Past Events
Sat May 1510:00aWorkshop:Snap Circuits
Fri May 146:30pWorkshop:Build with LEGO Mindstorms Robotics
Thu May 134:00pWorkshop:Build with WeDo LEGO Robotics
Tue May 116:30pOther:Build Marble-Powered Computers
Sat May 0810:00aOther:Snap Circuits
Fri May 076:30pOther:Build with LEGO Mindstorms Robotics
Thu May 064:00pWorkshop:Build with WeDo LEGO Robotics
Tue May 046:30pWorkshop:Build Marble-Powered Computers
Wed Mar 189:30aWorkshop:Keva Planks - Building Time
Wed Mar 1811:00aWorkshop:Mini Experiments: Science Fun
Thu Aug 292:30pWorkshop:Summer Tech Makers
Wed Aug 2810:30aWorkshop:Summer Kids' Tech
Thu Aug 222:30pWorkshop:Summer Tech Makers
Wed Aug 2110:30aWorkshop:Summer Kids' Tech
Thu Aug 152:30pWorkshop:Summer Tech Makers
Wed Aug 1410:30aWorkshop:Summer Kids' Tech
Thu Aug 082:30pWorkshop:Summer Tech Makers
Wed Aug 0710:30aWorkshop:Summer Kids' Tech
Thu Aug 012:30pWorkshop:Summer Tech Makers
Wed Jul 3110:30aWorkshop:Summer Kids' Tech
Thu Jul 252:30pWorkshop:Summer Tech Makers
Wed Jul 2410:30aWorkshop:Summer Kids' Tech
Thu Jul 182:30pWorkshop:Summer Tech Makers
Wed Jul 1710:30aWorkshop:Summer Kids' Tech
Thu Jul 112:30pWorkshop:Summer Tech Makers
Wed Jul 1010:30aWorkshop:Summer Kids' Tech
Sat Jul 061:00pOther:African Dance
Tue Jun 253:00pWorkshop:After-school Kids' Tech
Tue Jun 183:00pWorkshop:After-school Kids' Tech
Tue Jun 113:00pWorkshop:After-school Kids' Tech
Fri Jun 073:00pWorkshop:After-school LEGO Robotics
Tue Jun 043:00pOther:After-school Kids' Tech
Fri May 246:30pCommunity:Escape from Hogwarts!
Fri Feb 086:30pWorkshop:Paint Like Maud
Tue Dec 042:30pOther:Make Your Own LED Holiday Cards
Thu Nov 293:00pOther:Make Your Own LED Holiday Cards
Tue Aug 282:00pOther:Kids Tech - Snap Circuits
Tue Aug 212:00pOther:Kids Tech - WeDo Robotics
Tue Aug 142:00pOther:Kids Tech - MakerLab
Wed Aug 082:00pOther:Pirate Party
Tue Jul 312:00pOther:Little Ray's Reptiles
Tue Jul 242:00pOther:Kids Tech - Snap Circuits
Wed Jul 1812:30pOther:Mad Science: Bugs!
Tue Jul 172:00pOther:Kids Tech - WeDo Robotics
Tue Jul 102:00pOther:Tech Makers: LEGO Mindstorms Robotics
Tue Jun 262:00pOther:Book Give-Away Day
Tue Jun 263:30pOther:Tech Makers: LEGO Mindstorms Robotics
Tue Jun 193:30pOther:Tech Makers: Little Bits
Tue Jun 123:30pOther:Tech Makers: Digital Art
Tue May 012:00pWorkshop:Security While Using Social Media
Wed Mar 282:00pWorkshop:Create with Alcohol Inks for Adults
Tue Mar 133:00pWorkshop:Make Your Own LED Greeting Card
Fri Feb 023:00pWorkshop:Make Light-up Valentine Cards
Fri Aug 252:45pWorkshop:Make a LED Card
Fri Aug 182:45pMeeting:Kids Tech
Fri Aug 112:45pMeeting:Kids Tech
Fri Aug 042:45pMeeting:Introduction to Coding
Fri Jul 282:45pMeeting:Kids Tech
Fri Jul 212:45pMeeting:Kids Tech
Fri Jul 142:45pMeeting:Kids Tech
Wed Apr 192:00pFilm:National Canadian Film Day - Film Screening - "Stories We Tell"
Fri Mar 172:30pMeeting:Create With Alcohol Inks
Tue Dec 062:00pWorkshop:Positive Approaches for Dementia
Tue Aug 233:00pWorkshop:WeDo Lego Robotics
Tue Aug 163:00pWorkshop:Ozobots
Wed Aug 101:00pMeeting:Mad Science - Glow Show
