Past Events
Fri Aug 1210:00aWorkshop:Adult Summer Take & Make Kits
Wed Aug 103:30pWorkshop:Be the Maker
Fri Aug 0510:00aWorkshop:Adult Summer Take & Make Kits
Wed Aug 033:30pWorkshop:Be the Maker
Fri Jul 2910:00aWorkshop:Adult Summer Take & Make Kits
Wed Jul 273:30pWorkshop:Be the Maker
Tue Jul 267:00pWorkshop:Children's Summer Paint Night
Fri Jul 2210:00aWorkshop:Adult Summer Take & Make Kits
Thu Jul 212:00pMusic:Matt the Music Man
Wed Jul 203:30pWorkshop:Be the Maker
Fri Jul 1510:00aWorkshop:Adult Summer Take & Make Kits
Wed Jul 133:30pWorkshop:Be the Maker
Fri Jul 0810:00aWorkshop:Adult Summer Take & Make Kits
Wed Jul 063:30pWorkshop:Be the Maker
Wed Jun 293:30pWorkshop:Be the Maker
Tue Jun 287:00pWorkshop:Adult Summer Paint Night
Tue May 1710:00aVisual:Miniature Art Show
Fri Dec 173:45pWorkshop:New Years' CD Light Catcher Ornaments
Tue Nov 2310:00aLiterary:Take a Trip
Tue Jul 1310:00aWorkshop:Creative Summer Projects
Tue Jul 1310:30aLiterary:Outdoor Butterfly Storytime
Tue Jun 2910:00aWorkshop:Creative Summer Projects
Tue Jun 1510:00aWorkshop:Creative Summer Projects
Tue Feb 2310:00aWorkshop:Reconnecting Through Art
Tue Nov 2410:00aWorkshop:Popsicle Stick Superheroes
Tue Nov 1010:00aWorkshop:Fruit Slice Washcloths
Tue Nov 0310:00aWorkshop:Remembrance Day Poppies
Sat Oct 3110:00aWorkshop:Vampire Bookmarks
Sat Oct 2410:00aWorkshop:Handmade Halloween Greeting Cards
Sat Oct 1710:00aWorkshop:Halloween Scary Hands Kit
Sat Oct 1010:00aWorkshop:Starburst Wreath Kits
Sat Oct 0310:00aOther:Knitted Flower Kits
Fri Jun 056:30pMeeting:Girl Power-- Summer Prep
Sat May 3010:00aWorkshop:Explore Virtual Reality
Fri May 086:30pMeeting:Girl Power-- Make it for Mom
Thu Apr 237:00pWorkshop:Balance and Exercise
Fri Apr 176:30pCommunity:Girl Power-- Sleepover Ready
Thu Apr 162:00pLecture:Hearing Health Checks
Fri Mar 276:30pCommunity:Escape from the Library!
Thu Mar 267:00pWorkshop:Osteoarthritis
Wed Mar 257:00pMeeting:Friends of the Library
Sat Mar 211:00pMeeting:Up, Up, and Away with Mad Science
Thu Mar 192:00pMeeting:March Break Fun!
Wed Mar 182:30pMeeting:Keva Planks - Building Time
Wed Mar 181:00pMeeting:Mini Experiments - Science Fun
Sat Mar 1410:00aCommunity:Free Income Tax Preparation
Fri Mar 136:30pMeeting:March Break Girl Power
Fri Feb 211:00pWorkshop:African Drumming
Thu Feb 207:00pWorkshop:Understanding Digestion
Fri Feb 141:00pWorkshop:Valentine's Day Celebration
Fri Feb 1410:30aWorkshop:Adult Craft Fun: Paper Flowers
Fri Feb 076:30pMeeting:Magical Girl Power
Thu Jan 237:00pWorkshop:Enhancing Immunity
Wed Dec 183:00pWorkshop:Let's Get Crafty!
Fri Dec 1310:00aWorkshop:Let's Get Crafty!
Fri Dec 066:30pMeeting:Girl Power Under the Sea
Thu Dec 056:30pMeeting:Between the Covers Book Club
Thu Nov 282:00pLecture:Mental WELLNESS For All
Fri Nov 227:00pCommunity:Pokemon Escape Room
Thu Nov 211:00pLecture:Thinking About Retirement?
Fri Nov 1510:30aLecture:Why You Need a Will
Wed Nov 1310:30aMeeting:Stories & Songs
Fri Nov 086:30pMeeting:Girl Power Under the Sea
Wed Nov 0610:30aMeeting:Stories & Songs
Tue Nov 056:30pLecture:IELTS Information Session
Mon Nov 047:00pLecture:Experiences of a Peacekeeper
Sat Nov 022:00pLecture:Demystifying Solar Electricity
Wed Oct 3010:30aMeeting:Stories & Songs
Wed Oct 2310:30aMeeting:Stories & Songs
Fri Oct 1110:00aOther:Create With Alcohol Inks!
Tue Oct 082:30pLecture:Break the Fake
Fri Oct 0411:00aLecture:Stay Scam Free
Fri Oct 046:30pMeeting:Girl Power's Carnival
Thu Oct 032:00pCommunity:Hearing Health Checks
Tue Oct 011:00pLecture:Thinking About Retirement?
