Past Events
Sat Nov 272:00pLiterary:Fishnets and Fantasies, an Author Reading
Thu Sep 172:00pMeeting:Third Thursday Social
Thu Aug 202:00pMeeting:Third Thursday Social
Thu Jul 162:00pMeeting:Third Thursday Social
Sun Jun 282:00pMeeting:Book Club
Fri Jun 2610:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Fri Jun 1910:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Jun 182:00pMeeting:Third Thursday Social
Fri Jun 1210:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Fri Jun 0510:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Sun May 312:00pMeeting:Book Club
Fri May 2910:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Wed May 276:00pMeeting:Photography Club
Fri May 2210:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu May 212:00pMeeting:Third Thursday Social
Fri May 1510:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu May 1410:30aMeeting:Fun & Fables
Thu May 143:30pMeeting:Creative Kids
Wed May 136:00pMeeting:Photography Club
Tue May 1210:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Tue May 123:30pMeeting:Crafty Kids
Fri May 0810:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu May 0710:30aMeeting:Fun & Fables
Thu May 073:30pMeeting:Creative Kids
Tue May 0510:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Tue May 053:30pMeeting:Crafty Kids
Fri May 0110:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Apr 3010:30aMeeting:Fun & Fables
Thu Apr 303:30pMeeting:Creative Kids
Wed Apr 296:00pMeeting:Photography Club
Tue Apr 2810:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Tue Apr 283:30pMeeting:Crafty Kids
Sun Apr 262:00pMeeting:Book Club
Fri Apr 2410:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Apr 2310:30aMeeting:Fun & Fables
Thu Apr 233:30pOther:Creative Kids
Wed Apr 226:00pFilm:Documentary Showing - "You Are Here: A Come From Away Story"
Tue Apr 2110:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Tue Apr 213:30pMeeting:Crafty Kids
Sat Apr 1810:00aWorkshop:Explore Virtual Reality
Fri Apr 1710:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Fri Apr 172:00pHealth:Introduction to Ayurvedic Medicine
Thu Apr 162:00pMeeting:Third Thursday Social
Thu Apr 1610:30aMeeting:Fun & Fables
Thu Apr 163:30pMeeting:Creative Kids
Wed Apr 156:00pMeeting:Photography Club
Tue Apr 1410:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Tue Apr 143:30pMeeting:Crafty Kids
Thu Apr 0910:30aMeeting:Fun & Fables
Thu Apr 093:30pMeeting:Creative Kids
Tue Apr 0710:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Tue Apr 073:30pMeeting:Crafty Kids
Fri Apr 0310:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Wed Apr 016:00pMeeting:Photography Club
Sun Mar 292:00pMeeting:Book Club
Fri Mar 2710:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Sat Mar 211:00pWorkshop:Photo Scavenger Hunt
Fri Mar 2010:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Mar 192:00pOther:Third Thursday Social
Wed Mar 184:45pWorkshop:Carnival Escape Room
Wed Mar 186:00pMeeting:Photography Club
Wed Mar 183:30pWorkshop:Carnival Escape Room
Tue Mar 173:30pMusic:Matt the Music Man
Tue Mar 1710:30aWorkshop:Mini Experiments: Science Fun
Fri Mar 1310:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Fri Mar 0610:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Wed Mar 046:00pMeeting:Photography Club
Fri Feb 2810:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Feb 273:30pWorkshop:Creative Kids
Thu Feb 2710:30aMeeting:Fun & Fables
Tue Feb 253:30pMeeting:Crafty Kids
Tue Feb 2510:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Sun Feb 232:00pMeeting:Book Club
Fri Feb 2110:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Feb 203:30pWorkshop:Creative Kids
Thu Feb 2010:30aMeeting:Fun & Fables
Wed Feb 196:00pMeeting:Photography Club
Tue Feb 183:30pMeeting:Crafty Kids
Tue Feb 1810:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Fri Feb 1410:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Feb 136:00pLecture:Understanding and Helping Children Cope with Anxiety
Thu Feb 1312:00pLecture:Beating the Winter Blues the Natural Way
Thu Feb 133:30pWorkshop:Creative Kids
Thu Feb 1310:30aMeeting:Fun & Fables
Tue Feb 113:30pMeeting:Crafty Kids
Tue Feb 1110:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Sat Feb 0811:00aWorkshop:African Drumming
Fri Feb 0710:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Feb 063:30pWorkshop:Creative Kids
Thu Feb 0610:30aMeeting:Fun & Fables
Wed Feb 056:00pMeeting:Photography Club
Tue Feb 043:30pMeeting:Crafty Kids
Tue Feb 0410:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Fri Jan 3110:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Jan 3010:30aMeeting:Fun & Fables
Tue Jan 2810:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Sun Jan 262:00pMeeting:Book Club
Fri Jan 2410:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Jan 2310:30aMeeting:Fun & Fables
Wed Jan 226:00pMeeting:Photography Club
Tue Jan 2110:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Fri Jan 1710:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Wed Jan 156:00pLecture:How to Communicate with Your Angels
Fri Jan 1010:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Wed Jan 086:00pMeeting:Photography Club
Fri Jan 0310:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Sun Dec 292:00pMeeting:Book Club
Fri Dec 2710:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Fri Dec 2010:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Dec 192:00pMeeting:Third Thursday Social
Wed Dec 183:30pWorkshop:Creative Kids
Wed Dec 186:00pMeeting:Photography Club
Fri Dec 1310:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Fri Dec 0610:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Wed Dec 046:00pMeeting:Photography Club
Fri Nov 2910:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Sun Nov 242:00pMeeting:Book Club
Sat Nov 2311:00aWorkshop:Science Adventure
Fri Nov 2210:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Nov 212:00pMeeting:Third Thursday Social
Wed Nov 206:00pMeeting:Photography Club
Sat Nov 162:00pOther:Minecraft Escape Room
Fri Nov 1510:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Wed Nov 133:30pWorkshop:Creative Kids
Fri Nov 0810:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Wed Nov 066:00pMeeting:Photography Club
Wed Nov 063:30pWorkshop:Creative Kids
Fri Nov 0110:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Oct 3110:30aMeeting:Fun & Fables
Wed Oct 303:30pWorkshop:Creative Kids
Tue Oct 2910:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Sun Oct 272:00pMeeting:Book Club
Sat Oct 2612:00pOther:Games Week
Fri Oct 2512:00pOther:Games Week
Fri Oct 2510:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Oct 2412:00pOther:Games Week
Thu Oct 2410:30aMeeting:Fun & Fables
Wed Oct 2312:00pOther:Games Week
Wed Oct 236:00pMeeting:Photography Club
Wed Oct 233:30pWorkshop:Creative Kids
Tue Oct 2212:00pOther: Games Week
Tue Oct 2210:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Sat Oct 191:00pOther:Fall Photo Scavenger Hunt
Fri Oct 1810:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Oct 1710:30aMeeting:Fun & Fables
Thu Oct 172:00pMeeting:Third Thursday Social
Tue Oct 1510:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Fri Oct 1110:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Oct 1010:30aMeeting:Fun & Fables
Wed Oct 0912:00pLecture:Lunch and Learn: Break the Fake
Wed Oct 096:00pMeeting:Photography Club
Tue Oct 0810:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Fri Oct 0410:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Oct 0310:30aMeeting:Fun & Fables
Tue Oct 0110:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Sun Sep 292:00pMeeting:Book Club
Fri Sep 2710:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Sep 2610:30aMeeting:Fun & Fables
Wed Sep 256:00pMeeting:Photography Club
Tue Sep 2410:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Fri Sep 2010:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Sep 192:00pMeeting:Third Thursday Social
Thu Sep 1912:00pLecture:Lunch & Learn: Fad Diets
Sat Sep 1410:30aOther:Making Waves for Ocean Literacy
Fri Sep 1310:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Wed Sep 116:00pMeeting:Photography Club
Fri Sep 0610:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Sat Aug 2410:30aRecreation:End of Summer Scavenger Hunt
Sat Aug 2412:00pOther:Million Minute Party
Fri Aug 2310:30aWorkshop:Summer Kids' Tech
Thu Aug 223:30pCommunity:Pokemon Escape Room
Tue Aug 202:30pWorkshop:Summer Tech Makers
Fri Aug 1610:30aWorkshop:Summer Kids' Tech
Thu Aug 152:00pMeeting:Third Thursday Social
Tue Aug 132:30pWorkshop:Summer Tech Makers
Fri Aug 0910:30aWorkshop:Summer Kids' Tech
Thu Aug 0810:00aWorkshop:Science! Indie Pop!