Tue Aug 093:00pWorkshop:3Doodlers
Tue Aug 023:00pWorkshop:Little Bits
Tue Jul 263:00pWorkshop:Lego Stop Motion Flick
Thu Jul 2111:00aMusic:Ukulele 101
Tue Jul 193:00pWorkshop:Musical Tablets
Wed Jul 131:00pLiterary:Little Ray's Reptiles
Tue Jul 123:00pWorkshop:Snap Circuits
Tue Jul 053:00pWorkshop:Be a Photographer
Tue Jun 282:00pLiterary:Book Give-Away Day
Tue Dec 083:30pWorkshop:MakerLab
Tue Dec 013:30pMeeting:LEGO Stop Motion Flick
Tue Dec 011:00pLecture:3D Printing Demo
Tue Nov 243:30pMeeting:WeDO LEGO Robotics
Tue Nov 173:30pMeeting:MakerLab
Tue Nov 103:30pMeeting:LEGO Mindstorm Robotics
Sat Oct 1710:00aCommunity:Seniors Social
Wed Jul 223:00pMeeting:Ozobots
Mon Jul 204:00pCommunity:Little Ray's Reptile Zoo
Thu Jul 163:00pMeeting:WeDo Lego Robotics
Wed Jul 153:00pMeeting:Lego Stop Motion Flick
Thu Jul 093:00pMeeting:WeDo Lego Robotics
Wed Jun 2410:00aWorkshop:One on One Tech Help
Tue Jul 296:30pWorkshop:Lego Mindstorms Robotics
Fri Jul 256:30pOther:MakerLab
Wed Jul 231:00pWorkshop:Mad Science!
Wed Jul 091:00pMusic:Andy & Ariana
Fri Oct 256:30pMeeting:Spooky Girl Power
Fri Mar 157:00pMusic:Learn to Drum
Fri Mar 0110:00aWorkshop:Computer Tutorial
Thu Feb 2110:00aWorkshop:Computer Tutorial
Fri Feb 0810:00aWorkshop:Computer Tutorial
Thu Jan 3110:00aWorkshop:Computer Tutorial
Mon Jan 2810:00aWorkshop:One-on-One Computer Tutorial
Thu Jan 2410:00aWorkshop:One-on-One Computer Tutorial
Tue Jan 2210:00aWorkshop:One-on-One Computer Tutorial
Fri Dec 146:30pWorkshop:GirlPower!
Fri Nov 236:30pWorkshop:GirlPower!
Fri Oct 196:30pWorkshop:GirlPower t-Shirts
Wed Sep 193:30pOther:Talk Like a Pirate Day
Wed Aug 2211:30pOther:Promote Your Own Business (for kids)
Tue Aug 216:30pOther:Blogging For Business
Mon Aug 2010:00aOther:Tweet With Twitter
Wed Aug 159:30aOther:Record Your Favorite Story
Mon Aug 1310:00aOther:Facebook
Wed Aug 089:30pOther:Storybird
Wed Aug 0811:30aOther:Shoot A Commercial (for Kids)
Wed Aug 019:00aOther:Bitstrips Make Your Own Comic
Tue Jul 243:30pLiterary:Imagine a ZINE
Thu May 107:00pMeeting:Dialogue on Gambling
Fri May 046:00pOther:Girl Power!
Sat Mar 241:30pLiterary:Book Launch
Sat Feb 111:00pLiterary:Emily Dickinson - Oracle at Amherst
Tue Nov 016:30pVisual:Drawing Workshop
Tue Aug 232:00pWorkshop:Pencil Sketching
Tue Aug 162:00pOther:Open House
Tue Aug 0911:00aWorkshop:Kids Kite Making
Tue Aug 022:00pWorkshop:How to Do a Painting Sketch
Wed Jul (but we are)
Thu Jan 275:30pOther:Play for Literacy
Fri Oct 228:30pOther:Library Lock-In
Thu Oct 216:30pMusic:Drumming Workshop
Fri Apr 306:30pOther:Teen Lounge
Fri Apr 166:30pFilm:Teen Movie Night
Fri Feb 126:00pFilm:Harry Potter Movie Night for Teens
Sat Jan 301:30pMusic:Instrumental Experience for Family Literacy Day
Fri Jan 226:30pFilm:Teen Lounge Movie Night
Fri Oct 308:30pOther:Creepy Lounge Lock-In
Fri Oct 027:00pMusic:Teen Lounge: Drumming Class
Sat Sep 191:00pOther:Talk Like a Pirate Day
Fri Sep 186:30pOther:Teen Lounge
Fri Jul 178:30pOther:Library Lock-In
Fri May 016:30pOther:Teen Lounge
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