Dave Gunning - Up Against The Sky TBA
Tuesday September 1, 2020  7pm - 10pm (3 Hours )
Music Wheelchair Accessible Family Friendly


Doors Open at 6:30pm

This event is postponed and the date will be announced when it is safe to gather for live music.

Returning to Sea-Esta with his latest collection of songs from Up Against The Sky. The relaxed and intimate feel of the record reflects its method of creation. “I focused a lot on tones and the vibe, rather than strategic parts on this one. Many of these tunes were sung and played at the same time, and that prevented me from being able to go back and edit, forcing a little more honesty.”

Up Against The Sky

“12 albums into a storied career, acclaimed folk songsmith Dave Gunning is set to release his strongest collection of songs yet. His well-crafted material is simultaneously poetic and rooted in reality, and is delivered via emotionally eloquent vocals.” – Kerry Doole

“Dave’s new recording is gorgeous, my album of the year so far.” – CKUA, Andy Donnelly

“Really, what’s to say about Dave that hasn’t already been said? He’s the whole package. He’s an absolutely first-rate songwriter, a particularly strong guitarist as singer-songwriters go, and entertaining as hell on stage.” – Heather Kitching, Roots Music Canada

“With the expansive discography Dave Gunning’s got under his belt, he’s managed to boil folk music down to a science. Each new release tweaks and adds to the formula. His newest album, Up Against The Sky, is a shining result of years of experience. Gunning spends ten tracks perfectly capturing the human experience in all of its facets – life and love and loss. Regardless of the subject matter, Gunning excels at crafting lyrics that are simply real. He paints an image so clear that you fill as if you’re there. All of the stories and messages on this album are delivered in Gunning’s warm and comforting croon, but he’s adept at changing his tone just so, enough to completely change the feel of a song. Melodically, his range doesn’t really reach any crazy or unexpected extremes. Emotionally, there’s no stopping the depths and heights he can reach.” – Maggie McLean, theeastcoastmag.com


Call Brenda, email or facebook message at Sea-Esta@Delhaven. Reservations recommended.

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1454 Pereau Road
Canning (Delhaven), Nova Scotia

(902) 692-1662

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