Sea Glass Jewellery Making
Thursday December 5, 2019  3:15pm - 4:45pm (1 Hour 30 Minutes)
Workshop / Class Family Friendly

Create your own on-of-a-kind sea glass pendant choosing a piece from Ocean Zn Gifts locally sourced collection. Michelle will guide you through the process, connecting each piece to stories and histories shipped and shaped along the shores of Nova Scotia.

This class is entry level, for school aged youth age 5+

About the Instructor:
Michelle Fahie-Davidson Shipped and shaped along the shores of Nova Scotia, sea glass can be found littering the beaches in beauty and treasure. With each ebb and flow of the highest tides in the world bottles, china, and other bounties find themselves shattered along their seafaring journey. Some would say these pieces have stories to tell. Stories of history. Michelle’s business, Ocean Zn Gifts, sells many sea glass, seashell creations and rock pendants. Along with this, Michelle shares her love and passion for the beauty of these bounties, shipwrecks, and shorelines with locals by offering sea glass pendant workshops for a reasonable price and remarkable experience. Many people have enjoyed these workshops, crafting memories to wear for years to come. With each high tide we truly do have treasures from the ocean. Find Michelle on Facebook and Instagram @ocean_zngifts


Craft Local 101 Pop Up
360 Main Street
Wolfville, Nova Scotia

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Craft Local 101 Pop Up 360 Main Street Wolfville, Nova Scotia B4P 1C9