Tue Aug 062:30pWorkshop:Summer Tech Makers
Fri Aug 0210:30aWorkshop:Summer Kids' Tech
Wed Jul 316:00pMeeting:Avon Region Photography Club
Tue Jul 302:30pWorkshop:Summer Tech Makers
Fri Jul 2610:30aWorkshop:Summer Kids' Tech
Wed Jul 2411:00aLecture:Little Ray's Reptile Zoo
Tue Jul 232:30pWorkshop:Summer Tech Makers
Fri Jul 1910:30aWorkshop:Summer Kids' Tech
Thu Jul 182:00pMeeting:Third Thursday Social
Wed Jul 176:00pMeeting:Avon Region Photography Club
Tue Jul 162:30pWorkshop:Summer Tech Makers
Fri Jul 1210:30aWorkshop:Summer Kids' Tech
Thu Jul 1111:00aLecture:Mad Science: Fire and Ice
Tue Jul 092:30pWorkshop:Summer Tech Makers
Fri Jun 2810:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Fri Jun 2110:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Jun 202:00pMeeting:Third Thursday Social
Thu Jun 2012:00pLecture:How to Manage Stress Naturally
Wed Jun 196:00pMeeting:Avon Region Photography Club
Fri Jun 1410:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Fri Jun 0710:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Jun 0610:30aOther:Fun & Fables
Wed Jun 056:00pMeeting:Photography Club
Wed Jun 0510:30aOther:Babies & Books
Fri May 3110:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu May 3010:30aOther:Fun & Fables
Wed May 2910:30aOther:Babies & Books
Sun May 263:30pOther:Anne Bishop: Author Reading
Sat May 251:00pMeeting:Family Board Games
Fri May 2410:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu May 2310:30aOther:Fun & Fables
Wed May 2210:30aOther:Babies & Books
Wed May 226:00pMeeting:Photography Club`
Sat May 181:00pMeeting:Family Board Games
Fri May 1710:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu May 162:00pMeeting:Third Thursday Social
Thu May 1610:30aOther:Fun & Fables
Wed May 1510:30aOther:Babies & Books
Sat May 111:00pMeeting:Family Board Games
Fri May 1010:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu May 0910:30aOther:Fun & Fables
Wed May 0810:30aOther:Babies & Books
Wed May 086:00pMeeting:Photography Club`
Wed May 084:00pWorkshop:Ocean Odyssey Workshop RESCHEDULED
Sat May 041:00pMeeting:Family Board Games
Fri May 0310:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu May 0210:30aOther:Fun & Fables
Wed May 0110:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Sat Apr 271:00pMeeting:Family Board Games
Fri Apr 2610:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Wed Apr 246:00pMeeting:Photography Club`
Sat Apr 201:00pOther:Family Board Games
Thu Apr 182:00pMeeting:Third Thursday Social
Wed Apr 176:00pVisual:National Canadian Film Day
Tue Apr 163:30pOther:Creative Kids
Sat Apr 131:00pMeeting:Family Board Games
Fri Apr 1210:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Wed Apr 106:00pMeeting:Photography Club`
Fri Apr 0510:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Mon Apr 016:00pOther:Games Night
Fri Mar 2910:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Mar 2812:00pOther:March is Nutrition Month
Wed Mar 276:00pMeeting:Photography Club`
Fri Mar 2210:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Mar 212:00pMeeting:Third Thursday Social
Thu Mar 213:00pMeeting:Rubber Band Racers
Tue Mar 193:00pOther:Escape from the 80s
Fri Mar 1510:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Mar 1410:30aOther:Fun & Fables
Wed Mar 136:00pMeeting:Photography Club`
Fri Mar 0810:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Mar 0710:30aOther:Fun & Fables
Wed Mar 0610:30aOther:Babies & Books
Mon Mar 046:00pOther:Games Night
Fri Mar 0110:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Feb 2810:30aOther:Fun & Fables
Wed Feb 2710:30aOther:Babies & Books
Wed Feb 276:00pMeeting:Photography Club`
Fri Feb 2210:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Feb 212:00pMeeting:Third Thursday Social
Thu Feb 2110:30aOther:Fun & Fables
Wed Feb 2010:30aOther:Babies & Books
Tue Feb 193:00pWorkshop:Paint Like Maud: Lighthouses
Fri Feb 1510:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Feb 1410:30aOther:Fun & Fables
Wed Feb 1310:30aOther:Babies & Books
Wed Feb 136:00pMeeting:Photography Club`
Mon Feb 116:00pOther:Games Night
Fri Feb 0810:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Feb 0710:30aOther:Fun & Fables
Wed Feb 0610:30aOther:Babies & Books
Mon Feb 046:00pOther:Games Night
Fri Feb 0110:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Jan 3110:30aOther:Fun & Fables
Wed Jan 3010:30aOther:Babies & Books
Wed Jan 306:00pMeeting:Photography Club`
Mon Jan 286:00pOther:Games Night
Fri Jan 2510:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Wed Jan 2312:00pOther:Lunch & Learn: Essential Oils for Health & Wellness
Mon Jan 216:00pOther:Games Night
Fri Jan 1810:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Jan 172:00pMeeting:Third Thursday Social
Wed Jan 166:00pMeeting:Photography Club`
Mon Jan 146:00pOther:Games Night
Fri Jan 1110:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Mon Jan 076:00pOther:Games Night
Fri Jan 0410:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Fri Dec 2810:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Fri Dec 2110:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Dec 2010:30aMeeting:Christmas Fun & Fables
Thu Dec 202:00pMeeting:Third Thursday Social
Mon Dec 176:00pMeeting:Games Night
Fri Dec 1410:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Fri Dec 0710:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Wed Dec 053:30pOther:Make Your Own LED Holiday Cards
Mon Dec 036:00pMeeting:Games Night
Fri Nov 3010:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Mon Nov 266:00pMeeting:Games Night
Fri Nov 2310:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Mon Nov 196:00pMeeting:Games Night
Fri Nov 1610:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Nov 152:00pMeeting:Third Thursday Social
Mon Nov 126:00pMeeting:Games Night
Fri Nov 0910:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Mon Nov 056:00pMeeting:Games Night
Fri Nov 0210:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Nov 0110:30aOther:Fun & Fables
Wed Oct 3110:30aOther:Babies & Books
Mon Oct 296:00pMeeting:Games Night
Fri Oct 2610:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Oct 2510:30aOther:Fun & Fables
Wed Oct 2410:30aOther:Babies & Books
Tue Oct 2312:00pWorkshop:Lunch & Learn: Essential oils for health and wellness
Mon Oct 226:00pMeeting:Games Night
Fri Oct 1910:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Oct 182:00pMeeting:Third Thursday Social
Thu Oct 1810:30aOther:Fun & Fables
Wed Oct 1710:30aOther:Babies & Books
Mon Oct 156:00pMeeting:Games Night
Fri Oct 1210:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Oct 1110:30aOther:Fun & Fables
Wed Oct 1010:30aOther:Babies & Books
Mon Oct 086:00pMeeting:Games Night
Fri Oct 0510:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Oct 0410:30aOther:Fun & Fables
Wed Oct 0310:30aOther:Babies & Books
Mon Oct 016:00pMeeting:Games Night
Fri Sep 2810:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Sep 2710:30aOther:Fun & Fables
Wed Sep 2610:30aOther:Babies & Books
Wed Sep 262:00pOther:Building Better Sleep
Mon Sep 246:00pMeeting:Games Night
Fri Sep 2110:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Sep 202:00pMeeting:Third Thursday Social
Mon Sep 176:00pMeeting:Games Night
Fri Sep 1410:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Wed Sep 126:00pMeeting:Networking Trivia
Mon Sep 106:00pMeeting:Games Night
Fri Sep 0710:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Mon Sep 036:00pMeeting:Games Night
Tue Aug 2810:30aOther:Kids Tech - WeDo Robotics
Mon Aug 276:00pMeeting:Games Night
Wed Aug 2210:00aOther:3D Printer Demonstration
Tue Aug 2110:30aWorkshop:Tech Makers: Little Bits
Mon Aug 206:00pMeeting:Games Night
Thu Aug 162:00pMeeting:Third Thursday Social
Mon Aug 136:00pMeeting:Games Night
Tue Aug 0710:30aOther:Kids Tech - Cubelets and Hexbugs
Mon Aug 066:00pMeeting:Games Night
Tue Jul 3110:30aWorkshop:Tech Makers: Ozobots
Mon Jul 306:00pMeeting:Games Night
Tue Jul 2410:30aOther:Kids Tech - Snap Circuits
Mon Jul 236:00pMeeting:Games Night
Thu Jul 192:00pMeeting:Third Thursday Social
Wed Jul 1810:00aOther:Mad Science: Bugs!
