Past Events
Fri Feb 071:00pWorkshop:Paint with Kathy
Wed Feb 051:30pMeeting:Farm Market Planning Meeting
Fri Dec 137:00pFilm:ELF - Interactive Movie Night
Tue Nov 267:00pLecture:Return to MONS, Belgium - One year later
Sat Nov 2310:00aCommunity:Christmas Craft Sale
Fri Nov 225:00pCommunity:Christmas Craft Sale
Fri Nov 089:30aWorkshop:Paint with Kathy
Sun Oct 062:00pVisual:Camera Club Exhibit Opening
Thu Jul 044:00pMusic:Farm Market
Thu Jun 274:00pMusic:Farm Market
Sun Jun 2312:00pCommunity:Hammer In
Thu Jun 204:00pMusic:Farm Market
Tue Jun 187:00pLiterary:Blain Henshaw Book Launch
Sat Jun 159:00aCommunity:Antique Car Show
Thu Jun 134:00pMusic:Farm Market
Sun Jun 092:00pTheatre:The Facility
Sat Jun 087:00pTheatre:The Facility
Fri Jun 077:00pTheatre:The Facility
Thu Jun 064:00pMusic:Farm Market
Thu May 304:00pMusic:Farm Market
Fri May 249:00aCommunity:Jail and Bail with a Twist!
Thu May 234:00pMusic:Farm Market
Mon Apr 157:00pMeeting:Market Vendor Meeting
Wed Apr 031:00pWorkshop:Beginner Sketching Workshops
Thu Mar 282:00pHealth:Death Cafe
Wed Mar 2710:00aLecture:Telling Stories: Introduction to Creative Writing
Mon Feb 182:00pVisual:The Life of Roy Beals, Exhibit Opening
Thu Feb 072:00pCommunity:An Afternoon with Geraldine Browning
Thu Jan 312:00pLiterary:Grace's Secret, a Book Launch
Thu Dec 134:00pCommunity:Indoor Market
Mon Dec 101:00pFundraiser:Funds For Fuel Bridge Party
Fri Dec 0710:00aCommunity:Festival of Trees
Thu Dec 0610:00aCommunity:Festival of Trees
Thu Dec 064:00pCommunity:Indoor Market
Wed Dec 0510:00aCommunity:Festival of Trees
Tue Dec 0410:00aCommunity:Festival of Trees
Tue Dec 046:00pFundraiser:Christmas Escape Room
Mon Dec 036:00pCommunity:Festival of Trees
Mon Dec 036:00pCommunity:Christmas Escape Room
Thu Nov 294:00pCommunity:Indoor Market
Tue Nov 276:00pCulinary:A Christmas Pot Luck Celebration!
Mon Nov 261:00pFundraiser:Funds For Fuel Bridge Party
Sat Nov 2410:00aCommunity:Christmas Craft Show
Fri Nov 235:00pCommunity:Christmas Craft Show
Thu Nov 224:00pCommunity:Indoor Market
Thu Nov 154:00pCommunity:Indoor Market
Thu Nov 084:00pCommunity:Indoor Market
Mon Nov 051:00pFundraiser:Funds For Fuel Bridge Party
Thu Nov 014:00pCommunity:Indoor Market
Tue Oct 306:30pOther:Haunted Shopping Mall
Mon Oct 291:00pFundraiser:Funds For Fuel Bridge Party
Thu Oct 254:00pCommunity:Indoor Market
Thu Oct 184:00pCommunity:Indoor Market
Thu Oct 114:00pCommunity:Indoor Market
Wed Oct 102:00pCommunity:'New' Rusty Nail Exhibit Opening
Thu Oct 047:00pVisual:Photography Contest Exhibit Opening
Thu Oct 044:00pCommunity:Farmer's Market
Thu Sep 274:00pCommunity:Farmer's Market
Tue Sep 2510:00aLiterary:Telling Stories-Intro to Creative Writing
Thu Sep 204:00pCommunity:Farmer's Market
Thu Sep 134:00pCommunity:Farmer's Market
Thu Sep 064:00pCommunity:Farmer's Market
Thu Aug 304:00pCommunity:Farmer's Market
Thu Aug 234:00pCommunity:Farmer's Market
Thu Aug 164:00pCommunity:Farmer's Market
Thu Aug 094:00pCommunity:Farmer's Market
Thu Aug 024:00pCommunity:Farmer's Market
Thu Jul 264:00pCommunity:Farmer's Market
Thu Jul 194:00pCommunity:Farmer's Market
Thu Jul 124:00pCommunity:Farmer's Market
Thu Jul 054:00pCommunity:Farmer's Market
Sun Jul 011:00pMusic:Celebrate Canada Day!
