209 St George Street
Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia
B0S 1A0



Past Events
Fri Dec 17:00pPriscilla
Thu Nov 307:30pLaila Biali
Wed Nov 297:30pDriving Madeleine
Sat Nov 257:30pClassic Seger
Fri Nov 248:00pJeremy Dutcher
Wed Nov 227:30pShowing Up
Sun Nov 193:00pFleabag - Stage to Screen
Sat Nov 187:30pJason Benoit and Mallory Johnson
Sat Nov 187:30pFive Nights At Freddy's
Fri Nov 177:00pKillers of the Flower Moon
Wed Nov 157:30pPast Lives
Fri Nov 107:30pStick & Bow
Thu Nov 97:30pRobin: The Ultimate Robin Williams Tribute Experience
Wed Nov 87:30pThe Eight Mountains
Sun Nov 53:00pPaw Patrol: The Mighty Movie
Sat Nov 47:30pPiano Heist
Fri Nov 37:30pThe Creator
Wed Nov 17:30pDaliland
Sat Oct 288:00pRocky Horror Film + Live Experience
Fri Oct 278:00pRocky Horror Film + Live Experience
Sun Oct 223:00pMichael Harrison: Ventastic
Sat Oct 217:30pRick Schuler's Rocky Mountain High Experience
Thu Oct 197:30pA Good Catch Circus: Casting Off
Wed Oct 187:30pLittle Richard: I Am Everything
Sat Oct 147:30pIn the Quiet and the Dark
Fri Oct 137:30pA Haunting in Venice
Wed Oct 116:00pTh’owxiya: The Hungry Feast Dish
Sat Oct 77:30pDee Dee Austin with Theland Kicknosway
Fri Oct 67:30pMy Big Fat Greek Wedding 3
Sun Oct 17:00pLiterary Series: Donna Morrissey
Sat Sep 307:30pBeans
Fri Sep 297:30pSéan McCann
Wed Sep 277:30pEqualizer 3
Sun Sep 243:00pMatthew Bourne's Sleeping Beauty
Sat Sep 237:30pValdy
Wed Sep 207:30pGolda
Sun Sep 173:00pCaravan Theatre's Brown Wasp
Fri Sep 157:30pJames Mullinger
Wed Sep 137:30pSound of Freedom
Sun Sep 103:00pToopy & Binoo The Movie
Sat Sep 97:30pShalan Joudry & Raymond Sewell
Fri Sep 87:00pJurassic Park
Wed Sep 67:30pDreamin' Wild
Sun Sep 37:30pBarbie
Sat Sep 27:30pTerra Spencer Trio
Fri Sep 17:00pTMNT Mutant Mayhem
Wed Aug 307:30pTheatre Camp
Tue Aug 297:00pA History of King's Theatre Part 2
Mon Aug 289:30aMusical Theatre Camp
Sun Aug 277:30pDrag Me To King's
Fri Aug 257:00pOppenheimer
Thu Aug 2412:00pRobertson & Jaffurs
Wed Aug 237:30pSound of Freedom
Tue Aug 227:00pA History of King's Theatre Part 1
Sun Aug 203:00pDracula
Sat Aug 197:30pDracula
Fri Aug 187:30pDracula
Wed Aug 167:30pThe Miracle Club
Sat Aug 127:30pBarbie
Sat Aug 123:00pMission: Impossible 7 - Dead Reckoning Pt.1
Fri Aug 117:00pMission: Impossible 7 - Dead Reckoning Pt.1
Fri Aug 113:00pBarbie
Wed Aug 97:30pCoco Love Alcorn
Wed Aug 92:00pCoco Love Alcorn Workshop
Sun Aug 63:00pElemental
Sat Aug 57:30pJoyride
Thu Aug 37:30pA Night of Grief and Mystery
Wed Aug 27:30pAsteroid City
Sun Jul 307:00pLiterary Series: Nicholas Herring
Sat Jul 297:30pSummer Cabaret
Fri Jul 287:30pLos Primos
Thu Jul 2712:00pThe O'Brien Family
Wed Jul 267:30pNo Hard Feelings
Sat Jul 228:00pFestival of Dance AR Program Two
Sat Jul 222:00pFestival of Dance AR Program One
Fri Jul 218:00pFestival of Dance AR Program Two
Thu Jul 208:00pFestival of Dance AR Program One
Sun Jul 167:00pLiterary Series: Francesca Ekwuyasi
Sat Jul 157:30pO'Sound
Thu Jul 137:30pAaron Halliday's Alan Jackson Kitchen Party
Wed Jul 127:30pThe Flash
Sun Jul 97:30pThe Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
Sun Jul 93:00pThe Little Mermaid (2023)
Sat Jul 87:30pAshley MacIssac
Sun Jul 23:00pSpider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse
Thu Jun 2912:00pThe Fog
Wed Jun 287:30pYou Hurt My Feelings
Sat Jun 247:00pFast X
Fri Jun 237:30pMi'kmaw Land & Language
Sun Jun 184:00pYouth Creative Showcase
Sat Jun 177:30pNava Ensemble
Wed Jun 147:30pBook Club: The Next Chapter
Sun Jun 113:00pDon Giovanni
Sat Jun 107:00pS.O.S. The Abba Experience
Fri Jun 97:00pS.O.S. The Abba Experience
Wed Jun 77:30pBones Of Crows
Sun Jun 410:00aYouth Songwriting Workshop
Sat Jun 37:00pThe Caledonian Show
Fri Jun 27:30pAre You There God? It's Me, Margaret
Thu Jun 16:00pIt's Okay to be Different
Wed May 317:30pPolite Society
Sun May 289:30aStage Makeup w/ Steph Peaks
Sat May 273:00pHappenstance Theater's Pinot & Augustine
Fri May 267:30pRhinestone Romeos
Wed May 247:30pChevalier
Sun May 217:30pThis is Elton
Sat May 203:00pThe Super Mario Bros.
Thu May 187:00pCommunity Band Spring Bonanza
Wed May 177:30pThe Quiet Epidemic
Sun May 143:00pMia Momma! Variety Show
Sat May 137:30pRawlins Cross
Fri May 127:00pRenfield
Wed May 107:30pDance for All - Ballet Jorgen
Sun May 73:00pMoonbase Alpha
Sat May 67:00pMoonbase Alpha
Wed May 37:30pWhiskey Jack: A Stompin' Tom Tribute
Sun Apr 307:00pDungeons & Dragons
Sat Apr 297:30pOverlap
Fri Apr 287:00pAir
Sun Apr 233:00pBlueback
Sat Apr 227:30pA'Court, Spiegel & Vinnick
Fri Apr 217:00pJohn Wick 4
Wed Apr 197:00pRiceboy Sleeps
Sun Apr 163:00pLife of Pi
Sat Apr 157:00pShazam! Fury of the Gods
Fri Apr 147:30pQuote the Raven
Wed Apr 127:00pBrother
Sat Apr 87:30pErin Costello
Sat Apr 87:00pPaddington - Easter Movie
Wed Apr 57:00pJesus Revolution
Tue Apr 46:00pStage Management Part 2
Sun Apr 26:00pFearless Stage Singing Mini Performance
Sun Apr 21:00pFearless Stage Singing
Sun Apr 29:30aFearless Stage Singing
Sat Apr 12:00pWonderfully, The Wizard of OZ
Fri Mar 317:30pWonderfully, The Wizard of OZ
Wed Mar 297:00pJuniper
Sun Mar 262:00pActing and Character Creation
Sun Mar 2610:00aActing and Character Creation
Fri Mar 247:00pCreed III
Wed Mar 227:00pEmily
Tue Mar 216:00pStage Lighting Workshop
Sat Mar 187:00pMagic Mike's Last Dance
Fri Mar 177:30pDamian Brennan & Jenny Melvin
Fri Mar 1710:00aDirecting Workshop
Thu Mar 163:00pPlaywriting Workshop
Thu Mar 1612:00pDinostories!
Wed Mar 151:00pActing Workshop
Wed Mar 1510:00aActing Workshop
Tue Mar 146:00pBreaking Circus
Tue Mar 146:00pOpen Clown Workshop
Tue Mar 141:00pPhysical Theatre Workshop
Tue Mar 1410:00aPhysical Theatre Workshop
Mon Mar 136:00pActing Workshop
Mon Mar 131:00pImprov Workshop
Mon Mar 1310:00aBeginner Clown Workshop
Sun Mar 127:30pBreaking Circus
Sun Mar 123:00pLiam & Lala
Sat Mar 113:00pAvatar 2: The Way of Water
Fri Mar 107:00pAvatar 2: The Way of Water
Thu Mar 912:00pBehrooz Mihankhah Ensemble
Wed Mar 87:00pWomen Talking
Tue Mar 76:00pStage Management 101
Sun Mar 53:00pYouth Creative Showcase
Sat Mar 47:30pClassified: The Retrospected Tour
Fri Mar 37:00pKnock at the Cabin
Thu Mar 212:00pKim Doolittle Duo
Wed Mar 17:00p80 For Brady
Sun Feb 261:00pCreative Movement Workshop
Sun Feb 2610:00aCreative Movement Workshop
Sat Feb 257:30pCarson Downey Band
Fri Feb 247:00pMegan
Wed Feb 227:00pIn the Footsteps of Dugua de Mons
Sun Feb 197:30pDrag Your Heart Out
Sat Feb 183:00pExperienced Director Workshop
Sat Feb 1811:00aEmerging Director Workshop
Fri Feb 177:00pA Man Called Otto
Wed Feb 157:00pGeographies of Solitude
Sun Feb 123:00pTracy, Marcel & Dakota
Sat Feb 117:30pJason Cyrus: ReWiReD
Fri Feb 107:30pBilly Joel Tribute
Wed Feb 87:00pThe Fabelmans
Sun Feb 57:00pBroker
Fri Feb 37:00pDevotion
Wed Feb 17:00pLiving
Sun Jan 293:00pThe Hours
Fri Jan 277:00pBillie Eilish Live at the O2
Wed Jan 257:00pBroker
Mon Jan 235:00pBreakdance Theatre Program
Sun Jan 223:00pPuss in Boots: The Last Wish
Sat Jan 211:00pMoving in Mi'kma'ki - Adult
Sat Jan 2110:00aMoving in Mi'kma'ki - Youth
Fri Jan 207:00pI Wanna Dance With Somebody
Wed Jan 187:00pEmpire of Light
Sun Jan 153:00pPrima Facie
Sat Jan 146:00pSpoken Word Mini Performance
Sat Jan 141:30pOvercoming Stagefright Workshop
Sat Jan 149:30aOvercoming Stagefright Workshop
Fri Jan 136:00pStrange World
Wed Jan 117:00pSpoiler Alert
Wed Jan 114:00pBreakdance Theatre Program
Sun Jan 86:00pMini Performance w/ Jeremy Watkins
Sat Jan 711:00aImprov & Performance Workshop
Fri Jan 66:00pBlack Panther: Wakanda Forever
Wed Jan 47:00pShe Said
Dec 30, 20227:00pThe Menu
Dec 30, 20221:00pRobin Hood
Dec 29, 20226:00pAvatar
Dec 28, 20227:00pBanshees of Inisherin
Dec 27, 202210:00aTheatrical Movement Camp
Dec 22, 20227:30pBarra MacNeils
Dec 18, 20224:00pPhysical Comedy Workshop
Dec 18, 20222:00pPinot & Augustine
Dec 18, 202210:00aPhysical Comedy Workshop
Dec 17, 20227:30pBlack Umfolosi
Dec 16, 20227:00pTriangle Of Sadness
Dec 14, 20227:30pBarra MacNeils
Dec 11, 20222:00pBob's Your Elf
Dec 10, 20227:30pBob's Your Elf
Dec 9, 20227:30pBob's Your Elf
Dec 8, 20227:00pTÁR
Dec 3, 202210:30aELF: Christmas Movie
Dec 2, 20227:00pBlack Adam
Nov 30, 20227:00pArmageddon Time
Nov 26, 20221:30pLantern Making Workshop
Nov 26, 202210:00aPuppet Making Workshop
Nov 25, 20227:30pGod is a Scottish Drag Queen: Xmas Edition
Nov 23, 20227:00pTicket To Paradise
Nov 21, 20227:00pA Christmas Carol
Nov 19, 20227:30pGYPSY: Fleetwood Mac Tribute
Nov 18, 20227:00pCall Jane
Nov 17, 202212:00pBryn Blackwood
Nov 16, 20227:00pFalcon Lake
Nov 13, 20222:00pLyle, Lyle, Crocodile
Nov 12, 20227:30pRube & Rake
Nov 9, 20227:00pThe Good House
Nov 6, 20222:00pHenry V: National Theatre-Live in HD
Nov 5, 20224:00pBlue Marco
Nov 4, 20227:30pDon't Worry Darling
Nov 3, 20227:30pOKAN
Nov 2, 20227:30pInto the Weeds
Oct 29, 20228:00pRocky Horror Picture Show
Oct 28, 20228:00pRocky Horror Picture Show
Oct 27, 20227:30pRay Bonneville & Bruce Molsky
Oct 21, 20227:30pSilver Wolf Band
Oct 19, 20227:30pThe Woman King
Oct 16, 20222:00pTrue North Brass
Oct 14, 20227:30pPearle Harbour: Agit Pop!