Wed Sep 2512:00pWorkshop:Lunch & Learn: Starting a Career? Need a Change?
Fri Sep 066:30pOther:Totally Awesome Girl Power
Fri Aug 302:30pWorkshop:Summer Tech Makers
Wed Aug 282:30pWorkshop:Summer Kids' Tech
Fri Aug 232:30pWorkshop:Summer Tech Makers
Wed Aug 212:30pWorkshop:Summer Kids' Tech
Fri Aug 162:30pWorkshop:Summer Tech Makers
Wed Aug 142:30pWorkshop:Summer Kids' Tech
Sat Aug 101:00pLecture:Little Ray's Reptile Zoo
Fri Aug 092:30pWorkshop:Summer Tech Makers
Wed Aug 072:30pWorkshop:Summer Kids' Tech
Fri Aug 022:30pWorkshop:Summer Tech Makers
Wed Jul 316:30pMeeting:Harry Potter's Birthday
Wed Jul 312:30pWorkshop:Summer Kids' Tech
Fri Jul 262:30pWorkshop:Summer Tech Makers
Wed Jul 242:30pWorkshop:Summer Kids' Tech
Fri Jul 192:30pWorkshop:Summer Tech Makers
Wed Jul 172:30pWorkshop:Summer Kids' Tech
Wed Jul 1710:00aWorkshop:Hug a Tree & Survive
Sat Jul 1310:00aOther:Mi’kmaw Dancer & Drummer: Trevor Gould
Fri Jul 122:30pWorkshop:Summer Tech Makers
Thu Jul 113:30pLecture:Mad Science: Fire and Ice
Wed Jul 102:30pWorkshop:Summer Kids' Tech
Wed Jun 263:30pWorkshop:After-school Kids' Tech
Tue Jun 2511:00aLecture:Elder Abuse Awareness and Prevention
Thu Jun 203:00pOther:Butterfly Days
Wed Jun 193:30pWorkshop:After-school Kids' Tech
Fri Jun 143:30pWorkshop:After-school LEGO Robotics
Wed Jun 123:30pWorkshop:After-school Kids' Tech
Tue Jun 116:30pLecture:Blacklegged Ticks and Lyme Disease
Fri Jun 076:30pMeeting:Girl Power: Getting Ready for Summer!
Thu Jun 066:30pMeeting:Between the Covers Book Club
Wed Jun 053:30pWorkshop:After-school Kids' Tech
Wed Apr 1710:30aMeeting:Wee Reads Story Time
Wed Apr 176:30pVisual:National Canadian Film Day
Thu Apr 046:30pMeeting:Between the Covers Book Club
Wed Apr 0310:30aMeeting:Wee Reads Story Time
Thu Mar 283:00pMeeting:Renew Your Curiosity: Bookmark Extravaganza
Thu Mar 213:00pOther:Renew Your Curiosity: No Sew Emoji Pillows
Wed Mar 2010:30aMeeting:Wee Reads Story Time: Let's Have a Tea Party!
Thu Mar 143:00pOther:Renew Your Curiosity: Optical Illusions
Thu Mar 073:00pWorkshop:Renew Your Curiosity: Experiment With Duct Tape
Thu Mar 076:30pMeeting:Between the Covers Book Club
Wed Mar 0610:30aMeeting:Wee Reads Story Time: Happy Birthday!
Thu Feb 283:00pOther:Renew Your Curiosity: Dragon Party
Fri Feb 227:00pOther:Girl Power
Thu Feb 213:00pOther:Renew Your Curiosity: Fun With Robots
Wed Feb 2010:30aMeeting:Wee Reads Story Time
Tue Feb 193:30pWorkshop:Cardboard Flowers: Making Folk Art in the Winter
Fri Jan 257:00pOther:Girl Power: Pizza Party!
Fri Jan 117:00pOther:The Hangout: Get Your Game On!
Thu Jan 036:30pOther:Between the Covers Book Club
Sat Dec 222:00pLiterary:Local Author & Genealogist presents: Grace's Secret
Fri Dec 147:00pOther:Girl Power: Jingle Bells
Wed Dec 1210:30aOther:Wee Reads Storytime
Tue Dec 113:30pOther:Make Your Own LED Holiday Cards
Thu Dec 066:30pOther:Between the Covers Book Club
Mon Dec 031:30pWorkshop:Writers' Group
Wed Nov 2810:30aOther:Wee Reads Storytime
Fri Nov 237:00pOther:Girl Power: The Season of Giving.
Wed Nov 1410:30aOther:Wee Reads Storytime
Tue Nov 136:30pWorkshop:Keto Round Table Discussion
Thu Nov 016:30pOther:Between the Covers Book Club
Fri Oct 267:00pOther:Girl Power: Halloween Fun!
