Recreation Centre

354 Main Street
Kentville, Nova Scotia
B4N 1K6

Past Events
Thu Jan 2010:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Thu Jan 1310:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Thu Jan 0610:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Thu Dec 3010:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Thu Dec 2310:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Thu Dec 1610:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Thu Dec 0910:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Thu Dec 0210:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Thu Nov 2510:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Thu Nov 1810:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Thu Nov 1110:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Thu Nov 0410:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Thu Oct 2810:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Sat Oct 232:00pMusic:Community Jam Dance
Sat Dec 052:00pMusic:Zakary Miller
Wed Mar 187:00pDance:Dance Lessons
Mon Mar 169:45aWorkshop:Dance Lessons
Mon Mar 099:45aWorkshop:Dance Lessons
Mon Mar 029:45aWorkshop:Dance Lessons
Mon Mar 027:00pMusic:Partnered Social Dance Lessons
Mon Feb 249:45aWorkshop:Dance Lessons
Sat Feb 2212:00pMeeting:Wintery Tabletop Day
Mon Feb 179:45aDance:Partnered Dance Class
Fri Feb 1412:30pCulinary:National Flag Day Celebration
Tue Jan 286:30pDance:ZUMBA!
Tue Jan 216:30pDance:ZUMBA class
Sat Jan 181:00pRecreation:Community Ice Safety
Sat Dec 149:00aFundraiser:Apply for Christmas Miracle (Last Day)
Tue Nov 267:00pWorkshop:Cross Country Ski Waxing Session
Fri Nov 226:00pMusic:Torchlight Event
Tue Oct 296:30pDance:ZUMBA class
Tue Oct 226:30pDance:ZUMBA class
Tue Oct 086:30pDance:ZUMBA class
Tue Sep 246:30pMusic:Zumba
Sat Sep 212:00pLecture:Solar Event
Tue Sep 176:30pDance:ZUMBA class
Tue Jul 166:30pLecture:Public Talk - Heading for Extinction and What We Can Do About It
Sat Apr 2712:00pMeeting:Spring Tabletop Games Day
Sat Feb 0912:00pCommunity:Wintery Games Day
Sat Dec 089:00aWorkshop:Cross Country Ski Waxing
Fri Nov 165:45pMusic:Torchlight Parade and Free Skate
Sat Nov 1012:00pMeeting:TableTop Games Day - Fall"ish" Edition
Sat Oct 201:00pMusic:Benefit for Nick Davidson
Wed May 237:00pMeeting:Valley Wild Female Hockey AGM
Sat May 129:30aWorkshop:Influencing Change
Sat Apr 1412:00pMeeting:Tabletop Game Day
Thu Mar 086:30pWorkshop:Speed Networking
Sat Feb 1012:00pRecreation:Tabletop Games Day
Mon Dec 2512:00pCommunity:Community Christmas Dinner
Fri Nov 2412:00pMeeting:Peer Support to Quit Smoking
Tue Sep 266:00pMeeting:Wood Turtles!
Tue Sep 121:30pLecture:Stop Smoking With Peer Support
Sat Sep 0210:00aCommunity:Open House & Information Session
Mon Jul 1712:00pWorkshop:Peer Support to Quit Smoking
Sat Jun 2412:00pOther:TableTop Games Day Summer Edition by KTABS
Wed Apr 2610:00aFestival:Farmers Market
Sat Apr 2212:00pRecreation:Tabletop Games Day
Sat Apr 0810:00aCommunity:Volunteer Recognition Brunch
Tue Apr 0410:00aWorkshop:Spring Cycling
Wed Mar 2910:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Mar 2210:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Mar 1510:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Mon Mar 138:30aRecreation:Trailblazers March Break Camp
Wed Mar 0810:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Mar 0110:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Feb 0810:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Feb 0110:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Sun Jan 296:30pFundraiser:Live thru Art Painting
Wed Jan 2510:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Sun Dec 252:00pCulinary:Christmas Day Dinner
Wed Dec 2110:00aCommunity:Christmas at the Market
Wed Dec 0710:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Sat Dec 039:00aCommunity:Last Day for Christmas Miracle Help
Wed Nov 3010:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Tue Nov 297:00pMusic:Community Fair
Wed Nov 2310:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Nov 1610:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Nov 0910:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Nov 0210:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Oct 2610:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Oct 126:30pRecreation:Family Fitness Fun
Wed Oct 056:30pRecreation:Family Fitness Fun
Sat Oct 012:00pLecture:Scleroderma Information Session
Tue Aug 0910:30aWorkshop:Mad Science - Fire & Ice
Fri Jun 107:00pFilm:E.T.
Tue Jun 076:30pCommunity:Valley Child Development
Mon Jun 0612:00pLecture:Intro to Meditation with Nicole Druken
Fri May 276:00aOther:Kinsman Apple Blossom Breakfast
Sat May 079:00aFundraiser:Relay For Life Open House
Sat Apr 3012:00pMeeting:International Table Top Day!
