AVRL Virtual Program Space

Annapolis Valley Regional Library
Berwick, Nova Scotia


Past Events
Thu Jan 217:00pLiterary:Teen Book Club
Thu Jan 219:30aLiterary:Storytime Zoom!
Wed Jan 207:00pMeeting:Teen Trivia Night: Books to Movies
Fri Jan 0810:00aMeeting:Virtual Book Club
Thu Dec 174:00pWorkshop:Homemade Wigglebot (A First "Robot")
Wed Dec 167:00pCommunity:Trivia Night: Goodbye 2020!
Thu Dec 104:00pWorkshop:Make Your Own BookWorm Book Light
Fri Dec 0410:00aLiterary:Virtual Book Club
Thu Dec 034:00pWorkshop:Make Your Own LED Wristband
Thu Nov 269:30aMeeting:Storytime Zoom
Thu Nov 199:30aMeeting:Storytime Zoom
Wed Nov 187:00pCommunity:Trivia Night: Superhero Movies
Thu Nov 129:30aMeeting:Storytime Zoom
Fri Nov 0610:00aLiterary:Virtual Book Club
Thu Nov 059:30aMeeting:Storytime Zoom
Thu Oct 299:30aOther:Storytime Zoom
Thu Oct 229:30aOther:Storytime Zoom
Thu Oct 159:30aLiterary:Storytime Zoom
Wed Oct 147:00pMeeting:Trivia Night: Terrifically Terrifying Trivia
Sat Oct 107:00pMeeting:Harry Potter Trivia Night
Thu Oct 089:30aLiterary:Storytime Zoom
Fri Oct 0210:00aLiterary:Virtual Book Club
Sat Sep 2611:00aOther:Mad Science: Air Pressure
Wed Sep 167:00pCommunity:Trivia Night: Sitcoms
Tue Sep 157:00pWorkshop:Illustrator Sketch-Off
Thu Aug 062:00pWorkshop:Mask Sewing Tutorial
Thu Jul 302:00pLiterary:String Stories with Anne Glover
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Berwick, Nova Scotia B0P1E0