Wed Oct 2410:30aOther:Wee Reads Storytime
Thu Oct 116:30pMeeting:Networking Trivia
Wed Oct 1010:30aOther:Wee Reads Storytime
Thu Oct 0410:30aOther:Harvest Coffee and Tea Social
Thu Oct 046:30pLiterary:Between the Covers Book Club
Tue Oct 0210:00aOther:25th Anniversary Celebration
Fri Sep 287:00pOther:Girl Power Dance Party
Wed Sep 2610:30aOther:Wee Reads Storytime
Wed Sep 1910:30aMeeting:Kindergarten Learning Fun
Wed Sep 1210:30aOther:Wee Reads Story Time: Let's Have a Tea Party!
Thu Sep 066:30pLiterary:Between the Covers Book Club
Fri Aug 317:00pOther:Girl Power: Slumber Party
Tue Aug 0710:30aWorkshop:The True Voyage of Discovery
Mon Jul 302:45pOther:Tech Makers: Ozobots
Wed Jul 2511:00aOther:Mad Science: Fire & Ice!
Mon Jul 236:30pWorkshop:Create with Alcohol Inks!
Fri Jul 207:00pOther:Girl Power Hits the Beach!
Fri Jul 2010:30aOther:Little Ray's Reptiles
Mon Jul 092:45pOther:Tech Makers: LEGO Mindstorms Robotics
Fri Jun 297:00pMeeting:Girl Power Goes Camping!
Mon Jun 252:45pOther:Tech Makers: LEGO Mindstorms Robotics
Mon Jun 182:45pOther:Tech Makers: Little Bits
Mon Jun 112:45pOther:Tech Makers: Digital Art
Tue Jun 0510:30aMeeting:Wee Reads Story Time: Sounds and Music
Thu May 316:30pLiterary:Between the Covers Book Club
Fri May 257:00pMeeting:Girl Power: Spa Retreat
Thu May 103:30pLiterary:Canadian Children's Book Week Illustrator: Kass Reich
Mon May 0710:30aWorkshop:Security While Using Social Media
Thu May 036:30pLiterary:Between the Covers Book Club
Tue May 0110:30aMeeting:Wee Reads Story Time: Bedtime and Pajamas!
Fri Apr 277:00pMeeting:Girl Power: Hawaiian Luau
Mon Apr 2310:30aLecture:Security While Using Social Media
Wed Apr 186:30pFilm:Movie Screening - "Maudie"
Tue Apr 1010:30aMeeting:Wee Reads Story Time: April Showers
Mon Apr 0910:30aLecture:Financial Security on the Internet
Thu Apr 056:30pLiterary:Between the Covers Bookclub
Tue Mar 273:00pWorkshop:Renew Your Curiosity: After School Exploration
Tue Mar 203:00pWorkshop:Renew Your Curiosity: After School Exploration
Fri Mar 163:00pMeeting:Good Luck Minute To Win It Challenge
Fri Mar 166:30pMeeting:Girl Power: Dreamin' of Summer
Wed Mar 1410:30aMeeting:Spring Social
Tue Mar 136:30pMeeting:LEGO Building Challenge Night
Fri Mar 096:30pMeeting:The Hangout: Get Your Game On!
Thu Mar 086:30pMeeting:Between the Covers Book Club
Tue Mar 063:00pWorkshop:Renew Your Curiosity: After School Exploration
Tue Mar 0610:30aMeeting:Wee Reads Storytime
Fri Mar 026:30pMeeting:Family Fort Night
Tue Feb 273:00pWorkshop:Renew Your Curiosity: After School Exploration
Fri Feb 236:30pMeeting:Girl Power: The Early Bird Gets the Worm
Tue Feb 203:00pWorkshop:Renew Your Curiosity: After School Exploration
Wed Feb 1410:30aCulinary:Valentine's Day Tea
Tue Feb 133:00pWorkshop:Renew Your Curiosity: After School Exploration
Fri Feb 096:30pMeeting:The Hangout: Get Your Game On!
Thu Feb 086:30pMeeting:Between the Covers Book Club
Thu Feb 083:00pMeeting:Valentine's Day: Show Your Love of Reading
Tue Feb 062:45pMeeting:Make Light-up Valentine Cards
Tue Feb 0610:30aMeeting:Wee Reads Storytime
Fri Feb 026:30pLiterary:Family Fort Night
Fri Jan 266:30pMeeting:Girl Power: Winter Wonderland
Wed Jan 1710:30aCulinary:Chase Away the Winter Blues Tea
Fri Jan 126:30pMeeting:The Hangout: Get Your Game On!
Thu Jan 116:30pMeeting:Between the Covers Book Club
Tue Jan 0910:30aMeeting:Wee Reads Storytime
Sat Dec 3011:45aMeeting:A New Year's Celebration
Tue Dec 193:00pWorkshop:Renew Your Curiosity: After School Snow Day!
Fri Dec 156:30pMeeting:Girl Power: Deck the Halls
Fri Dec 086:30pMeeting:The Hangout: Get Your Game On!
Thu Dec 073:00pMeeting:Renew Your Curiosity: After School Exploration
Tue Dec 0510:30aMeeting:Wee Reads Storytime
Thu Nov 303:00pMeeting:Renew Your Curiosity: After School Exploration
Wed Nov 2910:30aCommunity:Holiday Social
Fri Nov 246:30pMeeting:Girl Power: Got Talent?
