Past Events
Thu May 163:30pWorkshop:Knitty Teens
Thu May 166:00pWorkshop:T-shirts with the Cricut Maker
Wed May 156:30pMeeting:Knitterati
Wed May 156:30pLecture:Little Tick, BIG PROBLEM
Mon May 1310:00aOther:Morning Storytime
Mon May 1310:30aWorkshop:3D Printer Demonstration
Fri May 103:30pOther:KidCraft
Thu May 093:30pWorkshop:Knitty Teens
Wed May 086:30pMeeting:Knitterati
Wed May 086:30pLecture:Experience Kejimkujik!
Mon May 0610:00aOther:Morning Storytime
Thu May 023:30pWorkshop:Knitty Teens
Wed May 016:30pMeeting:Knitterati
Mon Apr 2910:00aOther:Morning Storytime
Thu Apr 253:30pWorkshop:Knitty Teens
Wed Apr 246:30pMeeting:Knitterati
Wed Apr 246:00pWorkshop:Greeting Cards using a Cricut Maker
Thu Apr 183:30pMeeting:Knitty Teens
Wed Apr 172:00pLecture:Beyond Windows 10: An introduction to Linux
Wed Apr 176:30pMeeting:Knitterati
Tue Apr 167:00pVisual:A Photographic Journey to the End of the World: Antarctica
Mon Apr 1510:00aOther:Morning Storytime
Mon Apr 1510:30aOther:Serger Demonstration
Sun Apr 142:00pLecture:Winter Speaker Series
Fri Apr 123:30pOther:KidCraft
Thu Apr 113:30pWorkshop:Knitty Teens
Wed Apr 106:30pMeeting:Knitterati
Mon Apr 0810:00aOther:Morning Storytime
Thu Apr 043:30pWorkshop:Knitty Teens
Wed Apr 036:30pMeeting:Knitterati
Mon Apr 0110:00aOther:Morning Storytime
Thu Mar 283:30pOther:Knitty Teens
Wed Mar 276:30pMeeting:Knitterati
Mon Mar 2510:00aOther:Morning Storytime
Sun Mar 242:00pLecture:Winter Speaker Series
Fri Mar 221:00pOther:Mad Science - Fire & Ice
Thu Mar 2111:00aMusic:Music with Ashley Moffat
Thu Mar 216:00pWorkshop:Creative Glassware
Wed Mar 206:30pMeeting:Knitterati
Mon Mar 1810:00aOther:Morning Storytime
Thu Mar 143:30pWorkshop:Knitty Teens
Wed Mar 136:30pMeeting:Knitterati
Tue Mar 127:00pOther:Skywatch Under Cover: Slideshow Presentation
Mon Mar 1110:00aOther:Morning Storytime
Fri Mar 083:30pOther:KidCraft
Wed Mar 066:30pMeeting:Knitterati
Mon Mar 0410:00aOther:Morning Storytime
Thu Feb 284:00pWorkshop:Knitty Teens
Wed Feb 276:30pMeeting:Knitterati
Mon Feb 2510:00aOther:Morning Storytime
Thu Feb 214:00pWorkshop:Knitty Teens
Wed Feb 206:30pMeeting:Knitterati
Wed Feb 201:00pLecture:Artist’s Talk: Maintaining Maud’s Captivity
Thu Feb 144:00pWorkshop:Knitty Teens
Wed Feb 136:30pMeeting:Knitterati
Mon Feb 1110:00aOther:Morning Storytime
Mon Feb 116:30pWorkshop:Paint Like Maud
Sun Feb 102:00pLecture:Winter Speaker Series
Fri Feb 087:00pFilm:Screening of the film Maudie
Fri Feb 083:30pOther:KidCraft
Thu Feb 074:00pWorkshop:Knitty Teens
Mon Feb 0410:00aOther:Morning Storytime
Thu Jan 314:00pWorkshop:Knitty Teens
Wed Jan 305:30pLecture:NSCC Community Information Session
Wed Jan 306:30pOther:Make An Edge-lit Greeting Card
Mon Jan 2810:00aOther:Morning Storytime
Tue Jan 227:00pOther:Skywatch Under Cover
Mon Jan 2110:00aOther:Morning Storytime
Mon Jan 216:00pCommunity:Planning for Tax Time!
Mon Jan 1410:00aOther:Morning Storytime
Fri Jan 113:30pOther:KidCraft
Mon Jan 0710:00aOther:Morning Storytime
Wed Dec 123:30pOther:Make Your Own LED Holiday Cards
Thu Aug 2310:00aOther:3D Printer Demonstration
Tue Aug 212:00pWorkshop:Kids Tech - Snap Circuits
Tue Aug 142:00pWorkshop:Tech Makers: Ozobots
Wed Aug 081:00pOther:Mad Science: Electricity!