Fri Mar 187:00pMusic:Free Metal Meltdown
Mon Feb 155:30pLecture:Kids Nature Night!
Fri Dec 2512:00aCommunity:Treasure House Christmas Dinner
Sat Dec 059:00aFundraiser:Apply for Christmas Miracle
Sat Dec 058:30aCulinary:Breakfast with Santa
Sat Nov 289:00aFundraiser:Apply for Christmas Miracle
Thu Nov 263:00pFundraiser:Apply for Christmas Miracle
Tue Nov 243:00pFundraiser:Apply for Christmas Miracle
Sat Nov 219:00aFundraiser:Apply for Christmas Miracle
Thu Nov 193:00pFundraiser:Apply for Christmas Miracle
Tue Nov 173:00pFundraiser:Apply for Christmas Miracle
Thu Nov 051:00pHealth:Gab and Grub
Tue Nov 031:00pHealth:Mental Health Peer Support
Thu Oct 291:00pMeeting:Gab and Grub
Tue Oct 271:00pMeeting:Mental Health Peer Support Program
Thu Oct 221:00pMeeting:Gab and Grub
Tue Oct 201:00pMeeting:Mental Health Peer Support Program
Thu Oct 151:00pMeeting:Gab and Grub
Tue Oct 131:00pMeeting:Mental Health Peer Support Program
Thu Oct 081:00pMeeting:Gab and Grub
Tue Oct 061:00pMeeting:Mental Health Peer Support Program
Wed Sep 301:00pMeeting:Garden and Grub
Tue Sep 291:00pMeeting:Mental Health Peer Support Program
Thu Sep 241:00pMeeting:Garden and Grub
Tue Sep 221:00pMeeting:Mental Health Peer Support Program
Thu Sep 171:00pMeeting:Garden and Grub
Tue Sep 151:00pMeeting:Mental Health Peer Support Program
Thu Sep 101:00pMeeting:Garden and Grub
Tue Sep 081:00pMeeting:Mental Health Peer Support Program
Thu Sep 031:00pMeeting:Garden and Grub
Mon Aug 311:00pMeeting:Mental Health Peer Support Program
Thu Aug 271:00pMeeting:Garden and Grub
Mon Aug 241:00pMeeting:Mental Health Peer Support Program
Fri Aug 211:00pWorkshop:Art For Wellness
Thu Aug 201:00pMeeting:Garden and Grub
Tue Aug 181:00pMeeting:Mental Health Peer Support Program
Fri Aug 141:00pWorkshop:Art For Wellness
Thu Aug 131:00pMeeting:Garden and Grub
Fri Aug 071:00pWorkshop:Art For Wellness
Fri Jul 311:00pWorkshop:Art For Wellness
Thu Jul 301:00pMeeting:Garden and Grub
Tue Jul 281:00pMeeting:Mental Health Peer Support Program
Fri Jul 241:00pWorkshop:Art For Wellness
Thu Jul 231:00pMeeting:Garden and Grub
Tue Jul 211:00pMeeting:Mental Health Peer Support Program
Thu Jul 161:00pMeeting:Garden and Grub
Tue Jul 141:00pMeeting:Mental Health Peer Support Program
Thu Jul 091:00pMeeting:Garden and Grub
Tue Jul 071:00pMeeting:Mental Health Peer Support Program
Thu Jul 021:00pMeeting:Garden and Grub
Tue Jun 301:00pMeeting:Mental Health Peer Support Program
Thu Jun 251:00pMeeting:Garden and Grub
Tue Jun 231:00pMeeting:Mental Health Peer Support Program
Wed Jun 1712:15pWorkshop:Bike Fitting Talk
Wed Jun 1712:00pRecreation:Libido Yoga with Mia Lockhart
Thu Jun 111:00pMeeting:Garden and Grub (Food Security Discussion)
Tue Jun 091:00pMeeting:Mental Health Peer Support Program
Thu Jun 041:00pMeeting:Games and Grub
Tue Jun 021:00pMeeting:Mental Health Peer Support Program
Sat May 309:00a:Apple Blossom Children's Parade
Thu May 281:00pMeeting:Games and Grub
Thu May 282:00pCommunity:Project H.O.P.E. Grows
Tue May 261:00pMeeting:Mental Health Peer Support Program
Thu May 211:00pMeeting:Games and Grub
Thu May 141:00pMeeting:Games and Grub
Wed May 1310:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Tue May 121:00pMeeting:Mental Health Peer Support Program
Thu May 071:00pMeeting:Games and Grub
Wed May 0610:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Tue May 051:00pMeeting:Mental Health Peer Support Program
Thu Apr 301:00pMeeting:Games and Grub
Wed Apr 2910:00aOther:Farmers Market
Tue Apr 281:00pMeeting:Mental Health Peer Support Program
Thu Apr 231:00pMeeting:Games and Grub
Tue Apr 211:00pMeeting:Mental Health Peer Support Program
Thu Apr 161:00pMeeting:Games and Grub
Wed Apr 1510:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Tue Apr 141:00pMeeting:Mental Health Peer Support Program
Sat Apr 1110:00aCommunity:International TableTop Day
Wed Apr 081:00pCommunity:Farmers Market
Tue Apr 071:00pHealth:Mental Health Peer Support
Thu Apr 021:00pMeeting:Games and Grub
Wed Apr 0110:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Mar 2510:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Fri Mar 207:00pMusic:Metal Mania
Thu Mar 191:00pWorkshop:Games and Grub
Wed Mar 1810:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Sat Mar 149:00aWorkshop:Video Improv