Thu Nov 233:00pMeeting:Renew Your Curiosity: After School Exploration
Thu Nov 163:00pMeeting:Renew Your Curiosity: After School Exploration
Tue Nov 146:30pMeeting:Picture Book Palooza
Fri Nov 106:30pMeeting:The Hangout: Get Your Game On!
Thu Nov 093:00pMeeting:Renew Your Curiosity: After School Exploration
Thu Nov 096:30pMeeting:Between the Covers Book Club
Tue Nov 0710:30aMeeting:Wee Reads Storytime
Thu Nov 023:00pMeeting:Renew Your Curiosity: After School Exploration
Fri Oct 276:30pMeeting:Girl Power: Spooky Hallowe'en!
Fri Oct 136:30pMeeting:The Hangout: Get Your Game On!
Fri Oct 0610:00aMeeting:Connect Hearing Clinic
Thu Oct 0510:30aLecture:Information Session on Canada Pension
Wed Oct 0410:30aCulinary:Thanksgiving Tea
Tue Oct 032:00pLecture:Paul Colville Talks About Writing
Tue Oct 0310:00aLecture:Continuing Care Information Session
Fri Sep 296:30pMeeting:Girl Power: It's a Pajama Party!
Wed Sep 132:00pLiterary:Writing workshop with Stephanie Domet
Fri Sep 086:30pMeeting:The Hangout: Get Your Game On!
Fri Aug 256:30pMeeting:Girl Power! Love Who You Are!
Mon Aug 1411:00aMeeting:Tech Time: 3Doodlers & LED Cards
Mon Aug 143:00pMeeting:Tech Time: 3Doodlers & LED Cards
Fri Aug 116:30pMeeting:The Hangout: Get Your Game On!
Thu Aug 1012:00pMeeting:Lunch, Kites and Alexander Graham Bell
Fri Aug 0411:00aMeeting:Fun Fridays: Photo Booth with Canada Props (ages 6 - 13)
Thu Aug 032:00pMeeting:Fun Zone: Scavenger Hunt (ages 8 - 13)
Thu Aug 0310:00aMeeting:Story/Craft/Duplo: (ages 3 - 6)
Wed Aug 023:00pOther:Story/Craft/Duplo: Frederick (ages 3 - 6)
Tue Aug 013:00pMeeting:Try Something New! Poem Day (ages 6 - 9)
Tue Aug 0111:00aMeeting:Family Storytime and Craft: To the Beach!
Mon Jul 311:00pMeeting:Camp Overdue: Middleton Outpost - for Adults!
Fri Jul 2811:00aMeeting:Fun Fridays: Erupting Play Dough (ages 6-13)
Fri Jul 286:30pMeeting:Girl Power: Camp Out
Thu Jul 272:00pMeeting:Fun Zone (ages 8 to 13)
Wed Jul 263:00pMeeting:Story/Craft/Duplo: Tacky the Penguin (ages 3 - 6)
Tue Jul 253:00pMeeting:Try Something New!: Start Your Own Garden (ages 6 - 9)
Tue Jul 2511:00aMeeting:Family Storytime and Craft
Mon Jul 241:00pMeeting:Camp Overdue: Middleton Outpost - for Adults!
Fri Jul 2111:00aFilm:Fun Fridays: Paddle to the Sea (ages 6-13)
Fri Jul 216:30pMeeting:The Hangout: Get Your Game On!
Thu Jul 2010:00aMeeting:Story/Craft/Duplo: How to Catch a Star (ages 3 - 6)
Thu Jul 2012:00pFilm:Lunch and Letters: Postcards From Canada
Thu Jul 202:00pMeeting:Fun Zone (ages 8 to 13)
Wed Jul 193:00pMeeting:Story/Craft/Duplo: The Grouchy Ladybug (ages 3 - 6)
Tue Jul 183:00pMeeting:Try Something New! (ages 6 - 9) Origami
Tue Jul 1811:00aMeeting:Family Storytime and Craft
Mon Jul 171:00pMeeting:Camp Overdue: Middleton Outpost - for Adults!
Fri Jul 1411:00aMeeting:Fun Fridays: Board Games (ages 6 - 13)
Thu Jul 1310:00aMeeting:Story/Craft/Duplo: My Messy Parents (ages 3 - 6)
Thu Jul 132:00pMeeting:Fun Zone (ages 8 to 13)
Wed Jul 123:00pMeeting:Story/Craft/Duplo: I Touched the Moon (ages 3 - 6)
Tue Jul 113:00pMeeting:Try Something New! Leaf Collage (Ages 6 - 9 years)
Tue Jul 1111:00aMeeting:Family Storytime and Craft
Mon Jul 101:00pMeeting:Camp Overdue: Middleton Outpost - for Adults!