Tue Aug 072:00pWorkshop:Kids Tech - Makey Makey, Squishy Circuits and More
Sat Aug 0410:00aCommunity:Teddy Bear Tea
Tue Jul 3111:30aOther:Little Ray's Reptiles
Tue Jul 102:00pWorkshop:Tech Makers: Little Bits
Tue May 2912:30pWorkshop:Security While Using Social Media
Tue Apr 1712:30pLecture:Financial Security on the Internet
Tue Apr 0311:00aLecture:Security While Using Social Media
Tue Feb 132:00pLecture:A Community Conversation on Climate Change and Annapolis Royal
Mon Nov 2710:00aMeeting:Storytime
Mon Nov 2010:00aMeeting:Storytime
Mon Nov 0610:00aMeeting:Storytime
Mon Oct 3010:00aMeeting:Storytime
Tue Oct 244:00pLecture:Replicating Small Historic Items
Mon Oct 2310:00aMeeting:Storytime
Mon Oct 1610:00aMeeting:Storytime
Tue Aug 222:00pWorkshop:Make a LED Card
Tue Aug 152:00pMeeting:Kids Tech
Sat Aug 122:00pCommunity:Open House
Tue Aug 082:00pMeeting:Kids Tech
Tue Aug 012:00pMeeting:Introduction to Coding
Tue Jul 252:00pMeeting:Kids Tech
Mon Jul 2412:00pCulinary:Lunch & Learn
Tue Jul 182:00pOther:Kids Tech
Mon Jul 1710:30aMusic:Gaelic Musician: Mary Beth Carty
Tue Jul 112:00pMeeting:Kids Tech
Mon May 016:30pMeeting:Teen Game Night
Fri Oct 218:00pLiterary:Christy Ann Conlin reads from The Memento
Sat Aug 279:00aWorkshop:Kids Exploration Drop-in
Thu Aug 251:00pWorkshop:Tech Demo
Tue Aug 231:00pWorkshop:Cubelets & Hexbugs
Tue Aug 2310:00aWorkshop:Adult Tech Workshop - Drawing Tablets
Tue Aug 233:00pWorkshop:One-on-One Tech Help
Tue Aug 161:00pWorkshop:LEGO Mindstorms Robotics
Tue Aug 1610:00aWorkshop:Adult Tech Workshop
Tue Aug 163:00pWorkshop:One-on-One Tech Help
Mon Aug 1510:00aMusic:Musical Zoo
Mon Aug 152:00pLiterary:Book Give-Away Day
Sat Aug 139:00aWorkshop:Kids Exploration Drop-in
Thu Aug 111:00pWorkshop:Tech Demo
Tue Aug 091:00pWorkshop:MakerLab
Tue Aug 0910:00aWorkshop:Adult Tech Workshop
Tue Aug 093:00pWorkshop:One-on-One Tech Help
Mon Aug 0810:00aMeeting:Mad Science - Glow Show
Thu Aug 041:00pWorkshop:Tech Demo
Tue Aug 021:00pWorkshop:Snap Circuits
Tue Aug 0210:00aWorkshop:Adult Tech Workshop - Social Media
Tue Aug 023:00pWorkshop:One-on-One Tech Help
Tue Aug 022:00pMusic:Camp Overdue - For Teens!
Sat Jul 309:00aWorkshop:Kids Exploration Drop-in
Thu Jul 281:00pWorkshop:Tech Demo
Tue Jul 261:00pWorkshop:WeDo LEGO Robotics
Tue Jul 2610:00aWorkshop:Adult Tech Workshop - Apps
Tue Jul 263:00pWorkshop:One-on-One Tech Help
Mon Jul 2510:00aLiterary:Storytime with a Farmer
Thu Jul 211:00pWorkshop:Tech Demo
Tue Jul 1910:00aWorkshop:Adult Tech Workshop - Overdrive
Tue Jul 193:00pWorkshop:One-on-One Tech Help
Tue Jul 191:00pWorkshop:Ozobots - A Robotic Toy
Sat Jul 169:00aWorkshop:Kids Exploration Drop-in
Thu Jul 141:00pWorkshop:Tech Demo
Tue Jul 1210:00aWorkshop:Adult Tech Workshop - Tablets & Smartphones
Tue Jul 123:00pWorkshop:One-on-One Tech Help
Tue Jul 121:00pWorkshop:Little Bits
Mon Jul 1110:00aCommunity:Little Ray's Reptiles
Wed Jul 0610:00aWorkshop:One-on-One Tech Help
Mon Jul 0410:00aMusic:PreSchool Disco
Tue Mar 153:30pMeeting: 3Doodlers - Make 3D Art with a Pen!
Tue Mar 1512:00pMeeting:Secret Agent Training
Mon Mar 1412:00pMeeting:Candy Land Comes to Life
Tue Mar 083:30pMeeting:LEGO Mindstorms Robotic.