Oct 12, 20227:30pMoonage Daydream
Oct 7, 20227:30pRon Sexsmith
Oct 5, 20227:30pTim Wilson Film Night
Sep 29, 20227:30pThe Songs of Johnny & June
Sep 28, 20227:30pThree Thousand Years of Longing
Sep 22, 202212:00pLive @ Lunch - The New Cohort
Sep 21, 20227:30pVengeance
Sep 16, 20227:30pMyles Goodwyn Trio
Sep 14, 20227:30pThe Phantom of the Open
Sep 11, 20224:30pDrums Across Canada
Sep 11, 20221:00pKAIROS Blanket Exercise
Sep 10, 20227:30pMorgan Toney with Keith Mullins
Sep 9, 20227:30pBullet Train
Sep 8, 20227:30pWhere the Crawdads Sing
Sep 7, 20227:30pHit The Road
Sep 7, 20227:30pWhere the Crawdads Sing
Sep 4, 20222:00pThor: Love and Thunder
Sep 3, 20227:30pAriana Nasr & Curtis Thorpe
Aug 31, 20227:30pThor: Love and Thunder
Aug 28, 20222:00pDC League of Super Pets
Aug 27, 20227:30pCorey Adams and The All-Star Band
Aug 26, 20227:30pNope
Aug 24, 20227:30pHallelujah: Leonard Cohan, a Journey, a Song
Aug 22, 20229:30pMusical Theatre Camp for Youth
Aug 20, 20227:30pCatch 22 Comedy Crew - Improv Night
Aug 20, 20221:00pImprov Yourself Workshop
Aug 19, 20227:30pMrs Harris Goes to Paris
Aug 17, 20227:00pMarcel the Shell with Shoes On
Aug 14, 20222:00pMinions: Rise Of Gru
Aug 13, 20227:30pMadison Violet
Aug 12, 20227:00pMinions: Rise Of Gru
Aug 7, 20227:30pMartha Redbone
Aug 6, 20227:30pShirley Valentine
Aug 6, 20222:00pShirley Valentine
Aug 5, 20227:30pShirley Valentine
Aug 4, 20227:30pShirley Valentine
Jul 31, 20222:00pElvis
Jul 30, 20227:30pJah'Mila
Jul 27, 20227:00pElvis
Jul 23, 20228:00pFODAR - Program Two
Jul 23, 20222:00pFODAR - Program One
Jul 22, 20228:00pFODAR - Program Two
Jul 21, 20228:00pFODAR - Program One
Jul 16, 20227:00pHippoposthumous
Jul 15, 20227:30pJurassic World: Dominion
Jul 13, 20227:30pOfficial Competition
Jul 9, 20227:30pT. Thomason
Jul 8, 20227:30pSmall Town Pride
Jul 3, 20222:00pTop Gun: Maverick
Jul 2, 20227:30pAlan Syliboy & the Thundermakers
Jun 30, 202212:00pTheresa Porter featuring Mike Donnelly
Jun 29, 20227:30pTop Gun: Maverick
Jun 26, 20222:00pDownton Abbey New Era
Jun 25, 20227:30pThe Mavens
Jun 24, 20227:30pDownton Abbey New Era
Jun 18, 20227:30pJimmy Rankin with Special Guests
Jun 17, 20227:30pThe Alan Jackson Experience
Jun 15, 20227:30pThe Rose Maker
Jun 12, 20222:00pKing's Shorts
Jun 11, 20227:30pKing's Shorts
Jun 10, 20227:30pKing's Shorts
Jun 5, 20222:00pSonic the Hedgehog 2
Jun 3, 20227:30pThe Northman
Jun 2, 20227:30pBen Caplan with Special Guest Terra Spencer
May 29, 20222:00pThe Bad Guys
May 28, 20227:30pRum Ragged
May 27, 20227:30pEverything Everywhere All At Once
May 26, 202212:00pLynnea Rose - featuring Waylon Robicheau
May 20, 20227:30p8:37 Rebirth
May 19, 20227:30pPrelude to a Kiss
May 15, 20222:00pFantastic Beasts: Secrets of Dumbledore
May 13, 20227:30pThe Outfit
May 12, 20227:30pLaila Biali
May 6, 20227:30pPeace by Chocolate
May 5, 202212:00pDavid Chamberland - Live @ Lunch
May 1, 20227:30pLegendary Downchild Blues Band
Apr 30, 20227:30pMeagan & Amy Duo - Piano & Violin
Apr 29, 20226:00pSomebody Loves You Mr. Hatch
Apr 22, 20227:30pMiddle Raged
Apr 21, 202212:00pJean-Luc Therrien - Live @ Lunch
Apr 20, 20227:30pCyrano
Apr 16, 202210:30aZootopia - Easter Movie!
Apr 14, 20227:30pDeath on The Nile
Apr 9, 20227:30pEpic Eagles Tribute
Apr 8, 20227:30pDrive My Car
Apr 7, 202212:00pTaproom Growlers - Live @ Lunch
Apr 2, 20227:30pRaine Hamilton Trio
Apr 1, 20227:30pThe Batman
Mar 30, 20227:30pWildhood
Mar 27, 20222:00pClifford the Big Red Dog
Mar 25, 20227:30pWest Side Story (Steven Spielberg)
Mar 24, 202212:00pPaul O'Brien
Mar 23, 20227:30pParallel Mothers
Mar 20, 20222:00pSarah Hagen: Bach's Goldberg Variations
Mar 18, 20227:00pDawn, Her Dad & the Tractor
Mar 17, 202212:00pMolly & the Oak Island Treasure
Mar 16, 20227:00pSpider-Man: No Way Home
Mar 15, 20227:30pRed Sky Performance: Trace
Mar 13, 20222:00pEncanto
Mar 10, 20227:30pKnot: Nikki & JD
Mar 6, 20222:00pGhostbusters: Afterlife
Mar 4, 20227:00pLicorice Pizza
Mar 2, 20227:00pFlee
Feb 27, 20222:00pFire Shut Up In My Bones
Feb 26, 20227:00pRespect
Feb 23, 20227:00pBelfast
Feb 20, 20222:00pSing 2
Feb 19, 20227:00pKing Richard
Jan 5, 20227:00pBelfast
Dec 30, 20217:00pHouse of Gucci
Dec 30, 20213:00pShang-Chi & the Legend of the Ten Rings
Dec 29, 20217:00pHouse of Gucci
Dec 29, 20213:00pShang-Chi & the Legend of the Ten Rings
Dec 23, 20217:00pA Christmas Carol
Dec 22, 20217:00pLove Actually
Dec 19, 20212:00pRon's Gone Wrong
Dec 16, 202112:00pLive at Lunch with Noelle Lucas
Dec 15, 20217:00pThe French Dispatch
Dec 12, 20212:00pRon's Gone Wrong
Dec 10, 20217:00pDUNE
Dec 8, 20217:00pDUNE
Dec 5, 20212:00p100 Years of Film: Part 4
Dec 4, 20212:00pNo Time to Die
Dec 4, 202110:30aArthur Christmas
Dec 3, 20217:30pRose Cousins
Nov 28, 20212:00pReeny Smith & the Sanctified Brothers
Nov 27, 20217:30pReeny Smith & the Sanctified Brothers
Nov 26, 20217:30pLive Dance - Meredith Kalaman
Nov 24, 20217:00pNo Time to Die
Nov 21, 20217:30pPerson of Interest
Nov 20, 20217:30pA DASH OF CURRIE
Nov 19, 20217:30pA DASH OF CURRIE
Nov 16, 20217:00pNo Time to Die
Nov 14, 20212:00p100 Years of Film: Part 3
Nov 13, 20217:30pKoqm by Shalan Joudry
Nov 12, 20217:30pKoqm by Shalan Joudry
Nov 7, 20212:00pAtlantic String Machine
Nov 6, 20217:30pBLACKWOOD: Jeff Reilly & Peter Togni
Nov 2, 20217:30pDownchild Blues Band
Oct 29, 20217:30pDinuk Wijeratne Trio
Oct 24, 20217:30pGod Is a Scottish Drag Queen
Oct 22, 20217:30pTuesdays & Sundays
Oct 20, 20217:30pFellini's 8 1/2
Oct 17, 20212:00p100 Years of Film: Part 2
Oct 15, 20217:30pKeonté Beals & Band
Oct 13, 20217:30p2001: A Space Odyssey
Oct 9, 20217:30pTwin Flames
Oct 6, 20217:30pBullitt
Sep 28, 20217:30pAiley
Sep 26, 20212:00p100 Years of Film: Part 1
Sep 25, 20217:30pDavid Myles
Sep 24, 20217:30pDavid Myles
Sep 22, 20217:30pUmbrellas Of Cherbourg
Sep 19, 20217:00pRural Renaissance; A Documentary on Annapolis Royal
Sep 19, 20214:00pRural Renaissance; A Documentary on Annapolis Royal
Sep 19, 20212:00pRural Renaissance; A Documentary on Annapolis Royal
Sep 15, 20217:30pCleo From 5 To 7
Sep 14, 20217:30pThe Green Knight
Sep 10, 20217:30pHauler
Sep 8, 20217:30pRebel Without A Cause
Sep 5, 20217:30pCentennial Celebration Show
Sep 5, 20212:00pCentennial Celebration Show
Sep 4, 20217:30pCentennial Celebration Show
Sep 3, 20217:30pPig
Sep 1, 20217:30pThe Third Man
Aug 29, 20212:00pDuo Concertante
Aug 25, 20217:30pMrs. Minivar
Aug 23, 202112:30pYouth Animation Workshop
Aug 23, 20219:30aYouth Animation Workshop
Aug 21, 20218:00pFODAR On Stage Program Two
Aug 20, 20218:00pFODAR On Stage Program One
Aug 19, 20218:00pFODAR On Stage Program Two