Fri Jul 0711:00aMeeting:Fun Fridays: Happy Birthday Canada (ages 6 - 13)
Thu Jul 0610:00aMeeting:Story/Craft/Duplo: The Golden Goose (ages 3 - 6)
Thu Jul 062:00pMeeting:Fun Zone (ages 8 to 13)
Wed Jul 053:00pMeeting:Story/Craft/Duplo: The Mouse and the Elephant (ages 3 - 6)
Tue Jul 043:00pMeeting:Try Something New! (ages 6 - 9): Freeze Dance
Tue Jul 0411:00aMeeting:Family Storytime and Craft
Fri Jun 306:30pMeeting:Girl Power : Summer Kick Off!
Fri Jun 166:30pMeeting:The Hangout: Get Your Game On!
Fri May 056:30pMeeting:Girl Power: It's a Magical World
Wed Apr 197:00pFilm:National Canadian Film Day - Film Screening - "Stories We Tell"
Fri Apr 076:30pLiterary:The Hangout : Get Your Game On!
Thu Apr 0610:30aMeeting:Preschool Class: Spring is Sprung!
Thu Apr 067:00pMeeting:Friends of the Library
Fri Mar 246:30pMusic:Girl Power: A Spring Into Summer Party
Thu Mar 2310:30aMusic:Preschool Story Time & Craft
Tue Mar 216:30pMeeting:Dungeons And Dragons
Sat Mar 181:30pLiterary:Familytime: Let Your Love of Books Grow
Fri Mar 106:30pMeeting:The Hangout : Get Your Game On!
Thu Mar 0910:30aMusic:Preschool Story Time & Craft
Tue Mar 076:30pMeeting:Dungeons And Dragons
Thu Mar 026:30pLiterary:Between the Covers Bookclub
Thu Mar 0212:00pLiterary:Essential Discussion on the How, Why, When and What of Essential Oils
Fri Feb 246:30pMusic:Girl Power: Let's Rock n' Roll!
Wed Feb 223:00pLiterary:Fairly Odd Fairy Tales
Tue Feb 216:30pMeeting:Dungeons And Dragons
Fri Feb 176:30pMeeting:The Hangout : Get Your Game On!
Thu Feb 1612:00pLecture:Introduction to Essential and Natural Oils
Wed Feb 153:00pLiterary:Fairly Odd Fairy Tales
Thu Feb 0912:00pMeeting:"Downton Abbey" Tea Party
Wed Feb 083:00pLiterary:Fairly Odd Fairy Tales
Tue Feb 076:30pMeeting:Dungeons And Dragons
Thu Feb 023:00pWorkshop:Groundhog Day: Go Hog Wild!
Thu Feb 026:30pLiterary:Between the Covers Bookclub
Wed Feb 013:00pLiterary:Fairly Odd Fairy Tales
Fri Jan 276:30pMeeting:Girl Power: Colour Our World
Thu Jan 2610:30aLiterary:Preschool Storytime & Craft: Groundhog Day Fun!
Wed Jan 253:00pLiterary:Fairly Odd Fairy Tales
Tue Jan 246:30pMeeting:Dungeons And Dragons
Sat Jan 211:30pMusic:Family Fun: Jive Up January
Wed Jan 183:00pLiterary:Fairly Odd Fairy Tales
Fri Jan 136:30pMeeting:The Hangout : Get Your Game On!
Thu Jan 1210:30aLiterary:Preschool Storytime & Craft: Brrr! Baby, it's cold out there!
Wed Jan 113:00pLiterary:Fairly Odd Fairy Tales
Tue Jan 106:30pLiterary:Dungeons And Dragons
Thu Jan 056:30pLiterary:Between the Covers Bookclub
Fri Dec 302:30pLiterary:Ringing in the New Year
Thu Dec 226:00pLiterary:Light Up The Night: A Solstice Celebration
Fri Dec 166:30pLiterary:Girl Power: Holly Jolly Party!
Thu Dec 1510:00aMeeting:Ugly Christmas Sweater Coffee Party
Tue Dec 136:30pMeeting:Dungeons And Dragons
Fri Dec 096:30pMeeting:The Hangout: Get Your Game On!
Thu Dec 086:30pLiterary:Between the Covers Bookclub
Mon Dec 0510:00aMeeting:Christmas Cookie Exchange Party
Tue Nov 2910:30aLecture:Conversations About Death & Dying: End of Life Planning
Tue Nov 296:30pLiterary:Dungeons And Dragons
Fri Nov 256:30pLiterary:Girl Power
Tue Nov 226:30pLiterary:Best Picture Books of 2016
Fri Nov 186:30pMeeting:The Hangout: Get Your Game On!
Tue Nov 152:00pCommunity:Positive Approaches for Dementia
Thu Nov 036:30pLiterary:Between the Covers Bookclub
Fri Oct 286:30pMeeting:Girl Power: Halloween Spooktacular!
Thu Oct 273:00pMeeting:Use Your Gourd
Fri Oct 146:30pMeeting:The Hangout: Get Your Game On!
Fri Oct 071:30pMusic:An Old-Fashioned Kitchen Party
Thu Oct 063:00pLiterary:Celebrating the Harvest Season
Thu Oct 0610:00aMeeting:Coffee, Tea and Conversation
Tue Oct 047:00pMeeting:Conversations about Death and Dying
Fri Sep 236:30pMeeting:Girl Power: Miss Girl Power
Fri Sep 166:30pOther:The Hangout: Get Your Game On!