Tue Jul 1710:30aWorkshop:Tech Makers: LEGO Mindstorms Robotics
Mon Jul 166:00pMeeting:Games Night
Tue Jul 1010:30aOther:Kids Tech - MakerLab
Mon Jul 096:00pMeeting:Games Night
Mon Jul 026:00pMeeting:Games Night
Fri Jun 2910:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Tue Jun 2610:00aOther:Book Give-Away Day
Mon Jun 256:00pMeeting:Games Night
Fri Jun 2210:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Jun 212:00pMeeting:Third Thursday Social
Mon Jun 186:00pMeeting:Games Night
Fri Jun 1510:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Mon Jun 116:00pMeeting:Games Night
Fri Jun 0810:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Jun 0710:30aMeeting:Fun & Fables
Wed Jun 0610:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Mon Jun 046:00pMeeting:Games Night
Fri Jun 0110:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu May 3110:30aMeeting:Fun & Fables
Wed May 3010:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Tue May 2910:00aLiterary:Writing Your Story
Mon May 286:00pMeeting:Games Night
Fri May 2510:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu May 2410:30aMeeting:Fun & Fables
Wed May 2310:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Tue May 2210:00aLiterary:Writing Your Story
Mon May 216:00pMeeting:Games Night
Sat May 1911:00aCommunity:Boardgaming & BBQ
Fri May 1810:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu May 1710:30aMeeting:Fun & Fables
Thu May 172:00pMeeting:Third Thursday Social
Wed May 1610:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Tue May 1510:00aLiterary:Writing Your Story
Mon May 146:00pMeeting:Games Night
Fri May 1110:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu May 1010:30aMeeting:Fun & Fables
Wed May 0912:00pLecture:Lunch & Learn Series with Dr. Adrienne Wood, Naturopathic Medicine
Wed May 0910:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Tue May 0812:00pWorkshop:Lunch & Learn: Security While Using Social Media
Tue May 0810:00aLiterary:Writing Your Story
Mon May 076:00pMeeting:Games Night
Fri May 0410:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu May 0310:30aMeeting:Fun & Fables
Wed May 0210:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Tue May 0110:00aLiterary:Writing Your Story
Mon Apr 306:00pMeeting:Games Night
Sun Apr 2911:00aCulinary:Boardgaming & BBQ
Fri Apr 2710:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Tue Apr 2410:00aLiterary:Writing Your Story
Mon Apr 236:00pMeeting:Games Night
Fri Apr 2010:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Apr 192:00pMeeting:Third Thursday Social
Wed Apr 186:00pFilm:Movie Screening - "Maudie"
Mon Apr 166:00pMeeting:Games Night
Fri Apr 1310:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Mon Apr 096:00pMeeting:Games Night
Fri Apr 0610:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Mon Apr 026:00pMeeting:Games Night
Thu Mar 2912:00pLecture:Lunch & Learn : Security While Using Social Media
Mon Mar 266:00pMeeting:Games Night
Fri Mar 2310:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Mon Mar 196:00pMeeting:Games Night
Fri Mar 1610:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Mar 152:00pMeeting:Third Thursday Social
Tue Mar 131:30pMeeting:Escape from Hogwarts!
Mon Mar 126:00pMeeting:Games Night
Fri Mar 0910:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Mar 0810:30aMeeting:Fun & Fables
Wed Mar 0710:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Mon Mar 056:00pMeeting:Games Night
Fri Mar 0210:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Mar 0110:30aMeeting:Fun & Fables
Wed Feb 2810:30aCulinary:Babies & Books
Mon Feb 266:00pMeeting:Games Night
Fri Feb 2310:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Feb 2210:30aMeeting:Fun & Fables
Wed Feb 2112:00pLecture: Lunch & Learn Series with Kinesiologist Alan Mumford
Wed Feb 2110:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Mon Feb 196:00pMeeting:Games Night
Fri Feb 1610:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Feb 1510:30aMeeting:Fun & Fables
Wed Feb 1410:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Mon Feb 126:00pMeeting:Games Night
Fri Feb 0910:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Feb 0810:30aMeeting:Fun & Fables
Wed Feb 0710:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Mon Feb 056:00pMeeting:Games Night
Fri Feb 0210:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Feb 0110:30aMeeting:Fun & Fables
Wed Jan 3110:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Mon Jan 296:00pMeeting:Games Night
Fri Jan 2610:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Mon Jan 226:00pMeeting:Games Night
Fri Jan 1910:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Fri Jan 1210:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Fri Jan 0510:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Dec 283:00pWorkshop:Escape Room!
Fri Dec 2210:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Sat Dec 161:00pWorkshop:Christmas Crafts
Fri Dec 1510:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Dec 1410:30aMeeting:Christmas Fun & Fables
Fri Dec 0810:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Fri Dec 0110:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Nov 304:00pLecture:Replicating Small Historic Items
Fri Nov 2410:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Fri Nov 1710:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Fri Nov 1010:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Nov 0910:30aMeeting:Fun & Fables
Wed Nov 0810:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Thu Nov 0210:30aMeeting:Fun & Fables
Wed Nov 0110:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Fri Oct 2710:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Oct 2610:30aMeeting:Fun & Fables
Wed Oct 2510:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Fri Oct 2010:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Oct 1912:30pLecture:Lunchtime Series
Thu Oct 1910:30aMeeting:Fun & Fables
Wed Oct 1810:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Fri Oct 1310:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Oct 1210:30aMeeting:Fun & Fables
Wed Oct 1110:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Fri Oct 0610:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Oct 0510:30aMeeting:Fun & Fables
Wed Oct 0410:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Fri Sep 2910:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Fri Sep 2210:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Fri Sep 1510:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Fri Sep 0810:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Wed Aug 301:00pMeeting:Art Attack - Chalk It Up!
