Past Events
Tue Jun 303:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Tue Jun 236:00pMusic:Acoustic Jam
Thu Jun 186:00pMeeting:Dungeons & Dragons
Tue Jun 163:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Tue Jun 162:00pMeeting:Writers' Circle
Tue Jun 096:00pMusic:Acoustic Jam
Thu Jun 046:00pMeeting:Dungeons & Dragons
Tue Jun 023:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Tue Jun 022:00pMeeting:Writers' Circle
Thu May 281:30pLecture:Be Good to Your Gut
Wed May 2710:00aMeeting:Earlybird Stories & Crafts
Tue May 266:00pMusic:Acoustic Jam
Thu May 216:00pMeeting:Dungeons & Dragons
Wed May 2010:00aMeeting:Earlybird Stories & Crafts
Tue May 193:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Tue May 192:00pMeeting:Writers' Circle
Thu May 146:00pWorkshop:How to Speak Assertively
Wed May 1310:00aMeeting:Earlybird Stories & Crafts
Tue May 126:00pMusic:Acoustic Jam
Thu May 076:00pWorkshop:How to Speak Assertively
Thu May 076:00pMeeting:Dungeons & Dragons
Wed May 0610:00aMeeting:Earlybird Stories & Crafts
Tue May 053:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Tue May 052:00pMeeting:Writers' Circle
Tue Apr 286:00pMusic:Acoustic Jam
Thu Apr 236:00pMeeting:Dungeons & Dragons
Tue Apr 213:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Tue Apr 212:00pMeeting:Writers' Circle
Tue Apr 146:00pMusic:Acoustic Jam
Thu Apr 096:00pMeeting:Dungeons & Dragons
Tue Apr 073:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Tue Apr 072:00pMeeting:Writers' Circle
Sat Apr 0411:00aLecture:Author Reading with Jake Lewis
Wed Apr 0110:00aMeeting:Earlybird Stories & Crafts
Wed Apr 0112:00pLiterary:Tiny Stories Contest 2020
Thu Mar 266:00pMeeting:Dungeons & Dragons
Wed Mar 2510:00aMeeting:Earlybird Stories & Crafts
Tue Mar 243:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Tue Mar 246:00pMusic:Acoustic Jam
Thu Mar 193:00pMusic:Matt the Music Man
Thu Mar 194:00pWorkshop:Building With KEVA Planks
Thu Mar 196:30pLecture:Listen & Learn 'Starting Vegetable Plants from Seed'
Wed Mar 1811:00aWorkshop:Building With KEVA Planks
Wed Mar 181:00pWorkshop:Fibre Craft Welcomes Teens!
Wed Mar 1810:00aMeeting:Earlybird Stories & Crafts
Tue Mar 174:00pCommunity:Photo Scavenger Hunt for Teens
Tue Mar 1712:30pWorkshop:Mini Experiments: Science Fun
Thu Mar 126:00pMeeting:Dungeons & Dragons
Thu Mar 1212:00pLecture:Listen & Learn 'Starting Vegetable Plants from Seed'
Wed Mar 1110:00aOther:Earlybird Stories & Crafts
Tue Mar 103:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Tue Mar 106:00pMusic:Acoustic Jam
Thu Feb 276:00pMeeting:Dungeons & Dragons
Tue Feb 253:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Tue Feb 252:00pWorkshop:Writers' Circle
Tue Feb 256:00pMusic:Acoustic Jam
Tue Feb 182:00pWorkshop:Writers' Circle
Thu Feb 136:00pMeeting:Dungeons & Dragons
Tue Feb 113:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Tue Feb 112:00pWorkshop:Writers' Circle
Tue Feb 116:00pMusic:Acoustic Jam
Tue Feb 042:00pWorkshop:Writers' Circle
Tue Feb 046:00pRecreation:Qigong: Moving Meditation
Thu Jan 306:00pMeeting:Dungeons & Dragons
Tue Jan 283:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Tue Jan 282:00pWorkshop:Writers' Circle
Tue Jan 286:00pMusic:Acoustic Jam
Tue Jan 212:00pWorkshop:Writers' Circle
Thu Jan 166:00pMeeting:Dungeons & Dragons
Tue Jan 143:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Tue Jan 142:00pWorkshop:Writers' Circle
Tue Jan 146:00pMusic:Acoustic Jam
Tue Jan 072:00pLiterary:Writers' Circle
Tue Jan 076:00pRecreation:Qigong: Moving Meditation
Thu Jan 026:00pMeeting:Dungeons & Dragons
Wed Dec 189:45aLiterary:Earlybird Christmas Stories & Crafts
Tue Dec 173:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Tue Dec 176:00pMusic:Christmas Carolling
Sat Dec 1411:00aLiterary:Author reading with Laura Churchill Duke
Sat Dec 1412:00pOther:Christmas Cookie Swap
Thu Dec 126:00pWorkshop:Christmas Crafts for Adults
Tue Dec 106:00pMusic:Acoustic Tuesdays Library Jam
Sat Dec 0710:30aWorkshop:Christmas Ornament Crafting Party
Tue Dec 033:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Tue Dec 036:00pMeeting:Qigong: Moving Meditation
Tue Dec 0312:00pLecture:Lunch & Learn: Presto Pesto!
