Thu Jun 203:00pOther:Butterfly Days
Tue Jun 2511:00aLecture:Elder Abuse Awareness and Prevention
Wed Jun 263:30pWorkshop:After-school Kids' Tech
Wed Jul 102:30pWorkshop:Summer Kids' Tech
Thu Jul 113:30pLecture:Mad Science: Fire and Ice
Fri Jul 122:30pWorkshop:Summer Tech Makers
Sat Jul 1310:00aOther:Mi’kmaw Dancer & Drummer: Trevor Gould
Wed Jul 172:30pWorkshop:Summer Kids' Tech
Fri Jul 192:30pWorkshop:Summer Tech Makers
Wed Jul 242:30pWorkshop:Summer Kids' Tech
Fri Jul 262:30pWorkshop:Summer Tech Makers
Wed Jul 312:30pWorkshop:Summer Kids' Tech
Wed Jul 316:30pMeeting:Harry Potter's Birthday
Fri Aug 022:30pWorkshop:Summer Tech Makers
Wed Aug 072:30pWorkshop:Summer Kids' Tech
Fri Aug 092:30pWorkshop:Summer Tech Makers
Sat Aug 101:00pOther:Little Ray's Reptile Zoo
Wed Aug 142:30pWorkshop:Summer Kids' Tech
Fri Aug 162:30pWorkshop:Summer Tech Makers
Wed Aug 212:30pWorkshop:Summer Kids' Tech
Fri Aug 232:30pWorkshop:Summer Tech Makers
Wed Aug 282:30pWorkshop:Summer Kids' Tech
Fri Aug 302:30pWorkshop:Summer Tech Makers
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