Thu Jun 284:00pCommunity:Farmer's Market
Thu Jun 214:00pCommunity:Farmer's Market
Sat Jun 169:00aCommunity:Middleton Lions Club Antique Car Show
Thu Jun 144:00pCommunity:Farmer's Market
Thu Jun 074:00pCommunity:Farmer's Market
Thu May 314:00pCommunity:Farmer's Market
Thu May 242:00pVisual: 'New Perspectives' Student Art Exhibit Opening
Tue May 227:30pMeeting:Macdonald Museum AGM
Sun May 062:00pVisual:West Nova Scotia Regiment Exhibit Opening
Sun Apr 2912:00pCulinary:Chocolate and Wine Festival
Sat Apr 212:30pTheatre:Mindshift by Young Company
Sat Apr 2111:00aMeeting:Homeschoolers Expo
Fri Mar 237:00pMeeting:Farmers Market Planning Meeting
Fri Mar 161:00pLecture:Black Loyalist Heritage Society
Mon Feb 192:00pCommunity:Celebrating Mona Parsons
Fri Dec 081:00pCommunity:'Frozen in Time' Escape Room
Thu Dec 071:00pCommunity:'Frozen in Time' Escape Room
Mon Dec 041:00pCommunity:Funds for Fuel Bridge Party
Tue Nov 287:30pMeeting:A Christmas Celebration!
Sat Nov 2510:00aMuseum:Christmas Craft Show
Fri Nov 245:00pCommunity:Christmas Craft Show
Mon Nov 201:00pCommunity:Funds for Fuel Bridge Party
Mon Nov 061:00pCommunity:Funds for Fuel Bridge Party
Mon Oct 306:00pCommunity:Old School Haunted House!
Tue Oct 032:00pMeeting:Rosemary Chapter IODE Meeting
Sat Jul 011:00pCommunity:Canada 150 Celebration
Sat Jul 011:00pCommunity:Canada Day Celebration
Sat Jun 179:00aFundraiser:Antique Car Show
Mon May 291:00pCommunity:Bridge Party
Tue May 237:30pMeeting:Macdonald Museum AGM
Mon May 151:00pFundraiser:Bridge Party
Mon May 081:00pFundraiser:Bridge Party
Sun May 072:00pVisual:West Novas Exhibit Opening
Tue Apr 257:30pMeeting:Historical Society
Fri Dec 0910:30aFundraiser:Escape Room
Mon Dec 0510:30aFundraiser:Escape Room
Mon Nov 281:00pFundraiser:Bridge Party
Mon Nov 141:00pFundraiser:Bridge Party
Sat Nov 0510:00aFestival:Christmas Craft Sale
Fri Nov 045:00pFestival:Christmas Craft Sale
Mon Oct 311:00pFundraiser:Bridge Party
Tue Oct 257:30pMeeting:Annapolis Valley Historical Society
Mon Oct 171:00pFundraiser:Bridge Party
Mon Oct 031:00pFundraiser:Bridge Party
Tue Sep 277:30pMeeting:Annapolis Valley Historical Society
Mon Sep 191:00pOther:Bridge Party
Fri Jul 011:00pCommunity:Canada Day Celebration
Fri Nov 275:00pCommunity:Christmas Craft Sale
Tue Nov 247:30pMeeting:Annapolis Valley Historical Society
Mon Nov 161:00pFundraiser:Funds for Fuel bridge party
Fri Oct 306:00pCommunity:Haunted Hogwarts
Tue Oct 277:30pMeeting:Annapolis Valley Historical Society
Mon Oct 191:00pFundraiser:Bridge Party
Mon Oct 051:00pFundraiser:Bridge Party
Sat Sep 267:30pCommunity:Sports Wall of Fame Induction
Tue Sep 227:30pMeeting:Annapolis Valley Historical Society
Mon Sep 211:00pFundraiser:Bridge Party
Wed Jul 0112:45pCommunity:Celebrate Canada Day
Sat Jun 202:00pVisual:Paradise District Quilters Exhibit Opening
Tue Apr 287:30pMeeting:Annapolis Valley Historical Society
Sun Mar 2912:00pCulinary:Chocolate Wine Festival
Mon Dec 011:00pOther:Funds for Fuel Bridge Party
Sat Nov 2210:00aOther:Christmas Craft Sale
Fri Nov 215:00pOther:Christmas Craft Sale
Tue Oct 287:30pMeeting:Historical Society
Mon Oct 201:00pOther:“Funds for Fuel” Bridge Party
Mon Oct 061:00pOther:Funds for Fuel, Bridge Party
Tue Sep 237:30pMeeting:Meeting
Mon Sep 221:00pOther:Funds for Fuel bridge party
Tue Jul 011:00pMusic:Misty Mountain
