Centre Square

401 Main Street
Kentville, Nova Scotia
B4N 1K7


Past Events
Thu Sep 247:00pMusic:Under the Gazebo KentvilleSings!
Wed Sep 236:30pMusic:Outdoor Jam Session
Tue Sep 2211:30aMusic:Tuesday Tunes
Thu Sep 177:00pFilm:Under the Gazebo KentvilleLaughs!
Wed Sep 166:30pMusic:Outdoor Jam Session
Tue Sep 1511:30aMusic:Tuesday Tunes
Thu Sep 107:00pMusic:Under the Gazebo - Performs!
Tue Sep 0811:30aMusic:Tuesday Tunes
Thu Sep 037:00pWorkshop:Under the Gazebo - Paints!
Wed Sep 0210:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Tue Sep 0111:30aMusic:Tuesday Tunes
Thu Aug 277:00pWorkshop:Under the Gazebo - Drums!
Wed Aug 2610:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Aug 1910:00aHealth:Farmers Market
Wed Aug 1210:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Aug 0510:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Jul 2910:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Jul 2210:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Jul 1510:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Jul 0810:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Sat Oct 198:00aCommunity:Flea Market
Wed Oct 0910:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Sat Oct 0510:00aCommunity:Kentville Harvest Festival
Wed Oct 0210:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Sat Sep 288:00aCommunity:Flea Market
Wed Sep 2510:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Sep 1810:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Sep 1110:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Sep 0410:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Aug 2810:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Sat Aug 2410:00aCommunity:Kentville Multicultural Festival
Wed Aug 2110:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Fri Aug 166:30pRecreation:Parade of Champions - Canada Cup
Wed Aug 1410:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Aug 0710:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Jul 3110:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Sat Jul 278:00aCommunity:Flea Market
Wed Jul 2410:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Jul 1710:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Jul 1010:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Jul 0310:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Jun 2610:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Sat Jun 228:00aCommunity:Flea Market
Wed Jun 1910:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Tue Jun 189:00aCommunity:Free Stuff
Wed Jun 1210:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Sat May 258:00aCommunity:Flea Market
Fri Nov 176:00pCommunity:Torchlight Parade
Sat Oct 1411:00aCommunity:Chalk Art Festival
Wed Oct 1110:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Sep 276:00pCommunity:Downtown Decorating Party
Wed Sep 2710:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Sep 1310:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Thu Sep 0710:00aMeeting:Plein Air Kentville
Sat Aug 2611:00aFestival:Multicultural Fair
Wed Aug 1610:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Jul 0510:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Jun 0710:00aCommunity:Wheel and Learn
Sat May 279:00aCommunity:Apple Blossom Activities
Wed May 2410:00aFestival:Apple Awesome
Wed May 1710:00aCommunity:Kentville Market Spring & Summer Opening!
Wed Oct 1210:00aCommunity:Farmer's Market
Wed Oct 0510:00aCommunity:Farmer's Market
Sat Oct 015:00pRecreation:Worldwide Photo Walk
Sat Oct 0110:00aCommunity:Harvest Festival
Fri Sep 306:30pCommunity:Downtown Kentville Decorating Party
Wed Sep 2810:00aCommunity:Farmer's Market
Fri Sep 2311:00aOther:BBQ Bake Sale and Yard Sale Fundraiser
Wed Sep 2110:00aCommunity:Farmer's Market
Sat Sep 1710:00aCommunity:Sidewalk and Antique Auto Cruise'in
Wed Sep 1410:00aCommunity:Farmer's Market
Wed Sep 0710:00aCommunity:Farmer's Market
Wed Aug 3110:00aCommunity:Farmer's Market
Sun Aug 2811:00aMusic:Multicultural Fair
Wed Aug 2410:00aCommunity:Farmer's Market
Wed Aug 1710:00aCommunity:Farmer's Market
Wed Aug 1010:00aCommunity:Farmer's Market
Wed Aug 0310:00aCommunity:Farmer's Market
Wed Jul 2710:00aCommunity:Farmer's Market
Wed Jul 2010:00aCommunity:Farmer's Market
Wed Jul 1310:00aCommunity:Farmer's Market
Wed Jul 0610:00aCommunity:Farmer's Market
Wed Jun 2910:00aCommunity:Farmer's Market
Wed Jun 2210:00aCommunity:Farmer's Market
Sat Jun 1811:00aRecreation:Bike and Skateboard Demos
Wed Jun 1510:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Jun 0810:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Jun 0110:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed May 2510:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Fri May 2011:30aCulinary:BBQ Fundraiser
Wed May 1810:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Oct 0710:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Sat Oct 0310:00aCommunity:Harvest Fest
Sat Oct 039:00aCommunity:Giant Flea Market
Wed Sep 3011:00aMusic:Ron Edmunds Duo
Wed Sep 3010:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Sep 2310:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Sep 1610:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Sep 1611:00aMusic:Ron Edmunds Duo
Wed Sep 0910:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Sep 0210:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Aug 2610:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Aug 1910:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Aug 1210:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Aug 0510:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Jul 2910:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Sun Jul 2610:00a:Sea to Shore Sea Glass Festival
Sat Jul 2510:00a:Sea to Shore Sea Glass Festival
Wed Jul 2210:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Jul 0810:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Jul 0110:00aCommunity:Canada Day
Wed Jun 2410:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Jun 1710:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Jun 1010:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Jun 0310:00aOther:Farmers Market
Wed May 2710:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed May 2010:00aCommunity:Market Spring Outside!