Thu Aug 2410:30aMeeting:Summer Fun & Fables
Wed Aug 231:00pMeeting:Art Attack - Dreaming In Dali
Wed Aug 161:00pMeeting:Art Attack - It's A Jungle Out There!
Tue Aug 1512:00pLiterary:Lunch & Literacy Story Circle
Thu Aug 101:00pCommunity:Escape Room!
Wed Aug 091:00pMeeting:Art Attack - Shoo Fly! Don't Bother Me!
Tue Aug 0112:00pLecture:Lunch & Literacy with Dr. Adrienne Wood
Thu Jul 273:00pMeeting:Mad Science: Up, Up, and Away!
Tue Jul 1812:00pLiterary:Lunch & Literacy with John Wilson
Thu Jul 1310:30aMusic:Pre-school Disco
Thu Jun 0810:30aMeeting:Fun & Fables
Wed Jun 0710:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Thu Jun 0110:30aMeeting:Fun & Fables
Wed May 3110:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Thu May 2510:30aMeeting:Fun & Fables
Wed May 2410:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Thu May 186:30pLiterary:Join the Story Circle
Thu May 1810:30aMeeting:Fun & Fables
Wed May 1710:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Thu May 1110:30aMeeting:Fun & Fables
Wed May 1010:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Thu May 046:30pLiterary:Story Circle
Thu May 0410:30aMeeting:Fun & Fables
Wed May 0310:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Fri Apr 2810:00aWorkshop:Fibre Ops
Mon Apr 2410:00aWorkshop:Fibre Ops
Thu Apr 206:30pLiterary:Join the Story Circle
Wed Apr 196:00pFilm:National Canadian Film Day - Film Screening - "Still Mine"
Fri Apr 1410:00aWorkshop:Fibre Ops
Thu Apr 1310:30aMeeting:Easter Fun & Fables
Fri Apr 0710:00aWorkshop:Fibre Ops
Thu Apr 066:30pLiterary:Join the Story Circle
Fri Mar 3110:00aWorkshop:Fibre Ops
Thu Mar 3012:00pMeeting:Listen Live to CBC Canada Reads
Wed Mar 2912:00pMeeting:Listen Live to CBC Canada Reads
Tue Mar 2812:00pMeeting:Listen Live to CBC Canada Reads
Mon Mar 2711:00aMeeting:Listen Live to CBC Canada Reads
Fri Mar 2410:00aWorkshop:Fibre Ops
Fri Mar 1710:00aWorkshop:Fibre Ops
Thu Mar 166:30pMeeting:Join the Story Circle
Fri Mar 1010:00aWorkshop:Fibre Ops
Fri Mar 0310:00aWorkshop:Fibre Ops
Thu Mar 026:30pLiterary:Join the Story Circle
Thu Mar 0210:30aMusic:Fun & Fables
Fri Feb 2410:00aWorkshop:Fibre Ops
Thu Feb 2310:30aMusic:Fun & Fables
Wed Feb 2210:30aMusic:Babies & Books
Fri Feb 1710:00aWorkshop:Fibre Ops
Thu Feb 166:30pMeeting:Join the Story Circle
Thu Feb 1610:30aMusic:Fun & Fables
Wed Feb 1510:30aMusic:Babies & Books
Fri Feb 1010:00aWorkshop:Fibre Ops
Thu Feb 0910:30aMusic:Fun & Fables
Wed Feb 0810:30aMusic:Babies & Books
Fri Feb 0310:00aWorkshop:Fibre Ops
Thu Feb 0210:30aMusic:Fun & Fables
Wed Feb 0110:30aMusic:Babies & Books
Fri Jan 2710:00aWorkshop:Fibre Ops
Thu Jan 2610:30aMusic:Fun & Fables
Wed Jan 2510:30aMusic:Babies & Books
Fri Jan 2010:00aWorkshop:Fibre Ops
Thu Jan 192:00pMusic:Third Thursday Social
Wed Jan 1810:30aMusic:Babies & Books
Fri Jan 1310:00aWorkshop:Fibre Ops
Fri Jan 0610:00aWorkshop:Fibre Ops
Fri Dec 3010:00aWorkshop:Fibre Ops
Fri Dec 2310:00aWorkshop:Fibre Ops
Fri Dec 1610:00aWorkshop:Fibre Ops
Thu Dec 1510:30aMusic:Christmas Fun & Fables
Thu Dec 152:00pMeeting:Third Thursday Social
Tue Dec 136:00pWorkshop:Christmas Crafts with Marian
Fri Dec 0910:00aWorkshop:Fibre Ops
Fri Dec 0210:00aWorkshop:Fibre Ops
Wed Nov 3010:00aCommunity:PD Day -- Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Camp
Fri Nov 2510:00aWorkshop:Fibre Ops
Fri Nov 1810:00aWorkshop:Fibre Ops
Thu Nov 172:00pMeeting:Third Thursday Social
Thu Nov 1710:30aMusic:Fun and Fables
Thu Nov 1010:30aMusic:Fun and Fables
Fri Nov 0410:00aWorkshop:Fibre Ops
Thu Nov 0310:30aMusic:Fun and Fables
Wed Nov 0210:30aLiterary:Babies & Books
Fri Oct 2810:00aWorkshop:Fibre Ops
Thu Oct 2710:30aMusic:Fun and Fables
Wed Oct 2610:30aLiterary:Babies & Books
Fri Oct 2110:00aWorkshop:Fibre Ops
Thu Oct 202:00pMeeting:Third Thursday Social
Thu Oct 2010:30aMusic:Fun and Fables
Wed Oct 1910:30aLiterary:Babies & Books
Fri Oct 1410:00aWorkshop:Fibre Ops
Thu Oct 1310:30aMusic:Fun and Fables
Wed Oct 1210:30aLiterary:Babies & Books
Fri Oct 0710:00aWorkshop:Fibre Ops
Thu Oct 061:00pLiterary:The Memento: Christy Ann Conlin author reading
Thu Oct 062:00pMeeting:Seniors Week Social
Thu Oct 0610:30aMusic:Fun and Fables
Wed Oct 0510:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Fri Sep 3010:00aWorkshop:Fibre Ops
Thu Sep 2910:30aMusic:Fun and Fables
Wed Sep 2810:30aMeeting:Babies and Books
Fri Sep 2310:00aWorkshop:Fibre Ops
Fri Sep 1610:00aWorkshop:Fibre Ops
Thu Sep 152:00pMeeting:Third Thursday Social
Fri Sep 0910:00aWorkshop:Fibre Ops
Fri Sep 0210:00aWorkshop:Fibre Ops
Thu Aug 2510:30aMusic:Fun & Fables
Thu Aug 182:00pMeeting:Third Thursday Social
Thu Aug 1110:30aMusic:Musical Zoo
Thu Jul 2810:30aMusic:PreSchool Disco
Thu Jul 283:30pLecture:Mad Science - Glow Show
Thu Jul 212:00pMusic:Third Thursday Social
Fri Jul 153:00pCommunity:Little Ray's Reptiles
Thu Jul 0710:30aLiterary:Storytime with a Farmer
Wed Jul 066:00pLecture:Your Money. Your Life. Your Control.
Sat Jul 0210:00aLiterary:Book Give-Away Day
Wed Jun 296:00pLecture:Your Money. Your Life. Your Control.
Fri Jun 2410:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Wed Jun 226:00pLecture:Your Money. Your Life. Your Control.
Fri Jun 1710:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Jun 162:00pMusic:Third Thursday Social
Wed Jun 156:00pWorkshop:Your Money. Your Life. Your Control.
Fri Jun 1010:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Jun 0910:30aMusic:Fun & Fables
Wed Jun 086:00pWorkshop:Your Money. Your Life. Your Control.