Aug 18, 20218:00pFODAR On Stage Program One
Aug 16, 20217:30pFODAR Dance on Film Night
Aug 14, 20217:30pDave Gunning
Aug 11, 20217:30pNow, Voyager with Bette Davis
Aug 8, 20212:00pPeter Rabbit 2: The Runaway
Aug 7, 20218:00pRia Mae
Aug 6, 20218:00pRia Mae
Aug 4, 20217:30pAlfred Hitchcock’s The 39 Steps
Aug 3, 20213:30pCreative Movement Camp Adults
Aug 3, 202112:30pCreative Movement Camp Ages 11-17
Aug 3, 20219:30aCreative Movement Camp Ages 6-10
Jul 31, 20217:30pJah'Mila
Jul 29, 20217:30pIn The Heights
Jul 28, 20217:30pCharlie Chaplin’s The Kid
Jul 25, 20212:00pHelios Vocal Ensemble
Jul 23, 20217:30pNomadland
Jul 22, 20217:30pBen Caplan
May 16, 20217:30pChekov’s UNCLE VANYA – National Theatre
May 14, 20217:30pNomadland
May 8, 20217:30pMeredith Kalaman Live Dance
Apr 30, 20217:30pThe Courier
Apr 28, 20217:30pThe Father
Apr 23, 20217:30pPromising Young Woman
Apr 21, 20217:30pDeath Of A Ladies Man
Apr 18, 20212:00pVerdi's Rigoletto – Met Opera
Apr 16, 20217:30pJudas & The Black Messiah
Apr 14, 20217:00pMINARI
Apr 14, 20213:30pActing with Micha Cromwell: Ages 10-13
Apr 11, 20217:30pTwin Flames
Apr 7, 20217:00pThe Mauritanian
Apr 3, 20213:00pHAPPY FEET 2
Mar 31, 20217:00pSound Of Metal
Mar 28, 20212:00pMatthew Bourne’s The Red Shoes
Mar 24, 20217:00pTwo Of Us
Mar 21, 20212:00pEarwig & The Witch
Mar 18, 20211:00pActing with Micha Cromwell - SOLD OUT
Mar 17, 20217:00pBillie Eilish: The World’s A Little Blurry
Mar 17, 20211:00pActing with Micha Cromwell
Mar 15, 202111:00aDocumentary Filmmaking with Nance Ackerman
Mar 13, 20217:00pA Glitch In The Matrix
Mar 7, 20212:00p Cyrano de Bergerac – National Theatre
Mar 5, 20217:00pSupernova
Dec 20, 20207:00pA Christmas Carol
Dec 20, 20202:00pA Christmas Carol
Dec 19, 20207:00pA Christmas Carol
Dec 19, 20202:00pA Christmas Carol
Dec 18, 20207:00pA Christmas Carol
Dec 17, 20207:00pA Christmas Carol
Dec 13, 20202:00pThe Nutcracker - National Ballet of Canada
Dec 5, 20201:00pOpen House
Dec 5, 202010:30aThe Polar Express
Nov 29, 20202:00pThe Lehman Trilogy - National Theatre
Nov 20, 20207:30pAmmonite
Nov 15, 20202:00pFLEABAG – National Theatre
Nov 1, 20202:00pHotel Transylvania
Oct 30, 20207:30pTim Burton’s CORPSE BRIDE
Oct 27, 20207:30pKuessipan
Oct 23, 20207:30pSTEVIE NICKS – 24 Karat Gold Concert
Oct 18, 20202:00pALL MY SONS – National Theatre
Oct 16, 20207:30pTampopo
Oct 4, 20202:00pMichael Harrison – Ventriloquist
Oct 2, 20207:30pThe Personal History of David Copperfield
Sep 27, 20202:00pPhilip Glass’ AKHNATEN – Met Opera
Sep 19, 20207:30pLennie Gallant Gala Fundraiser
Sep 10, 20207:30pRed Carpet Premiere
Sep 2, 20207:00pHandel’s AGRIPPINA – Met Opera
Aug 21, 20208:00pStrike Tone
Aug 19, 20207:30pFodar Dance on Film
Aug 12, 20207:00pMade in Italy
Aug 9, 20202:00pE.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
Aug 5, 20207:00pThe Gershwins’ PORGY & BESS – Met Opera
Jun 2, 20207:30pThe Climb
May 31, 20207:00pAll My Sons - National Theatre
May 30, 20207:30pThe Mavens
May 26, 20207:30pTel Aviv on Fire
May 17, 20202:00pPorgy and Bess - Met. Opera
May 12, 20207:30pThe Song of Names
May 9, 20207:30pMadison Violet
Apr 28, 20207:30pAntigone
Apr 14, 20207:30pPortrait Of A Lady On Fire
Apr 5, 20202:00pAll About Eve - National Theatre
Mar 31, 20207:30pSorry We Missed You
Mar 30, 20207:00pKing's Theatre - AGM
Mar 29, 20202:00pThe Ladykillers
Mar 28, 20207:30pThe Ladykillers
Mar 27, 20207:30pThe Ladykillers
Mar 22, 20202:00pPhilip Glass' Akhnaten - Met. Opera
Mar 21, 20202:00pSpies in Disguise
Mar 20, 20207:00pSpies in Disguise
Mar 17, 20207:30pPain And Glory
Mar 15, 20202:00pHoneyland
Mar 13, 20207:30pThe Stanfields
Mar 8, 20202:00pGeoff Butler: A Celebration
Mar 7, 20202:00pDolittle
Mar 6, 20207:00pDolittle
Mar 3, 20207:30pLa Belle Époque
Feb 28, 20207:00pJust Mercy
Feb 23, 20202:00pSmall Island - National Theatre
Feb 21, 20207:00pBlack Panther
Feb 18, 20207:30pThe Farewell
Feb 16, 20202:00pProteus Saxophone Quartet
Feb 9, 20202:00pThe Bhangra Boys
Feb 7, 20207:00p1917
Feb 3, 20207:00pFrida: Viva La Vida
Feb 2, 20202:00pLittle Women
Feb 1, 20207:30pDavid Chamberland and Friends
Jan 31, 20207:00pLittle Women
Jan 26, 20202:00pBombshell
Jan 24, 20207:00pBombshell
Jan 20, 20207:00pGauguin In Tahiti - Paradise Lost
Jan 19, 20202:00pCats (2019)
Jan 17, 20207:00pCats (2019)
Jan 12, 20202:00pMassenet's Manon - Met. Opera Stage to Screen
Jan 11, 20202:00pHarriet
Jan 10, 20207:00pHarriet
Jan 6, 20207:00pLeonardo: The Works
Jan 5, 20202:00pA Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
Jan 3, 20207:00pA Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
Dec 29, 20192:00pKnives Out
Dec 28, 20197:30pThe O'Briens & Friends Benefit Concert
Dec 27, 20197:00pKnives Out
Dec 21, 20197:30pGeorge Canyon and Aaron Pritchett
Dec 21, 20193:00pGeorge Canyon and Aaron Pritchett
Dec 20, 20197:00pThe Winter’s Tale (Stage to Screen Encore Presentation)
Dec 15, 20192:00pBolshoi Ballet:The Nutcracker - Stage to Screen
Dec 13, 20197:00pLast Christmas
Dec 8, 20197:30pJeremy Dutcher
Dec 7, 201910:30aFrozen (2012)
Dec 6, 20197:00pThe Good Liar
Dec 5, 20197:30pCelebrate the Season
Dec 3, 20197:30pIf You Could Read My Mind
Dec 1, 20192:00pLove, Sex and the I.R.S. - Annapolis District Drama Group
Nov 30, 20197:30pLove, Sex and the I.R.S. - Annapolis District Drama Group
Nov 29, 20197:30pLove, Sex and the I.R.S. - Annapolis District Drama Group
Nov 23, 20197:30pThe Lighthouse
Nov 22, 20197:00pJudy
Nov 19, 20197:30pParasite
Nov 17, 20192:00pPuccini's Turandot - Stage to Screen
Nov 16, 20197:00pNot Just Desserts & Babette's Feast
Nov 10, 20192:00pAbominable
Nov 9, 20197:30pRawlins Cross - SOLD OUT!
Nov 8, 20197:00pAbominable
Nov 5, 20197:30pThe Great Buster
Nov 2, 20197:30pConviction
Nov 1, 20197:30pBev & Marc Duo – Debut Atlantic
Oct 27, 20192:00pDownton Abbey
Oct 26, 20199:00pThe Rocky Horror Picture Show
Oct 25, 20197:30pDownton Abbey
Oct 24, 20197:30pThe Young Irelanders
Oct 22, 20197:30pThe Souvenir
Oct 20, 20192:00pAnnie One Two Three: A Murder Mystery
Oct 19, 20197:30pAnnie One Two Three: A Murder Mystery
Oct 18, 20197:30pAnnie One Two Three: A Murder Mystery
Oct 11, 20197:30pJoni 75: A Tribute to Joni Mitchell
Oct 8, 20197:30pThe Last Black Man In San Francisco
Oct 6, 20197:30pElapultiek
Oct 5, 20197:30pRoger Waters: Us & Them
Sep 29, 20192:00pLa Boheme- Met Opera
Sep 28, 20197:30pA Hard Day's Night
Sep 27, 20197:30pGreat Lake Swimmers
Sep 24, 20197:30pAll Is True
Sep 21, 20197:30pXara Choral Theatre; Rings Through Water
Sep 15, 20197:30pCoig
Sep 13, 20197:30pWhere'd You Go Bernadette?
