Dave Gunning - Up Against The Sky
Saturday October 9, 2021  7pm - 9:30pm (2 Hours 30 Minutes)


Doors Open at 6:30pm

Returning to Sea-Esta with his latest collection of songs from Up Against The Sky. The relaxed and intimate feel of the record reflects its method of creation. “I focused a lot on tones and the vibe, rather than strategic parts on this one. Many of these tunes were sung and played at the same time, and that prevented me from being able to go back and edit, forcing a little more honesty.”

With vaccinations complete we can anticipate seating closer and ability to enjoy this live venue once again.


Call, email or go to Facebook Sea-Esta@Delhaven

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1454 Pereau Road
Canning (Delhaven), Nova Scotia

(902) 692-1662

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