Wed Jun 0810:30aMusic:Babies & Books
Tue Jun 0710:30aMusic:Fun & Fables
Fri Jun 0310:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu Jun 0210:30aMusic:Fun & Fables
Wed Jun 0110:30aMusic:Babies & Books
Tue May 3110:30aMusic:Fun & Fables
Fri May 2710:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu May 2610:30aMusic:Fun & Fables
Wed May 2510:30aMusic:Babies & Books
Wed May 256:00pLecture:Your Money, Your Life, Your Control
Tue May 2410:30aMusic:Fun & Fables
Fri May 2010:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu May 1910:30aMusic:Fun & Fables
Thu May 192:00pMusic:Third Thursday Social
Wed May 1810:30aMusic:Babies & Books
Wed May 186:00pLecture:Your Money, Your Life, Your Control
Tue May 1710:30aMusic:Fun & Fables
Fri May 1310:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Thu May 1210:30aMusic:Fun & Fables
Wed May 1110:30aMusic:Babies & Books
Wed May 116:00pLecture:Your Money, Your Life, Your Control
Tue May 1010:30aMusic:Fun & Fables
Thu May 0510:30aMusic:Fun & Fables
Wed May 0410:30aMusic:Babies & Books
Wed May 046:00pLecture:Your Money, Your Life, Your Control
Tue May 0310:30aMusic:Fun & Fables
Wed Apr 276:00pLecture:Your Money, Your Life, Your Control
Thu Apr 212:00pMusic:Third Thursday Social
Thu Mar 0310:30aMusic:Fun & Fables
Wed Mar 0210:30aMusic:Babies & Books
Thu Feb 2510:30aMusic:Fun & Fables
Wed Feb 2410:30aMusic:Babies & Books
Thu Feb 1810:30aMusic:Fun & Fables
Thu Feb 186:30pFilm:My Week on Welfare
Wed Feb 1710:30aMusic:Babies & Books
Thu Feb 1110:30aMusic:Fun & Fables
Wed Feb 1010:30aMusic:Babies & Books
Thu Feb 0410:30aMusic:Fun & Fables
Wed Feb 0310:30aMusic:Babies & Books
Sun Jan 312:00pLiterary:Book Club
Thu Jan 2810:30aMusic:Fun & Fables
Wed Jan 2710:30aMusic:Babies & Books
Thu Dec 172:00pCommunity:Third Thursday Social
Thu Dec 1710:30aLiterary:Christmas Fun & Fables
Wed Nov 253:30pMeeting:Mindstorm Robotics
Thu Nov 192:00pCommunity:Third Thursday Social
Wed Nov 183:30pMeeting:MakerLab
Fri Nov 133:30pMeeting:Geocaching for Kids
Thu Nov 0510:30aLiterary:Fun & Fables
Wed Nov 043:30pCommunity:LegoRama
Wed Nov 0410:30aLiterary:Babies & Books
Fri Oct 3010:00aCommunity:Fibre Ops Fridays
Thu Oct 2910:30aLiterary:Fun & Fables
Wed Oct 283:30pCommunity:LegoRama
Wed Oct 283:30pWorkshop:WeDo Lego Robotics
Wed Oct 2810:30aLiterary:Babies & Books
Mon Oct 266:00pOther:Game Night!
Sat Oct 242:00pCommunity:Senior's Week
Fri Oct 232:00pCommunity:Senior's Week
Fri Oct 2310:00aCommunity:Fibre Ops Fridays
Thu Oct 222:00pCommunity:Senior's Week
Thu Oct 2210:30aLiterary:Fun & Fables
Wed Oct 213:30pCommunity:LegoRama
Wed Oct 212:00pCommunity:Senior's Week
Wed Oct 2110:30aLiterary:Babies & Books
Tue Oct 202:00pCommunity:Senior's Week
Mon Oct 196:00pOther:Game Night!
Fri Oct 1610:00aCommunity:Fibre Ops Fridays
Thu Oct 152:00pCommunity:Third Thursday Social
Thu Oct 1510:30aLiterary:Fun & Fables
Wed Oct 143:30pCommunity:LegoRama
Wed Oct 1410:30aLiterary:Babies & Books
Mon Oct 126:00pOther:Game Night!
Fri Oct 0910:00aCommunity:Fibre Ops Fridays
Thu Oct 0810:30aLiterary:Fun & Fables
Wed Oct 073:30pCommunity:LegoRama
Wed Oct 0710:30aLiterary:Babies & Books
Mon Oct 056:00pOther:Game Night!
Fri Oct 0210:00aCommunity:Fibre Ops Fridays
Thu Oct 0110:30aLiterary:Fun & Fables
Wed Sep 303:30pCommunity:Lego Rama
Wed Sep 3010:30aLiterary:Babies & Books
Mon Sep 286:00pOther:Game Night!
Mon Sep 216:00pOther:Game Night!
Thu Sep 172:00pCommunity:3rd Thursday Social
Mon Sep 146:00pOther:Game Night!
Mon Sep 076:00pOther:Game Night!
Mon Aug 316:00pOther:Game Night!
Wed Aug 2611:30aLiterary:Author Reading
Mon Aug 246:00pOther:Game Night!
Mon Aug 176:00pOther:Game Night!
Sat Aug 1510:30aWorkshop:LEGO Stop Motion Flick
Fri Aug 1412:00pWorkshop:LEGO Stop Motion Flick
Wed Aug 1212:00pWorkshop:LEGO Stop Motion Flick
Mon Aug 1010:30aWorkshop:Geocaching for Kids
Mon Aug 106:00pOther:Game Night!
Thu Aug 0611:00aMusic:Musical Zoo
Wed Aug 0512:00pWorkshop:Geocaching for Kids
Mon Aug 036:00pMeeting:Game Night!
Sat Aug 0110:30aWorkshop:MakerLab
Sat Aug 012:30pWorkshop:One-on-One Tech Help
Fri Jul 3112:00pWorkshop:MakerLab
Thu Jul 303:30pCommunity:Little Ray's Reptile Zoo
Wed Jul 2912:00pWorkshop:MakerLab
Mon Jul 276:00pMeeting:Game Night!
Sat Jul 2510:30aWorkshop:MakerLab
Sat Jul 251:00pWorkshop:One-on-One Tech Help
Fri Jul 2410:00aWorkshop:One-on-One Tech Help
Fri Jul 2412:00pWorkshop:MakerLab #1
Wed Jul 225:30pWorkshop:One-on-One Tech Help
Mon Jul 206:00pOther:Game Night!
Sat Jul 1810:30aMeeting:WeDo Lego Robotics Workshop
Sat Jul 181:00pWorkshop:One-on-One Tech Help
Fri Jul 1712:00pWorkshop:WeDo Lego Robotics
Fri Jul 172:00pWorkshop:One-on-One Tech Help
Wed Jul 154:30pWorkshop:One-on-One Tech Help
Mon Jul 136:00pOther:Game Night!
Sat Jul 113:30pWorkshop:Mad Science - Slime Time!
Mon Jul 066:00pOther:Game Night!
Mon Jun 296:00pOther:Game Night!
Mon Jun 227:00pOther:Game Night!
Mon Jun 156:00pOther:Game Night!
Sat Jun 132:00pMeeting:Knit Knuts at the Library
Mon Jun 086:00pOther:Game Night!
Mon Jun 016:00pOther:Game Night!
Mon May 256:00pOther:Game Night!
Mon May 186:00pOther:Game Night!
Mon May 116:00pOther:Game Night!
Mon May 046:00pMeeting:Game Night!