Wed Mar 1110:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Mar 0410:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Feb 2510:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Feb 1810:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Feb 1110:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Feb 0410:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Jan 2110:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Sat Jan 1010:00aWorkshop:Cross Country Ski Waxing Workshop
Wed Jan 0710:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Fri Dec 1912:00pCulinary:Kentville Police Goodwill Offering Turkey Dinner
Sun Dec 071:00pOther:Farmers Market
Wed Dec 0310:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Sat Nov 2911:00aOther:Silent Auction
Wed Nov 1910:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Nov 1210:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Sat Nov 089:00aWorkshop:Family Vision Board
Wed Nov 0510:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Oct 2910:00aCulinary:Farmers Market - Halloween
Wed Oct 2210:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Sun Jul 271:00pOther:Ticket Auction
Sat Jun 286:30pFilm:Bike Week: Movie Night
Tue Jun 106:30pMeeting:Valley Child Development Association
Wed May 1410:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed May 0710:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Apr 3010:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Apr 2310:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Apr 1610:00aOther:Farmers Market
Wed Apr 0910:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Apr 0210:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Mar 2610:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Mar 1910:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Mar 1210:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Mar 0510:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Feb 2610:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Feb 1910:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Thu Feb 136:30pMeeting:Tenant's Rights Town Hall
Wed Feb 1210:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Feb 0510:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Jan 2910:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Jan 2210:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Jan 1510:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Jan 0810:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Dec 1810:00aCulinary:Christmas Market
Sat Dec 149:00aOther:Christmas Miracle
Sat Dec 072:30pOther:Family Info Sessions
Sat Dec 079:00aOther:Christmas Miracle
Fri Dec 069:00aOther:Christmas Miracle
Thu Dec 057:00pOther:Family Info Sessions
Wed Dec 0410:00aCulinary:Tastes of Christmas
Wed Nov 2010:00aOther:Kentville Farmers Market Ticket Auction
Wed Oct 1610:00aCulinary:Pie Contest
Tue Jun 186:00pMeeting:Annual General Meeting
Tue May 077:00pMeeting:Public Meeting.
Sat Apr 271:30pVisual:Art Show and Tea
Thu Mar 287:00pMeeting:A.V. Mountain Bike Asso. AGM
Thu Mar 072:00pMeeting:Sip.Chat.Connect.
Wed Jan 307:30pMeeting:Skateboard Park
Sun Jan 206:30pOther:Force Four Entertainment Pep Rally
Tue Dec 2512:00pCulinary:Christmas Dinner
Sat Jul 217:00pMusic:Black Moor, Orchid's Curse and more
Thu Jul 197:00pMeeting:Public Meeting
Wed Jun 275:30pMeeting:KDCL Annual General Meeting
Sun May 272:00pMusic:Benefit Show for Relay For Life
Thu Feb 237:00pMeeting:Food for Thought
Thu Feb 096:30pMeeting:Innovative Valley Business Network
Thu Jan 191:30pLecture:Avalon River Cruise
Sun Dec 2512:00pCulinary:Treasure House Christmas Dinner
Wed Dec 0712:00pOther:Town of Kentville's Birthday
Wed Oct 1910:00aCulinary:Indoor Grand Opening
Tue Sep 1310:30aOther:Senior Fitness Classes
Sat May 141:30pVisual:Art Show & Tea
Fri Apr 016:00pDance:Bring In The Spring
Fri Mar 117:00pDance:Inferno V-Ball Dance
Thu Dec 307:00pMusic:Rocking Out for 2010
Sat Oct 232:00pMusic:Ukulele Workshop
Sun Jul 252:00pDance:Belly Dance Workshop
Sun Feb 2111:00aDance:Cadance Full Marathon
Sun Apr 057:00pMeeting:Habitat for Humanity
Sat Oct 251:30pLiterary:Gaspereau Press Wayzgoose
Sat Oct 257:00pLiterary:Book Arts Presentations
Sat Oct 259:00aLiterary:Paper Marbling Workshop
Fri Oct 247:00pLiterary:Gaspereau Press Wayzgoose: Book Reading
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354 Main Street Kentville, Nova Scotia B4N 1K6