Sat Jun 149:00aOther:Antique Car Show & BBQ
Mon Apr 281:00pOther:Funds for Fuel Bridge Party
Sun Apr 1312:00pCulinary:Chocolate & Wine Festival
Tue Apr 0810:30aLiterary:Altered Pens, Altered Lives
Mon Apr 071:00pOther:Funds for Fuel Bridge Party
Sat Nov 2310:00aOther:Christmas Craft Sale
Fri Nov 225:00pOther:Christmas Craft Sale
Wed Oct 306:00pOther:Haunted House
Sat Oct 266:30pOther:Haunted House
Wed Oct 2310:00aMeeting:Authors Ink
Tue Oct 227:30pMeeting:Annapolis Valley Historical Society
Mon Oct 211:00pOther:Bridge Party
Fri Oct 1810:00aLiterary:Aunt Toni's Diary
Wed Oct 0910:00aLiterary:Authors Ink
Mon Oct 071:00pOther:Bridge Party
Sun Oct 062:00pOther:Paradise Village Quilters
Tue May 287:30pMeeting:Annual General Meeting
Mon May 271:00pOther:Funds For Fuel
Wed May 0810:00aWorkshop:Authors Ink
Mon May 061:00pOther:Funds For Fuel
Wed Apr 2410:00aLiterary:Authors Ink
Tue Apr 237:30pMeeting:Annapolis Valley Historical Society
Mon Apr 221:00pOther:Funds For Fuel
Wed Apr 1010:00aLiterary:Authors Ink
Mon Apr 081:00pOther:Funds For Fuel
Tue Nov 277:30pMeeting:Valley Historical Society Meeting
Sat Nov 2410:00aOther:Christmas Craft Sale
Fri Nov 235:00pOther:Christmas Craft Sale
Wed Nov 2110:00aLiterary:Authors Ink
Mon Nov 191:00pOther:Bridge Party
Wed Nov 0710:00aLiterary:Authors Ink
Mon Nov 051:00pOther:Bridge Party
Mon Oct 291:00pOther:Bridge Party
Sun Oct 287:00pMusic:Frank Dobbin & Friends
Wed Oct 2410:00aLiterary:Authors Ink
Tue Oct 237:30pMeeting:Annapolis Valley Historical Society
Mon Oct 151:00pOther:Bridge Party
Wed Oct 1010:00aLiterary:Authors Ink
Sun Aug 051:00pOther:Horse Tour
Sun Jul 011:00pVisual:Valley of the Dolls
Sun Jul 011:00pOther:Canada Day Celebration
Tue May 227:30pMeeting:Annapolis Valley Historical Society
Mon Apr 301:00pOther:Bridge Party
Sun Apr 292:00pMusic:Benefit Concert
Tue Apr 247:30pMeeting:Annapolis Valley Historical Society Meeting
Mon Apr 2310:30aVisual:Camera Club Photography
Sat Apr 212:00pWorkshop:Argentinian Tango
Wed Apr 1810:00aLiterary:Authors Ink
Mon Apr 1610:30aVisual:Lawrencetown Student Art Show
Mon Apr 161:00pOther:Bridge Party
Wed Dec 079:30aWorkshop:Writing with Don Aker
Mon Dec 052:00pLiterary:Jim Prime Book Signing
Sat Nov 2610:00aOther:Christmas Craft Sale
Fri Nov 255:00pOther:Christmas Craft Sale
Wed Nov 2310:00aMeeting:Author's Ink Group
Tue Nov 227:30pMeeting:Annapolis Valley Historical Society
Mon Nov 141:00pOther:Bridge Party
Wed Nov 0910:00aMeeting:Author's Ink Group
Mon Oct 311:00pOther:Bridge Party
Wed Oct 2610:00aMeeting:Authors Ink
Tue Oct 257:30pMeeting:Annapolis Valley Historical Society
Mon Oct 171:00pOther:Bridge Party
Wed Oct 1210:00aMeeting:Authors Ink
Mon Oct 0310:30aOther:Quilt Guild 10th Anniversary Show
Mon Oct 031:00pOther:Bridge Party
Tue Sep 277:30pMeeting:A.V. Historical Society
Mon Sep 191:00pOther:Bridge Party
Sun Sep 182:00pOther:Quilt Guild 10th Anniversary Show
Fri Jul 011:00pOther:Celebrate Canada
Sun Jun 262:00pVisual:Valley Folk Opening
Wed May 2510:00aMeeting:Authors Ink Creative Writers
Tue May 247:30pMeeting:Valley Historical Society A.G.M.
Wed May 1110:00aLiterary:Authors Ink Creative Writers Meet
Sat Sep 121:00pOther:International Town Criers Competition
Wed Jul 292:00pOther:Barbie's Birthday Bash
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