Sep 10, 20197:30pMaiden
Sep 8, 20192:00pLa Boheme- Met Opera
Sep 6, 20197:30pJ P Cormier Tee-up Concert
Sep 1, 20192:00pAngry Birds 2
Aug 31, 20197:00pKinky Boots - Stage to Screen
Aug 30, 20197:00pAngry Birds 2
Aug 29, 20197:30pJeff Hennessy & Harvey Marcotte - Double Bill
Aug 27, 20197:30pMarianne & Leonard: Words Of Love
Aug 24, 20197:30pYesterday
Aug 23, 20197:30pAriana Nasr & Curtis Thorpe
Aug 17, 20198:00pFestival of Dance
Aug 16, 20198:00pFestival of Dance
Aug 15, 20198:00pFestival of Dance
Aug 14, 20198:00pFestival of Dance
Aug 13, 20197:30pDance on Film – FODAR
Aug 11, 20197:00pPOMS
Aug 9, 20197:00pPOMS
Aug 6, 20197:30pLate Night
Aug 3, 20197:30pRachel Beck & The Atlantic String Machine
Jul 28, 20197:30pTomáš Kubínek – Miracle Man
Jul 27, 20197:00pRocketman
Jul 20, 20197:30pKitchen Party
Jul 19, 20197:30pApollo 11
Jul 14, 20192:00pThe Secret Life of Pets 2
Jul 13, 20197:30pNUA
Jul 13, 20191:00pMusic Workshop with NUA
Jul 12, 20197:00pThe Secret Life of Pets 2
Jul 9, 20197:30pAmazing Grace
Jul 7, 20197:00p42nd STREET – Broadway Musical
Jul 6, 20197:30pLos Primos (2019)
Jul 6, 20197:30pLos Primos
Jun 29, 20197:30pWe Story The Land
Jun 28, 20197:30pThe Grizzlies
Jun 23, 20197:00pThe Biggest Little Farm
Jun 22, 20197:30pThe Caledonian Orchestra of Nova Scotia
Jun 18, 20197:30pFive Seasons: The Gardens of Piet Oudolf
Jun 16, 20192:00pKing's Shorts – Festival of 10-Minute Plays
Jun 15, 20197:30pKing's Shorts – Festival of 10-Minute Plays
Jun 14, 20197:30pKing's Shorts – Festival of 10-Minute Plays
Jun 9, 20192:00pPokemon Detective Pikachu
Jun 7, 20197:00pPokemon Detective Pikachu
Jun 6, 20197:30pAnnapolis Basin Community Band
Jun 4, 20197:30pAnthropocene: The Human Epoch
Jun 2, 20192:00pThe Tempest - Stratford Festival
Jun 1, 20191:00p‘Finding Fortune’ Book Launch – Brenda Thompson
May 31, 20197:30pNeil Squared
May 26, 20192:00pMissing Link
May 25, 20197:30pJames Mullinger - Comedy
May 24, 20197:00pMissing Link
May 21, 20197:30pMaria by Callas
May 20, 20197:00pCoco Love Alcorn Singing Workshop
May 19, 20192:00pHow To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World
May 17, 20197:00pHow To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World
May 11, 20195:00pThe Paper Bag Princess: A Musical
May 10, 20197:30pSharkwater Extinction
May 7, 20197:30pWoman at War
May 5, 20192:00pMary Poppins Returns
May 3, 20197:00pMary Poppins Returns
May 2, 20197:30pChase Padgett's Nashville Hurricane
Apr 30, 20197:30pBeautiful Boy
Apr 28, 20192:00pUnder Cover
Apr 27, 20197:30pUnder Cover
Apr 26, 20197:30pUnder Cover
Apr 20, 20192:00pPeter Rabbit
Apr 19, 20197:00pPeter Rabbit
Apr 16, 20197:30pLeahy
Apr 14, 20192:00pHow To Train Your Dragon
Apr 13, 20197:30pCatherine MacLellan’s Tribute to Gene MacLellan
Apr 12, 20197:00pHow To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World
Apr 9, 20197:30pShoplifters
Apr 7, 20197:30pEric Harper
Apr 6, 20192:00pThe Lego Movie 2: The Second Part
Apr 5, 20197:00pThe Lego Movie 2: The Second Part
Mar 31, 20192:00pAlice's Adventures in Wonderland
Mar 30, 20197:00pAlice's Adventures in Wonderland
Mar 29, 20197:00pAlice's Adventures in Wonderland
Mar 26, 20197:30pIf Beale Street Could Talk
Mar 21, 20197:00pKing's Theatre Society - AGM
Mar 17, 20192:00pRoyal Wood
Mar 16, 20192:00pBizet's Carmen - Metropolitan Opera
Mar 12, 20197:30pCold War
Mar 10, 20192:00pShelley Marshall’s HOLD MOMMY’S CIGARETTE
Mar 9, 20192:00pMary Queen of Scots
Mar 8, 20197:00pMary Queen of Scots
Mar 3, 20192:00pBetty Belmore, Bill Stevenson, Tom Easley & Alan Jeffries
Mar 2, 20192:00pThe Kid Who Would Be King
Mar 1, 20197:00pThe Kid Who Would Be King
Feb 26, 20197:30pStan and Ollie
Feb 24, 20192:00pThe Favourite
Feb 23, 20197:30pTrent McClellan's Laugh Every Day Tour
Feb 22, 20197:00pThe Favourite
Feb 19, 20197:30pRoma
Feb 17, 20192:00pFree Solo, Climbing 3000' El Capitan without a rope
Feb 15, 20191:00pMocean Dance - Adult Workshops
Feb 14, 20196:00pMocean Dance
Feb 10, 20192:00pAquaman
Feb 9, 20197:30pIan Sherwood and Luke McMaster - Double Bill!
Feb 8, 20197:00pAquaman
Feb 3, 20192:00pGreen Book
Feb 1, 20197:00pGreen Book
Jan 27, 20192:00pRolston String Quartet
Jan 21, 20197:00pMonet: The Magic of Water and Light
Jan 13, 20192:00pRay Legere & The Alan Jeffries Band - Bluegrass
Jan 12, 20192:00pSpider-Man Into the Spider-Verse
Jan 11, 20197:00pSpider-Man Into the Spider-Verse
Jan 7, 20197:00pKlimt & Schiele - Eros and Psyche
Jan 6, 20192:00pRobin Hood
Jan 4, 20197:00pRobin Hood
Dec 30, 20182:00pA Star is Born (2018)
Dec 29, 20187:00pA Star is Born (2018)
Dec 28, 20182:00pThe Grinch (2018)
Dec 27, 20187:00pThe Grinch (2018)
Dec 22, 20187:30pThe O'Briens & Co - Benefit Concert
Dec 21, 20187:30pLove Actually (2003)
Dec 16, 20182:00pThe Nutcracker - Royal Ballet - Stage to Screen
Dec 15, 20187:30pJohn Gracie Christmas
Dec 14, 20187:00pThe Man Who Invented Christmas
Dec 8, 20187:30pCoco Love Alcorn
Dec 6, 20187:30pAnnapolis Basin Community Band Winter Concert
Dec 6, 20187:30p'Twas the Night Before Christmas
Dec 4, 20187:30pThe Wife
Dec 2, 20187:30pLizzy Hoyt Trio - Ancient Carols for a Winter's Night
Dec 1, 201810:30aThe Search for Santa Paws - FREE MOVIE
Nov 25, 20187:30pBohemian Rhapsody
Nov 24, 20182:00pVerdi's AIDA - Metropolitan Opera
Nov 23, 20187:30pBohemian Rhapsody
Nov 20, 20187:30pColette
Nov 18, 20182:00pSleeping Beauty - A Pantomime
Nov 17, 20187:30pSleeping Beauty - A Pantomime
Nov 16, 20187:30pSleeping Beauty - A Pantomime
Nov 10, 20187:30pBlindside
Nov 9, 20187:30pWon't You Be My Neighbor?
Nov 6, 20187:30pRBG
Nov 3, 20187:30pLynnea Rose and The Modern Grass - CD Launch
Nov 2, 20187:30pFahrenheit 11/9
Oct 30, 20187:30pThree Identical Strangers
Oct 28, 20182:00pVariety Show
Oct 27, 20189:00pThe Rocky Horror Picture Show
Oct 26, 20187:30pThe Walk a Mile Film Project
Oct 24, 20187:30pLes Songes - Baroque Ensemble
Oct 21, 20182:00pSmallfoot
Oct 20, 20187:30pRYAN COOK: A Tribute to Hank Williams
Oct 19, 20187:00pSmallfoot
Oct 16, 20187:30pNothing Like A Dame
Oct 14, 20182:00pThe House With A Clock In Its Walls
Oct 13, 20187:30pAmadeus Guitar Duo
Oct 12, 20187:00pThe House With A Clock In Its Walls
Oct 4, 20187:30pUrbanized
Oct 2, 20187:30pThe Children Act
Sep 30, 20187:00pJOHN & YOKO’S ‘IMAGINE’: Remastered and Remixed
Sep 27, 20187:30pJP Cormier
Sep 25, 20187:30pJim Cuddy Trio
Sep 23, 20182:00pChristopher Robin
Sep 22, 20187:00pVAN GOGH: Of Wheat Fields & Clouded Skies
Sep 21, 20187:00pChristopher Robin
Sep 18, 20187:30pLeave No Trace
Sep 15, 20187:30pMaria Osende
Sep 8, 20187:00pEast Meets West Fibre Exhibition: Opening Reception
Sep 7, 20187:30pDavid Myles Tee-Up Concert
Sep 4, 20187:30pPuzzle- Film Society Season Launch
Sep 2, 20187:30pMaudie
Aug 31, 20187:30pMaudie
Aug 26, 20187:30pMamma Mia 2
Aug 25, 20187:30pPort Cities
Aug 24, 20187:30pMamma Mia 2
Aug 23, 20187:30pMamma Mia 2
Aug 21, 20187:30pThe Leisure Seeker
Aug 19, 20187:00pAndre Rieu's Maastricht Concert: Amore, My Tribute To Love
Aug 18, 20187:30pMakayla Lynn
Aug 17, 20187:00pIncredibles 2
Aug 16, 20187:00pIncredibles 2
Aug 12, 20187:30pRESCHEDULED - Shelley Marshall’s HOLD MOMMY’S CIGARETTE
Aug 7, 20187:30pOn Chesil Beach
Aug 4, 20187:30pLos Primos
Jul 29, 20182:00pHotel Transylvania 3
Jul 28, 20187:30pSusan Crowe & Co. Kitchen Party
Jul 27, 20187:00pHotel Transylvania 3
Jul 24, 20187:30pThe Death of Stalin
Jul 22, 20187:30pOcean's 8
Jul 21, 20187:30pDiyet and The Love Soldiers
Jul 20, 20187:30pOcean's 8
Jul 15, 20182:00pPuccini's Madama Butterfly, Metropolitan Opera
Jul 14, 20187:30pUnion Duke
Jul 10, 20187:30pMeditation Park
Jul 8, 20187:30pBookclub
Jul 7, 20187:30pSteven Page with Kevin Fox
Jul 6, 20187:30pBookclub
Jun 30, 20187:30pPaul O'Brien
Jun 29, 20187:30pIndian Horse
Jun 28, 20187:30pIndian Horse
Jun 23, 20187:00pThe Gardener
Jun 21, 20187:30pMaritime Concert Opera - La Boheme
Jun 17, 20182:00pThe King's Shorts
Jun 16, 20187:30pThe King's Shorts
Jun 15, 20187:30pThe King's Shorts
Jun 10, 20182:00pMozart's Cosi Fan Tutte - Met Opera
Jun 9, 20187:30pTheresa Malenfant & John Campbelljohn
Jun 5, 20187:30pThe Party
Jun 3, 20182:00pXara Choral Theatre:Rise
Jun 2, 20187:00pIsle of Dogs
Jun 1, 20187:00pIsle of Dogs
May 27, 20182:00pLove, Simon
May 26, 20187:00pLove, Simon
May 25, 20187:30pNeil Diamond Tribute - Jay White
May 22, 20187:30pFoxtrot
May 19, 20187:30pRawlins Cross
May 18, 20187:00pA Wrinkle in Time
May 18, 201810:00aA Wrinkle in Time
May 17, 20187:30pCelebrate Spring Concert
May 13, 20182:00pRebecca Perry's Confessions....