Thu Nov 285:00pMeeting:Cookies & Crafts
Tue Nov 266:00pMusic:Acoustic Jam
Tue Nov 2612:00pLecture:Lunch & Learn: Microgreen Magic
Tue Nov 193:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Tue Nov 196:00pRecreation:Qigong: Moving Meditation
Tue Nov 1912:00pOther:Lunch & Learn: Great Garlic!
Thu Nov 1412:00pLecture:Lunch & Learn: BodyTalk with Erica de Sousa
Tue Nov 126:00pMusic:Acoustic Tuesdays Library Jam
Tue Nov 053:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Thu Oct 315:00pOther:Trick or Treat!
Wed Oct 309:45aLiterary:Earlybird Stories & Crafts
Sat Oct 2610:00aOther:Game On!
Thu Oct 242:00pMeeting:Game On!
Wed Oct 239:45aLiterary:Earlybird Stories & Crafts
Wed Oct 2310:00aOther:Game On!
Tue Oct 226:00pMusic:Acoustic Tuesdays Library Jam
Tue Oct 223:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Tue Oct 222:00pOther:Game On!
Wed Oct 169:45aLiterary:Earlybird Stories & Crafts
Wed Oct 099:45aLiterary:Earlybird Stories & Crafts
Tue Oct 086:00pMusic:Acoustic Tuesdays Library Jam
Tue Oct 083:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Sat Sep 2811:00aCommunity:Escape This!
Tue Sep 242:00pOther:Garden Share
Tue Sep 172:00pOther:Garden Share
Sun Sep 1512:30pCommunity:Terry Fox 4K Run/Walk
Thu Sep 126:00pMeeting:Dungeons & Dragons
Tue Sep 102:00pOther:Garden Share
Tue Sep 103:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Tue Sep 032:00pOther:Garden Share
Tue Aug 272:00pOther:Garden Share
Tue Aug 273:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Thu Aug 222:30pWorkshop:Summer Tech Makers
Wed Aug 2110:30aWorkshop:Summer Kids' Tech
Wed Aug 2111:00aMeeting:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue Aug 202:00pOther:Garden Share
Tue Aug 203:00pLecture:The Chicken Coop Storytime
Sat Aug 1712:00pCommunity:Saturday Sundae Social
Thu Aug 152:30pWorkshop:Summer Tech Makers
Wed Aug 1410:30aWorkshop:Summer Kids' Tech
Wed Aug 1411:00aMeeting:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue Aug 132:00pOther:Garden Share
Tue Aug 133:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Thu Aug 082:30pWorkshop:Summer Tech Makers
Wed Aug 0710:30aWorkshop:Summer Kids' Tech
Wed Aug 0711:00aMeeting:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue Aug 062:00pOther:Garden Share
Tue Aug 062:30pOther:Little Ray's Reptile Zoo
Thu Aug 012:30pWorkshop:Summer Tech Makers
Wed Jul 3110:30aWorkshop:Summer Kids' Tech
Wed Jul 3111:00aMeeting:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue Jul 302:00pWorkshop:Paper Flowers & Butterflies
Tue Jul 303:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Sat Jul 2710:00aWorkshop:Button Up
Thu Jul 252:30pWorkshop:Summer Tech Makers
Wed Jul 2410:30aWorkshop:Summer Kids' Tech
Wed Jul 2411:00aMeeting:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue Jul 232:00pOther:Garden Share
Sat Jul 2011:00aOther:Escape This!
Thu Jul 182:30pWorkshop:Summer Tech Makers
Wed Jul 1710:30aWorkshop:Summer Kids' Tech
Wed Jul 1711:00aMeeting:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue Jul 163:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Thu Jul 112:30pWorkshop:Summer Tech Makers
Wed Jul 1010:30aWorkshop:Summer Kids' Tech
Tue Jul 023:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Sat Jun 2910:30aOther:Mi'kmaq Stories & Dance
Wed Jun 2610:30aMeeting:Coffee Klatch
Sat Jun 2210:30aOther:The Chicken Coop Storytime
Wed Jun 1910:30aMeeting:Coffee Klatch
Wed Jun 197:00pMeeting:AGM & Tiny Stories Writing Contest Finale
Tue Jun 183:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Wed Jun 1210:30aMeeting:Coffee Klatch
Wed Jun 126:00pLecture:'First Contact' Viewing & Discussion
Sat Jun 0810:00aCommunity:Knit in Public Day
Wed Jun 0510:30aMeeting:Coffee Klatch
Wed Jun 0511:00aMeeting:Cozy Corner Storytime
Wed Jun 056:00pLecture:'First Contact' Viewing & Discussion
Tue Jun 043:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Wed May 2911:00aMeeting:Cozy Corner Storytime
Thu May 233:00pWorkshop:Wacky Weaving
Wed May 2211:00aMeeting:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue May 213:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Wed May 1511:00aMeeting:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue May 143:00pWorkshop:Colour Your World!
Thu May 093:00pWorkshop:Ocean Odyssey Workshop
Wed May 0811:00aMeeting:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue May 073:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Thu May 026:00pWorkshop:Pysanky - Ukrainian Egg Decorating
Wed May 0111:00aMeeting:Cozy Corner Storytime
Sun Apr 283:30pLiterary:Anne Bishop: Author Reading & Signing
Tue Apr 233:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Tue Apr 163:00pWorkshop:Spring Has Sprung!