Fri Aug 266:30pMeeting:Girl Power: Anything Goes!
Fri Aug 2611:00aCommunity:End of Summer Party
Wed Aug 243:00pMeeting:Old School - New School: String Games
Tue Aug 2311:00aLiterary:Family Storytime & Craft: Moovin' and Groovin'
Mon Aug 221:00pMusic:Camp Overdue: for Adults!
Fri Aug 1911:00aCommunity:Special Event Friday: Happy Un-Birthday (ages 8 - 14)
Wed Aug 173:00pMeeting:Old School - New School: Note Folding (ages 6+)
Tue Aug 1610:30aLiterary:Storytime with a Farmer
Tue Aug 1611:00aLiterary:Family Storytime & Craft: Celebration!
Mon Aug 151:00pMusic:Camp Overdue: for Adults!
Fri Aug 1211:00aCommunity:Murder Mystery Party (ages 9 - 14)
Wed Aug 103:00pMeeting:Old School - New School: Schoolyard Games
Tue Aug 0911:00aLiterary:Family Storytime & Craft: Squishy & Gluey
Mon Aug 081:00pMusic:Camp Overdue: for Adults!
Wed Aug 0311:00aMusic:PreSchool Disco
Tue Aug 0211:00aLiterary:Family Storytime & Craft: Just Fairy Things
Fri Jul 291:30pLecture:Mad Science - Glow Show
Fri Jul 296:30pMeeting:Girl Power: Sunny Days!
Tue Jul 2611:00aLiterary:Family Storytime & Craft: Oh So Puzzling
Mon Jul 251:00pMusic:Camp Overdue: for Adults!
Wed Jul 2010:30aLiterary:Anne Glover - Storyteller
Tue Jul 1911:00aLiterary:Family Storytime & Craft: Cinderella Around the World
Mon Jul 181:00pMusic:Camp Overdue: for Adults!
Fri Jul 156:30pMeeting:The Hangout: Get Your Game On
Tue Jul 123:00pWorkshop:Try Something New! Scrapbooking
Tue Jul 1211:00aLiterary:Family Storytime & Craft: Aarrgh Matey!
Tue Jul 1210:00aLiterary:Book Give-Away Day
Mon Jul 111:00pMusic:Camp Overdue: for adults!
Wed Jul 0611:00aMusic:Musical Zoo
Sat Jun 259:00aWorkshop:Babysitting Course
Thu Jun 236:30pLiterary:Between the Covers Bookclub
Fri Jun 176:30pMusic:Girl Power: School's Out!
Fri Jun 036:30pMusic:The Hangout: Get Your Game On
Sat May 289:00pLiterary:BraveHeart Babysitting Course
Fri May 276:30pMeeting:Girl Power! Mad Scientists In Training
Fri May 136:30pMusic:The Hangout : Get Your Game On!
Fri May 066:30pLiterary:Family Fort Night
Fri Apr 296:30pMeeting:Girl Power!
Thu Apr 1411:00aLecture:Service Canada Programs & Services for Seniors
Wed Mar 306:30pLiterary:Girl Power : Spring Fling Bash
Tue Mar 293:30pLiterary:Afterschool: It's a Fruit Fiesta!
Fri Mar 256:30pCommunity:Girl Power
Thu Mar 246:30pLiterary:Between the Covers Book Club
Tue Mar 223:30pLiterary:Afterschool: Hoppy Holiday
Sat Mar 1910:30aLiterary:Family Time: Getting Ready for Spring
Thu Mar 177:00pLiterary:St. Patrick's Day Book Give-Away
Tue Mar 153:30pCommunity:Afterschool: It's a Spring Fling!
Mon Mar 146:00pLiterary:#SafeSelfie Pizza Party
Fri Mar 112:30pMusic:Preschool Storytime
Fri Feb 266:30pCommunity:Girl Power
Fri Feb 262:30pMusic:Preschool Storytime
Thu Feb 186:30pMeeting:Between the Covers Book Club
Tue Feb 163:30pLiterary:After School Program: Family & Love
Fri Feb 122:30pMusic:Preschool Storytime
Tue Feb 023:30pLiterary:Groundhog Fun
Fri Jan 296:30pMeeting:Girl Power
Fri Jan 292:30pMusic:Preschool Storytime
Tue Jan 122:30pMusic:After School Program: Winter Animals
Fri Jan 082:30pMusic:Preschool Storytime
Thu Jan 076:30pLiterary:Between the Covers Book Club
Fri Dec 186:30pLiterary:Girl Power: Holly Jolly Holiday Fun
Tue Dec 153:30pLiterary:Holly Jolly Holiday Party
Mon Dec 073:30pWorkshop:MakerLab
Mon Nov 303:30pMeeting:LEGO Stop Motion Flick
Mon Nov 301:30pLiterary:Writer's Group
Fri Nov 276:30pCommunity:Girl Power
Wed Nov 252:00pLecture:3D Printing Demonstration
Mon Nov 233:30pMeeting:WeDO Lego Robotics
Sun Nov 222:00pLiterary:Sensitive Family Time
Mon Nov 161:30pLiterary:Writers' Group
Mon Nov 163:30pMeeting:Makerbot
Tue Nov 106:30pLiterary:Picture Book Palooza
Mon Nov 093:30pMeeting:LEGO Mindstorm Robotics
Mon Nov 021:30pMeeting:Writers' Group
Fri Oct 306:30pCommunity:Girl Power A Spooktacular Extravaganza
Thu Oct 227:00pCommunity:Seed Saving and Herbal Medicine
Wed Oct 2111:00aWorkshop:Label Reading, Healthy Choices and a Tour of the Superstore
Tue Oct 207:00pLecture:Nova Scotia's Mona Parsons
Fri Sep 256:30pMeeting:Girl Power
Thu Sep 247:00pLecture:Solar Scaping and Permaculture
Thu Sep 107:00pCommunity:Cold Frames and Greenhouses
Fri Aug 286:30pCommunity:GirlPower!