May 12, 20185:00pRare & Unusual Plant Society's Seminar & Reception
May 11, 20187:00pWalk With Me - Movie Documentary About Zen Buddhism
May 8, 20187:30pFilm Stars Don't Die in Liverpool
May 6, 20182:00pThree Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
May 5, 20182:00pHamlet - Stage to Screen
May 4, 20187:00pThree Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
Apr 29, 20182:00pDon't Dress for Dinner
Apr 28, 20187:30pDon't Dress for Dinner
Apr 27, 20187:30pDon't Dress for Dinner
Apr 20, 20187:30pCarry The Lost
Apr 17, 20187:30pLucky
Apr 15, 20182:00pBlack Panther
Apr 14, 20187:00pBlack Panther
Apr 13, 20187:30pIvan Coyote
Apr 10, 20187:30pBombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story
Apr 8, 20182:00pEarly Man
Apr 7, 20187:30pRosie and The Riveters
Apr 6, 20187:00pEarly Man
Apr 2, 20187:00pThe Horsearcher - A Lovasíjász
Apr 1, 20182:00pPeter Rabbit
Mar 31, 20182:00pTosca - Metropolitan Opera
Mar 30, 20187:00pPeter Rabbit
Mar 27, 20187:30pThe Square
Mar 25, 20182:00pThe Shape of Water
Mar 23, 20187:00pThe Shape of Water
Mar 22, 20187:30pH'SAO
Mar 18, 20182:00pThe Post
Mar 16, 20187:00pThe Post
Mar 14, 20187:30pFaces Places
Mar 13, 20187:30pFaces Places
Mar 11, 20182:00pMolly's Game
Mar 10, 20182:00pWho's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? - National Theatre
Mar 9, 20187:00pMolly's Game
Mar 4, 20182:00pBlack Umfolosi
Mar 3, 20182:00pDarkest Hour
Mar 2, 20187:00pDarkest Hour
Feb 27, 20187:30pCall Me By Your Name
Feb 25, 20182:00pThor:Ragnarok
Feb 24, 20182:00pNorma - Metropolitan Opera
Feb 23, 20187:00pThor:Ragnarok
Feb 18, 20182:00pLady Bird - Oscar Presentation
Feb 16, 20187:00pLady Bird - Oscar Presentation
Feb 11, 20182:00pPaddington 2
Feb 10, 20186:30pValentine's Art Auction: 50 Shades of Love
Feb 9, 20187:00pPaddington 2
Feb 5, 20187:00pThe Artist is Present
Feb 4, 20187:30pElivra Kurt & Friends (Girls Nite Out Comedy Fest)
Jan 28, 20187:30pSusan Aglukark
Jan 25, 20187:30pRobbie Burns Night - SOLD OUT
Jan 22, 20187:00pWaste Land
Jan 21, 20182:00pAll the Money in the World
Jan 19, 20187:00pAll the Money in the World
Jan 14, 20182:00pDave Gunning & James Keelaghan
Jan 13, 20182:00pFerdinand
Jan 12, 20187:00pFerdinand
Jan 8, 20187:00pHuman Flow
Dec 30, 20172:00pWonder
Dec 29, 20177:00pWonder
Dec 23, 20177:30pThe O'Brien Family - Food Bank Benefit
Dec 22, 20176:00pLiving Nativity Night
Dec 17, 20177:30pMeasha Brueggergosman
Dec 16, 20172:00pArthur Christmas Movie
Dec 10, 20177:30pHeather Rankin Trio
Dec 9, 20177:00pMurder on the Orient Express
Dec 8, 20177:00pMurder on the Orient Express
Dec 7, 20177:30pThe Moon of Winter
Dec 5, 20177:30pLoving Vincent
Dec 3, 20172:00pDEAR SANTA
Dec 2, 20177:30pDEAR SANTA
Dec 1, 20177:30pDEAR SANTA
Nov 24, 20177:30pDiomira
Nov 21, 20177:30pBreathe
Nov 18, 20177:30pBreabach with Old Man Luedecke
Nov 12, 20172:00pA Tribute to Peggy Armstrong
Nov 9, 20177:30pLeisa Way - Oh Canada
Nov 7, 20177:30pThe Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Maki
Nov 5, 20172:00pVictoria and Abdul
Nov 4, 20177:30pBuffy Sainte-Marie
Nov 3, 20177:00pVictoria and Abdul
Oct 28, 20179:00pThe Rocky Horror Picture Show
Oct 27, 20177:30pLennie Gallant - Searching for Abegweit
Oct 24, 20177:30pObit
Oct 22, 20172:00pThe LEGO Ninjago Movie
Oct 21, 20177:30pBouey-Doucet Duo ..Violin and Piano
Oct 20, 20177:00pThe LEGO Ninjago Movie
Oct 15, 20172:00pSpider-Man: Homecoming
Oct 13, 20177:00pSpider-Man: Homecoming
Oct 10, 20177:30pA Trip to Spain
Oct 7, 20177:30pSarah Hagen - Classical Piano
Oct 3, 20177:00pStrange and Familiar Architecture on Fogo Island
Sep 30, 20177:30pSanctuary
Sep 26, 20177:30pAlex Cuba
Sep 23, 20177:30pDavid Gilmour: Live at Pompeii
Sep 19, 20177:30pFrantz
Sep 17, 20177:30pHatfitz and Cara
Sep 15, 20177:30pKaha:wi Dance Theatre: Requickening
Sep 12, 20177:30pRUMBLE: The Indians Who Rocked the World
Sep 10, 20172:00pMYSTERIOUS BARRICADES: Recognizing World Suicide Prevention Day
Sep 8, 20177:30pJoel and Bill Plaskett
Sep 5, 20177:30pTommy's Honour
Sep 2, 20177:30pSally Jackson and her Good Rockin' Daddies
Aug 29, 20177:30pThe Big Sick
Aug 27, 20172:00pBizet's The Pearl Fishers – Met Opera
Aug 26, 20177:00pDebra Savoy - Spiritual Medium
Aug 25, 20177:30pTwin Kennedy
Aug 19, 20178:00pFestival of Dance
Aug 18, 20178:00pFestival of Dance
Aug 17, 20178:00pFestival of Dance
Aug 16, 20172:00pFestival of Dance
Aug 15, 20178:00pFODAR Dance on Film, MR. GAGA
Aug 13, 20177:30pLisa Brokop: Legendary Ladies of Country
Aug 8, 20177:30pParis Can Wait
Jul 30, 20172:00pDespicable Me 3
Jul 29, 20177:30pSusan Crowe & Friends
Jul 28, 20177:00pDespicable Me 3
Jul 25, 20177:30pThe Sense of an Ending
Jul 22, 20177:30pJenn Grant - with Opening act Kim Harris
Jul 20, 20177:30pAlan Fraser: Classical Piano ft. Audrey Dumont and Masha Fraser
Jul 16, 20177:00pGuardians of the Galaxy Vol.2
Jul 15, 20177:00pGuardians of the Galaxy Vol.2
Jul 14, 20177:30pReeny Smith
Jul 11, 20177:30pTheir Finest
Jul 9, 20177:30pLOS PRIMOS – Hot Music from Havana
Jul 8, 20177:00pWonder Woman
Jul 7, 20177:00pWonder Woman
Jul 2, 20172:00pA Dog's Purpose
Jul 1, 20177:30pASHK - World Music Band
Jun 25, 20172:00pGuardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 - POSTPONED!!