Tue Apr 093:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Fri Apr 053:30pWorkshop:Dot Art
Thu Apr 046:00pWorkshop:Pysanky - Ukrainian Egg Decorating
Wed Apr 0311:00aOther:Cozy Corner Storytime
Wed Mar 2711:00aOther:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue Mar 263:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Thu Mar 212:00pWorkshop:Creative Collage
Wed Mar 201:00pOther:Fibre Craft ... welcomes kids!
Wed Mar 2010:30aOther:Rubber Band Races
Tue Mar 192:00pOther:Break It to Make it!
Wed Mar 1311:00aOther:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue Mar 123:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Wed Mar 0611:00aOther:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue Mar 052:00pLecture:Tips for Tax Time
Tue Mar 056:00pLecture:Tips for Tax Time
Thu Feb 282:00pOther:Writers' Circle
Wed Feb 2711:00aOther:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue Feb 263:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Tue Feb 263:00pLecture:Online Banking & Buying - Financial Security on the Internet
Thu Feb 212:00pOther:Writers' Circle
Wed Feb 2011:00aOther:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue Feb 193:00pWorkshop:Colour Her World
Fri Feb 151:00pWorkshop:Rug Hooking Workshop
Thu Feb 143:30pWorkshop:Paint Like Maud
Thu Feb 145:00pWorkshop:Paint Like Maud
Thu Feb 142:00pOther:Writers' Circle
Wed Feb 1310:30aOther:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue Feb 123:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Tue Feb 123:00pWorkshop:Sock Snowman
Thu Feb 072:30pWorkshop:Fat, Sugar & Salt
Thu Feb 076:30pMeeting:Between the Covers Book Club
Thu Feb 072:00pOther:Writers' Circle
Wed Feb 0610:30aOther:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue Feb 053:00pOther:Chocolate Challenge
Thu Jan 312:00pOther:Writers' Circle
Tue Jan 293:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Sat Jan 2610:30aOther:LEGOpalooza & Board Games
Sat Jan 263:00pOther:Escape From the 80s!
Thu Jan 242:00pOther:Writers' Circle
Tue Jan 223:00pOther:Sock Snowman
Thu Jan 172:00pOther:Writers' Circle
Tue Jan 153:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Thu Jan 102:00pOther:Writers' Circle
Thu Dec 207:00pLiterary:Local Author & Genealogist presents: Grace's Secret
Wed Dec 1910:30aMeeting:Cozy Corner Christmas Storytime
Tue Dec 183:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Sat Dec 1510:30aWorkshop:Christmas Ornament Crafting Party
Thu Dec 066:00pOther:Cookies & Crafts
Thu Dec 063:00pOther:Make Your Own LED Holiday Cards
Thu Dec 0612:00pOther:Lunch & Learn: Talkin' Trash 2
Tue Dec 043:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Tue Nov 273:00pOther:Beanies for Tweenies
Tue Nov 203:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Wed Nov 1410:00aWorkshop:Affordable Fitness
Tue Nov 133:00pOther:Sweet Science
Wed Nov 0710:30aOther:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue Nov 063:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Wed Oct 3110:30aOther:Cozy Corner Storytime
Sat Oct 2710:00aWorkshop:Pumpkin Carving
Wed Oct 2410:30aOther:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue Oct 233:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Wed Oct 1710:30aOther:Cozy Corner Storytime
Thu Oct 116:30pWorkshop:Money Talks - Budget Basics
Wed Oct 1010:30aOther:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue Oct 093:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Wed Oct 0310:00aOther:Stretch & Strength for Seniors
Wed Oct 0310:30aOther:Cozy Corner Storytime
Sat Sep 2910:00aOther:Button Up!
Tue Sep 252:00pOther:Garden Share
Tue Sep 253:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Thu Sep 203:00pOther:Simply Science
Tue Sep 182:00pOther:Garden Share
Tue Sep 112:00pOther:Garden Share
Tue Sep 113:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Tue Sep 042:00pOther:Garden Share
Wed Aug 2910:30aOther:Kids Tech - WeDo Robotics
Wed Aug 2910:30aOther:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue Aug 282:00pOther:Garden Share
Tue Aug 283:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Thu Aug 233:00pOther:Bubble Blowout!
Wed Aug 2210:30aWorkshop:Tech Makers: Little Bits
Wed Aug 2210:30aOther:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue Aug 212:00pOther:Garden Share
Sat Aug 1812:00pOther:Saturday Sundae Social
Tue Aug 142:00pOther:Garden Share
Tue Aug 143:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Thu Aug 093:00pOther:Pirate Challenge
Wed Aug 0810:30aOther:Kids Tech - Cubelets and Hexbugs
Wed Aug 0810:30aOther:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue Aug 071:00pOther:Pirate Party
Tue Aug 072:00pOther:Garden Share
Wed Aug 0110:30aWorkshop:Tech Makers: Ozobots
Wed Aug 0110:30aOther:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue Jul 312:00pOther:Garden Share
Tue Jul 313:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Tue Jul 312:00pOther:3D Printer Demonstration
Wed Jul 2510:30aOther:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue Jul 242:00pOther:Garden Share
Thu Jul 192:00pOther:Book Give-Away Day
Thu Jul 193:00pOther:Taste Test Challenge
Wed Jul 1810:30aWorkshop:Tech Makers: LEGO Mindstorms Robotics
Wed Jul 1810:30aOther:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue Jul 172:00pOther:Garden Share
Tue Jul 173:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Thu Jul 122:30pOther:Fun Foam Printmaking
Wed Jul 1110:30aOther:Kids Tech - MakerLab
Tue Jul 103:00pWorkshop:Create with Alcohol Inks!