Tue Mar 013:30pMeeting:MakerLab
Tue Feb 233:30pMeeting:Ozobots – a Robotic Toy
Tue Feb 163:30pMeeting:MakerLab
Tue Feb 093:30pMeeting:LEGO Mindstorms Robotics
Tue Feb 023:30pMeeting:LEGO Stop Motion Flick
Tue Jan 193:30pMeeting:WeDo LEGO Robotics
Tue Jan 123:30pMeeting:Geocaching for Kids
Tue Dec 153:30pMeeting:Ozobots – a Robotic Toy
Tue Dec 083:30pMeeting:MakerLab
Tue Dec 013:30pWorkshop:MakerLab
Tue Nov 243:30pMeeting:LEGO Mindstorms Robotics
Tue Nov 173:30pMeeting:LEGO Mindstorms Robotics
Tue Nov 103:30pMeeting:LEGO Stop Motion Flick
Mon Oct 2610:00aLiterary:Storytime
Mon Oct 1910:00aLiterary:Storytime
Mon Oct 0510:00aLiterary:Storytime
Mon Sep 2810:00aLiterary:Storytime
Mon Sep 2110:00aLiterary:Storytime
Mon Sep 1410:00aLiterary:Storytime
Mon Jul 2711:00aMusic:Musical Zoo in Annapolis Royal
Fri Dec 196:30pMeeting:Skywatch Equinox
Wed Dec 176:30pWorkshop:Dark Sky Photography
Tue Aug 0510:00aWorkshop:Game Maker
Fri Aug 016:30pMusic:Family Concert: Jamie Junger
Thu Jul 311:00pWorkshop:Test Drive a Tablet
Thu Jul 3110:00aWorkshop:One on one, Computer help
Tue Jul 2910:00aWorkshop:Digital Photo Scavenger Hunt
Tue Jul 291:00pWorkshop:Tablets for Beginners
Mon Jul 2111:00aWorkshop:Mad Science!
Sat Jun 219:30pWorkshop:Skywatch
Fri Jun 066:30pMusic:Family Concert: Andy & Ariana
Tue Feb 112:00pWorkshop:PowerPoint 101
Tue Feb 042:00pWorkshop:Digital Photo Editing Basics
Thu Jan 301:00pOther:3D Printer Demonstration
Tue Jan 282:00pWorkshop:Computer Files 101
Tue Jan 212:00pWorkshop:Excel 101
Tue Jan 142:00pWorkshop:Poster Making 101
Tue Jan 072:00pWorkshop:Downloading eBooks and Audiobooks
Wed Dec 187:00pOther:Scrabble
Tue Dec 103:00pWorkshop:Online Mapping
Wed Dec 047:00pOther:Scrabble
Tue Dec 033:00pWorkshop:How to Buy & Sell Online
Wed Nov 277:00pWorkshop:eBook Workshop
Tue Nov 269:00aWorkshop:Computer Tutorials
Fri Nov 016:30pRecreation:Carnival of Fun
Tue Mar 192:00pWorkshop:Genealogy Workshop
Thu Mar 147:00pOther:Zine Making Workshop
Tue Mar 121:00pOther:Tech Kids Digital Arts
Wed Feb 277:00pWorkshop:Photo Editing Basics
Tue Feb 269:00aWorkshop:Computer Tutorials
Tue Feb 199:00aWorkshop:Computer Tutorials
Wed Feb 137:00pWorkshop:eBooks and eReaders
Tue Feb 129:00aWorkshop:Computer Tutorials
Tue Feb 059:00aWorkshop:Computer Tutorials
Wed Oct 246:30pWorkshop:Downloadable eBook & Audiobook
Wed Aug 226:30pWorkshop:Photo Story 3 for Adults
Tue Aug 2110:00aWorkshop:Storybird
Wed Aug 156:00pWorkshop:Shoot a Commercial
Tue Aug 141:00pWorkshop:eBooks and Audiobooks
Wed Aug 086:30pWorkshop:Facebook for Business
Tue Aug 071:00pWorkshop:Record Your Favorite Library Story
Wed Aug 016:30pWorkshop:Intro to Skype
Tue Jul 311:00pWorkshop:Promote Your Own Business(For Kids)
Wed Jul 256:30pOther:PhotoStory 3 for Kids
Tue Jul 241:00pWorkshop:Digital Photo Editing (Picasa)
Wed Jul 186:30pWorkshop:Downloading eBooks & Audiobooks
Tue Jul 171:00pVisual:Comic Strips for Kids!
Sun Mar 188:30pOther:Skywatch
Mon Nov 2110:30aLiterary:Talk, Sing, Read, Play
Mon Nov 1410:30aLiterary:Talk, Sing, Read, Play
Wed Nov 097:00pLecture:eBook Readers 101: getting started
Mon Nov 0710:30aLiterary:Talk, Sing, Read, Play
Mon Oct 3110:30aLiterary:Talk, Sing, Read, Play
Mon Oct 2410:30aLiterary:Talk, Sing, Read, Play
Mon Oct 1710:30aLiterary:Talk, Sing, Read, Play
Tue Jul 057:00pMusic:Beatboxing 101
Tue Oct 1210:30aMusic:Story Songs for Little Ones
Wed Jan 276:30pMusic:Family Literacy Day Party
Tue Nov 035:00pMusic:Teen Lounge: Drumming Class
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