Art for the Wall and Art to Wear
Friday November 15, 2019  12pm - 7pm (7 Hours )
Gallery / Exhibit Fundraiser / Charity Community

Art for the Wall: Art to Wear by Judith J. Leidl, MFA is an exhibition and of both fine art paintings as well as a display of wearable art and home decor items such as artisan cushions. The wearable art line is designed in Wolfville, NS and produced by Le Galeriste, Montreal. All items is vegan, eco. friendly. As well, the Canadian made clothing, artisan cushions are beautiful, well constructed and made available in limited numbers. The paintings are thematically based including seascapes, florals, still life imagery and abstract art by award winning and local artist-designer, Judith J. Leidl, in cooperation with the UClub and as a fundraiser. All are reasonably priced staring at $20.


University Club
Acadia University
17 Westwood Ave
Wolfville, Nova Scotia

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University Club 17 Westwood Ave Wolfville, Nova Scotia