New Hope Wesleyan Church

7054 Chester Avenue
Kentville, Nova Scotia
B4N 4H8
(902) 678-2222

Past Events
Tue Oct 207:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Oct 137:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Oct 067:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Sep 297:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Sep 227:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Sep 157:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Sep 087:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Sep 017:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Aug 257:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Aug 187:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Aug 117:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Aug 047:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Jul 077:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Jun 307:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Jun 237:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Mar 177:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Mar 107:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Mar 037:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Feb 257:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Feb 187:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Feb 117:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Feb 047:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Jan 287:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Jan 217:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Jan 147:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Jan 077:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Dec 316:30pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Dec 177:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Dec 107:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Dec 037:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Nov 267:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Sat Nov 237:00pMusic:Silent Auction and Live Music
Tue Nov 197:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Sat Nov 166:30pLecture:Surviving the Holidays
Thu Nov 147:00pLecture:GriefShare
Tue Nov 127:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Thu Nov 077:00pLecture:GriefShare
Tue Nov 057:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Thu Oct 317:00pLecture:GriefShare
Tue Oct 297:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Thu Oct 247:00pLecture:GriefShare
Tue Oct 227:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Thu Oct 177:00pLecture:GriefShare
Tue Oct 157:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Thu Oct 107:00pLecture:GriefShare
Tue Oct 087:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Thu Oct 037:00pLecture:GriefShare
Tue Oct 017:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Thu Sep 267:00pLecture:GriefShare
Tue Sep 247:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Thu Sep 197:00pLecture:GriefShare
Tue Sep 177:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Thu Sep 127:00pLecture:GriefShare
Tue Sep 107:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Thu Sep 057:00pLecture:GriefShare
Thu Aug 297:00pLecture:GriefShare
Tue Aug 277:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Thu Aug 227:00pLecture:GriefShare
Tue Aug 207:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Aug 137:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Aug 067:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Jul 307:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Jul 237:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Jul 167:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Jul 097:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Jul 027:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Jun 257:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Jun 187:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Jun 117:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Jun 047:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue May 287:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue May 217:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue May 147:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue May 077:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Apr 307:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Fri Apr 265:00pCulinary:Kids Clubs Chili fundraising Supper
Tue Apr 237:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Apr 167:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Thu Apr 117:00pMeeting:GriefShare
Tue Apr 097:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Thu Apr 047:00pMeeting:GriefShare
Tue Apr 027:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Thu Mar 287:00pMeeting:GriefShare
Tue Mar 267:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Thu Mar 217:00pMeeting:GriefShare
Tue Mar 197:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Thu Mar 147:00pMeeting:GriefShare
Tue Mar 127:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Thu Mar 077:00pMeeting:GriefShare
Thu Feb 287:00pMeeting:GriefShare
Tue Feb 267:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Thu Feb 217:00pMeeting:GriefShare
Tue Feb 197:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Thu Feb 147:00pMeeting:GriefShare
Tue Feb 127:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Thu Feb 077:00pMeeting:GriefShare
Tue Feb 057:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Thu Jan 317:00pMeeting:GriefShare
Tue Jan 297:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Thu Jan 247:00pMeeting:GriefShare