Jun 23, 20177:00pPOSTPONED DUE TO TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES - Guardians of the Galaxy - Vol 2
Jun 2, 20177:00pThe Boss Baby
May 28, 20177:00pMaudie
May 28, 20172:00pMaudie
May 27, 20177:00pMaudie
May 26, 20177:00pMaudie
May 23, 20177:30pThe Red Turtle & Blind Vaysha
May 21, 20177:30pThe West Woods
May 19, 20177:00pThe Lost City of Z
May 13, 20177:30pMike MacDonald - Comedy
May 12, 20177:00pA United Kingdom
May 9, 20177:30pWeirdos
May 6, 20177:30pHillsburn
May 2, 20177:30pCorb Lund
Apr 30, 20172:00pSmurfs: The Lost Village
Apr 28, 20178:00pRose Fortune Play - Broadcast Live
Apr 25, 20177:30pPaterson
Apr 23, 20172:00pThe Founder
Apr 21, 20177:00pBefore I Fall
Apr 15, 20173:00pHop
Apr 11, 20177:30pI, Daniel Blake
Apr 9, 20172:00pThe Railway Children
Apr 8, 20177:30pThe Railway Children
Apr 7, 20177:30pThe Railway Children
Apr 2, 20177:30pEmma Rush
Apr 1, 20177:00pHidden Figures
Mar 31, 20177:00pHidden Figures
Mar 28, 20177:30pLion
Mar 26, 20172:00pLogan
Mar 25, 20172:00pSaint Joan - Nat Theatre Stage Play
Mar 24, 20177:00pLogan
Mar 21, 20177:30pMoonlight - RESCHEDULED
Mar 19, 20172:00pFences
Mar 17, 20177:00pFences
Mar 12, 20172:00pThe LEGO Batman Movie
Mar 11, 20172:00pAmadeus - Nat. Theatre Stage Play
Mar 10, 20177:00pThe LEGO Batman Movie
Mar 5, 20172:00pLa La Land
Mar 3, 20177:00pLa La Land
Feb 28, 20177:30pJulieta
Feb 26, 20172:00pRogue One: A Star Wars Story
Feb 25, 20172:00pRomeo & Juliette - Metropolitan Opera
Feb 24, 20177:00pRogue One: A Star Wars Story
Feb 21, 20177:30pA Man Called Ove
Feb 19, 20172:00pManchester by the Sea
Feb 17, 20177:00pManchester by the Sea
Feb 12, 20172:00pMoana
Feb 11, 20172:00pNabucco - Metropolitan Opera
Feb 10, 20177:00pMoana
Feb 6, 20177:30pPainted Land: In Search of the Group of Seven
Feb 5, 20172:00pArrival
Feb 3, 20177:00pArrival
Jan 29, 20172:00pSing
Jan 27, 20177:00pSing
Jan 23, 20177:30pReel Art Series
Jan 22, 20172:00pHacksaw Ridge
Jan 20, 20177:00pHacksaw Ridge
Jan 15, 20172:00pTrolls
Jan 13, 20177:00pTrolls
Jan 9, 20177:30pReel Art Series: Inuit Artists
Jan 8, 20172:00pARRIVAL ...Postponed
Jan 6, 20177:00pARRIVAL ..Postponed until Friday 3rd & Sun 5th February
Dec 30, 20167:00pFantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Dec 29, 20167:00pFantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Dec 18, 20162:00pThe Nutcracker Ballet
Dec 17, 20167:30pCoig, A Cape Breton Cèilidh Christmas
Dec 10, 20161:00pThe Entertainer Stage to Screen
Dec 3, 201610:30aThe Polar Express
Nov 27, 20167:30pGeorge Canyon
Nov 26, 20161:00pDon Giovanni Stage to Screen
Nov 20, 20162:00pPeter Pan - A Pantomime
Nov 19, 20167:30pPeter Pan - A Pantomime
Nov 18, 20167:30pPeter Pan - A Pantomime
Nov 12, 20161:00pDeep Blue Sea, Stage to Screen
Nov 5, 20167:30pThe Belle Of Amherst
Nov 3, 20167:30pMonkeyJunk
Oct 30, 20162:00pMiss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
Oct 28, 20167:00pMiss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
Oct 23, 20162:00pThe Magnificent 7
Oct 22, 20167:30pWe Are Searson
Oct 21, 20167:00pThe Magnificent 7
Oct 18, 20167:30pCloset Monster
Oct 16, 20162:00pStorks
Oct 15, 20167:30pZogma Urban Dance
Oct 14, 20167:00pStorks
Oct 11, 20167:30pThe Daughter
Oct 2, 20162:00pSully
Oct 1, 20167:00pLynnea Rose Album Release Show
Sep 30, 20167:00pSully
Sep 29, 20167:30pEverything Fitz Family
Sep 24, 20167:30pMarty Haggard, Songs of My Dad
Sep 17, 20167:30pSlowly I Turn
Sep 13, 20167:30pSunset Song
Sep 9, 20167:30pJ.P. Cormier The Tournament of King’s
Aug 30, 20167:30pLove & Friendship
Aug 29, 20167:30pAlan Fraser An Evening with Brahms
Aug 28, 20162:00pFestival of Dance Annapolis Royal
Aug 27, 20168:00pFestival of Dance Annapolis Royal
Aug 26, 20168:00pFestival of Dance Annapolis Royal
Aug 25, 20168:00pFestival of Dance Annapolis Royal
Aug 20, 20167:30pSiobhan Miller Scottish Songbird
Aug 14, 20162:00pIce Age Collision Course
Aug 12, 20167:00pIce Age Collision Course
Aug 7, 20167:30pTom Allen's Bohemians In Brooklyn
Jul 26, 20167:30pDark Horse
Jul 24, 20162:00pThe Secret Life of Pets
Jul 22, 20167:00pThe Secret Life of Pets
Jul 16, 20167:30pMorgan Davis
Jul 9, 20167:30pSkipper's Alley
Jun 30, 20167:30pSamantha Martin and Delta Sugar
Jun 26, 20167:30pApril Verch
Jun 25, 20167:30pAmina Holloway
Jun 23, 20167:30pThe Mikado Maritime Concert Opera
Jun 19, 20162:00pKing's Shorts Festival of 10 Minute Plays
Jun 18, 20167:30pKing's Shorts Festival of 10 Minute Plays
Jun 17, 20167:30pKing's Shorts Festival of 10 Minute Plays
Jun 12, 20162:00pAmazing Grace of Spring Concert
Jun 11, 20167:30pThe House of Bernarda Alba
Jun 7, 20167:30pPeggy Guggenheim: Art Addict
Jun 5, 20162:00pJungle Book
Jun 3, 20167:00pJungle Book
May 28, 20167:30pThe Aeolian Singers
May 24, 20167:30pComing Home
May 18, 20167:30pLes Liaisons Dangereuses
May 10, 20167:30p45 Years
Apr 26, 20167:30pRoom
Apr 24, 20162:00pThe Hollow
Apr 23, 20167:30pThe Hollow
Apr 22, 20167:30pThe Hollow
Apr 17, 20162:00pZootopia
Apr 15, 20167:00pZootopia
Apr 12, 20167:30pMustang
Apr 5, 20167:30pJafar Panahi's Taxi
Apr 3, 20162:00pEddie the Eagle
Apr 1, 20167:00pEddie the Eagle
Mar 26, 20163:00pThe Dog Who Saved Easter
Mar 22, 20167:30pTrumbo
Mar 20, 20162:00pThe Finest Hours
Mar 18, 20167:00pThe Finest Hours
Mar 13, 20162:00pStar Wars: The Force Awakens
Mar 11, 20167:00pStar Wars: The Force Awakens
Mar 8, 20167:30pThe Second Mother
Mar 7, 20167:30pMatisse
Mar 5, 20167:00pCarol
Mar 2, 20167:30pJane Eyre (Stage to Screen)
Feb 28, 20162:00pKung Fu Panda 3
Feb 27, 20167:00pSpotlight
Feb 26, 20167:00pKung Fu Panda 3
Feb 23, 20167:30pMavis!
Feb 21, 20162:00pThe Lady in the Van
Feb 19, 20167:00pThe Lady in the Van
Feb 14, 20162:00pThe Revenant
Feb 13, 20167:00pValentine's Special Event
Feb 12, 20167:00pThe Revenant
Feb 8, 20167:30pThe Impressionists And The Man Who Made Them
Feb 7, 20162:00pThe Big Short
Feb 5, 20167:00pThe Big Short
Jan 30, 20167:30pA Winter's Tale
Jan 24, 20162:00pIn the Heart of the Sea
Jan 22, 20167:00pIn the Heart of the Sea
Jan 17, 20162:00pAlvin & The Chipmunks - The Road Chip
Jan 15, 20167:00pAlvin & The Chipmunks - The Road Chip
Jan 11, 20167:30pVan Gogh - A New Way of Seeing
Dec 19, 20157:00pSpectre
Dec 18, 20157:00pSpectre
Dec 13, 20152:00pThe Peanuts Movie
Dec 11, 20157:00pThe Peanuts Movie
Dec 8, 20157:30pThe Wrecking Crew
Dec 6, 20157:30pAn Irish Christmas Lunasa & Karan Casey
Dec 5, 201510:30aArthur Christmas
Nov 29, 20157:30pHamlet
Nov 26, 20157:00p Alice In Wonderland Dance Theatre
Nov 24, 20157:30p99 Homes
Nov 21, 20157:00pThe Martian
Nov 20, 20157:00pThe Martian
Nov 15, 20152:00pGoosebumps
Nov 14, 20157:00pGoosebumps
Nov 13, 20157:30pThe Judgment of Paris
Nov 10, 20157:30pTimbuktu
Nov 8, 20152:00pSkin Flick
Nov 7, 20157:30pSkin Flick
Nov 6, 20157:30pSkin Flick
Oct 30, 20157:30p Vishtèn & Gordie MacKeeman and His Rhythm Boys
Oct 27, 20157:30pJimmy's Hall
Oct 25, 20152:00pBeaux' Stratagem - A Stage to Screen Presentation
Oct 24, 20157:00pA Walk in the Woods
Oct 23, 20157:00pA Walk in the Woods
Oct 18, 20157:00pHotel Transylvania 2
Oct 16, 20157:00pHotel Transylvania 2
Oct 15, 20157:30pLeisa Way - A Patsy Cline Tribute
Oct 13, 20157:30pThe Best of Enemies
Oct 7, 20157:30pAmadeus Guitar Duo
Oct 2, 20157:30pFred Eaglesmith
Sep 29, 20157:30pSalt of the Earth
Sep 26, 20157:30pChristina Martin
Sep 20, 20152:00pTreasure Island - A Stage to Screen Presentation
Sep 19, 20157:30pShannon Quinn
Sep 15, 20157:30pA Brilliant Young Mind
Sep 11, 20157:30pLennie Gallant
Sep 8, 20157:30pWhat We Did On Our Holiday
Sep 1, 20157:30pLove & Mercy
Aug 30, 20152:00pMinions
Aug 29, 20157:30pClarinet Quintet
Aug 28, 20157:00pMinions
Aug 26, 20157:30pAlan Fraser
Aug 23, 20152:00pFestival of Dance
Aug 22, 20158:00pFestival of Dance
Aug 21, 20158:00pFestival of Dance
Aug 20, 20158:00pFestival of Dance
Aug 15, 20157:30pCOIG
Aug 9, 20152:00pThe Barber Of Seville - A Stage to Screen Presentation
Aug 8, 20157:30pMelanie Morgan
Jul 30, 20157:00pWalking on Wayne (Feat. Bob Snider)
Jul 26, 20152:00pInside Out
Jul 25, 20157:30pBaril, Lapierre, Walt Trio
Jul 24, 20157:00pInside Out
Jul 19, 20152:00pJurassic World
Jul 18, 20157:30pLalun
Jul 17, 20157:00pJurassic World
Jul 12, 20152:00pCarmen - A Stage to Screen Presentation
Jul 11, 20157:30pRyan Cook and The Valley Singers
Jul 4, 20157:30pAriana Nasr Performs Édith Piaf
Jun 28, 20152:00pMoulin Rouge - A Stage to Screen Presentation
Jun 25, 20157:30pPagliacci - Maritime Concert Opera
Jun 20, 20157:30pEvans and Doherty
Jun 16, 20157:30pLarry Christopher's, Neil Young Tribute
Jun 14, 20152:00pKing's Shorts Festival of 10 Minute Plays
Jun 13, 20157:30pKing's Shorts Festival of 10 Minute Plays
Jun 12, 20157:30pKing's Shorts Festival of 10 Minute Plays
Jun 2, 20157:30pRed Army
May 30, 20157:30pBack Home Again - Songs of John Denver
May 23, 20157:30pTeen Film Gala
May 22, 20157:30pClaire Lynch Band
May 19, 20157:30pPhoenix
May 10, 20152:00pHome
May 8, 20157:30pHome
May 5, 20157:30pWild Tales
May 3, 20152:00pCinderella
May 1, 20157:00pCinderella
Apr 29, 20157:30pFélix and Meira
Apr 26, 20153:00pA Royal Consort presents As Time Goes By
Apr 25, 20157:00pSecond Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
Apr 24, 20157:00pSecond Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
Apr 21, 20157:30pLeviathan
Apr 19, 20152:00pBless Me Father
Apr 18, 20157:30pBless Me Father
Apr 17, 20157:30pBless Me Father
Apr 12, 20156:45pCindy Church & Susan Crowe
Apr 7, 20157:30pTwo Days, One Night
Mar 24, 20157:30pTrick or Treaty
Mar 22, 20152:00pKingsman the Secret Service
Mar 20, 20157:00pKingsman the Secret Service
Mar 15, 20152:00pAmerican Sniper
Mar 13, 20157:00pAmerican Sniper
Mar 10, 20157:30pForce Majeure
Mar 8, 20152:00pSponge Out if Water
Mar 6, 20157:00pSponge Out if Water
Mar 3, 20157:30pBirdman
Mar 1, 20152:00pWild
Feb 27, 20157:00pWild
Feb 24, 20157:30pMr. Turner
Feb 22, 20152:00pSelma
Feb 20, 20157:00pSelma
Feb 18, 20157:30pThe Theory of Everything
Feb 15, 20152:00pInto the Woods
Feb 13, 20157:00pInto the Woods
Feb 10, 20157:30pCitizenfour
Feb 8, 20152:00pThe Imitation Game
Feb 6, 20157:00pThe Imitation Game
Feb 1, 20152:00pPaddington
Jan 30, 20157:00pPaddington
Jan 13, 20157:30pFed Up
Dec 21, 20141:55pThe Nutcracker the Bolshoi Ballet
Dec 12, 20147:30pMeasha Brueggergosman
Dec 9, 20147:30pLand Ho!