Fri Aug 2110:15aCommunity:End of Summer Party!
Thu Aug 2011:00aCommunity:Hocus Pocus Craft & Storytime.
Thu Aug 202:15pCommunity:Fun Zone: Survivor!
Wed Aug 192:00pCommunity:Old MacDonald Craft & Storytime.
Tue Aug 183:00pCommunity:Farm Life Craft, Story & Legomania.
Mon Aug 179:00aCommunity:Tea Time with Creative Minds
Mon Aug 1711:00aCommunity:Infotech Computer Camp
Fri Aug 1410:15aCommunity:MakerLab: Squishy Circuits & Spinbots.
Thu Aug 1311:00aCommunity:Gardening Craft & Storytime.
Thu Aug 132:15pCommunity:Fun Zone: Colour Explosion!
Wed Aug 122:00pCommunity:Do Re Mi Craft & Storytime.
Tue Aug 113:00pCommunity:Musical Craft, Story & Legomania.
Mon Aug 109:00aCommunity:Tea Time with Creative Minds
Mon Aug 1011:00aCommunity:Infotech Computer Camp
Fri Aug 0710:00aCommunity:Mad Science Slime Time
Thu Aug 0611:00aCommunity:Nature Appreciation Craft & Storytime.
Thu Aug 062:15pCommunity:Minute To Win It!
Wed Aug 052:00pCommunity:Let's Recycle! Craft & Storytime
Tue Aug 043:00pCommunity:The Three R's Crafts, Story & Legomania.
Fri Jul 316:30pCommunity:GirlPower!
Fri Jul 3110:15aMeeting:WeDo Lego Robotics
Thu Jul 303:00pCommunity:Ozobots A Robotic Toy
Thu Jul 301:00pCommunity:Little Ray's Reptile Zoo
Thu Jul 3011:00aCommunity:Shapes Craft & Story Time.
Wed Jul 292:00pCommunity:Beach Fun Craft & Story Time.
Tue Jul 283:00pCommunity:A Lazy Day at the Beach Craft, Story & Legomania
Mon Jul 279:00aCommunity:Tea Time with Creative Minds
Mon Jul 2711:00aCommunity:Infotech Computer Camp
Fri Jul 2410:15aCommunity:Musical Tablets
Mon Jul 209:00aCommunity:Tea Time with Creative Minds
Tue Jul 146:30pCommunity:Bizaar Bazaar (Puppet Show)
Fri Jul 1010:00pCommunity:Not Your Mama's Story Time
Tue Jul 0710:00pCommunity:Book Give Away Day
Fri Jun 266:30pCommunity:GirlPower
Mon Jun 226:30pCommunity:School's Out Party
Sat Jun 069:00pCommunity:Canadian Red Cross Babysitters Course
Fri May 296:30pCommunity:GirlPower!
Wed May 271:00pCommunity:Caregiver Appreciation Tea
Wed Apr 296:30pFilm:Dr. Cabbie
Fri Apr 246:30pCommunity:Girl Power
Mon Apr 131:30pLiterary:The Middleton Writers' Group
Wed Apr 083:30pCommunity:Test Drive!
Thu Mar 263:30pCommunity:Bitstrips Comics
Wed Mar 256:30pMeeting:Girl Power!
Tue Mar 243:30pCommunity:LEGOrama
Fri Mar 206:30pCommunity:March Break Campout
Thu Mar 193:30pCommunity:Kid's Cap Fun Bitstrips
Wed Mar 182:00pCommunity:Test Drive
Tue Mar 173:30pMeeting:March Break Fun
Tue Feb 103:30pMeeting:Afterschool Valentine Fun
Thu Jan 297:00pLecture:Local Ecological Gardening & Four Season Harvesting
Thu Oct 231:00pLecture:Seniors' Safety: The Vial of Life
Wed Oct 222:00pWorkshop:Needlefelting Workshop
Tue Oct 212:00pLecture:Eating tips For Life
Tue Oct 073:30pWorkshop:After School Awesome!
Tue Sep 303:30pWorkshop:After School Awesome!
