Louis Millet Community Complex

9489 Commercial Street
New Minas, Nova Scotia
B4N 3G3


Sun Jan 207:00pDance:Health and Fitness Dance Practice
Mon Jan 219:30aMeeting:Fun with Food
Mon Jan 217:00pMusic:Jam
Wed Jan 2310:00aMeeting:Rhyme Time
Wed Jan 236:00pRecreation:Family Fitness Time
Thu Jan 249:30aOther:Let's Get Messy
Thu Jan 247:00pMusic:Jam Dance
Sat Jan 265:00pMusic:Burns Supper & Dance
Mon Jan 289:30aMeeting:Fun with Food
Mon Jan 287:00pMusic:Jam
Wed Jan 306:00pRecreation:Family Fitness Time
Thu Jan 319:30aOther:Let's Get Messy
Mon Feb 049:30aMeeting:Fun with Food
Mon Feb 047:00pMusic:Jam
Wed Feb 0610:00aMeeting:Rhyme Time
Wed Feb 066:00pRecreation:Family Fitness Time
Thu Feb 079:30aOther:Let's Get Messy
Thu Feb 077:00pOther:KCWA Pot Luck Meeting
Sat Feb 098:00pMusic:Dancing In The Dark
Mon Feb 119:30aMeeting:Fun with Food
Mon Feb 117:00pMusic:Jam
Wed Feb 1310:00aMeeting:Rhyme Time
Wed Feb 136:00pRecreation:Family Fitness Time
Thu Feb 149:30aOther:Let's Get Messy
Tue Feb 196:00pOther:Tai Chi
Wed Feb 2010:00aMeeting:Rhyme Time
Wed Feb 206:00pRecreation:Family Fitness Time
Thu Feb 219:30aOther:Let's Get Messy
Thu Feb 2111:00aOther:Tai Chi
Mon Feb 259:30aMeeting:Fun with Food
Mon Feb 257:00pMusic:Jam
Wed Feb 2710:00aMeeting:Rhyme Time
Wed Feb 276:00pRecreation:Family Fitness Time
Thu Feb 289:30aOther:Let's Get Messy
Mon Mar 049:30aMeeting:Fun with Food
Mon Mar 047:00pMusic:Jam
Wed Mar 0610:00aMeeting:Rhyme Time
Wed Mar 066:00pRecreation:Family Fitness Time
Thu Mar 079:30aOther:Let's Get Messy
Mon Mar 119:30aMeeting:Fun with Food
Mon Mar 117:00pMusic:Jam
Wed Mar 1310:00aMeeting:Rhyme Time
Wed Mar 136:00pRecreation:Family Fitness Time
Thu Mar 149:30aOther:Let's Get Messy
Mon Mar 187:00pMusic:Jam
Mon Mar 257:00pMusic:Jam
Mon Apr 019:30aMeeting:Fun with Food
Mon Apr 017:00pMusic:Jam
Wed Apr 0310:00aMeeting:Rhyme Time
Wed Apr 036:00pRecreation:Family Fitness Time
Thu Apr 049:30aOther:Let's Get Messy
Mon Apr 157:00pMusic:Jam
Mon Apr 297:00pMusic:Jam
Mon May 067:00pMusic:Jam
Mon May 137:00pMusic:Jam
Mon May 207:00pMusic:Jam
Mon May 277:00pMusic:Jam
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9489 Commercial Street New Minas, Nova Scotia B4N 3G3