Nov 29, 20147:30pA Hard Day's Night 50th Anniversary Celebration
Nov 15, 20147:00pGod's Not Dead Movie
Nov 14, 20147:00pThe Fury
Nov 11, 20147:30pLove Is Strange
Nov 9, 20147:30pMiss Caledonia
Oct 28, 20147:30pIda
Oct 26, 20142:00pThe Importance of Being Ernest
Oct 25, 20147:30pThe Importance of Being Ernest
Oct 23, 20147:30pThe Importance of Being Ernest
Oct 15, 20147:00pMargaret Trudeau
Oct 14, 20147:30pLife Itself
Oct 11, 20147:30pNova Bhattacharya Date With Dance
Oct 4, 20147:30pRay Bonneville
Sep 30, 20147:30pWe Are The Best!
Sep 21, 20147:30pShanneyganock
Sep 16, 20147:30pTim's Vermeer
Sep 12, 20147:30pDavid Myles
Aug 24, 20142:00pFestival of Dance
Aug 23, 20147:30pFestival of Dance
Aug 22, 20147:30pFestival of Dance
Aug 21, 20147:30pFestival of Dance
Aug 10, 20147:30pRani Arbo & daisy mayhem
Aug 6, 20147:30pJanice Jackson and Sylvie Proulx
Aug 1, 201410:00aARTs Unleashed! Video 3.5 Youth FilmFest
Jul 31, 20148:00pJeff Hennessy
Jul 25, 20147:30pLaura Courtese and the Dance Cards
Jul 22, 20143:00pFestival of Dance
Jul 11, 20147:30pThe Paul McKenna Band
Jul 5, 20147:30pAlex Zayas
Jun 28, 20147:30pXara Choral Theatre/Youth Ensemble
Jun 21, 20147:30pThe Outside Track
Jun 19, 20147:30pDie Fledermaus by Strauss
Jun 15, 20142:00pKing's Shorts Festival of 10 Minute Plays
Jun 14, 20147:30pKing's Shorts Festival of 10 Minute Plays
Jun 13, 20147:30pKing's Shorts Festival of 10 Minute Plays
Jun 8, 20142:00pThe Grand Budapest Hotel
Jun 6, 20147:00pThe Grand Budapest Hotel
Jun 5, 20147:00pPuccini's La Bohème
Jun 3, 20147:30pThe Lunch Box
Jun 1, 20147:30pCommunity Band Spring Concert
May 25, 20149:00aDefeat Depression Fundraiser
May 24, 20147:00pVinyl Cafe with Stuart McLean
May 23, 20147:00pVinyl Cafe with Stuart McLean
May 21, 20147:00pKelli Trottier - House Concert
May 20, 20147:30pNebraska
May 11, 20147:30pJW - Jones
May 6, 20147:30pThe Great Beauty
May 4, 20143:00pA Royal Consort: 1914 In Song & Verse
May 3, 20147:30pTreasa Levasseur
Apr 27, 20142:00pDrinking Alone - A Norm Foster Play
Apr 26, 20147:30pDrinking Alone - A Norm Foster Play
Apr 26, 20142:00pThe Sleeping Beauty - Royal Ballet
Apr 25, 20147:30pDrinking Alone - A Norm Foster Play
Apr 22, 20147:30pGloria
Apr 12, 20147:00pGet Hitched Film Festival
Apr 12, 20144:00pGet Hitched Film Festival
Apr 11, 20147:30pGet Hitched Film Festival
Apr 8, 20147:30pFinding Vivian Maier
Apr 6, 20142:00pMr. Peabody & Sherman
Apr 4, 20147:00pMr. Peabody & Sherman
Mar 25, 20147:30pA People Uncounted
Mar 23, 20142:00pWar Horse - National Theatre Live
Mar 22, 20147:00pWar Horse - National Theatre Live
Mar 16, 20142:00pThe Monuments Men
Mar 14, 20147:00pThe Monuments Men
Mar 12, 20147:30pBboyizm - Music Creates Opportunity
Mar 11, 20147:30pInside Llewyn Davis
Mar 11, 201410:00aBboyizm Dance Workshop
Mar 9, 20142:00pThe Lego Movie
Mar 7, 20147:00pThe Lego Movie
Mar 4, 20147:30pTwelve Years A Slave
Mar 2, 20142:00pAugust: Osage County
Feb 28, 20147:00pAugust: Osage County
Feb 25, 20147:30pWadjda
Feb 23, 20142:00pAmerican Hustle
Feb 22, 20142:00pCoriolanus - National Theatre
Feb 21, 20147:00pAmerican Hustle
Feb 16, 20142:00pThe Nut Job
Feb 14, 20147:00pThe Nut Job
Feb 9, 20142:00pSaving Mr. Banks
Feb 7, 20147:00pSaving Mr. Banks
Feb 2, 20142:00pThe Wolf of Wall Street
Jan 31, 20147:00pThe Wolf of Wall Street
Jan 26, 20142:00pWalking with Dinosaurs
Jan 25, 20147:00pMamma Mia - A Special Sing-A-Long Screening
Jan 24, 20147:00pWalking with Dinosaurs
Jan 19, 20142:00pThe Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
Jan 18, 20142:00pPuccini's TOSCA - A Metropolitan Opera
Jan 17, 20147:00pThe Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
Jan 12, 20142:00pCaptain Philips
Jan 10, 20147:00pCaptain Philips
Jan 9, 20147:30pBaby It's Still Cold Outside, A Post Holiday Concert
Jan 7, 20147:00pPhilomena
Dec 14, 20137:00pJeremy Webb in A Christmas Carol
Dec 10, 20138:00pMuscle Shoals
Dec 7, 20138:00pChildrens Movie
Dec 3, 20138:00pFruitvale Station
Nov 30, 20137:00pNova Scotia Mass Choir
Nov 19, 20138:00pHannah Arendt
Nov 17, 20138:00pCinderella (an English Pantomime)
Nov 16, 20138:00pCinderella (an English Pantomime)
Nov 15, 20138:00pCinderella (an English Pantomime)
Nov 14, 20137:30pComedian Jimmy the Janitor
Nov 8, 20138:00pJake's Gift
Nov 5, 20138:00pWatermark
Nov 3, 20132:00pCloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2
Nov 1, 20137:00pCloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2
Oct 27, 20138:00pJoel Plaskett
Oct 22, 20138:00pBlue Jasmine
Oct 20, 20132:00pLee Daniels', The Butler
Oct 18, 20137:00pLee Daniels', The Butler
Oct 8, 20138:00pMud
Oct 5, 20138:00pAmanda Martinez
Sep 28, 20136:00pKing's Film Society Gala
Sep 26, 20138:00pJesse Winchester
Sep 24, 20138:00pMuch Ado Nothing
Sep 22, 20132:00pThe Audience
Sep 21, 20137:00pThe Audience
Sep 15, 20138:00pMichael Kaeshammer
Sep 13, 20137:30pDenis Ryan and Friends
Aug 25, 20132:00pDancing in the Third Act
Aug 24, 20138:00pDancing in the Third Act
Aug 23, 20138:00pDancing in the Third Act
Aug 17, 20138:00pHupman Brothers and Unisson
Aug 16, 20138:00pThe Blue Engine String Quartet
Aug 11, 20138:00pAlan Fraser presents Rachmaninoff
Aug 10, 20138:00pJonathan Edwards
Aug 8, 20138:00pCheryl Wheeler
Jul 27, 20137:00pPinot & Augustine
Jul 26, 20132:00pPhysical Comedy & Theatrical Clown
Jul 19, 20138:00pDaimh Gaelic Supergroup
Jul 13, 20138:00pComedian Lloyd Ravn
Jul 5, 20138:00pRoberto Lopez & the Afro-Columbian Jazz Orchestra
Jun 30, 20138:00pAlan Fraser presents Rachmaninoff
Jun 29, 20138:00pThe Fretless
Jun 23, 20132:00pFifties on Parade
Jun 21, 20138:00pFifties on Parade
Jun 20, 20138:00pDonizetti's Opera The Elixir of Love
May 25, 20131:00pOne Day DocuFest
Mar 12, 20138:00pAmour
Feb 26, 20138:00pSearching for Sugar Man
Dec 4, 20128:00pMoonrise Kingdom
Nov 20, 20128:00pTake This Waltz
Nov 6, 20128:00pBoy
Oct 27, 20126:45pGhost Story Gala
Oct 23, 20128:00pWe Have A Pope
Oct 9, 20128:00pWhere Do We Go Now?