Tue Jul 033:00pWorkshop:DIY Crafts
Thu Jun 282:00pRecreation:Introduction to Chair Yoga
Thu Jun 212:00pRecreation:Introduction to Chair Yoga
Thu Jun 142:00pRecreation:Introduction to Chair Yoga
Sun Jun 101:00pWorkshop:The Basics of Bike Maintenance
Sat Jun 099:00aOther:Knit in Public Day
Thu Jun 072:00pRecreation:Introduction to Chair Yoga
Wed Jun 0610:30aMeeting:Cozy Corner Storytime
Wed May 3010:30aMeeting:Cozy Corner Storytime
Thu May 243:00pOther:Slime Party
Wed May 2310:30aMeeting:Cozy Corner Storytime
Wed May 1610:30aMeeting:Cozy Corner Storytime
Sat May 1211:00aCommunity:Taste Test Challenge
Wed May 0910:30aMeeting:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue May 082:30pWorkshop:Security While Using Social Media
Sat May 0510:00aCommunity:Teen Read Week BOGO
Sat May 0510:00aRecreation:Intro to Geocaching
Sat May 051:00pRecreation:Yoga for Youth
Thu May 032:00pCommunity:Teen Read Week BOGO
Wed May 0210:00aCommunity:Teen Read Week BOGO
Wed May 0210:30aMeeting:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue May 012:00pCommunity:Teen Read Week BOGO
Sat Apr 282:00pMusic:Community Showcase
Thu Apr 193:00pCommunity:Marshmallow Madness
Thu Apr 1912:00pLecture:Lunch & Learn: Glooscap Landing
Thu Apr 192:00pLecture:Financial Security on the Internet
Thu Apr 122:00pWorkshop:Ready, Set, Move!
Tue Apr 101:00pWorkshop:Casual French Conversations
Thu Apr 052:00pWorkshop:Ready, Set, Move!
Thu Apr 0510:30aLecture:Security While Using Social Media
Tue Apr 031:00pWorkshop:Casual French Conversations
Tue Apr 0312:00pLecture:Lunch & Learn: Talkin' Trash in Hantsport
Thu Mar 292:00pWorkshop:Ready, Set, Move!
Wed Mar 2810:30aMeeting:Cozy Corner Easter Storytime
Tue Mar 271:00pWorkshop:Casual French Conversations
Thu Mar 222:00pWorkshop:Ready, Set, Move!
Tue Mar 201:00pWorkshop:Casual French Conversations
Thu Mar 153:00pMeeting:Lucky Leprechaun Party
Tue Mar 133:00pWorkshop:Slime On!
Tue Mar 131:00pWorkshop:Fibre Crafts for Kids
Mon Mar 1212:30pMeeting:Star Wars Escape Room
Mon Mar 122:00pWorkshop:Fibre Crafts for Kids
Thu Mar 0812:00pLecture:Lunch & Learn : Diet & Exercise
Wed Mar 0710:30aMeeting:Cozy Corner Storytime
Wed Feb 2810:30aMeeting:Cozy Corner Storytime
Wed Feb 2812:00pLecture:Food for Thought
Thu Feb 222:00pWorkshop:Writers' Circle
Wed Feb 2110:30aMeeting:Cozy Corner Storytime
Sun Feb 182:00pWorkshop:Drumming Workshop
Thu Feb 152:00pWorkshop:Writers' Circle
Thu Feb 1512:00pLecture:Lunch & Learn : Senior Safety Program
Wed Feb 1410:30aMeeting:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue Feb 136:30pLecture:'Money Talks - Best Choice for your Retirement'
Thu Feb 0812:00pLecture:'Money Talks - Best Choice for your Retirement'
Thu Feb 082:00pWorkshop:Writers' Circle
Wed Feb 0710:30aMeeting:Cozy Corner Storytime
Thu Feb 012:00pWorkshop:Writers' Circle
Wed Jan 3110:30aMeeting:Cozy Corner Storytime
Sat Jan 2710:00aMeeting:Bored? Games!
Sat Jan 272:30pMeeting:Escape from Hogwarts!
Thu Jan 256:00pMeeting:Winter Olympics Crafts & Games
Thu Jan 252:00pWorkshop:Writers' Circle
Tue Jan 236:30pLecture:Money Talks - Investment Fundamentals
Thu Jan 182:00pWorkshop:Writers' Circle
Thu Jan 1812:00pLecture:Money Talks - Investment Fundamentals
Thu Jan 112:00pWorkshop:Writers' Circle
Thu Jan 042:00pWorkshop:Writers' Circle
Mon Jan 011:00pMusic:Levee
Sat Dec 1610:30aWorkshop:Christmas Ornament Crafting Party
Wed Dec 1310:30aMeeting:Cozy Corner Christmas Storytime
Tue Dec 0512:00pCulinary:Cookie Swap
Wed Nov 2910:00aWorkshop:Wreath Workshop
Thu Nov 231:30pLecture:Making the Most of Your Food Dollar
Thu Nov 1612:00pLecture:Lunch & Learn : Ground Search and Rescue
Fri Nov 101:00pCommunity:Escape from the Library!
