Frankenstein By Fire
Thursday July 11, 2019  9pm
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Frankenstein by Fire
Adapted from the novel by Mary Shelley

Haunted by his own loss, Victor Frankenstein becomes obsessed with harnessing the power to give life. Once he discovers how to create a being, he unleashes an unimaginable power he can no longer control as a creator - a Creature who, although not human, desires to be loved. Torn between protecting his family and unable to shake the responsibility for what he has discovered, Victor’s destiny is intertwined with one of the most compelling characters in all literature- a monster who truly appreciates what it is to be human.

Two Planks and a Passion is an award-winning professional theatre company in residence at the Ross Creek Centre for the Arts, offering exquisite outdoor productions in a spectacular setting.

Our work is the result of a unique marriage between nature and the the artistic imagination. Working within the limits that Mother Nature imposes, our productions are distinguished by the ingenuity and dedication of performers, designers, writers and directors to create works full of wonder. An engaging story, relevant to our audience, told inventively and with complete commitment is our ultimate goal with every production.

The company’s performance venue is 178 acres of varied farmland that surrounds the Ross Creek Centre for the Arts. Forest, fields and ponds offer an endless variety of creative spaces that, in large part, influence the selection of works for development and production.

Within all of our work, whether a completely new Canadian musical, a free adaptation of Aristophanes or a site-specific production of Shakespeare or Thornton Wilder, lies the potential for us to connect- from our small village in rural Nova Scotia- with people from different places and times. By exploring these classic, sometimes ancient stories in this unique place, we attempt to answer a simple and eternal question: what makes us human?

Preview - $15 + HST
Regular - $28.69 + HST
Children under 12 - $10 + HST
Senior 65+ - $22.60 + HST
Student - $25.65 + HST

Online, by phone at 902 582 3842 or on site at our Box Office.

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