective action to enhance food self-sufficiency. Students became “researchers” of their own place, using the arts of song, movement and image, web-searches, and interviews with their elders. Techniques, explored here in the school setting, can also be used in larger rural and/or urban communities.

Carol Harris, professor emerita (UVic) and adjunct (Acadia), has worked at all levels of teaching and learning. With her educational compass set through early experiences in NS Adult Education, she taught in four Canadian provinces and several countries and, later, conducted research in educational leadership, the arts, organizational theory, and community development. Her major interests lie in environmental integrity (thus food security), arts education for all, and the importance of critical thought and moral philosophy.


Patterson Hall
24 University Avenue
Wolfville, Nova Scotia

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Patterson Hall 24 University Avenue Wolfville, Nova Scotia