Wed Nov 0810:30aMeeting:Cozy Corner Storytime
Sat Nov 0410:30aLiterary:The Great Pumpkin Storytime
Wed Nov 0110:30aMeeting:Cozy Corner Storytime
Sat Oct 2810:00aMeeting:Pumpkin Carving
Thu Oct 261:00pMeeting:Handcraft for Adults
Wed Oct 2510:30aMeeting:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue Oct 246:00pMeeting:Handcraft for Kids!
Thu Oct 1912:00pLecture:Lunch & Learn : Dragonfly Haven Therapeutic Farm
Wed Oct 1810:30aMeeting:Cozy Corner Storytime
Wed Oct 1110:30aMeeting:Cozy Corner Storytime
Sat Oct 073:00pLecture:Author Reading: Stephanie Domet
Thu Oct 0511:00aRecreation:Chair Yoga
Wed Oct 0410:30aMeeting:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue Oct 0311:00aRecreation:Active Aging Fitness
Sat Sep 3010:00aMeeting:Postcard Poems to the Prime Minister
Wed Sep 2710:00aCommunity:Garden Share
Thu Sep 2112:00pLecture:Lunch & Learn: Hiking & Walking in West Hants
Wed Sep 2010:00aCommunity:Garden Share
Sat Sep 1610:00aMeeting:Sculpting the Sea
Thu Sep 142:00pMeeting:Building Better Sleep
Wed Sep 1310:00aCommunity:Garden Share
Wed Sep 0610:00aCommunity:Garden Share
Wed Aug 3010:00aCommunity:Garden Share
Wed Aug 3010:30aMeeting:Cozy Corner
Tue Aug 292:30pMeeting:LEGO Palooza
Thu Aug 242:30pCommunity:Escape Room!
Wed Aug 2310:00aCommunity:Garden Share
Wed Aug 2310:30aMeeting:Cozy Corner
Tue Aug 222:30pMeeting:LEGO Palooza
Wed Aug 1610:00aCommunity:Garden Share
Tue Aug 152:30pMeeting:LEGO Palooza
Wed Aug 0910:00aCommunity:Garden Share
Wed Aug 0910:30aMeeting:Cozy Corner
Tue Aug 082:30pMeeting:LEGO Palooza
Tue Aug 082:30pMeeting:Make a LED Card
Wed Aug 0210:00aCommunity:Garden Share
Wed Aug 0210:30aMeeting:Cozy Corner
Tue Aug 012:30pMeeting:LEGO Palooza
Wed Jul 2610:00aCommunity:Garden Share
Wed Jul 2610:30aMeeting:Cozy Corner
Tue Jul 252:30pMeeting:LEGO Palooza
Wed Jul 1910:00aMeeting:Garden Share
Wed Jul 1910:30aMeeting:Cozy Corner
Tue Jul 182:30pMeeting:Kids Tech - Ozobots
Tue Jul 182:30pMeeting:LEGO Palooza
Wed Jul 129:00aCulinary:Breakfast by the Books
Wed Jul 1210:00aCommunity:Garden Share
Thu Jun 226:00pCommunity:Homework Help/Tutoring
Thu Jun 1512:00pWorkshop:Lunch & Learn : Zentangle ® Class
Thu Jun 156:00pCommunity:Homework Help/Tutoring
Tue Jun 133:00pMeeting:Atlas
Thu Jun 086:00pCommunity:Homework Help/Tutoring
Wed Jun 0710:30aMeeting:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue Jun 062:00pMeeting:Understanding Pain
Tue Jun 063:00pMeeting:Atlas
Mon Jun 056:30pLecture:Awesome Hantsport $1000 Grant
Thu Jun 016:00pCommunity:Homework Help/Tutoring
Wed May 3110:30aMeeting:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue May 303:00pMeeting:Atlas
Thu May 256:00pCommunity:Homework Help/Tutoring
Wed May 2412:00pLecture:Elderdog; Aging People, Aging Dogs
Wed May 2410:30aMeeting:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue May 233:00pMeeting:Atlas
Thu May 186:00pCommunity:Homework Help/Tutoring
Wed May 1710:30aMeeting:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue May 163:00pMeeting:Atlas
Thu May 116:00pCommunity:Homework Help/Tutoring
Wed May 1010:30aMeeting:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue May 093:00pMeeting:Atlas
Thu May 046:00pCommunity:Homework Help/Tutoring
Wed May 0310:30aMeeting:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue May 023:00pMeeting:Atlas
Sat Apr 292:00pLiterary:Community Showcase
Thu Apr 276:00pCommunity:Homework Help/Tutoring