Wed Apr 296:00pFilm:The Grand Seduction
Thu Apr 235:30pRecreation:Be Fit Kit Launch
Fri Mar 2710:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops Fridays
Fri Mar 2010:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops Fridays
Thu Mar 1911:00aLecture:Canada Reads 'Listen at the Library'
Wed Mar 1811:00aLecture:Canada Reads 'Listen at the Library'
Tue Mar 1711:00aLecture:Canada Reads 'Listen at the Library'
Mon Mar 1611:00aLecture:Canada Reads 'Listen at the Library'
Fri Mar 1310:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops Fridays
Thu Mar 1210:30aMeeting:Fun and Fables
Wed Mar 1110:30aMeeting:Babies and Books
Tue Mar 103:30pMeeting:LegoRama
Fri Mar 0610:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops Fridays
Thu Mar 0510:30aMeeting:Fun and Fables
Wed Mar 0410:30aMeeting:Babies and Books
Tue Mar 033:30pMeeting:LegoRama
Fri Feb 2710:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops Fridays
Thu Feb 2610:30aMeeting:Fun and Fables
Wed Feb 2510:30aMeeting:Babies and Books
Tue Feb 243:30pMeeting:LegoRama
Fri Feb 2010:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops Fridays
Thu Feb 1910:30aMeeting:Fun and Fables
Wed Feb 1810:30aMeeting:Babies and Books
Tue Feb 173:30pMeeting:LegoRama
Fri Feb 1310:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops Fridays
Thu Feb 1210:30aMeeting:Fun and Fables
Wed Feb 1110:30aMeeting:Babies and Books
Tue Feb 103:30pMeeting:LegoRama
Thu Feb 0510:30aMeeting:Fun and Fables
Wed Feb 0410:30aMeeting:Babies and Books
Tue Feb 033:30pMeeting:LegoRama
Fri Jan 3010:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops Fridays
Thu Jan 2910:30aMeeting:Fun and Fables
Wed Jan 2810:30aMeeting:Babies and Books
Tue Jan 273:30pMeeting:LegoRama
Thu Jan 2210:30aMeeting:Fun and Fables
Wed Jan 2110:30aMeeting:Babies and Books
Tue Jan 203:30pMeeting:LegoRama
Mon Jan 056:00pMeeting:Board Gaming
Mon Dec 156:00pMeeting:Board Gaming
Mon Dec 086:00pMeeting:Board Gaming
Mon Dec 016:00pMeeting:Board Gaming
Mon Nov 246:00pMeeting:Board Gaming
Sun Nov 233:00pWorkshop:Lego Stop Motion Flick
Thu Nov 2010:30aMeeting:Fun and Fables
Wed Nov 1910:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Mon Nov 176:00pMeeting:Board Gaming
Thu Nov 1310:30aMeeting:Fun and Fables
Wed Nov 1210:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Mon Nov 106:00pMeeting:Board Gaming
Thu Nov 0610:30aMeeting:Fun and Fables
Wed Nov 0510:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Tue Nov 046:30pVisual:10th Anniversary Celebration
Mon Nov 036:00pMeeting:Board Gaming
Thu Oct 3010:30aMeeting:Fun and Fables
Wed Oct 2910:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Tue Oct 283:30pMeeting:LegoRama
Tue Oct 281:00pVisual:Artist in the House Series
Mon Oct 276:00pMeeting:Board Gaming
Thu Oct 232:00pOther:Seniors' Social
Thu Oct 2310:30aMeeting:Fun and Fables
Wed Oct 2210:30aOther:Babies & Books
Tue Oct 212:00pOther:Fibre Ops
Tue Oct 211:00pVisual:Artist in the House Series
Tue Oct 213:30pMeeting:LegoRama
Mon Oct 206:00pMeeting:Board Gaming
Thu Oct 1610:30aMeeting:Fun and Fables
Wed Oct 1510:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Tue Oct 146:00pMeeting:Fibre Ops
Tue Oct 141:00pVisual:Artist in the House Series
Tue Oct 143:30pMeeting:LegoRama
Mon Oct 136:00pMeeting:Board Gaming
Thu Oct 0910:30aMeeting:Fun and Fables
Wed Oct 0810:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Tue Oct 071:00pVisual:Artist in the House Series
Tue Oct 073:30pMeeting:LegoRama
Mon Oct 066:00pMeeting:Board Gaming
Sat Oct 0411:00aOther:Babies & Books
Thu Oct 0210:30aMeeting:Fun and Fables
Wed Oct 0110:30aMeeting:Babies & Books
Tue Sep 303:30pMeeting:LegoRama
Thu Aug 2810:30aWorkshop:WeDo Robotics
Thu Aug 284:00pWorkshop:Test Drive A Tablet
Fri Aug 2210:30aWorkshop:BitStrips Comics
Thu Aug 2110:30aWorkshop:Geocaching for Kids
Thu Aug 214:00pWorkshop:3D Printer Demonstration
Fri Aug 1510:30aWorkshop:Lego Stop Motion Flick
Thu Aug 144:00pWorkshop:The 3D Printer Demonstration
Thu Aug 1410:30aWorkshop:GameMaker
Fri Aug 0110:30aWorkshop:Sound FX Studio
Thu Jul 3110:30aWorkshop:Bring Books to Life
Thu Jul 315:00pWorkshop:The Cloud: Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud
Fri Jul 2510:30aWorkshop:Lego Mindstorms Robotics
Thu Jul 2410:30aWorkshop:Lego Stop Motion Flick
Fri Jul 1810:30aWorkshop:Lego Mindstorms Robotics
Thu Jul 1710:30aWorkshop:Geocaching for Kids
Fri Jul 1110:30aWorkshop:Lego Mindstorms Robotics
Thu Jul 1010:30aOther:Digital Photo Scavenger Hunt
Sat Jun 142:00pOther:World Wide Knit in Public Day
Thu May 2910:30aLiterary:Fun and Fables
Wed May 2810:30aLiterary:Babies and Books
Tue May 273:30pLiterary:Legorama
Thu May 2210:30aLiterary:Fun and Fables
Wed May 2110:30aLiterary:Babies and Books
Tue May 203:30pLiterary:Legorama
Thu May 1510:30aLiterary:Fun and Fables
Wed May 1410:30aLiterary:Babies and Books
Tue May 133:30pLiterary:Legorama
Thu May 0810:30aLiterary:Fun and Fables
Wed May 0710:30aLiterary:Babies and Books
Tue May 063:30pLiterary:Legorama
Wed Apr 3010:30aLiterary:Babies and Books
Tue Apr 293:30pLiterary:Legorama
Mon Apr 286:00pMeeting:Game Night
Wed Apr 2310:30aLiterary:Babies and Books
Tue Apr 223:30pLiterary:Legorama
Mon Apr 216:00pMeeting:Game Night
Mon Apr 146:00pMeeting:Game Night
Mon Apr 076:00pMeeting:Game Night
Sat Mar 084:00pMusic:Steve Weeks
Thu Feb 202:00pOther:The 3rd Thursday Social
Thu Jan 3010:30aLiterary:Fun and Fables
Wed Jan 2910:30aLiterary:Babies and Books
Tue Jan 2810:00aWorkshop:Volunteer Screening Workshop
Tue Jan 283:30pRecreation:LEGOrama
Thu Dec 192:00pMusic:The 3rd Thursday Social
Sat Dec 1410:00aWorkshop:Lego Mindstorm Robotics
Sat Dec 0710:00aWorkshop:Lego Mindstorm Robotics
Sat Nov 3010:00aWorkshop:Lego Mindstorm Robotics
Sat Nov 2310:00aWorkshop:Lego Mindstorm Robotics Workshop
Sat Nov 163:00pOther:Fibre Ops
Sat Nov 1610:00aWorkshop:Lego Mindstorm Robotics Workshop
Thu Nov 1410:30aLiterary:Fun & Fables
Thu Nov 0710:30aLiterary:Fun & Fables
Tue Nov 056:00pOther:Fibre Ops
Thu Oct 3110:30aLiterary:Fun & Fables
Wed Oct 3010:30aLiterary:Babies and Books
Wed Oct 306:00pWorkshop:Halloween Crafts For KIds
Tue Oct 293:30pOther:Lego-Rama
Thu Oct 2410:30aLiterary:Fun & Fables
Wed Oct 231:00pMusic:Seniors Week Music
Wed Oct 2310:30aLiterary:Babies and Books
Tue Oct 223:30pOther:Lego-Rama
Sun Oct 202:00pOther:Seniors Week
Sat Oct 193:00pOther:Fibre Ops
Thu Oct 1710:30aLiterary:Fun & Fables
Wed Oct 1610:30aLiterary:Babies and Books
Tue Oct 153:30pOther:Lego-Rama
Thu Oct 1010:30aLiterary:Fun & Fables
Wed Oct 0910:30aLiterary:Babies and Books
Tue Oct 083:30pOther:Lego-Rama
Thu Oct 0310:30aLiterary:Fun & Fables
Wed Oct 0210:30aLiterary:Babies and Books
Tue Oct 013:30pOther:Lego-Rama!