Sep 25, 20128:00pAi Wei Wei
Sep 22, 20127:00pFarewell to Celluloid Celebration
Jul 7, 20128:00pSwingology
Jun 23, 20128:00pCeltic Umbrella
Jun 21, 20127:30pSummer Solstice Concert
Jun 17, 20122:00pKing's Shorts
Jun 16, 20128:00pKing's Shorts
Jun 15, 20128:00pKing's Shorts
Jun 10, 20128:00pThe Magic Flute
Jun 9, 20128:00pAmelia Curran
Mar 25, 20122:00pAnd Then There Were None
Mar 24, 20128:00pAnd Then There Were None
Mar 23, 20128:00pAnd Then There Were None
Dec 17, 201110:00aChildren's Theatre Party
Sep 30, 20118:00pCanadian Folk Legend VALDY
Sep 24, 20117:00p100 Years of Film
Jun 30, 20118:00pEnnis
Jun 25, 20118:00pRyan Cook
May 21, 20118:00pThe Cottars
May 15, 20112:00pGREASE
May 7, 20117:00pFour Seasons Orchestra
Dec 8, 20108:00pA Quartette Christmas
Nov 27, 20108:00pSide by Side Dessert Theatre
Nov 6, 20107:30pSwingology CD Release
Oct 31, 20108:00pThe Good Lovelies
Oct 29, 20107:00pRobin Hood
Oct 27, 20107:00pRankin Church & Crowe
Oct 26, 20108:00pBruce Cockburn (Cancelled)
Oct 23, 20108:00pManoukian and Ruberg-Gordon
Oct 9, 20108:00pTabla Ecstasy
Oct 1, 20108:00pThe Pacific Curls
Sep 25, 20107:30pAn Evening with Blain Henshaw
Sep 18, 20108:00pMaria Muldaur
Sep 12, 20104:00pWendy Neilsen and Robert Kortgaard
Sep 11, 20107:00pKeith Ross and Friends
Aug 29, 20102:00pDespicable Me
Aug 27, 20107:00pDespicable Me
Aug 24, 20109:00aYouth Summer Theatre Workshop
Aug 23, 20108:00pThe Toronto Consort
Aug 22, 20102:00pInception
Aug 21, 20108:00pMaria Osende Flamenco
Aug 20, 20108:00pInception
Aug 15, 20102:00pToy Story 3
Aug 14, 20108:00pRose Cousins
Aug 13, 20107:00pToy Story 3
Aug 12, 20108:00pVishten
Aug 8, 20102:00pTwilight Eclipse
Aug 6, 20108:00pTwilight Eclipse
Jul 29, 20108:00pThe Once
Jul 24, 20108:00pLes Viox Baroques
Jul 18, 20102:00pRobin Hood
Jul 16, 20108:00pRobin Hood
Jul 11, 20102:00pShrek Forever After
Jul 10, 20108:00pAlpha Yaya Diallo
Jul 9, 20108:00pShrek Forever After
Jul 3, 20108:00pSex and the City 2
Jul 2, 20108:00pSex and the City 2
Jul 1, 20108:00pCheryl Wheeler
Jun 27, 20108:00pMike Stevens & Raymond MacLain
Jun 20, 20102:00pKing's Shorts
Jun 19, 20108:00pKing's Shorts
Jun 18, 20108:00pKing's Shorts
Jun 13, 20108:00pDon Giovanni
Jun 12, 20108:00pLittle Miss Higgins
Jun 6, 20107:00pAnnapolis Basin Community Band
Jun 6, 20102:00pIron Man 2
Jun 4, 20108:00pIron Man 2
Mar 7, 20102:00pFiset, Marsolais And McMahon
Jan 24, 20102:00pThe Princess And The Frog
Jan 22, 20108:00pThe Princess And The Frog
Jan 17, 20102:00pThe Blind Side
Jan 15, 20108:00pThe Blind Side
Jan 10, 20102:00p2012
Jan 8, 20108:00p2012
Jan 3, 20102:00pThe Twilight Saga: New Moon
Jan 1, 20108:00pThe Twilight Saga: New Moon
Dec 20, 20092:00pA Christmas Carol
Dec 18, 20098:00pA Christmas Carol
Dec 16, 20098:00pThe Barra MacNeils
Dec 12, 200910:30aHow The Grinch Stole Christmas
Dec 11, 20098:00pAnnapolis Basin Community Band
Dec 8, 20098:00pGoodbye Solo
Nov 28, 20098:00pSharon Wei and Angela Park
Nov 24, 20098:00pCairo Time
Nov 15, 20098:00pThe MacKenzie Project
Nov 10, 20098:00pAmreeka
Oct 29, 20098:00pSong Writers Circle
Oct 27, 20098:00pDamned United
Oct 24, 20098:00pFrenchy's Fabulous Follies Fashion Show
Oct 21, 20098:00pMurray McLauchlan
Oct 18, 20098:00pJoe Trio
Oct 13, 20098:00pAdoration
Oct 11, 20092:00pJulie & Julia
Oct 10, 20098:00pJake's Gift
Oct 9, 20098:00pJulie & Julia
Oct 7, 20098:00pDr. Zoo
Oct 2, 20098:00pCatherine Kidd
Sep 29, 20098:00pEvery Little Step
Sep 25, 20098:00pAvan Yu
Sep 19, 20098:00pSusan Crowe and Cindy Church
Sep 13, 20092:00pDistrict 9
Sep 12, 20098:00pBrian Vardigans
Sep 11, 20098:00pDistrict 9
Sep 8, 20098:00pThe Butterfly Effect
Aug 30, 20092:00pG-Force
Aug 28, 20097:00pG-Force
Aug 22, 20098:00pAndrew White
Aug 18, 20099:00aChildren's Summer Theatre Workshop
Aug 15, 20098:00pGwen Noah Dance
Aug 9, 20092:00pHarry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Aug 7, 20098:00pHarry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Aug 2, 20098:00pPacific Curls
Aug 1, 20098:00pEnter the Haggis
Jul 26, 20092:00pTransformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Jul 24, 20098:00pTransformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Jul 23, 20097:00pScott Woods - Old Tyme Fiddle
Jul 18, 20098:00pOrchid Ensemble
Jul 17, 20098:00pAfrica to Appalachia - Jayme Stone & Mansa Sissoko
Jul 14, 20098:00pSwimming to Cambodia
Jul 11, 20098:00pPhillip Addis and Emily Hamper
Jul 9, 20098:00pPork Belly Futures
Jul 3, 20098:00pPo' Girl
Jun 27, 20098:00pLynn Miles
Jun 21, 20092:00pStar Trek
Jun 20, 20098:00pFred Eaglesmith
Jun 19, 20098:00pStar Trek
Jun 14, 20098:00pTosca by Giacomo Puccini
Jun 14, 20092:00pKing's Shorts
Jun 13, 20098:00pKing's Shorts
Jun 12, 20098:00pKing's Shorts
Jun 3, 20097:00pBeckoning Summer
May 30, 20097:00pGilbert and Sullivan - Cinderella
May 28, 20098:00pShanneyganock
May 24, 20092:00pMonsters vs. Aliens
May 22, 20098:00pMonsters vs. Aliens
May 19, 20098:00pOne Week
May 9, 20098:00pBackstage at the Orpheum
May 8, 20098:00pBackstage at the Orpheum
May 7, 20098:00pBackstage at the Orpheum
May 5, 20098:00pThe Class
May 1, 20098:00pLorne Elliott
Apr 26, 20092:00pRace to Witch Mountain
Apr 24, 20098:00pRace to Witch Mountain
Apr 21, 20098:00pNecessities of Life
Apr 19, 20092:00pKnowing
Apr 17, 20098:00pKnowing
Apr 7, 20098:00pIn Bruges
Apr 4, 20098:00pCarmina Burana
Mar 29, 20092:00pPaul Blart - Mall Cop
Mar 27, 20098:00pPaul Blart - Mall Cop
Mar 26, 20098:00pJimmy the Janitor
Mar 24, 20098:00pOutsourced
Mar 22, 20092:00pThe Wrestler
Mar 20, 20098:00pThe Wrestler
Mar 15, 20098:00pCantabile: The London Quartet
Mar 10, 20098:00pMilk
Mar 6, 20098:00pMarc Djokic and Julien Le Blanc
Mar 1, 20092:00pInkheart
Feb 27, 20098:00pInkheart
Feb 22, 20092:00pGran Torino
Feb 20, 20098:00pGran Torino
Feb 15, 20092:00pHappy Go Lucky
Feb 14, 20097:00pRecycled Love
Feb 8, 20092:00pThe Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Feb 6, 20098:00pThe Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Feb 1, 20092:00pBolt
Jan 30, 20097:00pBolt
Jan 25, 20092:00pAustralia
Jan 23, 20098:00pAustralia
Jan 18, 20092:00pQuantum of Solace
Jan 16, 20098:00pQuantum of Solace
Jan 11, 20092:00pTwilight
Jan 9, 20098:00pTwilight
Jan 4, 20092:00pMadagascar 2: Escape 2 Africa
Jan 2, 20097:00pMadagascar 2: Escape 2 Africa
Dec 21, 20082:00pHigh School Musical 3
Dec 19, 20088:00pHigh School Musical 3
Dec 17, 20088:00pBette MacDonald
Dec 13, 200810:30aElf
Dec 9, 20088:00pKenny
Dec 7, 20083:00pSounds of Christmas
Nov 30, 20082:00pThree One-Act Plays
Nov 29, 20088:00pThree One-Act Plays
Nov 28, 20088:00pThree One-Act Plays
Nov 25, 20088:00pThe Year My Parents Went on Vacation
Nov 23, 20088:00pDarrett Zusko
Nov 15, 20088:00pValdy
Nov 11, 20088:00pUp the Yangtze
Nov 9, 20088:00pGod's Middle Name
Oct 28, 20088:00pMy Brother Is an Only Child
Oct 27, 20087:00pNjacko Backo African Drumming Workshop
Oct 26, 20088:00pNjacko Backo
Oct 25, 20088:00pSex and the City
Oct 14, 20088:00pThe Stone Angel
Oct 10, 20088:00pBruce Guthro
Oct 3, 20088:00pDufflebag Theatre
Sep 30, 20089:00pKing's Film Society- Young at Heart
Sep 28, 20088:00pDefending the Caveman
Sep 21, 20088:00pSteve Marriner and Monkeyjunk
Sep 14, 20082:00pMovietime: Mamma Mia!
Sep 12, 20088:00pMovietime: Mamma Mia!
Sep 7, 20082:00pMovietime: The Dark Knight
Sep 6, 20088:00pMaria Osende Flamenco Company
Sep 5, 20088:00pMovietime: The Dark Knight
Aug 30, 20088:00pMary Jane Lamond
Aug 22, 20088:00pToronto Consort
Aug 19, 2008Children's Theatre Workshop
Aug 16, 20088:00pJ.P. Cormier
Aug 2, 20088:00pAndre Branch & Halfway Tree
Jul 26, 20088:00pCheryl Gaudet and Caleb Miles
Jul 12, 2008Stacey Earle & Mark Stuart
Jul 11, 2008Ensemble Caprice
Jun 28, 2008Les Girls
Jun 25, 2008A Royal Consort
Jun 20, 2008Film: The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
Jun 15, 2008Carmen
Jun 13, 2008King's Shorts
Jun 7, 2008Gilbert & Sullivan - Iolanthe
Jun 5, 2008Annapolis Basin Community Band
May 28, 2008The Very Hungry Caterpillar
May 9, 2008Charlie A'Court
Apr 22, 2008Avenue Montaigne/Orchestra Seats
Mar 6, 20088:00pMarc Djokic
Mar 6, 20088:00pMarc Djokic
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