Tue Apr 253:00pMeeting:Atlas
Thu Apr 2012:00pMeeting:Lunch & Learn: Kings Kikima Grandmothers
Thu Apr 206:00pWorkshop:Homework Help/Tutoring
Tue Apr 183:00pLiterary:Atlas
Wed Apr 1210:30aLiterary:Cozy Corner Easter Storytime
Tue Apr 113:00pLiterary:Atlas
Thu Apr 066:00pRecreation:Qigong & Tai Chi
Thu Mar 306:00pRecreation:Qigong & Tai Chi
Thu Mar 3012:00pLiterary:Listen Live, CBC Canada Reads
Wed Mar 2912:00pMeeting:Listen Live, CBC Canada Reads
Tue Mar 2812:00pMeeting:Listen Live, CBC Canada Reads
Mon Mar 2711:00aMeeting:Listen Live, CBC Canada Reads
Thu Mar 236:00pRecreation:Qigong & Tai Chi
Wed Mar 2212:00pWorkshop:Lunch & Learn : Keeping Mobile
Thu Mar 166:00pRecreation:Qigong & Tai Chi
Wed Mar 1510:30aMeeting:From Ink Blot to Animal
Thu Mar 096:00pRecreation:Qigong & Tai Chi
Wed Mar 0810:30aMusic:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue Mar 077:00pLecture:Women Disruptors
Thu Mar 026:00pRecreation:Qigong & Tai Chi
Wed Mar 0110:30aMusic:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue Feb 281:00pMeeting:Casual French Conversations
Wed Feb 2210:30aLiterary:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue Feb 211:00pMeeting:Casual French Conversations
Thu Feb 166:00pRecreation:Quigong & Tai Chi
Thu Feb 1612:00pWorkshop:Lunch & Learn: Still Alive Inside
Wed Feb 1510:30aMusic:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue Feb 141:00pMeeting:Casual French Conversations
Thu Feb 096:00pRecreation:Quigong & Tai Chi
Wed Feb 0810:30aMusic:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue Feb 071:00pMeeting:Casual French Conversations
Fri Feb 0310:30aMusic:Bookworms Preschool Storytime
Thu Feb 026:00pRecreation:Quigong & Tai Chi
Wed Feb 0110:00aLecture: Seniors Positive Aging Workshop
Wed Feb 0110:30aMusic:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue Jan 311:00pMeeting:Casual French Conversations
Fri Jan 2710:30aMusic:Bookworms Preschool Storytime
Thu Jan 266:00pCommunity:Celebrate Canada's 150th Birthday with Chilly Willy
Tue Jan 241:00pMeeting:Casual French Conversations
Fri Jan 2010:30aMusic:Bookworms Preschool Storytime
Thu Jan 1912:00pLiterary:Lunch & Learn: Valley Waste Management
Thu Jan 196:00pRecreation:Quigong & Tai Chi
Tue Jan 171:00pMeeting:Casual French Conversations
Fri Jan 1310:30aMusic:Bookworms Preschool Storytime
Fri Jan 1311:30aMusic:BusyBabies
Thu Jan 126:00pRecreation:Quigong & Tai Chi
Tue Jan 101:00pMeeting:Casual French Conversations
Fri Jan 063:00pMeeting:Friday Fun
Fri Jan 0610:30aMusic:Bookworms Preschool Storytime
Fri Jan 0611:30aMusic:BusyBabies
Thu Jan 056:00pRecreation:Quigong & Tai Chi
Wed Dec 281:00pMeeting:Fibre Craft
Wed Dec 211:00pMeeting:Fibre Craft
Fri Dec 1610:30aMusic:Bookworms Preschool Storytime
Fri Dec 1611:30aMusic:BusyBabies
Wed Dec 1410:30aMusic:Cozy Corner Christmas Storytime
Wed Dec 141:00pMeeting:Fibre Craft
Tue Dec 133:00pMeeting:Christmas Library Lab
Fri Dec 0910:30aMusic:Bookworms Preschool Storytime
Fri Dec 0911:30aMusic:BusyBabies
Wed Dec 071:00pMeeting:Fibre Craft
Tue Dec 063:00pMeeting:Christmas Library Lab
Fri Dec 0210:30aMusic:Bookworms Preschool Storytime
Fri Dec 0211:30aMusic:BusyBabies
Wed Nov 301:00pMeeting:Fibre Craft
Fri Nov 2510:30aMusic:Bookworms Preschool Storytime
Fri Nov 2511:30aMusic:BusyBabies
Thu Nov 2412:00pCommunity:Lunch & Learn : Reflexology and other Modalities
Wed Nov 2310:30aLiterary:CANCELLED -- Picture Book Palooza!