Thu Sep 2610:30aLiterary:Fun & Fables
Wed Sep 2510:30aLiterary:Babies and Books
Tue Sep 243:30pOther:Lego-Rama!
Wed Aug 2810:00aWorkshop:Maker Camp
Wed Aug 283:30pLiterary:Go! Summer Reading Club
Tue Aug 2710:00aWorkshop:3D Printer Camp
Fri Aug 2310:00aWorkshop:Lego Stop Motion Flick
Fri Aug 232:00pWorkshop:Ancestry Workshop
Wed Aug 2110:00aOther:Maker Camp
Wed Aug 213:30pLiterary:Go! Summer Reading Club
Tue Aug 2010:00aWorkshop:3D Printer Camp
Fri Aug 1610:00aWorkshop:Lego Stop Motion Flick
Fri Aug 162:00pWorkshop:Ancestry Workshop
Wed Aug 1410:00aWorkshop:Maker Camp
Wed Aug 143:30pLiterary:Go! Summer Reading Club
Tue Aug 1310:00aWorkshop:3D Printer Camp
Fri Aug 0910:00aWorkshop:Lego Stop Motion Flick
Fri Aug 092:00pWorkshop:Ancestry Workshop
Wed Aug 0710:00aWorkshop:Maker Camp
Wed Aug 073:30pLiterary:Go! Summer Reading Club
Tue Aug 0610:00aWorkshop:3D Printer Camp
Wed Jul 313:30pLiterary:Go! Summer Reading Club
Tue Jul 302:00pOther:3D Printer Demo
Sat Jul 272:00pWorkshop:Ancestry Workshop
Wed Jul 243:30pLiterary:Go! Summer Reading Club
Wed Jul 173:30pLiterary:Go! Summer Reading Club
Wed Jul 103:30pLiterary:Go! Summer Reading Club
Wed Jul 033:30pLiterary:Go! Summer Reading Club
Sat Jun 081:00pOther:World Wide Knit in Public
Thu Jun 0610:30aLiterary:Fun and Fables
Wed Jun 0510:30aLiterary:Babies & Books
Tue Jun 043:30pOther:Lego-Rama
Thu May 3010:30aLiterary:Fun and Fables
Wed May 2910:30aLiterary:Babies & Books
Tue May 283:30pOther:Lego-Rama
Thu May 2310:30aLiterary:Fun and Fables
Wed May 2210:30aLiterary:Babies & Books
Tue May 213:30pOther:Lego-Rama
Thu May 1610:30aLiterary:Fun and Fables
Wed May 1510:30aOther:Babies & Books
Tue May 143:30pOther:Lego-Rama
Thu May 0910:30aLiterary:Fun and Fables
Wed May 0810:30aLiterary:Babies & Books
Tue May 073:30pOther:Lego-Rama
Thu May 0210:30aLiterary:Fun and Fables
Wed May 0110:30aLiterary:Babies & Books
Tue Apr 303:30pOther:Lego-Rama
Sun Apr 212:30pLiterary:Author Reading, Alfred Silver
Wed Mar 132:00pWorkshop:Protecting Your Online Identity
Tue Mar 1211:00aWorkshop:Youth Resume
Thu Mar 0710:30aLiterary:Fun & Fables
Wed Mar 0610:30aLiterary:Babies & Books
Tue Mar 053:30pOther:Lego-Rama
Thu Feb 2810:30aLiterary:Fun & Fables
Wed Feb 2710:30aLiterary:Babies & Books
Tue Feb 263:30pOther:Lego-Rama
Thu Feb 2110:30aLiterary:Fun & Fables
Wed Feb 2010:30aLiterary:Babies & Books
Tue Feb 193:30pOther:Lego-Rama
Thu Feb 1410:30aLiterary:Fun & Fables
Wed Feb 1310:30aLiterary:Babies & Books
Tue Feb 123:30pOther:Lego-Rama
Thu Feb 0710:30aLiterary:Fun & Fables
Wed Feb 0610:30aLiterary:Babies & Books
Tue Feb 053:30pOther:Lego-Rama
Thu Jan 3110:30aLiterary:Fun & Fables
Wed Jan 3010:30aLiterary:Babies & Books
Tue Jan 293:30pWorkshop:Lego-Rama
Thu Jan 2410:30aLiterary:Fun & Fables
Wed Jan 2310:30aLiterary:Babies & Books
Tue Jan 223:30pRecreation:Lego-Rama
Thu Jan 1710:30aLiterary:Fun & Fables
Wed Jan 1610:30aLiterary:Babies & Books
Tue Jan 153:30pOther:Lego-Rama
Sat Dec 222:00pFilm:Diary of a Wimpy Kid Movie
Thu Dec 2010:30aLiterary:Christmas Fun & Fables
Tue Dec 186:30pLiterary:Christmas Storytime
Sat Dec 152:00pOther:Christmas Crafts for Adults
Sat Dec 012:00pOther:Christmas Crafts for Adults
Tue Nov 273:30pOther:Lego-Rama
Tue Nov 203:30pOther:Lego-Rama
Tue Nov 133:30pOther:Lego-Rama
Thu Nov 0810:30aLiterary:Fun & Fables
Wed Nov 0710:30aLiterary:Babies & Books
Tue Nov 063:30pOther:Lego-Rama
Tue Nov 066:30pWorkshop:Downloadable eBooks & Audiobooks
Thu Nov 0110:30aLiterary:Fun & Fables
Wed Oct 3110:30aLiterary:Babies & Books
Tue Oct 303:30pOther:Lego-Ramo
Thu Oct 2510:30aLiterary:Fun & Fables
Wed Oct 2410:30aLiterary:Babies & Books
Tue Oct 233:30pOther:Lego-Rama
Thu Oct 1810:30aLiterary:Fun & Fables
Wed Oct 1710:30aLiterary:Babies & Books
Thu Oct 1110:30aLiterary:Fun & Fables
Wed Oct 1010:30aLiterary:Babies & Books
Thu Oct 0410:30aLiterary:Fun & Fables
Wed Oct 0310:30aLiterary:Babies & Books
Tue Aug 281:00pWorkshop:Record Your Favorite Story
Thu Aug 231:00pWorkshop:Facebook
Wed Aug 226:00pWorkshop:WordPress for Business
Tue Aug 211:00pWorkshop:Blogging for Business
Thu Aug 161:00pWorkshop:Kids! Promote Your Own Business
Tue Aug 1410:00aWorkshop:PhotoStory 3
Tue Aug 141:00pWorkshop:Facebook for Business
Sat Aug 111:30pFilm:Pirate Week Matinee: The Goonies
Thu Aug 091:00pWorkshop:Shoot a Commercial
Wed Aug 0810:30aLiterary:Pirate Craft and Storytime
Wed Aug 082:00pLiterary:Pirate Crafts!