Tue Sep 233:30pWorkshop:After School Awesome!
Tue Sep 163:30pWorkshop:After School Awesome!
Tue Sep 093:30pWorkshop:After School Awesome!
Thu Jun 266:30pMeeting:Girl Power
Thu May 226:30pMeeting:Girl Power
Thu May 157:00pLiterary:Author Reading with Janet Cameron
Sat May 1010:00aWorkshop:Milk & Cookies Tablet Time
Thu Apr 246:30pMeeting:Girl Power
Tue Apr 153:30pOther:Easter Fun
Sat Apr 1210:00aMeeting:Milk & Cookies Tablet Time
Wed Mar 266:30pWorkshop:Wednesday Night Knitters
Tue Mar 256:30pOther:Welcome Spring!
Sat Mar 2210:00aWorkshop:Tablet Time and Apps
Wed Mar 196:30pWorkshop:Wednesday Night Knitters
Thu Mar 136:30pWorkshop:Girl Power
Wed Mar 126:30pWorkshop:Wednesday Night Knitters
Mon Mar 109:00aWorkshop:Red Cross Babysitting Course
Wed Mar 056:30pWorkshop:Wednesday Night Knitters
Wed Feb 196:30pWorkshop:Wednesday Night Knitters
Thu Feb 136:30pMeeting:Girl Power
Wed Feb 126:30pWorkshop:Wednesday Night Knitters
Tue Feb 113:30pOther:Valentine Fun
Mon Feb 103:00pMeeting:Robotics After School Program
Mon Feb 1010:00aWorkshop:Computer Tutorials
Wed Feb 056:30pWorkshop:Wednesday Night Knitters
Mon Feb 033:00pMeeting:Robotics After School Program
Mon Feb 031:30pLiterary:Writer's Group
Mon Feb 0310:00aWorkshop:Computer Tutorials
Thu Jan 306:30pOther:Girl Power
Mon Jan 2710:00aWorkshop:Computer Tutorials
Mon Jan 203:00pMeeting:Robotics After School Program
Mon Jan 2010:00aWorkshop:Computer Tutorials
Sat Jan 1811:00aLiterary:Mock Caldecott
Mon Jan 133:00pMeeting:Robotics After School Program
Mon Jan 1310:00aWorkshop:Computer Tutorials
Mon Jan 0610:00aWorkshop:Computer Tutorials
Thu Dec 196:30pMeeting:Girl Power
Tue Dec 173:30pOther:Kids' Christmas Fun
Mon Dec 093:00pOther:Robotics
Thu Nov 286:30pMeeting:Girl Power
Mon Oct 286:30pOther:Carnival of Fun
Wed Jul 242:00pOther:Harry Potter Sweet 16
Sat Jul 2010:00aLiterary:Milk & Cookies Story Hour
Sat Jun 1510:00aLiterary:Milk & Cookies Story Hour
Sat May 1810:00aLiterary:Milk & Cookies Story Hour
Sat Apr 2010:00aLiterary:Milk & Cookies Story Hour
Tue Mar 197:00pOther:Early Spring Surprise
Wed Mar 1310:30aWorkshop:Up, Up, and Away with Mad Science
Thu Dec 206:30pWorkshop:GirlPower!
Thu Nov 296:30pWorkshop:GirlPower!
Tue Nov 132:00pWorkshop:Downloadable eBook & Audiobook
Tue Oct 237:00pFilm:Westray Documentary
Thu Oct 186:30pOther:Hunger Games Party
Tue Oct 167:00pLiterary:Author Reading
Tue Jul 246:30pLiterary:Imagine a ZINE
Thu Jul 196:00pOther:Survival Lock In
Tue Mar 207:00pOther:Spring Officially Comes to Middleton
Tue Nov 157:00pOther:The Tall Ship Concordia
Mon Nov 0710:00aLecture:eBook Readers 101: Getting Started
Sun Oct 166:30pOther:Extreme Teen Lounge
Sat Jul 231:00pLiterary:Poetry Readings
Fri Jul 227:00pWorkshop:Tools for Happiness
Thu Jul 216:30pOther:Girl Power!
Sat Jul 161:00pOther:Jo & Labyrinths
Tue Jul 127:00pOther:Special Powers of Crystals
Fri Jul 082:30pOther:Family Bingo Fun
Thu Jul 072:00pOther:Kite Making
Wed Jul 062:30pMusic:Open House
Tue Jul 0510:30aLiterary:Writing Workshop with Don Aker
Tue Jul 052:00pOther:Jewellery Making & Beading Demo
Mon Mar 145:00pOther:Girl Power!
Sun Dec 197:00pOther:Holiday Teen Lounge
Sun Oct 177:00pMusic:Karaoke Teen Lounge
Sun Jun 207:00pOther:Teen Lounge
Sun May 167:00pOther:Teen Lounge
Fri Mar 0510:00aLiterary:Babies and Books
Sat Nov 2810:00aTheatre:Circus Arts Workshop
Tue Nov 246:30pOther:Teen Lounge
Fri Apr 2412:15pLiterary:Susan Cameron - Author
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