Wed Nov 231:00pMeeting:Fibre Craft
Fri Nov 1810:30aMusic:Bookworms Preschool Storytime
Fri Nov 1811:30aMusic:BusyBabies
Thu Nov 172:00pFilm:The Journey: A Story of Healing and Hope
Wed Nov 161:00pMeeting:Fibre Craft
Wed Nov 1610:30aLiterary:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue Nov 153:00pMeeting:Library Lab
Wed Nov 091:00pMeeting:Fibre Craft
Wed Nov 0910:30aMeeting:Cozy Corner Storytime
Sat Nov 052:00pMeeting:Library Bookclub
Fri Nov 0410:30aMusic:Bookworms Preschool Storytime
Fri Nov 0411:30aMusic:BusyBabies
Thu Nov 034:00pFilm:The Importance of Self-Care
Wed Nov 021:00pMeeting:Fibre Craft
Wed Nov 0210:30aLiterary:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue Nov 013:00pMeeting:Library Lab
Fri Oct 2810:30aMusic:Bookworms Preschool Storytime
Fri Oct 2811:30aMusic:BusyBabies
Wed Oct 261:00pMeeting:Fibre Craft
Wed Oct 2610:30aLiterary:Cozy Corner Storytime
Fri Oct 2110:30aMusic:Bookworms Preschool Storytime
Fri Oct 2111:30aMusic:BusyBabies
Thu Oct 204:00pFilm:When You're Having a Hard Time Connecting with People
Wed Oct 191:00pMeeting:Fibre Craft
Wed Oct 1912:00pLecture:Lunch & Learn : Heart Healthy Living
Wed Oct 1910:30aLiterary:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue Oct 183:00pMeeting:Library Lab
Fri Oct 1410:30aMusic:Bookworms Preschool Storytime
Fri Oct 1411:30aMusic:BusyBabies
Wed Oct 121:00pMeeting:Fibre Craft
Wed Oct 1210:30aLiterary:Cozy Corner Storytime
Fri Oct 0710:30aMusic:Bookworms Preschool Storytime
Fri Oct 0711:30aMusic:BusyBabies
Thu Oct 064:30pFilm:All Kinds of Minds
Wed Oct 051:00pMeeting:Fibre Craft
Wed Oct 052:00pLiterary:Valley Child: A Memoir
Wed Oct 0510:30aLiterary:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue Oct 043:00pMeeting:Library Lab
Sat Oct 012:00pMeeting:Library Bookclub
Sat Oct 0110:30aWorkshop:Make a Skull : Modelling Workshop
Fri Sep 3010:30aMusic:Bookworms Preschool Storytime
Fri Sep 3011:30aMusic:BusyBabies
Fri Sep 2311:30aMeeting:BusyBabies
Fri Sep 2310:30aMusic:Bookworms Preschool Storytime
Thu Sep 224:00pFilm:Let's End the Silence Around Suicide
Tue Sep 203:00pMeeting:Library Lab
Fri Sep 1611:30aMusic:BusyBabies
Fri Sep 1610:30aMusic:Bookworms Preschool Storytime
Fri Sep 0911:30aMeeting:BusyBabies
Fri Sep 0910:30aMusic:Bookworms Preschool Storytime
Tue Sep 063:00pMeeting:Library Lab
Wed Aug 311:00pMeeting:Fibre Craft
Wed Aug 241:00pMeeting:Fibre Craft
Tue Aug 236:30pWorkshop:Windows 10
Tue Aug 233:00pMeeting:Summer Library Lab
Thu Aug 187:00pLiterary:Family Fort Night
Wed Aug 1710:30aLiterary:Cozy Corner Storytime
Wed Aug 171:00pMeeting:Fibre Craft
Tue Aug 163:00pMeeting:Summer Library Lab
Wed Aug 1010:30aLiterary:Cozy Corner Storytime
Wed Aug 101:00pMeeting:Fibre Craft
Tue Aug 096:30pWorkshop:Windows 10
Tue Aug 093:00pMeeting:Summer Library Lab
Wed Aug 0310:30aLiterary:Cozy Corner Storytime
Wed Aug 031:00pMeeting:Fibre Craft
Tue Aug 023:00pMeeting:Summer Library Lab
Thu Jul 281:00pLecture:Mad Science - Glow Show
Wed Jul 271:00pMeeting:Fibre Craft
Wed Jul 2710:30aLiterary:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue Jul 266:30pLiterary:Windows 10 Workshops
Tue Jul 263:00pMeeting:Summer Library Lab
Thu Jul 212:30pLiterary:Ron Lightburn & Frankenstink
Wed Jul 201:00pMeeting:Fibre Craft
Wed Jul 2010:30aLiterary:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue Jul 193:00pLiterary:Summer Library Lab
Mon Jul 1811:00aLiterary:Anne Glover - Storyteller
Wed Jul 131:00pMeeting:Fibre Craft
Wed Jul 1310:30aLiterary:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue Jul 126:30pWorkshop:Windows 10
Tue Jul 123:00pLiterary:Summer Library Lab
Wed Jul 061:00pMeeting:Fibre Craft
Tue Jul 053:00pLiterary:Summer Library Lab
Sat Jul 0210:00aLiterary:Book Give-Away Day
Thu Jun 301:00pLiterary:Storytime with a Farmer
Wed Jun 291:00pLiterary:Fibre Craft
Wed Jun 221:00pLiterary:Fibre Craft
Tue Jun 213:00pLiterary:Library Lab
Wed Jun 151:00pLiterary:Fibre Craft
Wed Jun 081:00pLiterary:Fibre Craft
Tue Jun 073:00pMeeting:Library Lab