Wed Aug 086:00pWorkshop:Facebook for Business
Tue Aug 071:30pFilm:Pirate Week Matinee: The Sea Hawk
Thu Aug 021:00pWorkshop:Pinterest
Tue Jul 311:00pWorkshop:Online Comic Strips for Kids
Thu Jul 261:00pWorkshop:eBooks and Audiobooks
Tue Jul 241:00pWorkshop:Tweet with Twitter
Thu Jul 191:00pWorkshop:Digital Photo Editing
Thu Jul 1911:45aTheatre:Magic Show!
Tue Jul 171:00pWorkshop:PhotoStory 3
Thu Mar 1510:30aWorkshop:Comic Creations
Wed Mar 1410:30aWorkshop:Claymation
Tue Mar 1310:30aWorkshop:Google Earth
Tue Dec 136:00pWorkshop:Computer Tutorials
Fri Dec 0910:00aWorkshop:Computer Tutorials
Thu Dec 086:00pWorkshop:Facebook for Business
Tue Dec 066:00pWorkshop:Computer Tutorials
Sat Dec 0310:00aWorkshop:Kids Computer Fun(7-10yrs)
Sat Dec 0311:00aWorkshop:Kids Computer Fun(10-14Yrs)
Fri Dec 0210:00aWorkshop:Computer Tutorials
Thu Dec 0110:00aWorkshop:Online Games
Fri Nov 2510:00aWorkshop:Computer Tutorials
Thu Nov 2410:00aWorkshop:Learn how to Skype
Fri Nov 1810:00aWorkshop:Computer Tutorials
Thu Nov 176:00pLecture:eBook Readers 101: getting started
Sun Oct 304:00pLiterary:Author Ivan E. Coyote
Thu Oct 206:00pOther:Video Game Collection Launch
Thu Oct 203:30pVisual:Snack, Craft, and Chat
Wed Oct 196:45pMeeting:New Booker Info Session
Tue Oct 181:30pVisual:Artist Showcase - Sanna Rahola
Fri Oct 141:30pOther:Bookmobile Visit
Wed Oct 123:00pOther:Pumpkin People
Tue Oct 116:00pWorkshop:Drawing Workshop
Tue Oct 0410:45aOther:Open House
Tue Oct 041:30pVisual:Artist Showcase - Lara Martina
Thu Aug 253:00pWorkshop:Tech for Teens - Animation and Video Gaming
Wed Aug 2410:00aWorkshop:Adult Computer Class - Blogging
Wed Aug 246:30pWorkshop:Introduction to Script Writing
Fri Aug 191:00pWorkshop:Senior Tech Friday - Staying Connected
Thu Aug 186:30pWorkshop:Skype Workshop
Thu Aug 183:00pMusic:Tech for Teens - Recording 101
Wed Aug 1710:00aWorkshop:Adult Computer Class - Skype
Wed Aug 176:30pWorkshop:Facebook for Business Workshop
Fri Aug 121:00pWorkshop:Senior Tech Friday - Cameras, Pictures and Computers
Thu Aug 113:00pWorkshop:Tech for Teens - Moviemaker
Wed Aug 106:30pWorkshop:eBooks & Audiobooks Workshop
Wed Aug 1010:00aWorkshop:Presentation Creation Class
Fri Aug 051:00pWorkshop:Senior Tech Friday - Email and the Internet
Thu Aug 043:00pWorkshop:Tech for Teens - Facebook Party
Tue Aug 0210:30aWorkshop:Photostory Kids Camp
Wed Jul 276:30pWorkshop:Picasa Workshop
Thu Jul 216:30pOther:Extreme Teen Lounge
Wed Jul 136:30pWorkshop:Facebook Workshop
Thu Jul 0710:00aWorkshop:State Animation Camp (Ages 10-14)
Wed Jul 0610:00aWorkshop:Beginner Computer Classes
Tue Jul 0510:00aWorkshop:Storybirds Camp (Ages 6 - 9)
Fri Jun 0310:30aLiterary:Fun & Fables
Thu Jun 0210:30aLiterary:Fun & Fables
Wed Jun 0110:30aLiterary:Babies & Books
Sun May 292:00pLiterary:Author Presentation
Sun May 292:00pLiterary:Alfred Silver Book Reading
Fri May 2710:30aLiterary:Fun & Fables
Thu May 2610:30aLiterary:Fun & Fables
Wed May 2510:30aLiterary:Babies & Books
Fri May 2010:30aLiterary:Fun & Fables
Thu May 1910:30aLiterary:Fun & Fables
Wed May 1810:30aLiterary:Babies & Books
Fri May 1310:30aLiterary:Fun & Fables
Thu May 1210:30aLiterary:Fun & Fables
Wed May 1110:30aLiterary:Babies & Books
Fri May 0610:30aLiterary:Fun & Fables
Thu May 0510:30aLiterary:Fun & Fables
Wed May 0410:30aLiterary:Babies & Books
Fri Apr 2910:30aLiterary:Fun & Fables
Thu Apr 287:00pMeeting:Booker School Info Session
Thu Apr 2810:30aLiterary:Fun & Fables
Wed Apr 2710:30aLiterary:Babies & Books
Tue Mar 156:30pOther:Teen Open House
Fri Mar 0410:30aLiterary:Fun and Fables
Thu Mar 0310:30aLiterary:Fun and Fables
Wed Mar 0210:30aLiterary:Babies & Books
Fri Feb 2510:30aLiterary:Fun and Fables
Thu Feb 2410:30aLiterary:Fun and Fables
Wed Feb 2310:30aLiterary:Babies & Books
Fri Feb 1810:30pLiterary:Fun and Fables
Thu Feb 1710:30pLiterary:Fun and Fables
Wed Feb 1610:30pLiterary:Babies & Books
Fri Feb 1110:30pLiterary:Fun and Fables
Thu Feb 1010:30pLiterary:Fun and Fables
Wed Feb 0910:30pLiterary:Babies & Books
Fri Feb 0410:30pLiterary:Fun and Fables
Thu Feb 0310:30pLiterary:Fun and Fables
Wed Feb 0210:30pLiterary:Babies & Books
Fri Jan 2810:30pLiterary:Fun and Fables
Thu Jan 2710:30pLiterary:Fun and Fables
Wed Jan 2610:30pLiterary:Babies & Books
Tue Oct 196:30pMusic:Beatbox Workshop
Tue May 116:30pFilm:Teen Lounge Movie Night
Fri May 076:30pOther:Library Lock-In
Tue Apr 276:30pFilm:Teen Movie Night
Tue Apr 136:30pFilm:Teen Movie Night
Tue Apr 066:30pFilm:Teen Movie Night
Wed Jan 273:00pOther:Family Literacy Day Celebration
Sun Jan 102:15pTheatre:Quick As A Wink Theatre Auditions
Thu Jan 076:30pTheatre:Quick As A Wink Theatre, Auditions
Sat Nov 283:00pTheatre:Circus Arts Workshop
Fri Nov 276:30pMusic:Drum Clinic
Tue Nov 246:30pVisual:Teen Lounge - Card Craft
Tue Oct 066:30pFilm:Teen Lounge: Movie Night
Tue Jul 217:00pMusic:Guitar Hero Rock-Out
Tue May 126:30pOther:Teen Lounge
Tue Apr 286:30pFilm:Teen Lounge - Movie Night
Sun Dec 212:30pTheatre:Christmas Puppet Show
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