Tue Jan 227:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Thu Jan 177:00pMeeting:GriefShare
Tue Jan 157:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Jan 087:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Dec 187:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Dec 117:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Dec 047:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Nov 277:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Thu Nov 227:00pMeeting:GriefShare
Tue Nov 207:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Sat Nov 176:30pLecture:Surviving the Holidays
Thu Nov 157:00pMeeting:GriefShare
Tue Nov 137:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Thu Nov 087:00pMeeting:GriefShare
Tue Nov 067:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Thu Nov 017:00pMeeting:GriefShare
Tue Oct 307:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Thu Oct 257:00pMeeting:GriefShare
Tue Oct 237:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Thu Oct 187:00pMeeting:GriefShare
Sat Oct 138:00aFundraiser:Silent Auction
Thu Oct 117:00pMeeting:GriefShare
Thu Oct 047:00pMeeting:GriefShare
Sun Sep 307:00pMusic:Gospel Music Night
Thu Sep 277:00pMeeting:GriefShare
Tue Sep 257:00pOther:Celebrate Recovery
Thu Sep 207:00pMeeting:GriefShare
Tue Sep 187:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Thu Sep 137:00pMeeting:GriefShare
Tue Sep 117:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Thu Sep 067:00pMeeting:GriefShare
Tue Sep 047:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Thu Aug 307:00pMeeting:GriefShare
Tue Aug 287:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Fri Aug 247:00pMusic:ACTS of Worship Concert
Thu Aug 237:00pMeeting:GriefShare
Tue Aug 217:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Sat Jul 285:00pCulinary:Chicken BBQ and Silent Auction
Tue Jul 107:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Jul 037:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Jun 267:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Jun 197:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Jun 127:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue Jun 057:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue May 297:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue May 227:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Tue May 157:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Thu May 107:00pMeeting:GriefShare
Tue May 087:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Thu May 037:00pMeeting:GriefShare
Tue May 017:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Thu Apr 267:00pMeeting:GriefShare
Tue Apr 247:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Thu Apr 197:00pMeeting:GriefShare
Tue Apr 177:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Thu Apr 127:00pMeeting:GriefShare
Fri Apr 065:30pCulinary:Chili Supper
Thu Apr 057:00pMeeting:GriefShare
Thu Mar 297:00pMeeting:GriefShare
Tue Mar 277:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Thu Mar 227:00pMeeting:GriefShare
Tue Mar 207:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Thu Mar 157:00pMeeting:GriefShare
Tue Mar 137:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Thu Mar 087:00pMeeting:GriefShare
Tue Mar 067:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Thu Mar 017:00pMeeting:GriefShare
Tue Feb 277:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Thu Feb 227:00pMeeting:GriefShare
Tue Feb 207:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Thu Feb 157:00pMeeting:GriefShare
Tue Feb 137:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Thu Feb 087:00pMeeting:GriefShare
Tue Feb 067:00pMeeting:Celebrate Recovery
Sat Dec 026:30pMusic:Emmaus Road In Concert
Sat Nov 186:00pMeeting: Surviving the Holidays
Thu Sep 077:00pMeeting:GriefShare
Sun Aug 207:00pFilm:New Hope Drive In
Fri Apr 285:30pCulinary:Gems and Cadets Chili Supper
Thu Mar 167:00pMeeting:GriefShare
Tue Nov 017:00pMusic:Tim & The Glory Boys
Sat Oct 227:00pFundraiser:Paint Night Fun
Sun Oct 027:00pMusic:Atlantic Men's Choir
Sat Mar 125:30pCulinary:Potluck Supper
Wed Dec 097:00pTheatre:Christmas Unplugged
Sat Nov 215:30pCulinary:Spaghetti Supper
Sun Nov 167:00pMusic:Sonlight
Sat Nov 016:00pOther:Auction & Dessert Coffee House
Fri Sep 266:00pOther:Womens Retreat
Tue Jul 156:30pCulinary:Celebrate Recovery BBQ
Tue Jul 016:30pCulinary:Celebrate Recovery BBQ
Fri Jun 207:00pMusic:Lumber River Quartet
Tue Jun 176:30pCulinary:Celebrate Recovery BBQ
Sat May 178:00aOther:Yard Sale
Sun Dec 017:00pTheatre:One Quiet Night
Sat Nov 307:00pTheatre:One Quiet Night
Fri Nov 297:00pTheatre:One Quiet Night
Mon Nov 115:30pCulinary:Spaghetti Supper
Sun Nov 106:30pFilm:Home Run
Fri Jun 147:00pMusic:Lumber River Quartet
Tue Jun 117:00pMusic:Concert & Comedy Night
Sat May 188:00aOther:Yard Sale
Sun Dec 027:00pTheatre:The Christmas Shoes
Sat Dec 017:00pTheatre:The Christmas Shoes
Fri Nov 307:00pTheatre:The Christmas Shoes
Fri Nov 095:30pCulinary:Spaghetti Supper
Fri Jun 227:00pMusic:Lumber River Quartet
Fri Mar 237:00pMusic:Sky Family Celtic Revival
Sun Dec 047:00pMusic:All On A Christmas Day
Sat Dec 037:00pMusic:All On A Christmas Day
Fri Dec 027:00pMusic:All On A Christmas Day
Fri Nov 115:30pCulinary:Spaghetti Supper
Fri Sep 237:00pMusic:Gospel Echoes Team
Fri Jun 177:00pMusic:Gospel Music
Wed May 197:00pMusic:Don Amero
Fri May 017:30pMusic:The Shiretown Singers
Thu Apr 307:30pMusic:The Shiretown Singers
Wed Apr 297:30pMusic:The Shiretown Singers
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7054 Chester Avenue Kentville, Nova Scotia B4N 4H8