Wed Jun 011:00pLiterary:Fibre Craft
Thu May 2612:00pLecture:Lunch & Learn: Service Canada Programs & Services
Wed May 2510:30aLiterary:Cozy Corner Storytime
Wed May 251:00pLiterary:Fibre Craft
Wed May 1810:30aLiterary:Cozy Corner Storytime
Wed May 181:00pLiterary:Fibre Craft
Tue May 173:00pLiterary:Library Lab
Wed May 1110:30aLiterary:Cozy Corner Storytime
Wed May 111:00pLiterary:Fibre Craft
Sat May 072:00pLiterary:Castaways Book Signing
Wed May 0410:30aLiterary:Cozy Corner Storytime
Wed May 041:00pLiterary:Fibre Craft
Tue May 033:00pLiterary:Library Lab
Wed Apr 2710:30aLiterary:Cozy Corner Storytime
Wed Apr 2712:00pLecture:Lunch & Learn: Chinese Medicine
Wed Apr 271:00pLiterary:Fibre Craft
Wed Apr 2010:30aLiterary:Cozy Corner Storytime
Wed Apr 201:00pLiterary:Fibre Craft
Tue Apr 193:00pLiterary:Library Lab
Wed Apr 1310:30aLiterary:Cozy Corner Storytime
Wed Apr 131:00pLiterary:Fibre Craft
Wed Apr 0610:30aLiterary:Cozy Corner Storytime
Wed Apr 061:00pLiterary:Fibre Craft
Tue Apr 053:00pLiterary:Library Lab
Wed Mar 3010:30aLiterary:Cozy Corner Storytime
Sat Mar 2610:30aLiterary:Easter Storytime
Thu Mar 2412:00pLiterary:Lunch & Learn : Healthy Lunch Ideas
Wed Mar 232:00pLiterary:Fibre Craft
Tue Mar 153:00pLiterary:Library Lab
Tue Mar 152:30pLiterary:March Break Camp
Wed Mar 092:00pLiterary:Fibre Craft
Wed Mar 0910:30aLiterary:Cozy Corner Storytime
Wed Mar 0210:30aLiterary:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue Mar 013:00pLiterary:Library Lab
Wed Feb 242:00pLiterary:Fibre Craft
Wed Feb 2410:30aLiterary:Cozy Corner Storytime
Wed Feb 1710:30aLiterary:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue Feb 163:00pCommunity:Library Lab
Wed Feb 102:00pLiterary:Fibre Craft
Wed Feb 1010:30aLiterary:Cozy Corner Storytime
Wed Feb 0310:30aLiterary:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue Feb 023:00pMeeting:Library Lab
Sat Jan 3010:00aLiterary:Story Walk & Scavenger Hunt
Thu Jan 286:00pMeeting:Family Winter Fun
Wed Jan 272:00pMeeting:Fibre Craft
Wed Jan 2710:30aLiterary:Cozy Corner Storytime
Wed Jan 2010:30aLiterary:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue Jan 193:00pLiterary:Library Lab
Wed Jan 132:00pMeeting:Fibre Craft
Tue Jan 053:00pLiterary:Library Lab
Wed Dec 162:00pCommunity:Fibre Ops Wednesdays
Wed Dec 1610:30aLiterary:Cozy Corner Christmas Storytime
Tue Dec 153:00pCommunity:Library Lab
Wed Dec 022:00pCommunity:Fibre Ops Wednesdays
Tue Dec 013:00pCommunity:Library Lab
Wed Nov 2510:30aLiterary:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue Nov 243:00pMeeting:Ozobots A Robotic Toy
Wed Nov 1810:30aLiterary:Cozy Corner Storytime
Wed Nov 182:00pCommunity:Fibre Ops Wednesdays
Tue Nov 173:00pCommunity:Library Lab
Sat Nov 1410:30aLiterary:Princess Storytime
Tue Nov 103:00pMeeting:WeDo Lego Robotics
Sat Nov 072:00pLiterary:Library Bookclub
Wed Nov 0410:30aLiterary:Cozy Corner Storytime
Wed Nov 042:00pCommunity:Fibre Ops Wednesdays
Tue Nov 033:00pCommunity:Library Lab
Wed Oct 2810:30aLiterary:Cozy Corner Storytime
Tue Oct 273:00pMeeting:LEGO Stop Motion Flick
Fri Oct 238:00aLiterary:Harvest Fest Writing Contest
Thu Oct 2210:00aHealth:Building Better Sleep
Wed Oct 2110:30aLiterary:Cozy Corner Storytime
Wed Oct 212:00pCommunity:Fibre Ops Wednesdays
Tue Oct 2010:00aRecreation:Chair Yoga for Seniors
Tue Oct 203:00pCommunity:Library Lab
Fri Oct 168:00aLiterary:Harvest Fest Writing Contest
Wed Oct 1410:30aLiterary:Cozy Corner Storytime
Fri Oct 098:00aLiterary:Harvest Fest Writing Contest
Wed Oct 0710:30aLiterary:Cozy Corner Storytime
Wed Oct 072:00pCommunity:Fibre Ops Wednesdays
Tue Oct 063:00pCommunity:Library Lab
Sat Oct 032:00pLiterary:Library Bookclub
Thu Oct 018:00aLiterary:Harvest Fest Writing Contest
Wed Sep 2310:00aCommunity:Hantsport Library Opening
Thu Jul 3010:00aCommunity:Little Ray's Reptile Zoo
Wed Jul 0111:30aFundraiser:Midday at the Oasis
Wed Jun 177:00pMeeting:Friends of the Hantsport Public Library AGM
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