Fri May 1511:30aCulinary:BBQ Fundraiser
Wed Jan 1410:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Dec 1710:00aOther:Farmers Market Christmas
Sun Dec 0712:00pMusic:Imagine Kentville Christmas
Wed Nov 2610:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Oct 1510:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Oct 0810:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Oct 0110:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Fri Sep 2611:00aCulinary:Community Day
Wed Sep 2410:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Sep 1710:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Sep 1010:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Sep 0310:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Aug 2710:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Aug 2010:00aCulinary:Farmer's Market
Wed Aug 1310:00aOther:Farmers Market
Wed Aug 0610:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Jul 3010:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Jul 2310:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Jul 1610:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Jul 0910:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Jul 0210:00aOther:Kids Day & Farmers Market
Wed Jun 2510:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Jun 1810:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Jun 1110:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Sat Jun 0711:30aCulinary:NKEC Citizenship Committee BBQ
Wed Jun 0410:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed May 2810:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed May 2110:00aCulinary:Farmers Market Season Opening
Sat Aug 104:00pMusic:Street Fest
Sat Jun 018:00aOther:Passport to the Valley
Sat May 1110:00aOther:Prescription Drug Drop Off
Wed Aug 2211:00aMusic:Bob Deveau
Wed Aug 1511:00aMusic:Andy and Ariana
Sat Aug 114:00pMusic:Street Fest
Wed Aug 0111:00aMusic:Andy Webster
Wed Jul 0410:00aOther:School's Out!
Wed Jul 0411:00aMusic:Donna & Andy
Sat Jun 307:00pOther:Kentville Celebrates Canada
Wed Jun 2710:00aMusic:Ron Edmunds
Wed Jun 2011:00aMusic:Bob Deveau
Wed Jun 0612:00pWorkshop:Herbal Remedies
Wed May 3011:00aMusic:Weather Advisory
Wed May 2311:00aMusic:Ron Edmunds
Fri May 1811:30aCulinary:BBQ Fundraiser
Wed May 169:00aOther:Garden Day Grand Opening
Wed May 1611:00aMusic:Bob Deveau
Sat Sep 1012:15pOther:SPCA Bark in the Park
Fri Jul 0110:00aCommunity:Celebrate Canada Day
Fri Apr 297:00pOther:AKA Fourth Friday
Fri Aug 209:00pFilm:How to Train Your Dragon
Sat Jul 249:00aOther:Community Yard Sale
Fri Jul 169:00pFilm:AVATAR
Fri Sep 117:00pMusic:The Hupman Brothers
Fri Sep 047:00pOther:Magician Al Bernard
Fri Aug 287:00pMusic:Valley Voices
Fri Aug 219:00pFilm:Centre Square Movie Night
Fri Aug 217:00pMusic:Rose Folks
Fri Aug 147:00pMusic:Mike Aube
Fri Aug 077:00pMusic:Magician Al Bernard
Fri Jul 317:00pMusic:Downtown Swing Band
Fri Jul 249:00pFilm:Centre Square Movie Night
Fri Jul 107:00pMusic:Beer in the Headlights
Fri Jul 037:00pMusic:The Dukes of Kent
Fri Jun 267:00pMusic:Susan Ueffing
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401 Main Street Kentville, Nova Scotia B4N 1K7